We are back! Kinda!

Sorry for the disappearance, this time it was a double whammy of the Hosting Company moving from the new replacement server back to the old one for a brief time… as the new server had a RAID card issue… which at the time of writing, is still being rebuilt behind the scenes. The data on the new server has been corrupted… I am honestly so fucking pissed off with this crap right now. Not only that, the company that I registered the domain with had an archaic admin portal that would not allow me entry to go and do simple things like change where the domain can be pointed to… like a new or old server. After a furious phone call today… ignoring my support inquiries for over 10 days they apologized and got me access. This is why the blog is back… albeit to an older version, and this angry post will be wiped once the new server is reset!

So I will not be updating anything here until the replacement server is up and running again.


2 thoughts on “We are back! Kinda!

  1. Spank Chief Post author

    I’m still waiting for the hosting company to get back to me, this is utterly preposterous and I can not update anything until the new server is ready.

    I have just sent them a shitty letter asking WTF is going on.

    I think I will be moving to a new hosting company later this year once this all dies down. Sorry for the delays in any updates here.

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