A date with Lily Starr

I had just seen this new update out now at Northern Spanking starring Lily Starr & Paul Kennedy and had to share this with you. I wanted to show this before Sarah or I do anything with Lily & her hubby, Robert Wolf, later this week as we will be paying them a visit on our continuing West Coast tour. I have to admit, the toll of filming is taking it out of me… so we are currently taking a well earned break by the coast in Carmel (about 90 minutes drive south of San Francisco) with Momma, Dana Specht. We will no doubt blog about this later but I just wanted to make a short post today to keep this blog ticking over! I have never been to the Palm Springs area of California and am really excited, the weather will probably be rather pleasant and we have lots of ideas to film for our sites as well as for Lily’s…  which you can, of course, see HERE or check out her Tumblr for fun HERE

We were hoping to get a brand new girl film with us and we knew this would also benefit the young lady with extra work making her trip more worthwhile and also allowing Lily to get more content. Sadly, living where she does makes it hard for her to sometimes get girls to travel the short distance (albeit maybe 90 minutes or 2 hours depending on location in LA) but we understand now as the young lady in question who was in the area had to cancel and has rescheduled at a later date with us back East – but it is no good for Lily. So, if any models in the LA area are reading this, please do go contact Lily Starr as she is an awesome person and has a great filming location!

Announcement: Sarah reminded me to say if you have any last minute CUSTOMS then write to her at her GMAIL Address or contact Lily at her site (but be quick as we will be filming before the weekend!)

Okay, back to the update featured today! I know Alex & Paul know Lily & Robert well, so I thought this was apt to show today with a film starring Lily & Paul from Northern Spanking – You will find below the title description, some images and the official description of this film.

Driving The Message Home

Awaiting the arrival of his spouse at their vacation hotel, Paul is shocked to receive a series of photos from Lily, clearly taken on her cell phone while driving to meet him. Lily was driving alone! Paul impresses upon Lily how ridiculously dangerous taking photos while driving is by giving her a thorough spanking followed by the strap across her bottom.

 Lily Starr strapped


northern spanking - click here

This was a feature from the above site but of course please do go check out Lily’s own at LilyStarr.com and follow her on Twitter and if you do want to contact her or Sarah & myself for a custom (short notice, I know!) then please write to her directly HERE

Or you can contact Sarah & myself HERE

Thanks! have a good one, and please remember that there are 2 more results coming out later from the #SpankingAwards – “Most Improved” and “Best” websites… if you haven’t voted go check the main page to register your vote now before it’s too late!

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