Spanking Updates to start the weekend

More spanking updates to start off your weekend… hope you all have a good one, especially with some of these recent videos for you to peruse! Enjoy!

Ten: Kicked out of the Gym

Ten is kicked out of gym and sent to see The Dean. He applies a strap to her bare bottom, and reminds her of what following directions looks like.

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Chelsy spanked in the morning

Super sexy Chelsy is woken up early by peter for her morning punishment. Dragged out of bed, she is given a spanking and whipping across her bared, exposed bottom! By the end of this short sharp shock… Chelsy is well and truly awake, ready to start her day sitting uncomfortably at school later!

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The Headmaster’s daughter

Ashley arrives home later than usual, she has been worrying about what will await her when she gets there. She has good reason to be nervous, especially when she had been caught cheating by her Form Master at school… and there was the fact that her father is the Headmaster. He knows all about his cheating daughter’s antics, the lazy plagiarist. So this is where the film starts, Ashley is told to sit down as her father explains what will happen. He is the master at scolding, poor Ashley doesn’t know where to look as he reminds her that her spanking punishment at school will also be carried out at home in private. Ashley is embarrassed as that means she will go over her daddy’s lap for a bare bottom spanking whilst still in her school uniform. At school, spankings are carried out over panties and never over a teacher’s lap! This further adds to the humiliation as she feels her regulation school knickers pulled down and daddy’s hard hand spanking her exposed bottom to a shameful crimson! If that wasn’t bad enough, she is told she will receive “six of the best” with his rattan cane. Ashley knows how much this stings and promises her father that she has learned her lesson. Her pitiful pleas fall on deaf ears as she is told to bend over the sofa, stick her already sore bare bottom out, for 6 mean strokes of the cane. The caning really stings… her reactions to this final punishment are captured in perfect detail, as are the swift, mean cane strokes. Watch beautiful Ashley Lane as you’ve never seen her before in this amazing, old school, authentic discipline film.

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ALL NEW Michaela McGowen series & a resounding bare bottom spanking

Michaela McGowen, one of our hottest models ever, is back in all-new rediscovered videos from 2008! Solid gold spanking treasure as Michaela is soundly punished by stepmom Cindy Wallace. A college friend is living at their home and paying rent without asking her mom. Michaela has even been spanking her! Retribution as Michaela bends bare bottomed over the kitchen counter for a long, hard spanking. Michaela’s face shows it’s getting to her. Enjoy bottom-bouncing slow-motion replays in Houseguest From Hell.


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Thieving Maddy

Maddy has been called in for a disciplinary meeting with Coach Lake. He is far from happy that he has to confront one of the best girls in the squad after he reviewed evidence of her stealing from fellow team mates in the locker rooms. She doesn’t seem to care or understand how this could affect team morale. Her argument was that it was just cheap make up. She displays zero empathy which Coach finds annoying in the least! The other girls were upset that one of their own would go through their belongings! Maddy knows how Coach deals with discipline and she has two choices… he has been asked to have her thrown off the squad or she can be punished… and punished properly so that she understands. She reluctantly accepts the second option and takes her position over his lap as he starts to scold and spank her over her tight practice pants. Of course the spankings are always carried out on the bare bottom by Coach Lake, as he knows just how embarrassing the girls feel. Maddy is also far more contrite now as her bare bottom is thoroughly warmed… she knows that there is a 12 stroke caning promised next! The caning is hard and mean, designed to teach this young madam that theft has consequences. All the girls will know that she has been suitably punished, and Maddy knows she will have to earn their trust again in the future.

spanking caning

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Explain your behavior

On a trip to find a college for Suki, Paul is very disappointed in her conduct at their first interview and decides to resurrect a punishment method from her younger days to remind Suki that, now, by her behavior, she has a major hand in her own future. Having her bottom slippered does indeed seem to effect in Suki’s attitude but tomorrow’s interviews will tell the real tale.

spanked and exposed slippering

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Have a great weekend, unless you are a hayfever sufferer – imagine breathing in this gross green pollen cloud shown recently in North Carolina!


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