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This is a just a quick update to let you all know, if you haven’t already that AAA Spanking has had a recent facelift with a less porn like red motif and a more friendly teal color design. Typically less flashy, just more screen friendly and to the point, this is just a facelift and when we have the time we will ensure that the site does become entirely more tablet and mobile device friendly too… However, it is worth noting that inside the Members Area this has been available with mobile friendly download options and in browser streaming already available. Anyway, the new look header is below, please do go take a look at the site and you can see for yourselves.


A brand new Catholic Discipline series has just started at the site and there will be new episodes shown throughout the next 3 weeks… it is rather extraordinary, as you will discover, but today, I would like to catch up with the previous 3 updates I haven’t shown. So enjoy the images and go see the free previews at the links provided. If you like what you see, I hope you can support us with a membership sign up, we have kept the prices static for the last 3 years but we now have over 450 full length films in the format of your choice, fantastic edited image galleries and extensive HD video galleries (in full size) all zipped for easy download!

Spanked and strapped in the kitchen

Zooey tried one more time to make a good cup of coffee for John but it was far too weak for him. Was this an attempt to deliberately make bad coffee so she could say not to ask her again? Or was it a cry for naughtiness… giving john an excuse to somehow punish her? Being kinky has its advantages in this household and so he “reluctantly” finds a way to deal with this incident in their own special way! Of course, Zooey has a fabulous spankable bottom, and lovely long legs… just a dream come true in the kitchen and he lifts her dress and apron, bends her over the counter top and begins to spank her straight away! Two leather straps (one thuddy and the other stinging) are placed nearby. They are both used on Zooey’s bare, exposed bottom after he pulls down her cute tight panties. She is placed her in a naughty, humiliating position, fully bent right over… Zooey can see him from below as the leather and his hand warm her bottom all over to a glorious speckled red! This is a hot domestic discipline film with a rare but very welcome appearance from the inimitable Zooey Zara!

Zooey Zara made some wonderful spanking films with us and is not primarily a spanking model at all, so you won’t find her all over the internet, but you can see some great films with her here and Sarah Gregory’s sites too… this was probably my favorite film I made with her. I love domestic discipline roles and this was an amusing but hard hitting film that spankos like ourselves will enjoy watching!


Britney Light: Intimate Spanking Positions

Britney Light is a smoking hot young model who we discovered likes to be spanked. However, she really likes to be spanked by Sarah Gregory! They have worked together before and have a real chemstry, so it only made sense to film something very special and super sexy. So please welcome Britney, the latest addition to the “Positions” series and newest member of the AAA Wheelbarrow Club! She is spanked in 3 super erotic spanking positions by Sarah, who takes her time caressing, massaging, and turning Britney’s cheeks a colorful glowing red by the end. Sarah also does not forget that Britney’s exposed pussy needs some attention too, as you will see! This full length film features a “Wheelbarrow Spanking”, a fully bared “On All Fours Spanking” and finally a rather naughty revealing “Diaper Positional Spanking” allowing Britney to watch Sarah playing with her! If you love sexually explicit all girl spanking films you will not want to miss this one!

We were so fortunate to work with britney Light, a young up and coming model in the porn world who also happens to enjoy a spanking (for real!) – Britney and Sarah share a genuine chemistry and in this positions film, which I knew would be hot, it clearly shows! Watching this, be prepared to take a cold shower afterwards!!!


Ava Nicole punished by Daddy

This is a no nonsense domestic discipline film between a father and his daughter who has a rather painful discipline punishment waiting for her. No build up, no storyline, we go right into the action as Ava is called in. There’s no need for her to argue her case, she knows it’s a spanking and a leather strapping before she is sent to bed! A mean hard hand spanking across her panties and then with them removed, firmly placed across his lap is just the beginning as she is made to hold the Reformatory Strap which she knows will be next. Placed face down over the ottoman, Ava’s bare red cheeks are strapped and then her final humiliation is complete as she is placed on all fours and strapped with her parts exposed giving her something else to worry about! This was a very embarrassing and painful punishment for Ava! This movie also includes additional bonus footage.

otk spanking

It has been a while since we showcased Ava Nicole, we have more films with her too… including many available to members at AAA – but this was a short no nonsense punishment film made in Las Vegas. I remember it was a stressful day… but in the end, I used this to my advantage to get into a bad mood as a stern paternal figure. In fact, it starts straight away, there isn’t much dialogue,  just old fashioned scolding and lots of spanking! It worked out perfectly in the end!


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