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Just a brief interlude before the next round of voting and results are announced for the #SpankingAwards – please do go check out the next category that will have results announced sometime Wednesday, so make sure you vote for the face” – who really does have the best expression in a spanking? A few images can’t do these girls justice but take your time to Google them with a spanking tag and check out the images section, you’re sure to find a few more! 🙂

However, before I go to sleep and hop on a plane later today… please do check out this aweome spanking film with a return for a very bratty, provocatrice… Miss Ashley Graham. She foolishly flirts and attempts to half heartedly seduce her coach, Johnny Lake, who is shocked, angry and knows EXACTLY how to deal with her poor attitude, behavior and disrespect. When he asks if she really wants to get on in the team and progress to actually “Prove herself” – this is where we get the title of the film!

Ashley is a hoot in this, flirting, slurring her words and being a pain in the ass – what a drunken bum this bad cheerleader is! Talking of a “pain in the ass” that is precisely what she got from coach Johnny’s hard measured hand!

cheerleader gets a spanking


Starring Ashley Graham & Johnny Lake – out now at

“How did it end up like this?” Ashley thought… She only had herself to blame!

During a long trip away with the football team, one of the senior cheerleaders, Ashley Graham, thought she could get on coach Johnny Lake’s good side by trying to seduce him. She had heard there was an opening for one of the top positions in the squad. However, Ashley had been drinking and made a foolish clumsy attempt at trying to “persuade” her coach who was shocked by her advances. “In order to be the leader of the squad”, he told her, “you have to prove yourself!” Ashley was not impressed and swore at him. Coach Lake had enough of this awful behavior and quickly took her over his lap. She struggled and complained but she had brought this on herself and he relentlessly spanked her bare bottom after pulling down her white panties. He scolded her, reminding her about how her disrespect for him and her fellow cheer girls would not be tolerated. Ashley was one very sore, sorry and contrite cheerleader after he had finished with her!

Ashley Graham getting a hard hand spanking  Ashley Graham spanking  spanking cheerleaders spanked by the coach


Ashley is one of the latest, naughty recruits to Cheerleader Spankings – one of the best uniform niche websites for spanking out there! Check it out for yourself!


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