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There are news updates and then there are personal news updates… anyway, if you have a Twitter account and follow me or Sarah Gregory then you will know that on the 17th June whilst Sarah & I were in Verona, Italy (the home city of Romeo & Juliet) I nervously got down (on my one good knee, LOL) and proposed to Sarah – and she accepted! So some people actually thought we were already married, well… not yet at least! So before I continue, that is one of the reasons I didn’t have time to get online as much as I had wanted as we had been on vacation in Italy and now we are visiting friends in Spain. It’s been a great trip!!! & of course… we’re engaged!

Anyway, in a bid to keep you all interested, here are some of the most recent updates appearing at our sites, and the wait is well worth it as you’ll see in these fantastic films.

The first video was made on our last fun visit to Los Angeles… as we caught up with our good friend, Clare Fonda (aka Jamie Foster) – Clare plays the mom  role so damned well… and of course sarah plays that bratty daughter role perfectly. So check out the latest offering at Momma Spankings – filmed at one of our fave AirBnB places… check out this awesome domestic discipline movie!

A Spanking before Bedtime

Sarah has been a very naughty girl being rude to one of the employees of her mother. The woman who helps out and cleans the house tried to talk to Sarah and she acted like a stuck up little princess. She has been told that is going to get a spanking that evening so she knows what is coming. That evening mommy calls her into the living room and Sarah contritely enters with fear as she knows she is about to go over mommy lap. After a bit of scolding Sarah is soundly spanked over her tight pajamas and then on her panties and finally on the bare bottoms. Just when she thinks her spanking is over, mommy takes the brush to her which only makes her kick and squirm more. After she is spanked she is sent to bed without supper.


Next up from Sarah Gregory Spanking is the amazing Stevie Rose who really can take almost any punishment given to her, which means when she REALLY does get punished, it shows! Just as it does in this film with her father figure, Mr Rob, who gives her a an old fashioned bare bottom spanking followed by a hard leather belt licking!

Stevie Spanked at Home

Stevie knows the rule, a spanking at school means a spanking at home, she she tries to hide it from daddy that she was spanked, only her tearful eyes make it hard to hide. Daddy makes her show him her spanked bottom and she confesses she was indeed spanked at school for putting gum in a fellow students hair. He is true to his word and it is right over his knee poor sorry Stevie goes. She gets his hand, wooden hairbrush, and then the dreaded thick leather belt across her already sore swollen spanked bottom.


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Next up is a double debut at AAA Spanking featuring Miss Bernadette and blonde teen brat, Quinn. These two make a fine pairing and have appeared once before (with their first ever online performance) at Momma Spankings – but here, they start off a new series that we will update called “Bratty Step Daughter Discipline”. This dynamic has so many possibilities and will appeal to those that want to see real tension and friction in the build up to any punishment, incl. lots of arguing, bratty behavior and of course scolding. That’s all before the inevitable confrontation goes further with real hard discipline that can lead to tears or total contrition… it’s a great niche to explore and this new video is a perfect starter!

Bathbrush for a Brat

This is the first in a new series of “Bratty Stepdaughter Punishments” – where tensions run high between a new stepmother and her inheritated unruly daughter who is very resentful. We also have a double debut featuring Miss Bernadette and Quinn, who are polar opposites which makes for a very fractious relationship. Quinn doesn’t like her new mother one little bit and runs into trouble often with her for keeping a filthy room, something Bernadette abhors! This time she has an additional surprise, a new tattoo which her new mother is appalled by. It’s not long before Quinn is taken over Bernadette’s lap for yet another reminder of who is in charge as this brat struggles and makes life difficult as she is being spanked. She is smacked harder and harder until her bare bottom is exposed and Quinn’s embarrassment is obvious but still she continues to defy her stepmother. So this time, Quinn is made to fetch the bathbrush, a nasty corrective implement that really teaches her a lesson in obedience. Her bottom turns an angry red as the bathbrush hits her cheeks with unnerving accuracy that gets the message home. A tearful, sobbing Quinn is left to reflect on her poor behavior safe in the knowledge that she can expect more of the same punishment in the future if she continues to be a silly little girl!

bath brush spanking


Or view it separately at the AAA Clips Store (click on image below)

bathbrush for a brat

& finally today – from Cheerleader Spankings our good friend Lily Swan is at her bratty best being seen to (once again) by no nonsense disciplinarian, Miss Bernadette, who plays a principal who has had enough of Lily’s crappy behavior! See what happens (below) – and doesn’t Lily look amazing in that cheer uniform?

Spanked & Strapped by Principal

Lily was rude in class and sent to the principal for a detention punishment instead of cheer practice after school. This is not the first time she has been kicked out of class for being rude and refusing to do her work. This time the strict principal knows just how to deal with naughty schoolgirls like this. She gives Lily a good hard spanking over her tight cheer panties, and on then on her bare, jiggling bottom. Lily didn’t like this and started to feel embarrassed but worse was to come for this brat. The principal uses two very mean punishment straps on Lily’s sore, reddening bottom. She receives 20 hard licks with each strap until she is a much more contrite girl, promising to be good from now on!

cheerleader spanking strapping



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    Congratulations! You’re such a lucky man! And remember: a spanked wife is a happy wife!

  • Well I say, that’s lovely! At least you and Sarah have a lot in common…LOL! Congratulations.

  • Each and every girl is spanked well.

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