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As you probably know, it is “Adriana Evans Week” across the entire SG Network (incl. AAA, of course). So here is the first of those updates as promised, courtesy of Momma Spankings. This is not the first mother/daughter role that Adriana will be in this week either (!!!) – seems she does play a naughty daughter rather too well, right?

Adriana Evans week

All the images you see above are from all 4 featured films, so I’ll let you guess what the others are before they are released! You’ll find (below) some stills and screen grabs, including a few animated GIFs which showcase this film. I have also provided you with a link to the free preview clip at the end. Please be aware that Momma Spankings (massive in its own right) is part of the SG Pass network giving you more content for less than the combined cost of joining up to Sarah’s 2 main sites… the pass also gives you access to the entire Strictmoor Academy series.

Momma Spankings Sarah Gregory Pass

We have also been asked whether the SG Pass might someday include our other current sites… I can tell you that this won’t happen via CCBill or any other billing agent, but we are also working on other site projects which might be included at a later date. In any case, you would be the first to know HERE or via our various Twitter accounts if something was to change or be added at a future date!

So to Adriana Evans and a special debut appearance from Miss Bernadette (who hails from Canada) and plays a rather stern maternal figure all too well (yikes!)

Missed Curfew, Real Tears!

Real Tears Punishment of Adriana Evans

It is 11:30am and curfew for Adriana was at 11:30pm. Mom has sat up all night worrying and is very angry. As long as Adriana is living under her roof, she will follow the rules set by mom. After a scolding, Adriana knows how they handle things and she is very sorry even before going over mommy’s knee. Mom spanks her hard over her dress, panties, and then quickly gets to the bare bottom. After her bottom is sufficiently hand spanked, it is time for the hairbrush. Adriana is made to ask for the hairbrush from mom, which she hates doing. This is to further add to the punishment. When mom starts with the hairbrush, real tears flow as Adriana kicks and sobs. She has learned a very hard lesson.

Adriana Evans and Miss Bernadette spankings mommy spanks on the bare bottom bare bottom OTK spanking Adriana Evans spanked by mom Adriana gets a hairbrush on her bare bottom hairbrush spanking OTK spanking Adriana cries during her spanking tears and spanking real tears spankings spanked by mommy


Momma Spankings SG Pass

The next “Adriana” update and preview here will be from AAA Spanking (watch out for this one, it’s a very hard hand spanking!!!) COMING VERY SOON


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  • Adriana is a cute young girl ,a little star in the spanking scene i first knew through Punished Brats ,best spanks, Tim .

  • Adriana is a cute young girl ,a little star in the spanking scene , best spanks from Tim .

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