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Hello, I had not forgotten you all, I have just been incredibly busy away from here, that was all.

I hate it when I can’t find time to have some fun and let off steam here or help showcase some of my favorite stuff… but I’m back and since I last wrote here, Sarah & I have released our long-awaited ABDLspanking.com Clip Store. Behind the scenes we have been quietly amassing a huge amount of content, so we won’t run out any time soon and we decided to just make it a clip store as anyone running a membership site will know, there is so much hassle with hosting, downtime, customer support and such. Those who have clip stores have no idea… so a clip store it is, as these are really fun distractions for us both. We love making and filming content and we have been building film sets and getting new equipment in, currently, we’re building an awesome full-size rocking Unicorn that every baby girl will love to be on. I’ll make sure to show you pics of it once we have finished it.

So to ABDL Spanking – it is now well and truly open and we nearly always try to include spanking scenes as well as the diapering and diaper discipline/embarrassment scenes, hence the name of the store, right? The store is now a regular Top 5 fixture in the DIAPER DISCIPLINE section of Clips4Sale (which is actually way more popular than spanking, believe it or not) so it has been holding its own against the awesome talent and producers we so admire. Plus, we get to introduce spanking as a crossover fetish to those whose kink is primarily ABDL.

To get you acquainted with the site, please find a selection of awesome films I have selected for you to check out. Click on the links or images and it will take you to the MP4 download page where you can watch the free previews immediately. The Clip store also includes download preferences such as downloading in WMV, MOV, or for mobile device formats too.

Naughty Angelica Spanked and Diapered

Angelica has to wear a pull-up as she can’t be trusted not to wet the bed. She is complaining and takes it off in defiance of Step-Mommy’s rules. She is making so much noise that her step-mother arrives to find her girl naked and being a brat about the pull-up. Step-Mommy reminds her what happens to naughty girls and that is with a spanking punishment including a special full diapering since she doesn’t like the pull-up. Angelica pouts and complains but the hapless naked girl is spanked over Step-Mommy’s lap. Her bottom turns pink, her favorite color, but not on her sore bottom! Step-Mommy produces the pink DC Amor diaper which her naked girl recoils in horror at when hearing the loud crinkly material. Baby powder is applied in case of any “accidents” and then Angelica is put into the diaper. She finds it embarrassing and as Step-Mommy tucks in all the folds, the sound of the crinkly diaper reminds her how much worse this is than her more discrete pull-up. This will teach her not to complain about what to wear in the future.


Welcome to your New Life

Sarah has fallen back on her promise to work hard, pass her exams, and graduate. Instead, she has been partying hard, staying out all hours, and dressing inappropriately. Mom has had enough of this nonsense and while Sarah was out yet again, she has her bedroom and clothing made over so it resembles a baby’s! Sarah is shocked to discover this change and her mom tells her it is all her own fault and this is how she will spend the summer, napping like a baby, dressed as a baby, and treated like one if she doesn’t behave. Spankings are still given and Sarah is taken over the maternal lap for a hard hand smacking followed by the stinging hairbrush on her sore reddening behind. Then, the humiliation of being diapered is next as she is told to strip and get herself changed into the diaper. Of course, she is powdered first, which Sarah hates… then her complaining mouth is given a “Paci” to keep her quiet as she is taped into the loud crinkly diaper. Once fitted, she is clipped into a pink Onesie before mom tells her how the summer will progress as she is welcomed to her new life!


Sarah Spanked, Diapered, & Nursed, by Babysitter

Sarah is fascinated by her babysitter’s huge boobs (played by Christina Carter) and makes a play for them, much to the shock and annoyance of her temporary charge. Christina is having none of this and tries to placate the brat but Sarah insists on misbehaving and wanting to feed on the wondrous globes. Christina takes the whiney brat over her ample lap and smacks her hard, having to bare Sarah’s bum since she just will not behave. By the time her bottom is red and sore, she is still behaving like a spoiled bratty baby so Christina decides to treat Sarah like one by diapering her. After Sarah is carefully powdered and taped into her cute Bambino Bellissimo diaper, Christina can still hear her complain so uses a pacifier to keep her quiet. When Sarah is more contrite, doing as she is told, her diaper is patted by the babysitter and she agrees to let the newly babyfied Sarah suckle from her teats if that will really keep her on her side. The sight of a blissed-out Sarah, dressed in her cute outfit and crinkling diaper, nursing from Christina’s bosom is a fitting finale to this awesome film.


Spanked and Diapered Girlfriend

Violet makes her amazing, sexy debut for ABDL Spanking in her first-ever diapering discipline punishment. When Sarah asks Violet if she wants to be spanked, she thinks it is a playful prelude to them both having sex. So of course, she says yes and gleefully takes her place over her girlfriend’s lap. However, Sarah has ulterior motives which she soon addresses when she starts to spank her harder! Sarah calls out all the things that Violet has done recently, her bratty and entitled behavior in public and in private… so this is now more of a punishment and there is also a surprise waiting for Violet! She soon realizes what it is when Sarah produces a diaper! Sarah is going to diaper her girlfriend since she has been acting like a bratty baby, so she may as well be dressed and treated like one. So Violet is told to strip and get over Sarah’s lap for the second part of the spanking, fully nude… her slinky legs draped over Sarah’s strong lap is quite the sight! The diapering is Violet’s first-ever, as you see Sarah taking her time, ensuring her girl is powdered and taped carefully into her cute diaper before having an equally cute onesie given for her to wear. Violet is super adorable in this ensemble and Sarah enjoys the embarrassment that cute Violet feels. She is told to crawl around on the bed, the diaper crinkling loudly as she does so!


Anastasia Punished for Peeing

Anastasia has been having problems being unable to hold her pee from time to time. She is in the kitchen and is trying to help, doing the chores at home by washing up. She feels the urge to pee, and what would have been easier (by just going to the bathroom) – she fights the natural urge and continues to wash the dishes. Then some pee seeps out, soiling the top of her jeans, she is upset but continues to fight the urge to go to the toilet and then a deluge of pee falls, pouring out so much the glisten of the liquid is easy to see as the jeans darken in shame all the way to the floor. Mom comes in to find Anastasia standing in a puddle of her own pee and is shocked and angry! Once the mishap has been thoroughly cleaned, Anastasia is given a spanking punishment, without her jeans or panties. The wooden spoon is used across her reddening buttocks next which has Anastasia gasping in disbelief. Mom has something else in mind to teach her foolish baby girl a lesson. She fetches a stack of diapers and some baby powder, along with a changing mat, and lays it on the floor… where just 10 minutes earlier Anastasia’s flood of shame had flowed freely. She is powdered then taped into a snug-fitting diaper before Mom checks that the protective garment fits and she tells her girl that this is how she will be treated from now on if she can not behave like a grown woman! Anastasia is one very sorry little girl, shamed, punished, and diapered like a baby for being such a dirty pee pee girl!


Ella’s Self Diapering

This is a first for our store as we explore those cute ABDL girls who can self-diaper expertly without any help whatsover. Ella Raine is one such adorable young lady who does this in her nursery as she talks to you, the viewer, in this amazing POV style diapering film. All alone, you are with her on a play date and she feels the need to wear a diaper in case she wets herself. She takes a diaper from a huge stack on the nearby shelf, choosing a Bambino diaper. Ella places herself in the diaper, positioning it perfectly before powdering and rubbing in the white baby powder. She tapes the diaper carefully, one clasp at a time, tucking herself in and tightening the tapes as it crinkles loudly. Once she is satisfied she is safe and tucked in she continues to play as the camera angles focus on her noisy well-fitted diaper. Watch Ella in this fun, hot self-diapering clip that she enjoyed making for you… she really is a very special young lady!


Mom finds out that Kajira’s boyfriend has been having sex with her girl when she should have been doing homework. She finds this unacceptable and takes her to the nursery room where Kajira will be grounded… in diapers. She has her babygirl tied and restrained to the cot, placed out on a changing mat, and is first spanked and scolded for being a nasty slut before a bondage pacifier is put into her mouth. Next, she is diapered like a little baby. How humiliating to have her pussy cleaned then powdered, smelling like a fresh baby for bedtime. Then the super crinkly cute pink LFB “Little Fantasy” diaper is fitted as she struggles. Mom leaves her there, alone, humiliated, and babyfied. The final part of this amazing clip shows Kajira struggling in her tight-fitting crinkling diaper, muffled noises of embarrassment and frustration as she accepts her fate.


Zoe has been suspicious of her friend, Dolliiy, who has made huge academic progress in recent weeks at the expense of her. She knows that Dolliiy must be cheating and discovers that her suspicions are confirmed so she devises a way to get back at Dolliiy and have some fun herself! Dolliiy is confronted with the evidence and told she will get spanked or Zoe will tell everyone and she will be expelled. Dolliiy reluctantly takes the spanking, and Zoe does this over her lap, on Dolliiy’s bare quivering, unblemished bottom… turning it a gorgeous shade of burning pink before she blackmails Dolliiy further. Now she says that Dolliiy needs to wear a diaper and be dressed like a baby. This is too much for Dolliiy but with the threats of expulsion, she agrees and takes a baby powdering, then placed into the cute Pride diaper and feels embarrassed hearing the crinkling as it is taped up. A pink Onesie is chosen and worn over the naked diapered girl. A pacifier completes the look as Zoe watches her newly babyfied friend crawl around on the bed, humiliated and ashamed… knowing that her cheating has had some serious consequences!



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