Spanking Awards 2017 Nominations

Nominations are now open and you can place them all at the following link. However, before you do that (link is at the bottom) – please do read the following guidelines and helpful advice: Thank you

IMPORTANT: Please, PLEASE include an email address where it says so at the top. This email may be used to verify your nomination and any false or incomplete (or un-entered emails) will not count! The email entry is at the top of the form, don’t miss it! Before you ask: I am not mining your emails, I couldn’t give a rat’s arse about your actual email address – only that is is valid… as it is used for verification only and sends you a useful reminder of what you nominated on to show it has been received and will get counted. You will see when you place your nominations. No email or an incorrect one means it won’t get counted. Later next month… when it comes to the actual voting process, no email adddresses are required or asked for. Anyway… moving swiftly on. I placed the news announcement ahead of the post here on TWITTER – and already I have had lots of questions so I will try to ask any FAQs you may have.

Please feel free to ask me further questions if you feel something is not clear in the comments section below, keep them constructive and related to this topic and I will try to help you where it is feasable for me to do so.

Spanking Awards Nominations FAQs:

  • Q. How do I nominate on the form, all I see are blank boxes? A. Click on the box and it will open where (generally) you are asked to give (up to) 3 of your choices. Type these in, this form is mobile friendly and easy to view on ANT device. These nominations will help decide who we vote on next month. You don’t have to close the box afterwards, but just click it again and it will do so. The final Box at the bottom of the form is for additional comments or suggestions on what to vote for. If you do this, please give the people or sites etc. next to your nominations and how we might go about adding this along the other categories already listed above. 
  • Q. Why are there no Clip Stores (eg Clips4sale or manyvids) added to nominate on? A. This was tried this previously and to be honest it was just producers only writing in nominating their own stores and that was it Pointless (maybe a couple of extra “fans” writing in but the response was appalling after I allowed this to be done). For your info, one of the least voted categories is now usually the website section – which is why I pulled the most improved (the least voted on last year) – So imagine how little interest that means to the general public to vote for a clip store! However, please feel free to suggest and offer me your sites… but I think I already know how this will end up!
  • Q. How long is the nomination process? A. You have until end of November. It is set to automatically close at 11.59pm Nov 30th, any emails also received after this date will not count. Voting will take place approx 5-7 days after or when I can get it all together and make the process more appealing (like last year). 
  • Q. I don’t see a category to vote on. A. Then suggest it and give a reason in the final box – don’t forget who/what to nominate with your suggestion, of course!
  • Q. Do I have to complete every box? A. No, but please… PLEASE TRY to enter as much information as possible and do keep everything to no more than 3 choices (it can be one or two, of course), but if I see 4 or 5 suggestions then I will ignore those you placed 4th or 5th etc… Nominatiions are really important: By you filling this out as completely as possible, it really helps make the voting process next month so much MORE inclusive. Please try to avoid just nominating one person, site or film in one category and then sending in your one thing. That really isn’t the spirit of nominations. Thanks.
  • Q. I sent in my vote but I can’t send in something again, I made a mistake. A. For the nominations process, there is a cookies/IP block to stop repeated nominations using different emails and such. Sorry… however, if you made a mistake, just write to the followng email: – it will be repeated at the end again. I can cross reference this and check and correct your form. (I can do that at this stage when I collect all the data!) Again, that’s why a working email also helps me to help you if there is a problem and I can write to you if needed or you wish to add something. Also if your roommate/partner is there, then write to me if you use the same Wifi at home – I know some people live together so feel free to email me with your choices. I have listed them at the bottom so you can copy and paste – if that helps?
  • Q. Are these nominations for the awards necessary? A. No, of course not but it is all fun, right? I took them over from the now defunct “Spanking Spot” blog when they last hosted the awards in 2012. There were no awards in 2013 and it felt like a little void and after I asked around… people thought it would be nice to start them up. So i did, I do this out of my own time and effort, I do not promote my own sites directly or include myself in the awards process for fear of a clash of interests. It is meant to be for fun but I understand some can get really competitive. please keep this in the spirit they are intended originally, I realize they have become bigger over the last few years and now we have 1000’s of voters. 
  • Q. Are you impartial? A. Yes, totally. I know it is difficult for many to believe but I never retweet anyone during the process of nominations or voting, I never actively promote anyone or offer tips and so on. Some may say that because my real life partner is usually nominated and voted – and does win things (see? I didn’t mention her name but most of you will know who I mean) that I have a helping hand… well, “News Alert”, she was winning things well before I took over the Awards in 2013! Please don’t be churlish and suggest otherwise.
  • Q. the same people win every year, why should I bother? A. Well, generally they don’t but in a few cases recently some people or companies have – When I talked to the winners at the last Awards Ceremony held at the Lone Star Spanking Party – we agreed that those who had won at least twice in a row most recently would not stand in that category for this year. I know who these people or sites are so will act accordingly. Please refer to this when you don’t see your favorite site/person or vegetable (LOL) in the voting process.
  • Q. Why do you want only 5 or 6 to face the vote for each category? A. Last year I really wanted to include as many spanking models as possible as the nominations for about 15-19 of them were really tight. As you know… there are so many fantastic girls out there and I think it ended up with a silly amount like about 15 or so to vote for: This diluted the vote and in some cases those at the bottom of the vote were largely forgotten so I will keep this to a maximum of SIX girls. Likewise, this will be done for sites for sure. This is tough but all votes for whatever awards only have 3 or 4 generally. I am being nice… as previously I put up to 10 choices, this is way too many! This is why nominations process is important. If whoever fails at this stage, they are cut for the actual vote. When you will all be voting, this will be for everyone to vote on the top nominated people or sites in that particular category. Make these nominations count and don’t complain later!
  • Q. How can I help make this a great Spanking Awards? A. The awards are primarily about Spanking Videos and those involved in the online Spanking Industry, not about those fab people who attend parties, host parties or blog and such. many of these people do it and want to remain anonymous to the outside world beyond our kink. We all get there are great people behind the scenes, but this is really to do with/about the online Spanking video production and models/spankers who put themselves out there. Hope you get that. Please retweet, write on Fetlife and any other social media within reason that you think would help, tell people at your local munches, or parties… that’s all I can suggest. 


If you have any other questions please do email me or leave comments here in this post:
My email for this event:

P.S. – Don’t  forget to add the security word/or numbers shown at the end before you send off your nominations, thank you!



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  • Great the awards are happening again John and Sarah with lovely girls nominated ,best from Tim .

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