Intimate Spanking Coming Soon!

About a year ago, we said the same thing! We started advertising saying Intimate Spanking would be appearing not long after. Events in our personal lives meant that it wasn’t a viable option at that time. Now Sarah & I are together again without hindrance, so we can work alongside each other as often as we want. We both felt this now is the time to launch it.

We had people enquire if it’s going to be a membership website… the answer is an easy “NO”. Sadly, the last 18 months or so have shown us that any new start-up would suffer at the hands of a couple of determined Russian content thieves that routinely steal so much from not just us… but virtually every other spanking/spanking related website you can think of. More established sites have weathered the piracy and such (and can just about afford to ignore these selfish pricks) but we have invested so much time and $$$ over the 2 years that we have been quietly making content – that opening a membership site with access to so many movies from the start would be pure folly. That’s the way it is nowadays, sadly. We aren’t big corporations that can absorb these losses, as a membership site it would do badly. Anyone starting up this way would need their head examined nowadays! That is not to say when a brand and identity over time are established that we wouldn’t consider making it a website of sorts… but don’t hold your breath. Clip stores have it so easy… upload content, write a description, put up a picture and clip to promote it and never worry about hosting, customer support, hacking, determined long term piracy and much more. So there you have it.

What I can promise is that we have some of the hottest, sexiest all female spanking content for you (produced and edited by Sarah) with a more artistic slant aimed at appealing to females (as well as simple, visually turned on males) who fantasize about the sexual and thrill-seeking side of the spanking genre. As you know, we are experiencing a whole new way of coping with life at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping a lot of us indoors (climbing up the walls from boredom). With that, expect the new clip store to start within the next week or so… we can’t wait to show you what we have produced… oh my, you are in for a treat!!!

Expect MORE news on this closer to launch!

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