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Weekend Spanking Updates – pt2

What a glorious days we have had this weekend. I had a fantastic day yesterday just visiting my local town and enjoying the Saturday open air market as well as a lot of people watching and a pleasant lunch outdoors! For a few days, at least, this weather will remain unseasonally warm, a fantastic start to Spring! I had a pleasant afternoon then lazing in the warm sun in our garden, drinking copious amounts of chilled Carlsberg Export lager before realizing I had promised to update the blog again today with more updates… but I was a little drunk so didn’t make it. (sorry) So, as I am now sober and I look outside and see the sun beating down, here is part 2. I hope you enjoy!


Where to start? Why not those gorgeous girls at where there are a couple of new girls for us all to feast our greedy eyes on!

Here’s a catch up on all of the most recent OTK classics that are now available to download in full




Running in the Hall – the start of the “Prep School Brat” series:
Tara (one of the newest girls to appear at Punishedbrats) was running in the halls desperately trying to make it to class on time. When a teacher catches her and tells her to slow down, she calls the woman an unkind name. Tara is immediataely sent to the main office with a disciplinary note which leads to a severe embarrassing bare bottom spanking she won’t forget in a hurry!

This next film is available to view in full with Taylor Rayne cusring and struggling over the lap of Josh who coped well with her feisty behaviour in the film called “The Assualt” :- Taylor has gone too far and assaulted another student. She is to receive her most embarrassing school spanking yet – a bare bottomed paddling broadcast on the school’s network for all to see!



Taylor is sure to be the talk of the school after her bare bottom punishment is broadcast! See MORE HERE

Below, Joelle Baros is back in detention with Beverly Bacci – these 2 were made for each other!




“With Attitude”: It’s Day 2 Detention for Joelle with Ms Bacci: Joelle is hoping that by apologizing profusely she’ll be able to get out of her painful punishment early. But her sorries are insincere and Ms Bacci is having none of it and continues delivering the leather paddle full force across Joelle’s sore wobbling bottom!

Check out the very latest update now with a FREE preview HERE


OK, the next update is HOT as hell and features 2 unseen girls, both very different and the films Amber shot are great. One is so sexually provocative that I didn’t care if there was spanking or not (there was, lots of it… as it turned out) and the 2nd girl had the most awesome punishment which ended with her very real tears… something I don’t see often with Amber’s sites unless it is Amber herself crying when she is thrashed by Daddy… but that’s a whole other story 😉

Just take a look at what Amber got up to with AlyssaWARNING: Ladies, please pay attention to the gussets of your panties for any excessive dampness and gentlemen… please loosen your trouser garments before viewing these images, thank you.

Alyssa is an incredibly sexy girl, who possesses the largest labia I have ever seen on a girl spanked. I was quite fascinated when I saw the size of them and wondered how Amber would cope with that delectable lady-flesh, I needn’t have worried! Seeing her bent over, spanked whilst her labia hung there is an awesome sight… I have chosen some images below and they are vastly reduced screen image shots from the movie, but I have also teased you a little as I wanted to keep Alyssa’s magnificent labia all to myself and Amber’s esteemed members, but you’ll get to see what I mean in a couple of “sneak preview” shots… details of how to view this coming up.






See this very sexual & erotic spanking play of Alyssa and Amber HERE

Amber just recently uploaded a new film with another new girl, the tiny Aly (who is incredibly cute) and this is far more punishment orientated as Aly admitted she was in need of corrective discipline and she gets that release with some unusual spanking and flogging discipline positions (naked) carried out by Amber. Aly has a very tight body, so petite, I’d be scared of breaking her… and you’ll see just how small she is when she jumps into Amber’s arms, all tearful and hugging Amber for the much needed discipline she craved at the end! 2 Different girls, 2 different films, both awesome!

After Amber’s OTK spanking, Aly is stripped bare, her legs opened fully so we see (yet another large pair of labia!) and her nipples are clamped whilst Amber pussy spanks her and uses a flogger on those pert breasts before using a strap that finally brings the tears that had been coming before some cornertime, more tears, hugs and reassurance from Amber!






& if that isn’t good enough, becoming a member of Amber & Daddy’s sites s now gives you access to all 3 of the ones they run for the same price as a single membership used to cost! There is also a Trial Promotion if you are really hard up, but to be honest, there is so much stuff to see, you would need at least a good month or more of spending time to download all that wonderful content from the last 5 years – there are 100’s of films at both the spanking sites alone. Go check it out HERE


With all this new stuff, I thought I’d remind you about some classic spankings that haven’t seen the light of day and these are well worth a look, especially when you see that teh bottom in this case is Audrey Knight starring in a quite severe short sharp shock schoolgirl punishment role! Audrey is absolutely gorgeous in this and my only pet peeve from this particular movie was the teacher who hammed his role a little… but he did give Audrey a sound spanking and a hard strapping in a variety of positions… and anyway, just look at Audrey’s bottom for goodness sake! Lush!

Screen grabs below are from the actual movie!




I had originally decided to feature a girl from the past called Zoya… and then I shouted out “Damn!” when I saw a reminder of her recently at Dave’s great blog … but in the interest of trying not to copy anyone else (it’s hard since a lot of us choose the same sites we love, of course) I have a few additional images of this great OTK spanking. The guy spanking her is very attractive, almost in an arrogant way that he knows… but he dishes out a good spanking and it’s one we can all relate to between partners at home behind closed doors!



So I agree… let’s start a campaign to “Find Zoya… and that beefcake guy” – or you can just watch a few of their films and beefcake guy gets to spank other hot girls too as you can see below (damn!) I added these as a way of a bonus for “Beefcake Guy!” 🙂



Yup! isn’t all about F/F spankings (as good as some of these are) you get gems like these too with yoru membership! & I’d rather be called “Beefcake Guy” than “Cake Boy”, that’s for sure! (lol)

Check out the extensive tour pages of Bad Tushy and see for yourself!


There is a great new episode added to the ongoing Spanking Soap Opera that is starring 2 of Clare’s hottest uber babes (in my opinion) – Veronica Ricci (shown first below) followed in this film by Missy Rhodes (a native of Chicago who no doubt enjoys the winter sun of LA and the many spankings she gets as she is back again at Clare’s sites – yay!)

Alexis tells Veronica she MUST take her in as a roommate, but she already has a new roommate, Missy. Alexis spanks Veronica until she calls Missy to let her know what’s happening!



Veronica calls to say that she can’t be her roommate anymore. Missy gets the call while taking acting lessons from Miss Claw. This gives Claw an idea. Missy is forced to practice her acting while she is over Claw’s knee getting spanked! (For our viewing pleasure… of course!) Check out the great scenes of Missy’s Spanking in episode 103 making this one of the best double spanking clips I’ve seen in a long time at this site!




View all the most recent episode updates including a special 100th starring Missy Rhodes HERE


There is also a new girl just appeared at SpankedSweeties called Odette (nice name) this blonde girl is recently new to the scene in LA (where else?) and being her 1st introduction to Clare’s sites, she reveals more of who she is, what she’s doing and of course enacts out a spanking model roleplay for us all, which you can see now (images below from this enactment)




See more of Odette’s spanking punishment at HERE

Both of Clare’s sites featured above can also be viewed as part of the 3, 4 or 5 site pass (you decide!)



Finally, I didn’t want to ignore this site any longer, especially as it again has new girl Odette featured and a stunning aduly baby roleplay by Clare herself at Naughty Diaper Girls

Odette plays the adult baby role so well, sissified and pampered, sent to her cot, dressed up in her baby clothing and pacified… and if she misbehaves… well, there’s always one way to sort out a tantrum or 2, isn’t there?



Check out the latest films featuring Odette HERE

& as promised a role reversal, diapering and spanking for Clare with a rare chance to see Clare totally in the buff, blackmailed and made to toe the line like a good little girl… or else! (I think Clare *loved* playing this role, I could tell!!!) & to be dominated by Kay that she had earlier diapered and humbled, well… you just *have* to go see, surely?


The tables are turned and now Kay controls the purse strings in the house. Stepmom Clare is forced to strip and has her pussy rubbed clean with a baby wipe before she is spanked and diapered. The younger girl shows no mercy to the older woman with the diaper punishment. 




Please do not forget – the Caption Competition. xx

Weekend Updates – pt1

It’s a beautiful Spring Day here in the UK… (well, the southern bit anyway, as I see our northern compatriots have a rather colder and misty start from the weather reports… ha!) and so I will be out but I wanted to split this into 2 parts, a brief foretaste and then the main update coming later this evening as “Er Indoors” will be allowed to go away for a brief visit (there’s nothing on TV and I’ll be home so I may as well blog then!)

I also want to remind you all that there is actually a FREE to enter caption Contest, it’s genuine and someone WILL win, the response so far has been, well, pretty disappointing! IT’S FREE! Someone WILL win! That is someone will get a shot if there’s enough entries, if there’s that much apathy then I won’t bother offering something back and pull the plug on my generous offer and a chance for anyone here to interact – so please do make an effort, the winner does get a whole free month to

OK, let’s get on with part 1 – and I am bringing you a new film, courtesy of the good people of who have struck gold with new girl Molly Malone… I just love the way her buns jiggle and redden under the stern administrations of Leia-Ann Woods… and what’s more, there is a tawsing which I love seeing… and Leia gives Molly an authentic punishment (hand and tawse held high before the swats). It’s not an easy thing to get right, inaccuracy would be dreadfully painful! (on top of the unique sting and burn that a proper Lochghelly tawse gives!)

Auction House – New buyer Molly, negotiates a deal on a rare painting but does so without seeking the approval of her supervisor (Auction House owner, Miss Woods). Poor Molly has bought a dud, a fake and there is a uyer already lined up… of course, Miss Woods asks Molly in for a chat over a cup of tea (and note the canes and punishment implements in the corner) – You’d think poor Molly would have noticed that there’d be more than tea and biscuits on offer, wouldn’t you?






OK, as I said this was short n sweet, but the actual movie is amazing, I just downloaded it now (it’s out in full for members) and this is my part 1 recommendation, go view it HERE


Back later with a whole load more goodness! Have a good weekend, I intend to! Chief.

& don’t forget the competition, I’m gonna leave this banner at the bottom of each post until I get a few more responses 🙂


I haven’t done one in an age and just checking through some images from our forthcoming film next week (I haven’t decided on the final title just yet) I came across this amusing image of Emma Brown pulling a face as Sara (aka Wynter Sky) is being caned in front of her!

Think up something amusing and witty and I’ll reward the winner with a month’s free membership to for your efforts! Go on… what have you got to lose (except your dignity, self respect… and possible bladder control if you are like me?)

I’ll keep this open and give you gentle reminders until there’s a sizeable amount of people entered to make it fair. Keep it to one entry (don’t go using proxy IP’s as I can tell, lol!) and ensure your email address is correct as I will send the winner their codes to that address.

What are you waiting for? It’s FREE to enter 🙂
Have a good weekend.

Caption Competition

Right, I’m very disappointed in this, hardly anyone’s bothered to enter. This isn’t a joke, someone WILL win a month’s free entry to

However, I’m gonna need a darn sight more entries or I’ll scrap this competition so please enter, what do you have to lose? Perhaps I chose a crap picture, I don’t know, but come on…there’s just 10 or 11 entries and that’s from about 5 people FFS! 1000’s read this blog everyday and that’s all I got…am I doing something wrong? Click on image below which leads to the correct place to leave your caption comments!

I will notify the winner and post up the winning caption on Monday so you’ve got until Monday morning (UK time) – after we probably lose to bloody Germany in the World Cup 😉

Don’t go far, I have a cracking new all girl spanking update and some interesting stuff coming up in an hour or so that you’ll enjoy, I promise!!!

PS. Please leave your comments at the link I provided (click on the image above) – I notice some of you have left comments here, please try to avoid that and add them all to the original. This post is really just a reminder as the original one is buried on the 2nd or 3rd page by now but it links directly to it, thanks.

“Cum” All ye perverts…’tis Ellie Maye

Yes, I have to admit, I had a real thing for seeing Ellie Maye up close and personal, she was a spanko perv’s dream. With her perfect tight body, her attitude that BEGGED to be broken across her gorgeous white bottom that speckled and reddened like no other girl I personally had the pleasure of viewing or spanking…and of course she “hated” being humiliated when her beautiful bald vagina was exposed! So of course to teach her a lesson…it was fully bared!

OK, so have established that Ellie Maye is the sort of spanko’s perfect wet dream and when she burst onto the online spanking scene she was THE most sought after and requested model, however, I know that she was embarrassed by her quick fame and quickly disappeared back into relative obscurity until she again re-appeared a few years later but by then her innocent look had gone and her unique quality in that school uniform a fading memory!

So it is nice to see her in one of her early films as this movie is completely re edited as it had never been shown in this full screen format until now and an OTK spanking by Mrs S at home is what this is all about as Ellie Maye is spanked in her trademark white shirt and dark skirt school uniform. I have to admit that this is one of my favourite school uniforms and it was made for her, don’t you think? OK, she may have had ridiculous shoes on, but that just added to the innocence and the punishment – seeing her legs rise up when she got her spanking…I’m sure she got a good work out with those heavy clogs on…good for toning the thigh and calve muscles…as well as getting a good solid red bottom for her arrogant attitude and cheek when confronted with the fact she’d been skipping school again!

Mrs S – waiting for Ellie maye to explain why she has skipped school – yet again!

OK, so you’ve seen the intro clip above, I have some bonus images below, and if you see them elsewhere soon after, you’ll know other folks have been pinching my images as these are NOT yet available to OTKspank members…although the movie is!!! Remember where you get to see these exclusives 1st…OK? Enjoy!

WARNING: Seeing Ellie Maye in distress and undress WILL cause severe Trouser arousal!

Oh…and of course, this is for Ellie Maye, who I know sometimes reads this blog! Bared spanked and shamed…and here’s your gorgeous little warmed red tushy and minnie on display!!! 😀

You can download this movie at Premium OTK spanking site OTKSPANK for the full movie!!!


and of course for all you people SLACKING on the caption competition (have I done it gaain and chosen a really crap image?) then of course the winner gets free access to OTKspank for a month – perhaps Ellie Maye’s sore red bottom and bald privates might tempt you to enter, eh??

Click on caption image below and it will lead to the page where it’s posted so you can leave your comments. I’ll leave this competition open for about a further 10 days!


Finally, with less than 24 hours to the start of the FIFA Soccer World Cup in Soputh Africa (opening game is the hosts South Africa against Mexico) I’m sure the opening ceremony will be amazing….and of course the very hot Alicia Keys and the love of my life, Shakira, will be there too (seriously, I admit I would not be held responsible if left alone with uber singing babe Shakira in a darkened soundproof basement room, a stool, some rope, some spanking implements and some lube…LOLOL!)

Shakira – object of Chief’s unnatural lusting! 🙂

Anyway, I’m excited, I will be doing a major “Around the spanking Globe” update tommorow before the World Cup starts as I will be glued to the TV and then on Saturday the country stops (well, the bits that aren’t Scottish…heh heh) as I will watch with my fellow countrymen “Mighty” (I’m kidding) ENGLAND versus the upstarts USA!

EXCLUSIVE 1st PREVIEW – Madison Mercedes

OK, my update schedule has been thrown out again thanks to this wonderful new addition of a very bratty bitch of a model that dares to take on the folks at Bun Beating Fun! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Madison Mercedes, a right uppity thing who thinks she is “Special” and above all the crap she perceives at another class motel location in the great state of New Jersey!

This is an EXCLUSIVE 1st show preview, you won’t find this anywhere else at the time of writing, which is why this update got bumped up as I promised to get this out once the movie will be available for lucky members (inckluding myself) to download later today! What I can say is that if you love seeing a real bitchy madam with a real delectable and spankable butt annoy our “Mystery Spanker”, you’ll know she’s doomed and this spanking is long and sustained, as they all are! This exclusive free preview below has images and a longer free preview clip giving you more than enough info on what to expect from this excellent OTK spanking movie!


“I’m special” yadda yadda….”I’m calling my agent” yadda yadda….Yes, yes, Madison, they’ve heard it all before, however, the only thing you’re earning right now is a trip over His knee for a hard nasty and humiliating bare bottom spanking to teach you some manners!


Such is the sustained and stinging spanking, Madison’s only release apart from screaming is her tears as she is slowly but surely put in her place…and of course at the end of this movie she ends up a snivelling shadow of her former sassy self…very satisfying, I’m sure you will agree, there are some remaining images and a special free preview clip below!


You can see this movie coming later today only at BUN BEATING FUN!

I will be back later with another update (so don’t go too far) and also don’t forget to enter my “caption competition”, it’s free and someone WILL win a free month’s membership, check out the competition post (2 below this one!) Regards, Chief.


This has been long overdue, I used to run these every few months and had an angry mail the other day…well, sir, I’m not obliged to run anything, but despite your anger, I have decided to run another competition – as the results can be quite amusing. I hope I have picked a decent image for you folks to get your creative juices flowing…enjoy!
Please don’t try to enter 100s of times, maximum 2 tries I think is fair, but please leave your correct email address as well, so I can inform the winner and give them their prize!

What is the prize? It’s a FREE month’s access to
(this was where the image was taken from)


If you like OTK spankings and want to access some pay per view movies only (they are a lot cheaper than forking out on memberships etc) then check out 3 choice additions to NAUGHTYBOTTOM – of course, if you don’t then just enjoy the free previews that all the new movies now contain, a decent sized movie clip! 😀

or you can check out ALL the recent and classic movies HERE


My next update are the gorgeous Japanese girlies – and it’s a mega post, so don’t go too far…have a great weekend! Time to prepare the BBQ!!!

SpankingOnline Caption Competition

Here’s your chance to win a month’s FREE access to SpankingOnline Just use your skill and judgement to assess what the hell I’m up to doing in disguise spanking poor Wei Lueng.
I found this pic amusing (it’s over 5 years old) so send in your captions in the comments box! Competition will end 2 weeks today on Friday 11th April and I’ll notify the winner soon after on here.

OK, do your worst!  😀

Caption Competition

If you can’t wait that long, check out SpankingOnline HERE – see what you could win!  😉

Happy captioning…

Edit: No more than a maximum of 2 entries per person, multiple accounts will be deleted, I can see your Ip addresses! 🙂