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Beach Booty Dirty Dozen

This is an unashamed post about the love of “Beach Booty!”

big butts

Oh… yes I do! I love booty, butts, whooty, ass, bottoms… you name it, I wanna admire, caress and spank them all! Just to keep you interested until my next update posts and news, here are a few beach booties I hope you will all appreciate. Seriously, imagine getting your hands on these awesome glutes! #TrouserArousal !!!


spankable booty fitness spanking booty booty lover i like big butts beach ass sandy beach whooty


shiny beach booty butts n booty spankable butt Fitness booty Beach Booty Beach booty

Special feature on burlesque model: Miss Agavi

Hello… here is a nice distraction for you all. If you love all things burlesque, fifties and sixties culture, then check out this super hot model from Poland called Miss Agavi. She is a well known and renowned published model but we can all wish that some of these images she shows us would lead her to be into our fetish. A beautiful modern day Bettie Page without compare, don’t you think? Enjoy these very distracting images!

Miss Agavi

Spankables – Kylie Quinn

I’m still travelling and unable to spend a long time with update posts or news of my travels. However, I have been up to a lot of good stuff but it would take too much time to let you know here right now… but I promise to change all that very soon and get this blog back to a regular update schedule once again. In the meantime, I thought I’d post something different featuring a random girl I found just typing in the usual searches I do sometimes and would like to thank Google and the words “tumblr ass” for these delightful images of a very naughty girl next door type by the name of Kylie Quinn.

Rosie Robinson Appreciation Post

I just took a little break before my next update post to let you know about a UK lingerie and fitness model called Rosie Robinson who is gaining popularity on social media… she is ever so gorgeous and I have no idea if she is a spanko in her personal life, but I sure would like to find out! With a perfect tight body and buns like hers… oh my. I digress. Feel free to check out her Twitter Profile HERE for more images and what she gets up to!

See Below: A collection of some of my fave pics of her, they are all full size so feel free to use them as a wallpaper #smoking #hot #pleasebeaspanko

Say "hello" to Rosie Robinson

Rosie Robinson – click any image for the largest full screen resolution that I could find for you from all the many and various social media outlets! She is a very popular lady! #schwiiing

rosierobinson1 rosierobinson2 rosierobinson3 rosierobinson4 rosierobinson5 rosierobinson6 Rosie Robinson Rosie Robinson Rosie Robinson Rosie Robinson Rosie Robinson Rosie Robinson Rosie Robinson Rosie Robinson

Ass Intermission

Thank you Tumblr and various Google searches resulting from that for bringing me this quick “Ass Appreciation” post for you today. I sometimes like to look for some extremely spankable asses online in my downtime (ahem) … I hope you like these as I did! There is nothing more to say… feast your eyes on these 20 images of booty, whooty & lovely spankables! These are done in no order of preference 🙂

redhead ass black and white ass panties down for a spanking spank dat redhead ass cute lycra shortts ass ass in tight leggings tight buns for a spanking blonde butt ready for a spanking spankable teen ass knickers down pantyhose ass wet soapy suds ass athletic spankable ass exposed ass and pussy cute girl next door ass big spankable ass ebony ass booty leggings ass ass

More coming soon from various fine spanking sites plus my update on the fab Lone Star Spanking Party

Asses of Tumblr

As a break between updates and a new film of mine coming out later today… check out what I had been liking or reblogging over at Tumblr. Lots of pretty spankable bottoms. Credits on images are left if they are still there, otherwise go check my Tumblr page, one of many ass, spankable and spanking pages that has a lot of people hooked liking and reblogging images (that they see of each other in their networks of sites that they follow.)

tumblr_n6x8nojxbL1tzf701o1_1280 tumblr_n7lyudJ7fv1tzf701o1_1280 tumblr_n7smsx6zN21tzf701o1_1280 tumblr_natso5BLMr1s03awmo1_1280 tumblr_nford9pxmd1qf3yvvo1_1280 tumblr_ng5htcMlbS1tzf701o1_1280 tumblr_nghn5xgXOn1tzf701o1_1280 tumblr_nhpur3ifIN1rdgf8do1_1280 tumblr_ni6humnJtt1r43ttjo1_1280 tumblr_niryib40Dp1qa157wo1_1280

Ass Grabbing Collection – part 2

Some of you will love this, some will probably want me hanged, drawn and quartered, as I bring you some more images from the interwebs (most notably Tumblr and Google name tag searches) – copyrights are kept where there are some and I’m afraid the tumblr blogs have reblogged and shared the images it’s impossible to credit anyone originally… so if you haven’t seen any of these, enjoy! I will be back later with a hot girl on girl and domestic spanking update that you shouldn’t miss!






grabbing her ass

ass grab and grabbing fun

Something different to start off your week

It’s not solely spanking as such, but it is fetish related and it’s quite interesting… this film hasn’t been officially released (yet) but it is a starter at a new clip site of Sarah’s called and I am placing it here in a much smaller version (in full) for you to view something a little different. It falls under the genre of bondage, I guess… as it is called “Blaise wrapping” pioneered by Simon Blaise many years ago and still going strong – follow him on Twitter – who has done much work in this genre… see examples of his work here:

example1 example2 example3

Then once we found out where the wrap was made available – we were inspired after watching an awesome demonstration at Fetishcon 2014 earlier this year in which he wrapped a 95lb young lady with it going round her body and fanning off like wings with the added support from an overhead beam. The wrap is basically saran wrap (or clingfilm as we call it in the UK) and you need it in rolls of 1000ft or more – it is basically the same material, and the same you’d probably use for packaging. An image of what inspired us is below taken on my phone during the display…


What we wanted to know was could Sarah get wrapped and placed between 2 palm trees (which were further apart than the side bars we saw at Fetishcon) and try to see if she’d suspend without the added support of wrapping her and attaching the wrap to an overhead beam as well! None of us were sure what would happen… it was touch and go, I decided to film it on the off chance it would work and at the very least we could use it as a tool to learn and improve if it was to fail. It was a very hot and humid day in North Miami when we did this so Sarah was first body wrapped indoors, in the cool of a controlled environment thanks to the AC (or Air Con as I prefer to call it) – then she was taken outside to the prepared trees – we didn’t want to startle the outside population or get into trouble by having her start naked outside… then, as passing boats went by with puzzled passengers gazing at us… so began the long and laborious act of wrapping around the trees and Sarah – and back again, creating 2 wings either side for extra support. You can imagine she was starting to get hot and sweats a little inside the constricted plastic coverings but was too excited to be bothered by this and was far more concerned to see if this would work. This is bordering on one of Sarah’s core kinks… bondage. Sarah has until recently, been known for hard bondage shoots and is also very well known in this genre creating some beautiful imagery and art with some amazing riggers and photographers – all of which can be seen on her Fetlife profile HERE


Anyway, back to the wrapping… Sarah was standing on a chair to take the weight off what was being wrapped around the trees and slowly but surely… as the time drew near to see if it worked. we all knew it would give, and we were hoping that the clearance of around 5ft (1.5m) would be enough when she was fully suspended. Of course, Sarah was in a vulnerable position and so we spanked her for fun over the hard coating that was formed… for once I didn’t need telling twice as she uttered those rare words “Go harder!” as I and Johnny (who was doing all the wrapping) needed no further encouragement and proceeded to spank her as hard as we could with the loud hand on plastic noises sounding over the water… we are sure a few curtains/blinds or whatever the hell were in the windows were twitching from the neighbours… but what the hell… we were having fun! You can see the full film and what happens (if she does get fully suspended or not) below:

OK, I have tried everything on my browser (Chrome) to get this working and it is not… god knows why I am having difficulty with this damned clip and not others, sorry. otherwise, download the files as shown in WMV or MP4, they are both about 80Mb in size and play for over 7 minutes. Good luck!

If it doesn’t play, download the file HERE >>> MP4

I hope you enjoyed the film – it had an upbeat soundtrack on it, though generally the films and clips at Sarah’s new store are pretty much focused on her with no soundtracks etc… so if she is moaning or about to cum whilst enjoying one of her favourite toys… you won’t hear a “Selfie” soundtrack or something over it, lol!

Before I go, here are some images taken from some of the films already up… I think they are all pretty much self explanatory and the clip store aims to live up to its name covering every fetish that Sarah enjoys doing on film…

bathtub_tied_02 butt_video2_03

clare_Pervy_05 masturbation_vegas_03

orgasm_control_tub_03 peanut_butter_10

plushie_07 pool_04

erotic_dancing_08 shaving_pussy_05

sucking_toes_05 vlcsnap-2014-09-30-23h51m41s180

washing_body_03 yummy_frosting_07



Oh… if you want to try this with your partner at home or at some munch (lol) … then here is a reputable company that sells the saran type clingfilm… we recommend you get the blue or green though as this is much stronger if you want to use it to suspend any weight… CLICK HERE

Why I love Hentai!

Spanking in Hentai images is quite rare. However, I love finding them,mainly on Tumblr type blogs, I usually flit between looking for a few images and something else as a nice distraction. My apologies for not actually linking whatever blog I found them from, or if the sites in question had a watermark… this is a common problem on Tumblr blogs, my only bugbear about them… it’s a great tool for helping to share the love, but people are so damned selfish, it’s almost as if they pretend or want to pass off something as their own instead of crediting the producers. So I am apologizing in advance as there were not many watermarks in any images here so you could go see more (anyway waffling… the only thing I did adapt however was making the gif you see below for this blog… and the images themselves follow!)


a001 a002

a003 a004

a005 a006

& some more delightful pervy imagery of spanking & ass fetish that is only limited by your imagination!

a008 a009

a014 a010



back later with more news and updates 🙂

Watch out for exciting news of the Lone Star Spanking Party (coming soon)