Lucy Meets her Match

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again… this really is the best sports-related uniform spanking site out there. Yup, this site primarily covers cheerleader themes, but there are so many crossovers that it would be rude not to explore these other avenues… as we have done with the very sexy volleyball series of films! Well, here’s yet another sport to add – and we will continue to focus on, and that is “soccer” – or football, as we *correctly* say in England (!)

Here’s the special new feature that has just been released at Cheerleader Spankings and is an all English affair with a debut performance at this site from Lucy Lauren, dressed in an authentic soccer outfit (or football kit – as we say in England). She makes the mistake of breaking Zoe Page‘s kitchen window with her ball… which leads to all manner of humiliating punishment that ensues! it’s an outdoor spanking, lots of banter and lots of colors as well as some great reactions from Lucy and a terrific muddy slippering with one of her own sneakers (or trainers/training shoes as we also say in England!). The images below are taken directly from the film which members can download right now.

This film is also available as a one time full HD download at the Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store which is located HERE


Lucy, dressed in her school team’s training soccer uniform, had kicked her ball into her dreaded neighbor’s house and had broken a window. It was her favorite ball and she was in a real dilemma about owning up and trying to get it back. Her neighbor was a fiercely private young widow who had reverted to the name of Miss Page… this was all Lucy needed, this woman was frightening! She plucks up courage and knocks on the door. Miss Page is not pleased at all and berates the young soccerette for her actions and marches her around to the back of the house. Zoe Page is angry at this intrusion and determines that Lucy needs a spot of old fashioned discipline to teach her a lesson. In no time at all, she is bent over and Miss Page is spanking Lucy over her soccer shorts whilst continuing to scold and humiliate the shocked girl. As Lucy objects, her shorts are pulled down and her choice of thong is berated, receiving a wedgie as to prove a point! The spankings continue and Lucy is bent over in the afternoon sunshine, with no protection of her shorts or panties as the sound of bare bottom spanking reverberates around the leafy back yard! Lucy’s humiliation is complete when her dirty, muddy sneaker (called a “trainer” in the UK) is used to whack her bare bottom. This is painful and feels very dirty to Lucy, a double whammy of shame and embarrassment. The spanking punishment is complete only when she is told to go into the house to clean up the accident, without the dignity of her underwear to hide her sore, red bare bottom.

check out the awesome free preview (below)

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