Post April Fools’ Day Spankings

April Fools’ Day (sometimes called All Fools’ Day) is an annual celebration in some European and Western countries commemorated on April 1 by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. The jokes and their victims are called April fools. People playing April Fool jokes often expose their prank by shouting “April fool” at the unfortunate victim(s). Some newspapers, magazines and other published media report fake stories, which are usually explained the next day or below the news section in smaller letters. Although popular since the 19th century, the day is not a public holiday in any country.

Phew… I made it past one of my most hated days of the year (apologies to those who had birthdays on April 1st). April Fools’ Day takes on extra annoyance ever since the onset of a certain “gentleman” bemoaning Fake News and creating lies, rumors and conjecture forcing people to fact check (if they care)… unless they don’t care and accept certain news sources as gospel… so now every day in the news world is like f*cking April Fools day and I am sick of explaining myself to some people about what is and isn’t true etc. If you can’t work that out then you are always going to be gullible to pranksters on April Fools’ Day and everyday if you are unable to determine what is real news or fake news – (hint: fake news is spread by Social Media/Twitter bots and little known news web sources and sites, not generally your usual large news organisations/media outlets that have been reporting for years, despite what some idiots might believe!)

What isn’t fake today are the latest updates I bring you from a few sites of interest. So let’s get on with them…

Daizy Cooper is a beautiful, feisty young girl we filmed with last year for our group of sites. Here in this first appearance at AAA Spanking she is getting spanked by Harley Havik, an excellent switch, as you’ll see… Harley has a very hard hand. It’s actually very hot to watch her scold this ebony brat and the smiles and laughter soon disappear! Please welcome Daizy to the site, we adored working with her with more films to come out later this year across the network!

A Spanking for Cheating Daizy – AAA SPANKING

Another cute new brat makes her debut this week at Triple A Spanking so please welcome Daizy Cooper. This feisty, ebony beauty makes for a terrible roomie as Harley Havik soon discovers in this all girl spanking video. One thing Daizy forgets is NOT to cross Harley, she has a terrible temper and a very hard hand… as this naughty brat soon finds out. Harley confronts her roommate about cheating with her lousy boyfriend and Daizy shows little remorse, laughing at Harley’s obvious anguish. In no time at all, Harley pulls giggling Daizy over her lap and attempts to spank the smirk from her face. The message finally gets across when Harley spanks her harder and harder on her bare and evidently sore bottom. This is a hot all girl spanking film which features the mean hand of Harley and the jiggling, round cheeks of Daizy’s booty! Foot lovers will also enjoy the spanking scenes as you will get to see plenty of Harley’s bare soles and toes with lots of leg kicking from Daizy showing off her sexy tight black socks!


You can also view this film in full (in the format of your choice) at the AAA Clip Store

Tough training for Fitness Fanatic Lyra Bryant, with a strap and tawse

Firm Hand Spanking

There’s no way out for athlete Lyra Bryant when she breaks training rules by working out with an unauthorised trainer. Bent over a sofa, a leather strap cracks across her tight shorts before John Friday decides that a tawse on her bare bottom will be more effective. Reaction Cam replays capture every dramatic moment as Lyra feels the burn.


Kiki: Spanked with Spoon & Breadboard – Real Spankings Institute

Kiki is spanked with a wooden spoon and a breadboard for not finishing her kitchen chores.



Finally today, check out this recent stunning debut from Delta Hauser getting a double discipline of a hairbrush spanking and a caning at Cheerleader Spankings – do not miss this one!!!

Delta’s Double Discipline – Cheerleader Spankings

otk spanking

Delta Hauser premiers in a special double punishment at the hands of her mom, Miss Elizabeth, and her coach, Johnny Lake. Delta had been caught by her coach stealing money and his cellphone… he is, understandably, very upset and escorts her home. Her mother explains she deals with things like this in her house with spanking punishments. Delta receives a hard OTK bare bottom spanking over her lap as coach looks on. To add to her shame, Delta is given a very painful hairbrush spanking too. Her punishment is far from over as coach is allowed to also cane Delta in front of her mother. These strokes of the cane are severe and make Delta wince (check out her reactions) as she regrets ever trying to steal again. She learns an important lesson as you will discover in this latest debut feature with gorgeous rock chick, Delta Hauser.

 spanking and caning caning

Click here for the full length video

This film can also be viewed at the Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store HERE in the format of your choice.

Many of the girls and tops featured here will also be attending the largest spanking party in the world! This is held in Houston, TX and there will be many models, producers and of course, the best of all… LOTS of ordinary fun loving spanko folk from all over who want to be in one place enjoying each other’s company. The Saturday Ball is worth it too as we have the same high quality meal options as last year, this proved VERY popular.

The full schedule of events is now online and if you are an active member of Fetlife then you can see all the latest threads in the Group Discussion page HERE

If you intend to come, get your spank on as time is running out, flights into IAH (Houston’s George Bush Intl.) are the most convenient as a free shuttle bus is provided to the hotel venue. Anyway… all details are located HERE

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