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Welcome to this Spanking Blog. (the blog with 2 G’s)

Hi, fellow spankos! I hope you like this blog, yes it promotes and advises you on updates from around the world but I also aim to make this an addictive place to come see what is on offer with EXCLUSIVE free clips (not just 15-20 second ones either) and a load of free content to really give you an excuse to come back and tell everyone about this site! I once used to work for Xerotics way back. I’ve been independent for quite a few years now and have nothing to do with that site network so please don’t ask about anything current there as I have no more idea than you! I am independent and wish to remain that way but then went one step further and started up my own site which has grown over the years – Triple A Spanking  AAAspanking which was created on Jan 14th, 2011!

This started off as an English-style discipline site with a return to values and a site run by spankos for spankos and not part of any conglomerate but since the end of 2014 is co-run alongside my wife and partner, Sarah Gregory which now infuses spankings from both sides of The Atlantic, a perfect mix! We now run a lot of our sites and work together. AAA & Sarah’s brand name sites have grown from strength to strength and are doing better than ever!

Look out for plenty of behind-the-scenes info on this site network and the best of the rest that I really like elsewhere!


Want to ask me a question? (But don’t be a dick, I won’t reply to rudeness at all or lame requests)
Write a Mail to me ONLY at my gmail address which is spam free so I’ll answer it quickly if you are not being an asshole:
eubilling (at) gmail dot com

other sites/blogs etc in my little network are:

AAA Spanking –  POV spanking – 

Spanking Discipline Blog


Spanking Tube

Bare Bottom

9 thoughts on “About the Chief

  1. One tends to just respond to various individual postings depending on their individual appeal. But it has just occurred to me to let you know that your blog is outstanding among all the spanking blogs on the internet and by a very big margin. You manage to find interesting content, arousing pictures or clips and, unlike most, you make your updates regularly so that there is nearly always a fresh and stimulating blog there each day.
    You and I know that this requires dedication and effort and I just wanted to say thank you for the work you put into this and please keep them coming. you’re the best in the business by far.

  2. I last bought a membership in AAA because you had several films featuring Ms. Anna. I greatly appreciate older women bottoms and suggest you feature any who might enjoy a good session.

  3. I like the AAA spanking above most of the other sites , the gentlemen &madame that are swatting these wonderful models have got the right action and acting of both the Spanker & Spankee , with some good story lines , and as I see it the girls/models are the best ….Ron

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