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The latest film to show at Cheerleader Spankings features a subject close to my heart… seeing pretty girls spanked in those tight volleyball uniforms. These are always fun to make when we have a large gathering of ladies together and are able to make a special one-time film. We’ve had multiple girl spanking films at this site before, some featuring opposing volleyball girl teams too… this one is a little different. In this film… the coach punishes the top members of her squad who went out, partied ’til the wee hours, and are woefully ill-prepared or unable to practice the following day with little sleep. Looking at the state of them, Coach Zoe has to cancel the special games later with local schools for that day… it is embarrassing and this goodwill tour has started off badly.

So this is where the film starts, it’s a good 30 minutes long and features some incredible girls we love working with as well as the mean, scolding British accent of Zoe Page who uses her full evil wit and sarcasm to get inside the heads of her messed-up team! Like, WTAF were they thinking???
Enjoy… I have procured many images from the site, made some GIFs, and got you a special free spanking preview at the end. The full film is now available to download at the site HERE – or you can purchase the full film direct at the Cheerleaders Clips Store HERE

Look at the state of them… the 4 miscreants from L. to R.
@Twitter Bios: Dacey HarlotTen AmoretteCara DayAnna McConnell

This is the tale of 4 naughty volleyball girls who thought it would be a good idea to go out and party all night after just hours of arriving at their exclusive hideaway retreat. Of course, the whole reason they were there was that their team was invited to participate in a few goodwill matches to set an example. Well, they set an example alright… their coach, Zoe Page, is appalled to find them disheveled and looking worse for wear when she calls them in for their morning meeting! It was obvious the girls had hardly slept and had been partaking of one too many adult beverages whilst out partying! Zoe is particularly unimpressed with Dacey, the team captain… for those that wear the red shorts should show responsibility and it was clear this tired captain had none remaining! Coach shouts at the girls loudly and punishes them in her own unique and humiliating way.

otk spanking hand spanking volleyball girls

First, Cara takes her place over Zoe’s lap as she spanks her hard on her tight shorts and bare bottom in front of the girls. Ten and Anna incur Zoe’s wrath for talking in line and have to watch whilst in an uncomfortable position on the floor, losing their privilege to stand up. Ten is next for the same spanking treatment, then Anna and finally the team captain, Dacey. She takes the longest hand spanking of the girls and her bottom is looking swollen, sore, and as red as her shorts.

otk spanking spanking

The girls think it is then all over but coach Zoe has one final demeaning punishment in mind as she asks the girls to pair up as “Paddle Buddies”. Cara and Ten are first, bent over side by side as the other girls look on horrified seeing the heavy leather paddle being used swiftly and mercilessly! Dacey and Anna, receive their paddling afterward and by now it is obvious the girls are learning a valuable, painful lesson. Zoe tells them that the team matches will be canceled so these foolish girls can recover and new plans can be made.

volleyball girl paddling spanking and paddling

In the meantime, the girls are left to stand facing the wall for an hour, bottoms on full display, whilst their coach remedies this embarrassing situation and explains why the games will have to be rescheduled.

aftermath spanking

Watch the free spanking preview of the 4 Punished Volleyball Girls (below)

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