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Continuing with my recent site by site updates, next up is Sarah Gregory Spanking – I hadn’t realized just how far back I had not updated many of these sites recently, so there’s plenty for me to review for you all. I have missed out the ongoing  “Strictmoor Academy” (season 3) updates as I plan to do a special feature for this (very soon). That will be once the entire third long play Strictmoor series is concluded… which will not be too far off! However, in between that epic series, there has been some amazing content showing… as you will see below. I am showing the most recent first, then going back to where I last updated (approximately). So that means you get to see 5 fantastic film showcases – “I know, I know… you’re welcome!”


This site also features many of the Strictmoor Academy videos – all of them can be viewed across the network with the Sarah Gregory Pass – with access to both sites for far less than the combined cost of joining up seperately… giving you 100’s of Gigs of data with the same set of usercodes.

Sha’s Real Discipline

Super excited to premiere spanking model Sha Luciana. She has only appeared until now on her and her husband’s spanking sites. See this real life married couple do what they do best, SPANK! I asked them to come up with a real life issue that he would spank her for and that is just what they did so fabulously.

Sha has been spending too much time getting ready to go out when they have to be somewhere and her husband is sick of being late on account that she can’t seem to be ready on time. She knows how they handle matters of discipline. It is right over his lap for a hard hand spanking on her tight jeans. She is sent to fetch the hairbrush next and he has her pull down her jeans. She lays back over his lap and he brings the stinging Mason and Pearson hairbrush down hard on her beautiful bottom. She wiggles and kicks in pain. Just when she thinks her punishment is over, she must fetch the strap. Sha bends over reluctantly as her husband straps her until he feels she has learned a proper lesson!

FREE PREVIEW – See this real life couple spanking HERE

Raven’s Bedtime Spanking

Raven is in big trouble with daddy. She was spanked at school in the principal’s office for skipping class to go to a comic book store. Of course dad was called and the rule in their house is a spanking at school means a spanking at home. Raven waits sad in her bedroom for daddy to come in. He spanks his naughty daughter over his lap with his hand and wooden hairbrush until she is sore and crying. Then she must lay on her tummy as he straps her hard with the family strap.

Watch this Daddy-Daughter spanking preview HERE

Rude Rachel’s Tearful Spanking

Rachel is being extremely rude to her new stepmother, Harley. Her father and new stepmom sit her down to have a talk with her, but the rudeness and backchat continue. When dad states that Harley will be taking Rachel over her lap and spanking her, there is even more backtalk. So she is taken and put over the lap of her young stepmom for a hard spanking over her slutty dress, and then on her bare bottom. Rachel cries in pain but won’t apologize at all. Next she is bent over for the leather strap and she finally says she is sorry and agrees to listen and be more respectful. Harley leaves and then it is over daddy’s lap for a bare bottom spanking to end her punishment. Rachel’s real tears stream down her make-up stained face as she kicks and sobs and promises to be good from now on.

tearful spanking

Watch a special free preview of  Rachel’s tearful spanking – HERE

Starting the Party Early

Alice is flown in by Mr. Rob for a spanking house party he is having all expenses paid in exchange for helping. Helping includes preparing some of the food as well as cleaning up a bit before the guests arrive. Well….isn’t Rob un-pleasantly surprised when he finds her sitting on the messy counter watching a video on her phone to learn how to tie her cute school tie. She proclaims that she needs to be ready when everyone arrives. He is very upset as her version of getting ready means doing the things she agreed to in the deal. He takes her over his lap and states that “this spanking party is starting early” She protests and wiggles around as she wants to save her bottom for playing later. Well, Rob doesn’t give into her cute pleas, he continues to spank her bottom until it is rosy red. He then bends her over the chair and takes his stinging leather belt to her already sore bottom. This party surely has started early on poor Alice’s bottom.

spanking and stra[pping alice

See cute Alice get her come-uppance in this FREE Preview video! 


Anniversary Punishment

Sarah and Bernadette were out on their 2 year anniversary at a nice restaurant and not only was Sarah dressed like a slut, but she was flirting with the waitress and acting like a little tart. When they get home, Sarah is in for it. She hasn’t been spanked by her girlfriend in 2 years, but it has been long enough. Sarah is taken right over the knee for a bare bottom hand spanking before being bent over for the stinging leather strap followed by a very painful caning. Sarah cries real tears as she is very very sorry for her behavior. At the end she is taken back over Bernadette’s lap for a paddling before being held, comforted and forgiven.

See this special intimate & personal spanking film – HERE

sarah gregory spanking

This site also features many of the Strictmoor Academy videos – all of them can be viewed across the network with the Sarah Gregory Pass – with access to both sites for far less than the combined cost of joining up seperately… giving you 100’s of Gigs of data with the same set of usercodes.

Don’t forget that you can see Sarah in person this year the Lone Star Spanking Party
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