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Happy Birthday AAA – Part 2

happy birthday AAA SpankingIn this concluding part of the birthday celebration of AAA Spanking, I will be covering the years 2016 to the end of 2020. This then brings me up to date… and what a journey it has been!

Previously I explained how the origins of AAA came from my utter distaste and trust of the former owners of Xerotics that I had once worked with. Last I heard, one or both of them had moved into “Cartomancy” – with online and phone consultations by “the cards” (I shit you not!) predicting and interpreting your life/future, etc. So, this type of career is made for them and their gullible believers… I also think they tried to run a pub in a Yorkshire village not far from their hometown of York but that fizzled out, with the beer, I suppose. But whatever… I guess I have to thank them for me running a successful enterprise after all this time, even during times that are rife with piracy and diminishing revenue streams. This is a positive post so let’s kick off with what I remember from 2016 onward and how AAA started to grow further.

By this year, Sarah & I regularly attended many spanking parties across the US, as well as attending Fetishcon in Florida. Ample opportunities for work and filming for our sites. This was the year that we both realized we had several overlapping uniform fetishes (sports and cheerleading niches especially). So by March of this year, we started – Also by now our custom film work started to overlap with our website production and I helped Sarah with the fledgling Strictmoor Academy – the website here covers the films that are available. This also meant that we got to host and meet more girls, some of whom we would not normally meet. This is reflected in the varied film work and many new female tops that were being seen at AAA, including a new direction for filming the successful wheelbarrow spanking films. Also, from this year… an interest in spanking punishments with mouth soaping started to develop across our network of sites. These were indeed interesting new times for AAA! 2016 also saw us take a much-needed vacation across Wales and Scotland… on our “castle tour” which I know Sarah loved. Luckily there are many more castles for us to explore so I am sure we will be doing that again someday.

This film was typical of the new performers we were lucky to meet during 2015/16. Filmed in downtown LA, we were one of the few spanking companies fortunate enough to work with Angela Sommers

Motivating the Motivator

Angela Sommers makes a stunning debut as a pushy fitness coach who has lost all her clients in a Beginners and Intermediate Dance Class at a gym run by Sarah Gregory. Sarah isn’t pleased that this is costing her money and has a rather unique way of motivating Angela to improve her attitude and people skills by not pushing those who dread her classes. Angela’s slutty attire is also reviewed and Sarah gives her a humiliating bare bottom spanking on the gym class floor. Watch Angela’s cheeks jiggle and turn a beautiful shade of red as this hand spanking gets the job done perfectly!

2017 continued with much travel in the USA and Europe. Also AAA was still dealing with a tumultuous server change at the end of August, 2016. A sign the site had grown too large. The server change was a disaster and it killed income for a few months but by the start of 2017 this was a distant bad memory and now we were able to continue providing HD quality films and better in browser streaming which took hold in 2016/17 onward. Something special started to happen with AAA as it reflected the continued success of Sarah’s sites with year on year improvements (apart from that August 2016 blip) we both believed in putting the profits back into filming yet more content… something which would prove a point in 2020. Now AAA was capable of larger productions, alongside Sarah’s sites… something I once only dreamed of. By now I was spending more time with the redesign of the website color scheme from porn-red to teal/grey. It was only ever a project and my skills are only in HTML so I sometimes hate how the site looks even to this day, but it still looks attractive and the HD quality content is best viewed and seen on a larger desktop or tablet. However, we have both been looking at ways to improve the sites as we go into 2021.

We first met Miss Anna when she appeared as a top for Strictmoor academy – I knew that she was an amazing switch with a high tolerance for pain. For a few wonderful years, I felt honored to mentor her and got to spank her many time on film and in private, our films tended to be projections of what we got up to in real life, which made them so much more exciting to watch.

Severe Discipline of Miss Anna

This is a special long play film that features Anna and John, who have a real-life mentoring relationship. John cares very much for Anna and she needs hard discipline when she doubts herself or puts herself down. They have never filmed anything publicly like this, until now. This is typical of some of the sessions they have worked through in private. Anna is an incredible woman, she often doesn’t know it and although she has a great tolerance for more severe style punishments she feels every slap. swat and stroke. The reasons for her punishments are discussed briefly throughout but the focus is on “how” she is punished. There are a variety of wicked and nasty implements which she dreads and is familiar with. So John starts with a warm-up hand spanking, he wants her to reach her threshold with each style he uses. The over the knee spanking is more personal before she is placed on the ottoman, bottom up, for the various leather straps. Some are very stinging, others heavy and thuddy and the tempo is upped until she can take no more of each until he uses the long heavy duty “Hanks gunbelt”. Anna needs to be warmed up thoroughly as the next part involves a large bathbrush and stinging paddle which cause her to yelp out. Check out her facial reactions! This really hurts and the message is getting through about the issues they have discussed. The finale features the anticipated caning. Two different Dragon Canes are used with varying tempo and severity. These strokes are some of the hardest we have filmed and they are applied to an already very sore red bottom! This will appeal to lovers of severe corporal discipline with over 30 minutes of action scenes, it really is one not to miss!

This was a special year for me personally, as I got engaged to Sarah on our vacation to Italy. Actually, I was nervous AF… but I guess it ended ok, right? This was a year we had a lot of fun, attending and hosting parties, and my last attendance at Fetishcon – where we filmed some great content, naturally. Filming this year was primarily focused on maternal discipline, wheelbarrow, and sexy F/F spankings as well as some very hard discipline and caning films. We were getting the best of both worlds as I was able to film UK and US performers making AAA truly transatlantic!

This type of film perfectly encapsulates what we made, produced, and presented in 2018. Filmed at one of the Las Vegas parties, this was a perfect time to meet such awesome people as Nuna Starks and Miss Elizabeth… if only my 2011 self could see how far the site had developed!

Tears Before Bedtime

Nuna Starks makes a welcome return to Triple A, although in this scenario, opposite the fearsome maternal figure of Miss Elizabeth, maybe she regretted this appearance! Nuna has been nothing but disrespectful to her new stepmother. Away from her father’s doting eyes, she has been mean, spiteful, and deliberately causing confrontation. Miss Elizabeth has had enough and in this showdown before bedtime, Nuna is about to discover her stepmom is not someone to be messed with! After a scolding about the hurtful behavior, Nuna is placed over her stepmother’s lap and spanked, whilst still being scolded. She is rebellious and fails to understand the hurt this causes her father and new mother. A further harder bare bottom hand spanking starts to get through to Nuna. However, when the dreaded bathbrush is used, this wooden implement really does teach a painful… very painful and tearful lesson about poor attitude. Nuna is struggling, kicking, and crying as the brush does its worst. She is comforted at the end, sniffling and quietly sobbing as her new stepmom wants her to understand that she only has the best intentions for her father and for her! If you are into real maternal discipline scenarios, then this is one film you really need to watch!

2019, personally started off poorly for me… as I had an issue with US Immigration and was refused a visa so had to apply for a longer and time-consuming K1 Fiance Visa. Thanks to the incumbent administration and their somewhat xenophobic attitude to foreigners… being British meant little. What it meant was I did not visit the USA at all during 2019 but Sarah did manage to film content for me in my absence. Of course, I prefer to be there filming or directing, it is what makes AAA (for me) but with some of the amazing talent that Sarah had in the USA, the site still had killer content and I concentrated on filming in the UK more aggressively again for AAA and our other sites. Sarah and I were not parted for long as she was able to visit me in the UK… and we traveled to see our friends in Spain (Zoe Page and Michael Stamp, naturally). We also got to travel to Israel and Canada (Toronto), I also managed to fly to Aruba for the annual December meet up there and to plan a trip to Mexico for the start of 2020. However, if we thought 2019 was bad… something was coming out of Wuhan that would change the coming year in ways we had not imagined.

Due to the fact that I was stuck in the UK, it meant I got to meet Zoe more often at Dodgy Dave’s and also film with Lucy Lauren, an incredible young lady who helped make some delightful films for AAA… this was her first and the start of a new AAA Airline series (yep, another uniform fetish checked off!!!)

Flight Attendants Disciplinary Meeting

We have something special for you as we introduce a new spanking series called ” Spanko Air”. This is a kink-friendly airline, employing staff that understands particular fetishes that they and their fellow passengers are comfortable with in public. It has proved very popular with customers so the demand for quality trained staff is important. This is where we start as ceratin standards have been slipping with one individual who has been turning up late for training, work evaluations, performing poorly on the job, and so on… but this is precisely what Lucy Lauren does (making her amazing debut appearance at Triple A). She has been taking advantage of her friend, roommate, and fellow employee, Zoe Page. Zoe is her superior at work and has been told to deal with Lucy appropriately when they return from their latest flight for the day.

Lucy’s Disciplinary Meeting means that Zoe has been asked to punish her, or she will be in trouble too. It’s a little embarrassing for them both but Zoe is professional and takes matters into her own hands after the initial scolding. Then Lucy is placed over the desk for the start of her spanking punishment. As well as poor attitude, laziness, and rudeness to passengers, it appears Lucy is also wearing a thong! This is forbidden and quickly removed as her bottom is reddened with a hard hand spanking. Management has insisted they be able to hear and then inspect Lucy’s bottom afterward, so Zoe ensures Lucy’s bottom is thoroughly tanned with an additional leather paddle that she uses without mercy. Poor Lucy, her bottom is so sore at the end, it is just as red as the neckerchief she is using to dab the tears from her eyes. Zoe is pleased with her work, leaving a very sorry Lucy rubbing her swollen red cheeks as she waits for the inspection by senior management. Welcome to the new series of Spanko Air, a colorful, authentic uniform spanking feature that we are sure you will enjoy.

The year that everyone would rather forget, 2020! Masks, social distancing, and washing hands properly… all because of a virus called COVID-19. Having friends and family as well as myself who might be at risk, we took this seriously and we discovered throughout 2020 how stupid some people could be. I did make it over to the USA in early February with my K1 Visa in hand… after I had visited Mexico in January. We traveled to Las Vegas and the West Coast resuming our usual jaunts later that month. Unknown to us and everyone else in February was that this was to the last time we would film with out-of-state performers for the rest of the year. Luckily, we had a lot of content filmed over the years, in fact, we could have stopped filming and still be able to upload the sites with fresh new films weekly for at least a few years! So that is precisely what we did throughout 2020, kept updating the sites as normal. We also did make some content at our house with friends within our COVID-Bubble… but on a reduced basis.

This film features 2 special ladies that mean a lot to me, and this was the last filming location before COVID stopped us. So for that reason, check out Miss Bernadette (in her famed evil nurse role) and Clare Fonda, being, well… Clare Fonda! LOL. Enjoy!

Halfway House Hoe 2

Clare Fonda (aka Jamie Foster) is back at the Halfway Hostel for Fallen Women seemingly not learning her lesson from her last detainment at this austere institution. Unfortunately for this skanky hoe, Miss Bernadette remembers her all too well and decides to pay her a visit for her re-induction. She decides to have some fun with this dirty slut, and plays the part of a nurse who informs a nervous Clare that she needs a full inspection of all her “no-no parts”. Bernadette cleans her pussy and anus with several wet wipes before declaring the air is safe to breathe before giving her a rectal temperature taking which Clare finds especially humiliating! This wouldn’t be a Halfway House punishment without “Nurse” B brandishing a mean-looking leather paddle and she ensures the poor inductee’s bottom is a bright burning, shameful red before leaving her alone with her chastened thoughts and an uncomfortable night’s sleep on her tummy!

So here we are in 2021, it’s been an eventful 10 years at AAA and the site is virtually unrecognizable from the humble beginnings with 26 films… now boasting 555 at the time of writing. Thank you to everyone who has supported our hard work over the years and here’s to the next 10 years. I have absolutely no idea how we will look in 2031, if we are still around… but I think we have proved to those that have supported us with various Loyalty Memberships, we have been worth it! Thank you, everyone… and Happy Birthday, AAA.


Happy 10th Birthday AAA Spanking

This is a day late, but on January 15th, 2011… a new spanking membership site went “live” on the interwebz, and that was AAA Spankingso I would like to say Happy 10th Birthday, it is something of a personal and proud milestone for me, considering how the site was born… read on, I have never explained some of my previous employment as it still pisses me off, but I think some of this needs to be said, even after 10 years.

Today’s post is part 1  – The early years from 2010’s inception to the end of 2015 when the site had become something special from such humble beginnings.

The origins of AAA Spanking

Filming and planning for this site actually were done in secret the previous year (September 2010 onward) by myself as the content was amassed at my own expense and the site design etc, with hosting and uploading of the content continuing quietly behind the scenes. The 1st 3 or 4 film shoots were done without me as a top as I didn’t want the guys I was “working” with at the time to find out.

Fans of AAA Spanking have the brothers (one who used to be an actual best friend for years) who once owned and operated the much maligned Xerotics/SOL network of sites which they eventually ran into the ground and sold it all off to a well-known tube hoster in the biz. I was forbidden from bad-mouthing them all in a legal contract once they got rid of the sites for a couple of years and as my business model was through this blog I got to keep that and a few other domains. That was the price of my silence which really irked me at the time. However, all the other work I did was appropriated and eventually discarded, so I lost most of my affiliate income overnight thanks to the new owners who tossed me aside instead of working with their most important affiliate. I don’t promote that network anymore and have also personally removed posts on this blog when I had to promote the annual deals and more silly deals… making the network the “DFS Furniture store” of spanking – to my non-British readership, please Google “DFS sofas” and you’ll understand, LOL!

I had already made up my mind to part ways with the brothers (I can’t even mention their names, ugh). I was sick of being asked to use my own credit card to pay for things and with one of them being a friend I felt obliged; it’s hard to explain nowadays but I do understand why people stay in abusive relationships. Of course, I was rarely paid on time or even paid in full (they owed me $30,000 by the time of their sale… something I bet they never told their new buyers). In fact, they had gone into administration in the UK and restarted as a new entity a year previously after failing to pay their taxes, some models/performers and producers who gave them content (Strictly English & myself… we were the 2 largest creditors apart from the Tax authorities).

Just a year previous to that, I had secretly saved the entire SOL network from being wiped by their pissed-off hosting company at the time in 2009. I got urgent calls from them, their credit rating was shot so they had no access to credit cards, they promised to pay back the 6000 Dollars the hosting company demanded within 24 hours (or they’d wipe the server) with good interest quickly… it took months but I did get the interest as promised. Still, I was really pissed… as this blog, believe it or not at that time, was my major source of income and I was doing okay as the brothers, acknowledging I had been dicked about, gave me more autonomy to run it as a separate business. I had just gone self-employed and I only agreed to save the sites as my blog was hosted by them… that was the moment I decided I had enough after 5/6 years of hassle and I knew I could do a better job of it than them by starting my own sites etc. I had learned important lessons… NEVER piss off your hosting company, make sure you own and host your own domains. Never rely on other domains and hosting you have no control over.

So that was it, so it seemed both they and I had enough of each other as I had been filming content for AAA, thinking I might also use some of their base customers as a good starter, plotting against them, whilst they had been secretly making deals, without any notice to I or their other poor employees in promotion and editing. From memory, we got about a week to 2 weeks’ notice. Classy! It was at the time the AAA site went live in January 2011… and I was angry as I had never intended AAA to be just my business model as I knew that would be difficult.

In fact, thanks to them, they made things so difficult for AAA that after 6 months I nearly quit as the membership sign-ups were falling and I had to find other employment to pay my mortgage and bills. 2011 was a baptism of fire, but the site weathered this initial storm and I learned plenty of lessons along the way as AAA started to become self-sufficient. This was all I had ever wanted for it initially. From memory, the site started with about 26-30 films with the promise of at least one brand new film update released per week, with updates going up a minimum of at least 3 times a week to keep members engaged. At that time, WMV was the only download option but that soon quickly changed to MP4 becoming the dominant choice for better quality.

So there you have it, I have chosen a random film from each year and included some behind the scenes reminiscences over the year covered. Hope you find this interesting.

2011 was the year the site was born and went live… every film was produced and filmed this year in the UK. If you ask any male producer, you’ll know that many of us have it harder than female led companies. I have always strived to make shoot days as spontaneous as possible, allowing ideas to flow both ways. The early shoots were harder as I wasn’t known to many performers and I have always been indebted to people such as Paul Kennedy of Northern Spanking who graciously helped me in the early days as well as Jean Bradley, with who I had a good relationship. The very first shoot on Day One I had none of the agreed performers turn up at a great location I had hired for a long weekend. Paul and Jean helped save the day and also got me the services at short notice of Leia-Ann Woods & Pandora Blake… true spanking royalty.

Thanks to Paul, I managed to get to work with my first overseas performer… who just happened to be Sarah Gregory. 2011 was also the year I got to film at least 2 separate shoots with Jasmine Lau, Kami Robertson, Dani Hunt, Jenna Jay, Wynter Sky, and Donna Davenport. Many of the films they featured in are still loved and remarked on to this day!

The film I am featuring here isn’t from that first day but does feature Leia and Irelynn Logeen, she and Leia helped make some memorable films at a nice penthouse apartment I had procured in Birmingham, England. That shoot, for me, will be forever labeled the “Cakeboy” shoot… (you will need to ask Leia why!)

Slapper Clobber

Leia has been waiting for Irelynn to get ready so they could go out for an upmarket and more sophisticated girls night out! However, Irelynn’s dress sense is far from Leia’s idea of acceptable for the places she intends to take them and accuses her of looking like a “slapper” – Irelynn just looks far too tarty for the establishments they’ll be enjoying so an argument ensues but Leia’s patience wears thin and she drags Irelynn over her lap for a reminder spanking of just what a brat she is! Irelynn continues to bicker and answer back so her bare bottom is given a resounding leather paddling whilst still over Leia’s knee! She soon teaches Irelynn who’s the boss in this relationship before they hug and make up! The mood, the lighting and the apartment work beautifully and makes this a cracking OTK girl on girl spanking film! Enjoy what we think was the last ever purely F/F spanking role that that Irelynn starred in before her online retirement!

2012 was an interesting year. Personally, I was working almost full time in a managerial capacity… so blogging and filming had to be planned carefully. I got to scout out some fabulous locations and this was the year I got to meet Dodgy Dave and strike up a lasting friendship… as well as using his amazing kinky household for more films. This year AAA also used the infamous Schooldays Classroom set as well as my first planned shoot on a family trip to the USA East Coast. I had planned to shoot 4 girls who made some great content and this appeared throughout 2013 and 2014. The girls that day are well known to us in the scene: The inimitable Joelle Barros, Nyssa Nevers, Carissa Montgomery and Ashley Graham. Having worked with a few American girls, this had changed the direction of AAA forever. I was also fortunate to film the Czech model, Mishka Devlin. She had only ever worked with Lupus and was resident at the time in the UK. Mishka is totally responsible for me starting the “Wheelbarrow Spankings” at AAA and my… how we have progressed over the years with this format. It’s now become an art form rather than what I have seen with one person deciding it was a convenient way to grope and paw at the girls in such a vulnerable position. As a rule, nowadays, I only film F/F wheelbarrow spankings… but there are still a few unreleased films that are M/F so we will try to make that look as tasteful as possible (!) later this year.

The film I have chosen, released in 2012, stars one of my all-time favorite girls I had worked with, Kami Robertson. This is still a popular film at the Clip Store as well as receiving positive feedback via customer support. As a side note, at some point over the next 12 months, we will be trying to re-edit the raw data, working on making the format clearer and larger as well as working on the color filter corrections of the film and possibly including more effects and soundtracks as some of these we made with Kami were epic!

Monster Mistake

Molly Malone & Amelia Jane Rutherford were a little lost in the woodland but both girls were feeling naughty and frisky so Molly asked if she could spank Amelia for the sake of it! Out in the open, it felt fun and risky, which appealed to Amelia… so she let her close friend play and spank her including a bare bottom spanking. The giggling and familiar spanking noises attracted local land owner, Mr Osborne, who happened to be wandering through his own woods when he came across this amazing sight! He was barely able to contain his own excitement at such a spectacle and seized an opportunity rarely given to him in life. The poor fellow was socially inept and awkward with females but he did somehow stutter out that as a forfeit for trespassing on his land he would like to finish off their spanking only he wanted to spank both girls as well as doing so with their panties pulled down. A delightful spanky tale of what might happen if you go down to the woods today!

Feel free to go check out the very latest site updates, there are now 555 full-length films… all with accompanying image sets, naturally. Watch the most recent free previews HERE

Spankings to start your week

Hi everyone, it’s another new week, edging closer to the end of this awful year. It’s great to see that vaccines are starting to be rolled out and I know that as soon as I can, I will be getting it. Hey, for those that don’t want it, believe it’s a hoax, or just refuse to be vaccinated (thank God these people weren’t around when Smallpox was finally eradicated by 1978 thanks to the global W.H.O. efforts). I hope that those who refuse to help/understand are unable to travel, as I intend to, and I don’t want to be put at risk because they believe in baseless Q conspiracies. Getting vaccinated will provide that bubble and the security we would need. Anyway… there is a lot to look forward to next year, but right now… spanking updates go on in a relentless manner! What I have enjoyed seeing are all my favorite spanking sites still able to keep up with new movie updates on a regular basis despite most of us unable to film due to the current risks. From clever remasters of older content, or finding unseen content filmed years ago, having it edited as new… to even having other producers film for them (we have done both sides of this coin – filming for sites and approaching those in their COVID bubbles who can produce content for us). The spanking biz goes on… So here is a selection of the latest spanking updates that I am showcasing for you all. So without further ado… let’s get on with the spankings!

The Physics Master: The tawse and cane for Amelia

Once again Amelia finds herself in the physics detention class and the master is not pleased with her supposed improvements. He now has permission from the headmaster to deal with her in the most severe way. Her punishment starts with a hand tawsing with the school strap. Amelia did not take this too well and is not looking forward to what is to follow A bare bottom thrashing with the school cane. It is not often a girl is caned in this school so when it happens it has to be a real deterrent, which means it must be well laid on; Accurate and hard. Her bottom is soon marked and painful.

hand tawsing spanking bare bottom spanking

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spanking sarah

The Home Nurse – 3 part series

Nurse Olga was supposed to take care of a patient at her home but the little madam decided to take a nap, forgot to give the patient her medicine, and did not have the required uniform on. Her bottom pays dearly for that. In part 1: she gets a sound spanking. Olga, still laying on the couch with her bottom bare, gets a sound bare bottom paddling before being sent back to the corner to wait for her next punishment. In part 2: Olga, still laying on the couch with her bottom bare, gets a sound bare bottom paddling before being sent back to the corner to wait for her next punishment. The final part of this series sees Nurse Olga getting a sound bare bottom spanking in the diaper position before she is sent to the corner, bottom out, to reflect on her behavior.

bare bottom spanking spanking diaper position spanking

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spanked in uniform

Opal and Fae: Spanked and Diapered

spanked and diapered

Opal and Fae are having a fun afternoon at Fae’s house, but now it is time for the playdate to end and for Opal to go home. They don’t like this and are very loud and bratty when told that it’s time to finish. Between the talking back, whining, and plain rudeness, they earn a long overdue spanking. Mommy won’t have this bratty and childish behavior in her house. If they are going to act like babies, they will be treated as such. They are each taken over the knee for a good hard hand spanking. Next, the brats are placed, side by side, over the edge of the bed as Mommy takes the family strap to their bare upturned cheeks. Their bottoms turn a dark shade of crimson as they cry out in pain. Their punishment isn’t over yet though, Mommy has one more final humiliation for them: A diapering! She diapers the two naughty girls laid out on the bed, bared, legs parted and exposed next to each other. They can only cover their faces in utter shame and embarrassment with this humiliating part of their long punishment. Those who act like naughty petulant little girls get treated as such.

spanking leather strapping girls spanked by mom

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momma spankings
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Three Naughty Trespassers


Casey, Britney, and Ashley are trespassing private property that is vacant and listed for sale. They break in and know the house is empty so they have some ideas of how to have some kinky and sexy fun. Casey is the instigator, bringing kinky toys and full of naughty ideas. Just as they are starting to get kinky and naked, the real estate agent walks in on them, shocked at what she sees. She is there to prep the house to be shown and is not expecting to find three naked girls. Well, if they want to have some kinky fun, she will show them what happens when they get a real spanking. They plead and apologize saying they only like light playful spanks, however, they are not in a position to argue and Miss Bernadette has meaner plans for them. Each naked girl gets spanked over her lap, then with the straps, paddles, and crops that they had brought until their bottoms are nice and pink. They all find this rather embarrassing watching each other being disciplined and the punishment ends once Miss Bernadette believes they have learned their lesson. Of course, Casey gets the last hard strapping since it was her idea!

hot naked girls get a spanking bare bottom spanking otk spanking otk spanking and paddling bare bottom leather strapping sore bare bottoms get a spanking

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sarah gregory spanking
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Sandra Sanchez archives

sandra sanchez before her spanking

Sandra Sanchez has been one of the most popular girls featured on this website over the years. She makes up part of the amazing archives that members get to view and watching this gorgeous East European beauty spanked in the various humiliating contraptions, or having her pussy strapped, legs splayed, is one of the sexiest sights to behold! Check out 2 punishments films following on from the other as her privates are well and truly tanned as she is stripped of her clothing and dignity during these discipline sessions.

pussy spanking face down ass up spanking spanking and strapping

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spanking server



Something different for your day

I have found a collection of drafts that I had not completed, so have placed them together so that you can view these amazing updates from some quality sites. Waste not, want not… right? Again, as usual, I make my apologies for not being here as often as I’d like, there never seems to be enough hours in the day right now!!! So without any more waffle, enjoy these newfound updates… including a few “recent” ones for your viewing pleasure!

CUTIE SPANKEE  (Japanese Spanking)

The Call Bell

Madam always rings for me when I make a mistake or for other reasons she is displeased with my work. The number of times the bell rings tells me what implement will be used on me during my punishment. I have to bring the implement on a tray immediately to madam. I arrive trembling with a shaky hand holding the tray… just wishing that the punishment won’t be more severe this time!

This site may not update anymore with new content, but if you haven’t visited it until now, it is worth every penny. This unique Japanese all-female spanking site has some of the best photography and unique maternal and schoolgirl discipline films you will see. The site has an easy English interface so you won’t get lost! Buy a month’s membership and you won’t be disappointed with the amazing photosets and costumes used during the many 100s of spanking films!


Sign up to this site & you get 3 others FREE with your membership (see website for details)
Includes Spanking Teen Brandi – Spanking Bailey – Bi Spanking

Learning How to Spank

Brandi and I have a spanking contest and are instructed by Miss J and Lady D on the proper techniques of spanking. In trying to beat each other out by spanking the hardest we learn how to use various straps and paddles effectively.

As well as being part of a network of 4 websites (which are still updated) this site is also part of the stunning value 8 sites Real Spankings Pass – if you haven’t already, check out the options below (click the banner of your choice) to learn more!


Real Spankings (part of the Real Spankings Pass Network)

Michelle’s School Swats

New model Michelle participates in the school swats series. She will not be sitting anytime soon.

school swats


RS is also part of the Real Spankings Pass – giving 8  sites access for a fraction of the combined cost. This site is massive in its own right but combined withthe other sites makes for an awesome archive of spanking content to view and download.

real spankings pass

Northern Spanking (another site with a vast archive of content!)

Silly Sister’s Seifuku Spanking

sarah gregory at northern spanking

Alex Reynolds can’t believe her eyes when she walks into the living room to see her little sister, Sarah Gregory, dressed in a seifuku and reading a book about anime…holding the book upside down. Sarah wasn’t even interested in anime last week, but now it has suddenly become her “obsession.” It’s too bad she didn’t do any research into the subject at all, but ditzy Sarah tends to be like that.

otk spanking


northern spanking

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Yasmeena’s Tearful Caning

Yasmeena is placed onto the bench and tied before her dress is lifted and panties pulled down, baring her upturned exposed bottom. To ensure the caning strokes are even more effective, Peter sprays oil onto her cheeks to add friction to the cane strokes. Yasmeena grits her teeth and takes the caning punishment but not without tears. After, she is left to face the wall, her red bottom on display, and to reflect on this latest punishment.


spanking server

Here’s to the final month from the Year of Hell! What could go wrong?

Spanking on Titillating Tuesday

This is an update post on what could be called “Titillating Tuesday” when you see the film reviews past and present I have for you today! Have fun, y’all!

titillating Tuesday

Doctor’s Dilemma
Starring Lucy Lauren & Zoe Page

Stripped naked and paddled hottie doctor Lucy Lauren volunteers for a spanking

Gorgeous private clinic doctor Lucy Lauren decides to appeal to boss Zoe Page’s good nature by undressing ready for a spanking, but it doesn’t save her bottom. Stretched over a punishment frame, bare butt in the air, Lucy yelps as a leather paddle goes to work in Ms Page’s hand for Doctor’s Dilemma. Exciting Reaction Cam shots and slow-motion replays!


The next updates all make up a membership to the Clare Fonda Pass – the site owners are now actively encouraging you to make this your default way of becoming a member, as it really is so much better in terms of value… accessing 5 sites for a fraction of their combined cost. So who are we to argue? Ignore the landing page as it is in transition. What matters is that it gives full unrestricted access to the five sites with your membership codes. Here’s what members have been viewing this week from the very latest updates (from 3 sites chosen below):

Vixen And Darling REMASTERED at Girl Spanks Girl

This erotic remastered classic stars Darling (who goes by Dee Williams now) and Vixen and will now have full files in all formats. Here is the original description: Darling’s pussy is too tight for sex so she visits her friend Vixen who has a magic technique for loosening it up and getting it nice and wet — which of course involves a sound spanking, then some dildo play. Afterwards, Darling gets her turn to spank the very long Vixen, who then is so aroused she decides to pleasure herself.

Veronica Spanks Her Aunt at My Spanking Roommate

Aunt Clare Fonda recently spanked her niece Veronica Ricci for laughing while she watches her friend Kay get spanked by her mom. But after Veronica also got spanked by that mom, Veronica is angry that she got spanked twice for the same offense. So she gives her aunt a taste of her own medicine, putting her over her knee for a sound spanking.

Stevie Spanked By Tiana Irie at Spanked Callgirls

Stevie Rose poses as the madam who interviews a new lady, Tiana Irie. But turns out Tiana is an undercover cop, ready to bust Stevie. But Stevie offers to take a spanking instead of going to jail. Tiana agrees, and gives Stevie and incredibly hard spanking with her hand and wooden paddle!

All the above 3 films are available with the CLARE FONDA PASS membership

Jessica Fox Paddles her Bottom
A self spanking by Jessica

This is what Sarah Stern had to say about this particular film released a few years ago:
“I just love Jessica, she is such a lovely lady and these films I have of her are the only ones she has made. We had a great day filming and were looking for ideas and she said why don’t I spank my own bottom. I know that lots of you do like to see this but I was not sure if she would be hard enough but said OK and left her with Remington Steel who filmed her for me. The result is spectacular and when you see this film I know you will agree and love the way she goes about it.”


Corona Infractions
Starring Ana & Mike

This is what Mike has to say about the latest episodes completed in the Bellview Catholic School section:
After many months of not filming, we are finally back with a new Bellview episode. In this episode young Ana is soundly spanked for disobeying the CoVid measures put in place for all our benefit. This is the first punishment of many. In part two… Ana is soundly slippered with a Gym shoe for not wanting to wear mouthguards as instructed by the health services and Government. In her final punishment of this painful session, she feels the sting of our Tawse explode on her bare bottom for not keeping her distance during this pandemic.


More spanking content to start off your week

Hello everyone… Here is the latest set of film reviews, featuring classics from the past and the very latest videos from the sites below. I trust that you all had a great weekend, this blog review is for you all on the start of yet another week as this year passes so quickly, we’re already halfway through August and summer is nearly at an end… where did all that time go? Best not to ponder on how time flies, I guess… just stay safe out there and enjoy some films I have not featured before until now, along with some of the very latest website updates!

real spankings - click here

Before bedtime spanking of Cleo Divine

cleo divine at

Cleo is asked to pick which implement she wants to be punished with, the spoon or the belt. She tells Mike that she doesn’t want to be spanked with either. Quickly she learns not to smart mouth him, and is taken OTK for a wooden spoon punishment. After letting Cleo’s bottom cool off, Mike returns to apply the belt to her already bruised bottom.

otk spanking strapped bare buttocks strapping cleo divine gets a spanking

More films featuring beautiful Cleo Divine can be found at Real Spankings
This site is part of the Real Spankings Pass – giving you access to 8 premium sites within this network
For a fraction of the combined cost of them all!

redstripe films

The Journey (Episodes 1 to 4)

ready for her spanking

This is the first film from the “Spanking Mansion” series. These films will take viewing of CP, spanking, and discipline to a new level. This is “The Journey”… It’s a dark story about Suzanne (a cheating wife) and her descent into a kind of Hell. She will suffer pain and humiliation at her husband’s hands and the hands of others. This first episode recalls the story of her remorse at being caught out, the punishment decided upon and administered by her husband. This comes hard and fast and without mercy. Once Suzanne starts on this journey into pain she has no idea where it will end…

spanking and paddling hand print spanking

After Suzanne’s punishment by her husband, she is surprised when he sends her to see a professional disciplinarian. It is made clear to her that she is to be punished further and more severely than ever before. It is with a certain amount of fear that she agrees to submit to whatever is planned for her. The discipline starts and she has to remove her black lace panties and bend over in her stockings and high heeled shoes. A wooden ruler warms her bottom before an extra large and heavy leather paddle smashes into her bare bottom. From then on the punishment gets worse as, spread-eagled, she is given a thrashing with a leather thronged martinet and a leather strap. All the punishments are designed to inflict the maximum pain and humiliation.

punished at home spanked pussy and ass

The Journey continues for Suzanne, it’s a journey into pain and humiliation and eventually self-realization. It’s now time for the next part of the punishment ordered by Suzanne’s husband and this promises to be the fiercest yet. Despite her protestations, this lovely housewife is to be given at least 30 strokes of the heavy cane. Her bottom is made ready, dressed in just her black stockings she kneels in just the right position and prepares herself for the searing pain she knows will come from the full strength cane strokes which will be applied to her already sore bottom.

leather paddling

Suzanne has come to a sort of realization; she needs to be punished, this may be the reason for her bad behavior. She craves the pain and the humiliation that she knows will come with the punishment. She contacts The Disciplinarian and asks that he come round. Once together, she describes the type of punishment and discipline she needs. What happens next is more than she ever imagined. This is real life hard discipline as requested by Suzanne herself. Nothing is held back… nothing is hidden.

Accessing this site for a month costs $24 with the choice of purchasing a membership to another of their sites at the same time for far less than the normal cost of membership – CLICK HERE to view the extensive tour pages and check out the join page for the above offer.

spanked and diapered

Maid for Discipline

spanked and diapered maid

Amy Fox is a maid who gets more than she bargains for in this latest film from Spanked and Diapered. Alex wastes no time scolding and humiliating Amy before spanking her over the knee on her tight panties. However, this is far from over for Amy as she is then diapered like a little girl before further spanking punishment is given for her infractions.

spanking over panties changing into diapers - ageplay punishments amy fox spanked and diapered spanked in her diapers

More films featuring my good friend Amy Fox can be found at Spanked and Diapered

spanking server

Tyron Spanked and Caned

tyron at spanking server

Tyron is yet another East European beauty exclusive to this site where she has been spanked many times before. In this featured punishment, Tyron is placed on the examination couch, kneeling with her bottom stuck out as she is spanked over her cute panties. Then, her bottom is sprayed with water for the next part of her punishment, a hard no nonsense caning across her pert glistening buttocks! Amazing!!!

spanking caning spanked and caned

Tyron is one of many stunning East European girls you will only find at Spanking Server

That’s it for today’s post, stop by soon for more updates and remember I will also start updating my other blog HERE – go check it out as it has LOTS of spanking material to keep you busy as well!

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Spanking Updates Now and Then

More updates today. I thought since many of us are still at home or social distancing through no fault of our own, I’d go through some classics as well as some recent updates from the sites featured below. For example, the RS Network has featured this young new performer, Arella Bell… and there are some great perspectives of spanking in POV format at Hand Spanking as well as 2 classics I’ve added showcasing Samantha Woodley & Justine Rosenberg (and where you can find more of their content than any other website). okay… let’s get on with this (I’m excited to show you).

Arella’s Institute Arrival

Starring Arella Bell & Michael Masterson

Arella is in the Dean’s office, waiting naked. She has been strapped by Miss Betty, so she will receive the same punishment from The Dean. She is bent over and strapped naked. The Dean decides he is not done with her and leaves to find another strap. The Dean returns with a heavier strap, and applies it to Arella’s bottom, leaving her bruised and sore. He then tells her to put her uniform on.

See more films starring Arella at Real Spankings Institute

Arella’s Bare Breasted Strapping

Starring Arella Bell & Betty Blaze

Arella is bent over and strapped on her jeans, panties and bare bottom for not wearing a bra.

See more films starring Arella at Real Spankings

You can access both these sites as part of the amazing value Real Spankings Pass – 8 full RS membership sites for a fraction of the combined cost!

Spankee’s Eye, Spanker’s Eye

Starring Noa & Shihori

A daughter comes home late again and is given a sound spanking by her mother. You can view this spanking from the spanker’s eye view as well as the spankee’s view.

Check out the tour pages of Hand Spanking – the only Japanese all-girl spanking site


Starring Justine Rosenberg & Arnold

Justine is starting to build a new blog website, unfortunately, as she has no idea what she’s doing it’s a total mess. Arnold finds himself sorting out her problems that mean he has to spend too much time in front of the computer doing her work – rather than his own that is much more important. He is frustrated and takes it out on poor Justine’s bottom – first with his hand and then with the leather paddle.

Spanked at Home contains more original content of Justine than anywhere else

Brat Camp

Starring Samantha Woodley

Visiting her friend Chloe Elise at an exclusive athletics training camp, Samantha soon learns the penalty for bringing in alcohol as she watches Chloe being paddled Brat Camp style – bare bottom! Coach loses no time in telling Sam to bend over for her licks, even though she’s not a student there. Shorts and panties down, she feels the burn of the holed board for a full ten swats.

Firm Hand Spanking – the largest archive of Samantha Woodley content!

For all your Christian Chicken-lovin’ needs!


Irelynn Logeen at GBS

Hello… I thought I’d bring you something a little different today. I am sure that I had never written about this film of the much-missed Irelynn Logeen (now retired, of course) in what was one of her first appearances online… at the time of writing, I would estimate about 12 years ago! She has that girl next door quality and the ability to take a hard spanking… something which made her very popular with members at the few websites that she had worked at over the years. Irelynn can be found up by performing a model search in the archives at Girls Boarding School – there are various download options including MP4 and streaming options as well as many high-quality image galleries.



“Irelynn… wake up it’s Sunday morning.” Headmaster Tom has entered her room and he’s there for a purpose. He’s come to see if she has anything to report to him. She has been at Girls Boarding School for a week – surely she should have nothing to report. However, she has written the report up and she starts to read it to him. She was late for the gym on Monday. He tells her that is not too serious – in fact, she’d have got off with a warning… but more was to come. Wearing inappropriate clothing one day. Eating chocolate in bed.

She has broken one of the house rules at GBS: beds are for sleeping in and only for sleeping in, not eating or drinking, not for watching TV and certainly not for studying on. She tells him how she threw a book after a teacher and he is not at all impressed with her. Finally, she accidentally lost her key. All that in just a week.

She must be punished, so it won’t happen again. Putting her over his knee he gives her a hard hand spanking. That is only the beginning of her ordeal. She is asked to make an immediate decision – wooden or leather paddle? She chooses leather. So he brings the leather paddle down from its hook on the wall above her bed. Bending over the end of the bed, with her face in the mattress, her poor sore red bottom is made even redder as the leather paddle makes contact. She then has to apologize for each broken rule and promise not to do it again.

Still determined to really make her suffer, he strips her bedding off the bed. Now she must stay in bed for the next twelve hours. No going to the toilet, or eating. If there is an emergency she must call him. All she can do to pass the next twelve hours is to sleep.

spanking Irelynn Logeen spanking Irelynn Logeen Irelynn Logeen Girls Boarding School - Irelynn Logeen

Irelynn appears in many other films at Girls Boarding School – this was the first shown as a featured new resident appearance. if you have never been to this site in a very long time or are curious about this entire network of spanking sites, there is also the VIP option (see below)


This site is part of the VIP Spanking network, giving you 8 spanking sites for less than the combined cost of them combined. However, a word of warning… if you choose this option, be prepared to invest a lot of time downloading all the content from across this network showcasing some fine classic spankings from years gone by! Enjoy.



Erfalasorput - our flag in Greenland

Spanking Classics for you to Enjoy!

I thought it was time to get you some spanking updates from these following sites that you may not have seen before, they are all from at least 3 years ago or more… so if you’ve seen any of these before, congrats… for everyone else, this is just some of the typical content that you can see from the chosen websites! Enjoy!

Nyssa Nevers & Fiona Murphy Spank Each Other

Nyssa Nevers mocks Fiona Murphy for getting spanked by Veronica. So much so that Fiona decides to shut her up by spanking her she can learn what it’s all about. Nyssa doesn’t like it and wiggles and protests and finally spanks Fiona, too.


This site is part of the 5 site Clare Fonda Pass network

Europe Airlines: Spanked for Oversleeping


18 year old Vanessa missed her flight to Hong Kong because she overslept. Mr Johnson went to her house and pulled her out of her bed straight over his knee for a good spanking. Then he told her to get dressed and when she was, he pulled her back over his knee and finished the spanking good and proper.


Daughter and her Trainer

Suzu, daughter of the house, decides to ditch her music lessons and spend the day in her room doing nothing while her parents are away. Erika, her bodyguard, and also her trainer, teaches her a painful lesson.


Unladylike Manor: The secret Policewoman

Another episode from the Unladylike Manor series brings WPC Pandora Blake into conflict with Lady Sarah Stern. PC  Blake thought she could bring disgrace to the house of Stern by prosecuting Sarah but she was up  against a formidable opponent.  Pandora soon felt the heavy hand and paddle of Sarah on her bare bottom. This is one of many many episodes in this long running series.


Bound to be Spanked

Headmaster Tom and Mr Lewis are having a discussion. They agreed on how they were to go forward. Headmaster Tom calls up the stairs for Justine to come down. She joins them at the bottom of the stairs. They tell her that she has broken at least ten of the rules at Girls Boarding School and that is since her last punishment only a week ago. And now fighting.






Gigi Allens – A Spanking Tribute

Gigi AllensI have always long admired the beautiful, leggy Australian beauty, Gigi Allens, who worked at the Clare Fonda Pass network of sites and in this genre with some hard and also very sexy spanking content. You won’t find any more of her exclusively than at this group of websites. I prefer to use the pass as it gives global coverage, but Gigi appears at each site multiple times and each site is massive in its’ own right. My last tête à tête with The Cameraman revealed that he still has some more unreleased content of Gigi which is actually great news… if, like me, you’re fans of this super cute and talented spanko switch!

Below are some choice films she starred in at each of the sites, this is just but a very small contribution she has made. By signing up HERE you’ll be able to view ALL of her content at your leisure!

Spanked Sweeties

The was the first site – the main focus is girls who were spanked growing up telling their spanking stories and then acted out. The interviews are very detailed and it makes the scenes intense. This is a great place for you to discover new talent. Clare plays the mom figure but they also have guest dommes and some M/f as many girls were spanked by their dads growing up. This site also includes some spanking fantasy and real-life punishment scenes such as two friends or a couple. A great place to get to know new spanking talent and updates are generous with 6 clips per week.

Gigi Allens gets a spanking

Gigi Allens

This is what the staff at Sweeties had to say about her: Gigi Allens is an amazing beauty who we are so excited to add to our list of Sweeties. She grew up in Australia, where she was spanked regularly by her Mom, Dad and even Grandma. Clare Fonda makes a big splash in her official return to spanking playing Gigi’s mom (and grannie) and providing the authentic accent and hard spankings.

 spanking with a wooden spoon wooden spoon spanking spanked by mommy red sore ass


Girl Spanks Girl

Girl Spanks Girl is Clare Fonda’s Exclusive all F/F spanking website which offers traditional OTK as well as erotic spanking. With well over 4,000 video clips of girls spanking girls in the members section, updating with a new video clip every day. The stories involve only females. Best known for our long schoolgirl spanking video Exclusive Education series and other full length films which feature hand, hairbrush, paddle strap and cane. All Exclusive Education schoolgirl spanking dramas can be seen in their entirety on this website, as well as all future Exclusive Education movies and all of our many bare bottom spanking films. Updates are both in clip form and as long videos, all easily downloadable.

Careful what you wish for!

Gigi Allens is a spanking genie

A genie (Gigi Allens) appears to Goldie (in her first ever spanking shoot) when she rubs an old bottle. Goldie wished that Gigi would make out with her. When Gigi admits it wasn’t her best kiss ever, Goldie’s second wish is to spank the genie. After that wish is granted, Goldie’s last is that she gets everything she deserves. Easy, she deserves a spanking from the angry Genie.

kissing girls Gigi Allens gets a bare bottom spanking  Gigi Allens spanking  Goldie checks out Gigi otk spanking


Spanked Callgirls

Welcome to a world of hooker babes and lady pimps, of johns and hoes, of jealous men, slutty women and the madam who spanks them. Spanking training is a part of life for these call girls, on the job, in the bedroom and at home. Bare bottom spanking, OTK spanking, strapping paddling and all the best in adult spanking form Clare Fonda and starring the hottest spanking models on The Internet. Girls spanking Girls, Men Spanking Naughty Prostitutes in fun and edgy spanking porn.

Gigi’s Sex & Spanking Lessons to Cheyenne

Cheyenne and gigi allens get dirty

The very sexy Gigi Allens has been tasked to teach Cheyenne Jewel about sex. She uses a dildo, and demonstrates, but doesn’t appreciate Cheyenne’s attitude. So she spanks some sense into her. But Cheyenne delivers some spanking of her own.

 spanking and paddling  otk spanking Gigi Allens is a spanked callgirl spanked


Spanking Sorority Girls

Penthouse Pet Veronica Ricci heads up an all female cast of spanking models including some special seperate scenes starring Gigi Allens. This is an episodic website of a naughty girl sent to an all-girls college for wayward girls with a sorority where spanking, paddling and caning are daily discipline. Gorgeous 5’8″ redhead switch Veronica Ricci is spanked by her mom and sorority sisters and she spanks her sorority sisters as well. Girls spank girls OTK, bent over sofas and up against walls. Bottoms get very red and sore on this website which shows us that girls can punish each other and play very hard. Veronica Ricci selected the cast of this all-girl spanking model group. Updates are twice a week and there are both traditional and sexy lesbian spankings.  There are 6 new video clips per week of high definition all girl spanking with an excellent spanking story.

Gigi Allens Teaches Lily a Painful Lesson

sorority girls spankings

Gigi Allens has instructed Lily to cook for the sorority. When Lily does a poor job of it and flashes a bratty attitude, Gigi puts the curvy bottomed girl over her knee for a long, painful spanking with her hand and a wooden bath brush. She further humiliates Lily by having her bend over the trash to throw out the food and spanks her more in this position as well.

tight panties spanking  bathbrush spanking  spanked with a brush sorority girls spanking


All the above sites are part of the Clare Fonda Pass network, giving you access to 1000s of videos and photo sets for a fraction of the combined cost of up to 5 sites. Each site is massive in its’ own right, but this deal is unbeatable and is really popular if you have the disk space and time to download Terrabytes of spanking content! CLICK HERE

clare fonda pass

Spanking Showcase

Just a few classic spanking memories before many of you all face the long drudge of another week, and for many of us, the shorter days are far more depressing (well, in northern Europe at least) but I have the perfect tonic for you all that love our kink! Some great spanking memories to warm you all up!

Party Night – at Punished Brats
Featuring: Audrey Sugarsmak & Veronica Bound

otk spanking

Audrey and a few of her friends threw a huge party at another friend’s house while the family was away on vacation. The party quickly grew out of hand resulting in underage drinking, fighting, a destroyed mailbox, and a whole lot of trouble. After being given a day to recover from her terrible hangover, Audrey is greeted first thing Sunday morning by her mom Veronica holding a wooden hairbrush intended for her bottom. What a wake up call! Audrey’s most dreaded punishment – a hairbrush spanking first thing in the morning.

hairbrush spanking  


A Spanker’s Guide – at AAA Spanking
Featuring: Zoe Page & Jessica Jensen

Zoe Page was a hopeless girl guide, she never put in the effort with earning badges. Her latest task was to make a decent sandwich but she was totally clueless & asked her fellow guide, gorgeous Jessica Jensen (voted best new UK spankee), who she knew had a “thing” for her, to help out. However, when Jessica laughed at Zoe’s attempts to make a sandwich the darker side of Miss Page appeared as she turned on a smirking Jessica & started to spank the bewildered girl. Jessica tried to please Zoe since she secretly wanted more from her domineering friend so she allowed her to spank, paddle & use a crop on her bare bottom leading to some naughty pussy play. Seeing Jessica masturbate her juicy minnie which turned Zoe on, but only to cause some more discomfort to poor Jessica for her own wicked amusement! See how a besotted impressionable young lady would try almost anything to please Zoe in this very naughty girl guide spanking fantasy adventure!

spanking girl guides pussy cropping


Spanked Starlet – at Dallas Spanks Hard
Featuring: Penny Stone (Formerly Lolita Sinn)

There has always been a keen interest with ‘spanking and celebrity’. When you hear day after day about this Hollywood starlet getting arrested for this and that…well, it seems without saying that this is an awesome concept for a spanking film! This one is about a hopelessly naughty actress named Ms Lindsey Logan. She is about to go to jail for an extended stay for a number of reasons. Dallas is hired by the owner of Lone Star Studios to help our little naughty starlet keep her cool butt out of jail.
Let’s just say fans of wood will love this as Dallas starts ff with bare bottomed wooden implements and lot’s of them. These aren’t the small or flimsy variety (are they ever?), but his by far teaching heavy boys. She is put in a holding cell to get the feel of what prison would be like. Then hauled off to a stand up paddling session… You guessed it, large wooden paddles and a few extra ones for sport. Then she is bared for an intense face down strapping with the HEAVY STRAPS, including both prison straps and razor straps. Very intense!


Cabin Crew Training – at Hand Spanking
Featuring: Misaki & Erica

Misaki, a rookie flight attendant, receives further training from her supervisor, Erica. See the supervisor become furious with Misaki’s sloppiness as she gives her the harsh spanking that she deserves. Check out the cute authentic flight attendant uniforms that rounds off a perfectly believable workplace discipline film!

japanese hand spanking


Spanking Nostalgia Today

I’m feeling nostalgic today, so here are (what I generally hope) I haven’t shown before, some of these can be traced many years back in the various archives of these sites, others maybe just a few years back… but I hope you realize, if you haven’t seen any of these, just what depth these sites all possess! Anyway, enough of my waffle, let’s get on with the archive spanking review!

firm hand spanking

Legal Penalties seriesstarring Michaela McGowen & Cindy Wallace
Michaela gets a 50-swat hairbrush spanking for long distance calls at work

 firm hand spanking

Working at the weekend doesn’t cut Michaela McGowen any slack from her disciplinarian boss. She’s caught making calls to Hawaii, and ill-judged comments about Miss Wallace makes her even madder. It’s a 50-swat hairbrush spanking in Legal Penalties, with Michaela lying on her back on the desk, legs up and tight jeans down. That’s some red booty!


northern spanking

 Shoplifterstarring Kami Robertson & Paul Kennedy

kami robertson spanked kami robertson stripped spanking bare bottom strapping spanking

Kami is caught shoplifting and has to accept the store manager’s punishment or he will contact the police. Kami learns that stealing lingerie has a far higher price when she has to submit to a spanking and strapping. First, over her cute panties… then on her bare bottom. See adorable Kami in her early years taking up the store manager’s only offer. We’re glad she did!


Punished brats

Joyridestarring Carissa Montgomery & David Pierson

cheerleader spanked otk paddling the cheerleader leather paddling

See Carissa Montgomery in one of her cutest spanking roles as a very sexy cheerleader. david Pierson is none too pleased when Carissa is caught joyriding and he knows just what to do with a good hard leather strapping that leaves her pert cheeks as red and glowing as her uniform!


Spank Now Love Laterwith Addie Juniper
The spanking and paddling scenes

A bedroom discipline drama with spanking, paddling, kissing, oral sex and intercourse and true affection, starring Addie Juniper and Kevin Wang When shapely and seductive Addie dons a micro-mini dress to visit her new shrink, Kevin suspects his spoiled brat of mischief and shuts that adventure down with an over the knee spanking and paddling. The disciplinary foreplay leads to finger banging, oral sex going both ways and sex. Adorable Addie gets head until orgasm as a reward for taking her paddling so nicely. This smart, sexy natural beauty and her cute chosen dude are a real life couple.


Mothersstarring Amelia J Rutherford & Sophie Parker

Sometimes girls will behave badly at school and they have to be punished but the headmaster does not expect that the girls mothers will be just as badly behaved. That was the case when Sarah Stern and Mrs. Katy Didit were called to the school to witness the spanking of their naughty charges. They were soon at each other’s throats swearing and fighting. The headmaster managed to control them just long enough to spank Amelia Jane Rutherford and Sophie Parker over regulation knickers and then on the bare bottom.