2018 Spanking Awards Nominations

Hello, welcome to the 2018 Spanking Awards Nominations.

This shouldn’t take you too long, there is a read me section before you start and every category shown needs to be answered (there’s 10 or 11, I think). As it says, if you don’t know or are unable to think of a nomination for that category, then just say “don’t know” or “N/A” and when I put together the final nomations for the vote, I will understand. This is so there is as much information to be as inclusive as possible. For added categories not shown, this will be carried out at my discretion if any are viable (with nominations alongside any suggested category)

Each category can contain up to 5 choices
but be aware that each choice will be scored at: 10 Р8 Р6  Р5 Р3

spanking awardsSo that means your first couple of choices are more important, if you only nominate one or two then they will be scored 10 and 8 respectively.
Voting in December will be a first past the post (whoever gets the highest number of votes wins) – the nominations process aims to be as inclusive as possible before we find out who makes the final cut.

Got all that? Great! Also, please ignore the “SURVEY” in the nomations software, it’s a simple form which I hope you can easily fill out. I have tested it and it looks easy enough to use. Please be aware that your IP is checked, please don’t use VPNs excessively for this, this software allows me to check the type of device so you WILL be able to vote from the same IP (in house wifi) as we understand there are couples and groups in the same household who would want to vote. Any further questions (without telling me who you nominated, as I will remove your comment)¬†then I will be happy to reply where possible.

Nominations end Nov 30th and the voting takes place early December.

Also, please do not vote for me or the site I am most closely associated with (AAA Spanking) – not that I’d win anything (LOL) but I am running this. So that’s it. Go ahead and nominate, I look forward to seeing who gets chosen (oh, and before I go, if a person is nominated in new spankee/spankee or new spanker/spanker category, I will decide which category they are best suited to.

This nominations process counts for any content shown from November 2017 to end of October 2018. Also it is far more ideal that the person/website/entity has an established reputation throughout the year!

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  • Peter

    You should have this survey be multiple choice.

  • I think you misunderstand!

    This… is a nominations process. It is NOT a vote, there is nothing to vote on. That is for YOu to decide. I thought that was clear.
    YOU nominate various people/businesses etc in the online industry you like – and hope others do, if you don’t nominate, you never know, right?

    The top nominations (Top 5 or 6… no more) will be up for the vote, where YOU have a choice to choose and then we announce the winners early next year.
    Please check the previous Awards for previous placings and who were involved over the years.

  • MikeOhio

    hope did it right if not i will re do everything i mostly dont know who new or not even so i pretty much know who all model are

  • May I add in best spanking sites Sarah Gregory Spanking and Momma Spankings , thanks.

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