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I am so sorry that I couldn’t get back here sooner as there had been a multitude of issues behind the scenes with website admin and being away traveling… however, most of the website issues I was referring to at AAA Spanking have been resolved (as the front tour page of the site had been running super slow) while the rest of the site was okay. The joys of running your own site and not relying on Clips 4 Sale or other hosted plans many use etc… I’m also on vacation and the beach is beckoning, so no more waffle, just updates and I am using screen grabs from the films as it is quicker for mwe to do so! Enjoy!

First up – 2 updates recently from AAA Spanking I had missed (below):

Sassy Cassy – featuring the hot debut of 20 year old Cassidy Lau. This is one brat who enjoys getting whacked hard so in the end I got to her with the stinging Compliance Discipline Strap that she hated, that wiped the smile off her face!

Young Cassy is quickly establishing herself as a real sassy brat in the online community. She is able to give as much as she takes with her friends from the Seattle scene. So let’s see what happens when Cassy interrupts John, hoping that her sexy appearance will persuade him to drop everything and take them out for a nice evening when she knows he has a lot of work to do. After all, what Cassy wants, she gets… right? She uses her beauty and natural sassy attitude trying to convince him they should go out right then and there but it doesn’t work and earns her a spanking instead. Maybe that’s what she wanted all along as she smirks when he takes her across his lap. Cassy can take quite a hard spanking and this is one of those times so her panties are pulled down and he continues with the punishment only she is enjoying this too much. John produces 2 leather straps, one thuddy and one that she really hates, the stinging Compliance Discipline Strap. The strappings are carried out with a relentless passion as Cassy takes it all, even enduring a few swats of the hated “CD Strap” to really grab her attention. Watch this debut at AAA of a beautiful 20 year old girl taking one heck of a spanking and strapping possessing one of the cutest bottoms you’ll ever see bared and punished!


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Most recently, an old film never released was fiund with Amber West, it’s a short sharp shock film which we adored, she looks so hot in her innappropriate uniform, as I am sure you will agree. So… who wants to be at this nursing home? tee hee!

Nurse Amber West’s Uniform Infractions

Working in a hospital style care home, nurses like young Amber West should know better when it comes to wearing revealing and scantilly clad clothing. Improper uniform attire has had the blood pressure of the older gentlemen shooting through the roof. The resident Doctor summons her to his office, annoyed at the extra work she is causing with her obvious uniform distractions. He sees for himself just how inappropriately she is “dressed” and scolds her, reminding the ditzy nurse that this sort of behavior is far from acceptable. The Doc shows how he deals with the nursing staff and she remembers this all too well. He gives her a spanking across his lap, and can see that her panties are easily on full display. They are quickly removed so that he can continue to spank her bare bottom and you will see her cheeks turn red with shame and embarrassment. Amber learns that she must think about what she wears to work in future, and that means the correct uniform. Rules are made for a good reason and the consquences for breaking them are made obvious to her. No more skimpy uniform attire!


Or view this as a full one time download (to keep on your device) and play back as often as you want via the Clip Store (click on image below)

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As I’m running out of time and REALLY want to get to the beach… here’s a special review of the latest cheerleader spanking video and I have extra screen images (which I am sure you will adore)! It features beautiful Britsh brat, Belle Calder, spanked at practice by coach Zoe Page then at home by her father, played by Mike Wackford. Yes, this is the guy that makes all those AWESOME leather implements!!! Link to his website is at the bottom of this page!

Spanked ar Practice, Spanked at Home

Belle Calder has been sent to head coach, Zoe Page, for some further cheer training and discipline since she has become a liabilty to the other members of the squad, forgetting what she is supposed to be doing. She can’t even perform the stretching and warm up exercises correctly and Miss Page loses her temper very quickly. The only way Belle learns is through a good hard, humiliating spanking punishment. Placed in various stretches and exposed positions, Belle gets spanked, face down ass up, with and without the protection of her tight white crisp panties. Also being spanked outside is doubly humiliating for her, as any member of the squad could have seen them during this discipline session. Before being sent home, Belle is threatened that if she lets down the squad again, she will get the wooden paddle and is given a few hard painful swats to reinforce this message! Returning home, Belle tries to quickly rush to her room upstairs but father knows what has happened and in his house, any spanking performed by teaching and coaching staff is also carried out at home. So poor Belle goes over the lap of her dad, still in her cheer uniform and with her bottom aching and sore, to receive another stern lecture and spanking. He spanks her over her bare bottom before producing a leather strap, reminding her how disappointed he is that she has shamed herself and the family name with her poor attitude. Belle will think twice, in future, regarding her cheer squad routines and the importance of team morale.

otk spanking


& don’t forget to check out the fine leather implements crafted by Mike at OUCH UK



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  • Curses! My membership to Cheerleader Spankings ran out during this one. Now, a major incentive to rejoin (or to join a competitor/sister site) would be the lovely Zoe as a bottom. So far as I’m aware, she’s only subbed once, in an FF clip on Ariel A’s C4S shop.

  • Cute young Cassy is a lovely new spankee girl having sound spanks ,best from Tim .

  • Oh well I can t get on either Real life spankings or Bars and stripes for some stupid reason the server won t allow it ,anyone else having this bother? ,Also Mike has nt replied about it ,oh blow it.,best from Tim .

  • This is a great film, well worth a membership renewal 😉

  • Sorry to hear that, I have nothing to do with Mike’s sites. Maybe you should contact him on Twitter? I do that when companies don’t respond the way I would require! It lets others see your problems or displeasure, hope that helps.

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