500th Film Coming Soon to AAA


I will bring you more news of this incredible film – so stay tuned


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  • brian barlow

    keep up the good work ladies

  • blilen

    Basically a spinoff/ripoff of the Strictmore Academy series with different people. A lot of thought went into this 500th video!#Lame

  • With all due respect, I see that you wrote a comment earlier about a behind the scenes post of Strictmoor (please don’t call it Strictmore, that’s a pet peeve of ours) Year 4.
    This special film was made to celebrate the 500th film in my absence. The ladies involved WANTED to make this film whilst on location. They came up with the plot as did I – and we collaborated trans Atlantic… to have 3 temperature takings (2 for the 1st time ever caught on film) as well as the humiliating scenes the girls wanted to perform to help celebrate what we do was special for me. To trash it in this way shows you know nothing about this set up. Shame on you.

  • Wow. I hope i can see more from this. Regards

  • The cute girls here have very best spanks indeed , best from , Tim.

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