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This really is a very quick update and only from AAA Spanking – but what an update it is! A new film featuring a fantastic debut performance from Mackenzie Reed, who I have to say is making an impression in the online world of spanking! She is an amazing real lifestyle submissive who was recently at the Lone Star Spanking party (you can usually now see her at all the major national parties in the USA). She only really started to film online at the end of last year but as with many sites (we filmed her earlier this year, also) the update schedules are bust but I fast tracked this one as Mackenzie’s punishment by the ever excellent Johnny Lake was a moving tribute to what she can take in a real life discipline punishment. She took a hard strapping and some of Johnny’s trademark “sticks” at near full force (that is hard!!!) and she took it well… I know many other girls would have winced and stopped, not Mackenzie. She was so into the punishment story it got to her and she cried real flowing tears! This is an amazing model and I will be meeting up with her again tomorrow as she is working on a special custom project with myself and Sarah Gregory.

Incidentally, when I do have time, I will be providing a full recap of this year’s Lone Star Spanking party which had more than  325 attendees occupying 3 floors of the event hotel. It was a very busy but fun environment for newbies as well as seasoned party goers!

Anyway, back to this film with Mackenzie and Johnny (which we filmed at the party when we had some spare time).

This is another in the series of workplace discipline films from the CEO of Lake Industries which always proves popular with the AAA members, I think this one will also be a popular film over time!

Mackenzie Strapped and Caned to Tears

Please welcome Mackenzie Reed to Triple A Spanking – a genuine lifestyle player new to the online spanking scene that has been causing quite a stir and you will see why in this latest film. It features real discipline punishment with a heavy leather strap and rattan cane that brings her punishment to a very tearful conclusion. CEO Johnny Lake is far from impressed that Mackenzie has lied that she is able to speak Mandarin and he needs his best staff close to him to complete an important deal in China. All of his closest employees are all paid very highly as he has an unusual approach to disciplining his staff which they all accept. Mackenzie is called in and scolded for being unable to speak Mandarin and given plenty of reminders that she has a week to improve before the deal is concluded. This is a hard strapping and heavy caning which brings out a flood of tears as she sobs that she will not let Mr Lake down! Don’t miss this stunning debut of Mackenzie Reed available now!




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  1. Hello John for some reason i can t get on AAA Spanking . com with my codes ,please will you help ? best from Tim .

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