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Bella’s Bathtime Birching

We love making unique and interesting films that really grab the attention of the viewer and this latest offering from AAA Spanking is one of those. Recently in some of our other film shoots the girls have become really interested in birching, the whole process of collecting the birch twigs and preparing them for punishment. having an awesome location not too long ago meant we could combine this in a wonderful bathroom setting and introduce the birching concept for Bella as a daydream while taking a warm, relaxing soak in the giant 10ft bathtub…. wondering what it might feel like.

This film is available for members at AAA Spanking or via the AAA Clip Store (I have linked this to the higher res MP4 format).

Bella’s Bathtime Birching

Starring Bella & Mistress Scarlet

View the FREE Preview & Download the film at our Clip Store HERE

Bella is taking a relaxing bath and notices the two birches that Mistress Scarlet had her make earlier that day. She has never been birched and wonders if they will be used on her later, or maybe even in that very bathtub! With the warm water soothing her aching muscles, she lies back, daydreaming of what might happen. In Bella’s dream state, Mistress tells her she has been very naughty and she is stood up out of the tub, her wet buttocks spanked slowly and deliberately. The birch is dipped into the warm soapy water which makes it sting even more when applied against her cheeks. The telltale birch twig marks and welts appear as Mistress continues to birch and spank her naughty girl. For Bella, in her dream state, she imagines that the birching is romantic… and you can clearly see the close trusting relationship she has with Mistress Scarlet in this unique first-time birching. Fans of Bella and Scarlet will not want to miss this amazing film!

View the free preview (below)

Spanking Cheer Camp Special

What makes Cheerleader Spankings so special? On more than a few occasions this website has hosted some amazing multi-girl spankings in various cheer and sporting uniforms. I hadn’t made the time in the past to cover the latest “Cheer Camp” series (this one featured here was the 4th special – released close to the end of last year). Anyway… “better late than never”, and it would have been such a shame if I ignored this and passed it over as it was another awesome colorful spanking film that makes this website quite unique. Fans of hot girls wearing these authentic uniforms are not only for viewers of our films… but actually the performers themselves. They LOVE wearing these uniforms, and for some, it reminds them of their times back at school when they actually were cheerleaders. This checks so many boxes for us all… having girls reminisce about their times in uniform, the Fridays that they got to wear their cheer outfits in class (the stories are as hot to me as seeing them spanked in these amazing uniforms!). I love this kink… and for both Sarah (a former cheerleader naturally) & me, this is a labor of love filming and bringing you content for this website.

The latest in the Cheer Camp series is a long film, featuring 2 distinct parts, as you’ll discover below. Part One contains the various spankings from both ladies, followed by a leather strapping and wooden paddling in Part 2!
Starring in the roles as tops… Camp Coordinator: Miss Bernadette & Head Coach: Miss Elizabeth. This year’s miscreants (in no order of rudeness, lewdness, or associated appalling behavior are: Cara Day, Cleo Divine, Kiki Cali, Veronica Weston, Rachel Adams, Skylar Rose.

Cheer Camp 4


cheer camp 4 - spankings

You can also download this full length clip at the Cheerleader Spankings C4S Store HERE

To mark our 250th full-length HD movie, we have another special release of the Cheer Camp series, this is Year 4 and it would seem that these girls never learn their lesson. The worst of the worst in cheerleading are sent to this cheer camp and the 6 girls have failed miserably at corrective training and attitude adjustment. Not only is the head coach, Miss Elizabeth, present but the camp’s coordinator, Miss Bernadette, is there to help with the discipline the girls are to receive. In this week’s release… featuring the spankings, the girls are taken (two at a time) over the laps of both women and spanked on their bare bottoms (which quickly redden) before they are swapped and spanked again by the other good lady. This process continues until the final pair of miscreants… In the following episodes of this special movie, they are all scolded and chastised before the next disciplinary installment. The girls learn that they will face a leather strapping from Miss Bernadette followed by a mean wooden paddling from Miss Elizabeth.

cheerleader spankings cheerleader spankings cheerleader spankings

Check out the free preview (below) from this 1st of 2 full-length features

[jwplayer mediaid=”64584″]


cheer camp 4 - strappings and paddling

You can also download this full-length clip at the Cheerleader Spankings C4S Store HERE

This is the 2nd part of the long film which marked our 250th full-length HD movie release. Previously in Cheer Camp 4, the worst behaving girls had been spanked, two by two, by their head coach, Miss Elizabeth, and ably assisted by the camp’s coordinator, Miss Bernadette. In this concluding episode, the girls learn that they will face a hard leather strapping from Miss Bernadette followed by a mean wooden paddling from Miss Elizabeth. So one by one, the girls take turns in bending over, sore bare bottoms exposed, for a strapping as the other girls watch, waiting for their turn. There are yelps and tears as this is carried out before the last part of this punishment takes place. All but one of the girls receives 10 wicked swats of the heavy wooden “Bad Cheerleader” paddle. One lucky girl escapes the paddling, for her improved behavior, this was to set an example to the rest of the miscreants who deserved this paddling… it would be hoped that they would learn from their mistakes, knowing that improved performances and behavior can lead to less severe methods of discipline!

cheerleader strappings cheerleader paddling

Check out the free preview (below) from this 1st of 2 full-length features

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cheerleader spankings

Latest Films at Intimate Spanking

Visit for the best in all female spanking erotica

At you will find some of the hottest, sexiest scenes we have ever filmed. All content is strictly F/F – with no wandering, unwanted male hands and filmed with the eye of an excited young lady viewing this, filming it and ultimately making erotic content that everyone can enjoy! This clip store had been in the making for over 2 years so a lot of content has been amassed over that time and all of this from the female point of view.

Films feature lots of Mood lighting, cool music scores, and sexually explicit scenes. As I said… the cast is all-female, you will never see a male hand/stunt hand/fingers or a dirty old man poking, groping under the guise of spankings as these spankings are “intimate” and we felt that this would be inappropriate. Even I find seeing guys doing this sort of thing in our niche pervy or icky… but, put an all-female cast together, then the ladies LOVE to play with each other… and it honestly shows!

The store has only been open for a few months but has had some amazing films showcased. This is only just the beginning of what will be on offer over the coming year. There will be plenty of NEW performers to this scene as well as many of our favorite girls who you will NOT have seen like this until now! It’s a lot of fun to make and is a great way to introduce girls who are not shy but curious about the more erotic side of spanking that they may not have explored before. So come take a look at some of the latest clips featured below: They are the popular, highest quality MP4 clips but you can choose the preferred format of your choice! if you check out the entire store… clips are offered in MP4 & MOV, WMV, and also a lower resolution mobile/cellphone format (MP4).

The films below are the most recent at the time of writing… you will also be able to download the special poster images shown below in their large format (click to enlarge and keep as you wish… just respect our copyright, naturally). Keep them as a special memento… courtesy of

Painful Pleasure

Painful Pleasure -
Starring: Helen Stephens & Jessica Taylor

Jessica and Helen are in a loving relationship that sometimes needs added spice to keep them both head over heels for each other. They have been experimenting with many kinky forms of domination and impact play and love when they get a chance to spank each other. Today, Jessica is the lucky recipient as Helen teases her, taking time to caress her excited GF. She slowly undresses Jessica (and herself) on the bed until Helen can no longer keep her hands off her! This time Jessica wants to feel some harder hand spanking with the bonus of those loving caresses in between and you will hear her squeal in delight and pain as Helen beautifully reddens Jessica’s bottom a glowing red in this sinfully hot, playful girl/girl spanking film.


Hurts So Good

Hurts so good -
Starring: Veronica Weston & Ashley Lane

There’s nothing sexier to us than watching 2 horny girls play with each other who also are real-life spankos! What a match Veronica and Ashley make as they genuinely enjoyed making this hot film for us! They get to play with each other, explore each other’s bodies, and use some of their favorite implements on each other’s bare bottoms. This is such a hot girl next door style film that lovers of this genre should add to their library of spanking erotica!


Pushing Her Limits

Pushing her limits -
Starring: Zoe Page & Red Little

Mistress Zoe has a fabulous new sub called Red who is eager to please and do as she is told. Zoe has a carefully laid out plan for this nervous first-timer and wants to show her another side of BDSM and that not all spankings are not for bad behavior. Red has been used to this type of punishment and has been promised something different to experience… something to really push her limits. Zoe explores her body and introduces Red to sensation play, caressing her erogenous zones before a hard hand slap across the poor quivering girl’s bottom brings her right back from the subspace she wants to escape to. It isn’t long before the hand spankings wander and start to impact on Red’s excited pussy… she likes that but is embarrassed to tell Mistress! For this to continue Red learns that she must ask Mistress, and she enjoys the riding crop touching her most intimate parts. Mistress knows how to play this delicate young lady who seeks alternative pleasures, she might make an eager slave, maybe even worthy of helping Mistress with her own carnal needs from time to time. It is a fabulous performance from Zoe Page who knows exactly what buttons to press with nervous newcomer, Red Little. This 18-minute film will appeal to all genders eager to imagine how Mistress Zoe might deal with those limits if given the chance!


Brothel Punishments

Brothel Punishments -
Starring: Cara Day, Arielle Lane, Babygirl Fae & Miss Bernadette 

Brothel Punishments is our first long play movie with a delicious storyline starring the wicked threesome of Cara, Fae, and Arielle. They are the most popular girls in a high-class bordello run by strict madame, Miss Bernadette. The girls wait in the parlor for their madame as she has revelations of them taking cash from The House and overcharging clients, keeping the difference for themselves. As punishment, she decides to humiliate them with a series of demeaning and different spankings but making each other spank, paddle, and smack their titties and pussies has them giggling. These naughty sluts are taught by their madame how to demean each other with conviction otherwise they’ll be out on their ears. The girls end up with visibly sore, red pussies and titties as the strappings and leather paddlings from Miss Bernadette must be equaled by the girls. These are some really hot scenes and only end when they all do as they are told… then she will stop their punishments. She has plans to make sure the girls will work off their stolen income later, it’s going to be a very busy night for this naughty threesome! Oh to be their lucky clientele during this long evening of salacious debauchery!


Gets Me So Wet!

Gets me so wet! -
Starring: Anastasia Rose & Cara Day

This smoking hot duo, Anastasia & Cara, get it on together after a long absence apart. They both love impact and sensual spanking play in their lovemaking and can hardly keep their hands off each other. Cara is first to use her hands on Anastasia’s bare bottom and sweet, tender thighs… spanking her intimately as she remembers how beautiful her smooth skin feels against her caresses. This turns on Anastasia who wants to give back the pleasure she knows her girlfriend adores. Anastasia uses a sensual leather paddle and pretty pink riding crop to bring out the rosy red color of her girlfriend’s bottom and inner thighs. Both girls play with these implements on each other’s titties and enjoy the tease of a pussy cropping until Cara admits how wet she has become. She spreads her legs and pussy wide for Anastasia to see for herself who then uses the powerful wand which brings her to a lingering, explosive orgasm, hiding nothing as we watch her body shudder with each delicious pang of pleasure!


Yes, Mistress

Yes Mistress -
Starring: Macy Nikole & Sarah Gregory

Watch Mistress Sarah Gregory initiate a new sub, beautiful model, Macy Nikole. She has been a fan of Sarah’s so when they got together at a Fetish event, Macy crushed on her and asked if she could be Sarah’s new female plaything. Sarah uses the many implements at her disposal to bring all forms of sensation play, inducing the more submissive side of beautiful Macy. Her pussy gives away how excited she is under the expert, teasing hands and implements used by Sarah as she is exposed and fully bared. With her legs spread wide, Macy looks into the eyes of Sarah for her most intimate pussy spanking imaginable… oh my!


For the full library of spanking erotica now showing at this clip store…
Remember the URL –

Visit for the best in all female spanking erotica

Spanked for Twerking at Yoga Class!

Hello, I have a quick update and news of what we are doing across our network during these annoying and worrying times for many of you. I hope, wherever you are, that you are staying safe and helping to adhere to the guidelines that your country has made. Obviously, that depends on what country you are in. I know in the USA it is a little confusing as there is not much real direction from the president on this subject, sadly (I won’t get political as we are above this). However, all I will say is please do try to wear those masks, they really do help… I feel daft even saying this as it is “common sense” but there are those out there who feel otherwise. That is unhelpful and selfish, I just can’t understand that mindset and am horrified that in the USA they are thinking about sending kids back to school when the 1st wave hasn’t even peaked while most of Europe and Canada (for example) have taken super precautions overall to reduce the amount of new daily cases. The sooner we reduce virus transmission rates the sooner we can all enjoy a more normal way of life. 2020 has been difficult, so I say, look up reputable news sources, mainstream media of most European countries and even that of the USA (despite what you are told by some, or believe are far more reliable than some shady internet-only website or those where you watch something sent on Facebook (sigh) with those computer-style voices… no, avoid those… and FACT check, FACT check, FACT check – always.

In other news, due to the increase in new COVID cases in the sunbelt regions of the USA, including Texas, it comes as no surprise that we have now completely canceled any hope of holding the Lone Star Spanking Party in November (I had my doubts from the start but we have to try and be hopeful, right?) The hotel has been so understanding and the party dates for 2020 are void but we aim to have this running in the usual month of May next year, so by then we are all hopeful a viable vaccine will have been made available and the COVID-19 pandemic a thing of the past…
So set your diaries or calendars (depending on where you’re from) for May 13th – 17th 2021. (I am personally much more hopeful about this date!)


Okay, so today, I have a real treat for you all bringing this awesome pairing of Miss Anna (in the maternal role) and beautiful Chrissy Marie as the bratty daughter who upset her mother. As you probably know, we have so much content filmed that Sarah & I could probably open 2 or 3 more clip stores but actually, during the COVID Pandemic, it is hard for most producers to film new content (understandably) unless they are in their own socially responsible group. So it is actually nice (for me) not to always film… but Sarah HATES that. That’s only because I have to lug all the equipment up and down the stairs and so on… I’m getting on in my years (I know, no sympathy from you lot, right?)

aaa spanking

Anyway, this means we have an extensive library of content over many years (I just found a film for AAA filmed in 2011 never released so watch out for that over the coming months). This policy means we are giving you great variety across all our sites which is what we always try to strive for and the relentless new film updates go on unimpeded, you’ll be all glad to know! I know many others are remastering films and I know we will at some point too, re-editing the old films in the best quality possible with effects and scores to soundtracks, etc. (Kami Robertson and Leandra James at AAA immediately spring to mind) but these will only ever be IN ADDITION to the usual update schedules, so members really will see the benefits for remaining loyal. We aim to keep you interested and occupied and have not raised membership prices for at least 3 years despite the sites growing in size considerably in that time! I can’t tell you how much a membership keeps us going. I recently had to upgrade the dedicated servers for a few sites and this is not as cheap as it once was!

So, for example: Here’s something we filmed in Los Angeles (March 2017 if I remember correctly). This film had never been far from my mind as I knew it was good, but when the data was edited recently, I was blown away by just *how* good Miss Anna was at disciplining Chrissy in a maternal role. I miss Anna, she has (sadly) retired from the online scene and I and all who know her wish her well… I do miss her a lot! So enjoy this update today, it is now showing for members and clip store customers.

Links and how to view this film are provided. I have made available some exclusive 1st-show edited images from the film. You won’t find them anywhere else like this, at the time of writing, anywhere! Enjoy.

Spanked for Twerking at Yoga Class

This film can be downloaded at the AAA Clips Store HERE
(or click image below for download page)
spanked for twerking at yoga class
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Chrissy Marie had been begging her mom (Miss Anna) if she could go with her to the Yoga Class at an expensive, top-end fitness studio. Mom takes pity on her and adds her as a “Plus One” but soon regrets the decision when Chrissy saw some attractive guys in the class. She went to the front, twerking and showing off her tight booty in those hot, sexy leggings. It seems she just couldn’t help herself and this nonsense will have some painful consequences! The film starts with the pair of them at home as Chrissy is scolded severely for being an attention-seeking hussy who had embarrassed her mother in front of her friends and the instructor. This time, Chrissy has gone too far so she is pulled over Mom’s lap for a spanking right then and there. Her tight, sheer leggings offer little protection and her mom can not even see any panty lines so pulls down her leggings to reveal just a tiny thong. Chrissy has no shame, but her bottom has already turned red from the spanking over her leggings and this continues with and without that silly thong that she is wearing. By now, her bare bottom reddens even more but mom has not finished with her girl just yet. Chrissy is told to stand up holding the mantle, with her bottom stuck out like she was a twerking hoe as she is given many licks of the leather strap which only marks her poor swollen cheeks even more. By now, Chrissy is one sorry looking young lady as she is told to go to her room and reflect on her earlier shameful behavior!

spanking chrissy marie spanked by mom spanked spanked by mom spanked and strapped by mom


[jwplayer mediaid=”62544″]

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Volleyball Girl Spankings

The latest film to show at Cheerleader Spankings features a subject close to my heart… seeing pretty girls spanked in those tight volleyball uniforms. These are always fun to make when we have a large gathering of ladies together and are able to make a special one-time film. We’ve had multiple girl spanking films at this site before, some featuring opposing volleyball girl teams too… this one is a little different. In this film… the coach punishes the top members of her squad who went out, partied ’til the wee hours, and are woefully ill-prepared or unable to practice the following day with little sleep. Looking at the state of them, Coach Zoe has to cancel the special games later with local schools for that day… it is embarrassing and this goodwill tour has started off badly.

So this is where the film starts, it’s a good 30 minutes long and features some incredible girls we love working with as well as the mean, scolding British accent of Zoe Page who uses her full evil wit and sarcasm to get inside the heads of her messed-up team! Like, WTAF were they thinking???
Enjoy… I have procured many images from the site, made some GIFs, and got you a special free spanking preview at the end. The full film is now available to download at the site HERE – or you can purchase the full film direct at the Cheerleaders Clips Store HERE

Look at the state of them… the 4 miscreants from L. to R.
@Twitter Bios: Dacey HarlotTen AmoretteCara DayAnna McConnell

This is the tale of 4 naughty volleyball girls who thought it would be a good idea to go out and party all night after just hours of arriving at their exclusive hideaway retreat. Of course, the whole reason they were there was that their team was invited to participate in a few goodwill matches to set an example. Well, they set an example alright… their coach, Zoe Page, is appalled to find them disheveled and looking worse for wear when she calls them in for their morning meeting! It was obvious the girls had hardly slept and had been partaking of one too many adult beverages whilst out partying! Zoe is particularly unimpressed with Dacey, the team captain… for those that wear the red shorts should show responsibility and it was clear this tired captain had none remaining! Coach shouts at the girls loudly and punishes them in her own unique and humiliating way.

otk spanking hand spanking volleyball girls

First, Cara takes her place over Zoe’s lap as she spanks her hard on her tight shorts and bare bottom in front of the girls. Ten and Anna incur Zoe’s wrath for talking in line and have to watch whilst in an uncomfortable position on the floor, losing their privilege to stand up. Ten is next for the same spanking treatment, then Anna and finally the team captain, Dacey. She takes the longest hand spanking of the girls and her bottom is looking swollen, sore, and as red as her shorts.

otk spanking spanking

The girls think it is then all over but coach Zoe has one final demeaning punishment in mind as she asks the girls to pair up as “Paddle Buddies”. Cara and Ten are first, bent over side by side as the other girls look on horrified seeing the heavy leather paddle being used swiftly and mercilessly! Dacey and Anna, receive their paddling afterward and by now it is obvious the girls are learning a valuable, painful lesson. Zoe tells them that the team matches will be canceled so these foolish girls can recover and new plans can be made.

volleyball girl paddling spanking and paddling

In the meantime, the girls are left to stand facing the wall for an hour, bottoms on full display, whilst their coach remedies this embarrassing situation and explains why the games will have to be rescheduled.

aftermath spanking

Watch the free spanking preview of the 4 Punished Volleyball Girls (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”62425″]

View this & 100’s more specialist cheer & volleyball girl spankings as part of one low membership fee – you will be able to download all the films, images and additional content as part of your membership to Cheerleader Spankings – and don’t forget, this site is updated regularly with new films every week.

cheerleader spankings

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Spanked and Fucked

This is the title of the latest full-length 28 mins film being released at Intimate Spanking today and here is a very special review of it with exclusive 1st show images you won’t find anywhere else at the time of writing.

When Sarah & I came up with the concept of making our own erotic and intimate spanking videos, we always wanted to film something a little special, something that appeals to either sex, even if we were to depict sex and spanking. Since this is solely an F/F spanking concept (no old or ugly guys like myself) or random male hands interfering with the women… this is a girl on girl clip store with the emphasis on sexy/sexual/erotic and intimate spanking play and punishments. So who better than to have 2 hot redheads (who know and work with each other) be the first to make a strap on spanking and fucking film for us?

So please welcome Amber Dawn and Luna Lain. We filmed this in the Sonoma region in the SF Bay area a couple of years ago at a wonderful location… so we just had to film this super hot erotic spanking movie! Check out the images and the free clip (c/o spanking tube) and remember the only place to see this film in full is at the Intimate Spanking clip store. You won’t find these films on Russian owned piracy sites or freeloader boards…  be the first to enjoy this amazingly hot, sexy as hell, spanking and fucking film for those who really adore this type of genre.

spanked n fucked

Spanked & Fucked
Starring: Luna Lain & Amber Dawn

Luna Lain and Amber Dawn are 2 smoking hot redhead girlfriends who want to inject some kinky play into their sex life and decide on spanking which excites them both. Amber and Luna take turns fondling and caressing each other’s round bottoms, slapping them, and using a sexy riding crop that they had recently purchased. Things get steamier quickly as Amber uses a vibrator on Luna, spanking her cheeks from behind, spreading her legs to make sure the vibrator edges her close to orgasm. Amber also gets fucked with a vibrator as she is spanked next, and asks Luna to spank her harder. This film moves up a gear as Amber brings her girlfriend to a shuddering climax with her varied spanking rhythms and the strong vibrator. Once Luna’s contractions subside, Amber knows that her young GF likes to take charge with her strap-on… wanting to fuck her with that big fat cock. Amber is so wet that Luna’s strap-on easily slides into her welcoming pussy and Amber moans as she begs to be spanked harder and harder while she rides on that thick cock to a loud orgasm! It seems these 2 ladies have discovered the passion of sex and spanking… this intimate spanking film is every bit as hot and smoldering as these 2 redheads!

intimate spanking


[jwplayer mediaid=”62337″]

This clip is lower quality – Full Downloads in MP4 & MOV formats are HD1080

For the full archive of intimate spanking content – CLICK HERE

spanked and fucked

AJR’s Discipline Strapping & Caning

I have a very special feature for you today. It is the latest video to be shown at AAA Spanking & the clip store HERE

I have put together a whole heap of images and GIFs for you to check over, something to keep you busy during Lockdown or following the social distancing measures (depending on wherever you are). It goes without saying that I wish you all well and hope that you are staying safe…


This is a special feature with one of our very good friends, Amelia Jane Rutherford, who agreed to film this for us. It’s a mean leather strapping followed by a hard caning. There is no dialogue build-up or introduction, Amelia is laid out horizontally on a St. Andrews X bench, naked and spread. She nervously listens to several warm-up swishes of the cane that she cannot see. This anticipation of the punishment is making her feel even more anxious, she has been told to expect 25 hard heavy swats of the leather Reformatory Strap, followed by 25 strokes of a thick rattan punishment cane. This is a cinematic experience as you watch Amelia take her punishment, with suspenseful background music, filter effects, and awesome camera angles making this compulsive viewing. The punishment is measured and deliberate, designed to elicit the maximum response from Amelia. This is a “must keep” addition for your growing collection of spanking erotica.


Intimate Spanking review

A new clip store has recently opened and it features some of the hottest, sexiest scenes we have ever filmed. Seriously, it has been in the making for over 2 years so we have amassed a lot of content and much of this is from a female point of view. Mood lighting, cool music scores, and sexually explicit scenes. The cast is all female, you will never see male hand/stunt hand/fingers or whatever (LOL) which I know some people in our niche would find too pervy or icky… but, put an all-female cast together and the girls LOVE to play with each other… and it shows! The store has only been open for around a week or so but is already a Top 5 regular in the “spanking” section. Trust me when I say that this store is only just the beginning of what will be on offer. there will be plenty of NEW performers to this scene as well as many of our favorite girls who you will NOT have seen like this before! It’s a lot of fun to make and is a great way to introduce girls who are not shy but curious about the erotic side of spanking that they may not have explored before. So come take a look at some of the clips already showing, I have featured 5 films and they are the popular highest quality MP4 clips here but you can choose the preferred format of your choice!

This film features Casey Calvert, Ashley Lane & Britney Light – 3 well-known adult stars in the Biz who we love working with. Casey really takes charge as you will see!

Slumber Party Games

Casey invites 2 of her sexy friends over for a slumber party with a difference. The girls are already in their cute bra and panties as Casey eyes them both… asking if they want to play a game. They’re up for some fun so Casey directs them to remove their clothing as she positions the girls on the bed for a series of hot, sexy spankings. Ashley and Britney take turns watching the other get spanked over Casey’s lap and being touched intimately, as Casey excites them both with her teasing fingers. Watch 3 of the internet’s hottest porn stars in this naughty, sexual spanking fantasy.


Starring Miss Lovecraft & Veronica Weston – it’s already proving to be very popular and at the time of writing is the No.1 spanking clip on C4S.

Promiscuous Girls Get Punished

When Veronica gets too flirty at the club that she and her girlfriend, Miss Lovecraft, frequent… Veronica doesn’t realize that her behavior is noticed. It’s used against her when they get home and Lovecraft intends to teach her slutty sub the only way she learns, with a full leg spread spanking on the countertop! In between the painful smacks and leather paddle, Lovecraft teases her promiscuous girl with promises of pleasure. However, she’ll have to endure pain first before she thinks her beautiful sub deserves any pleasuring! Lovecraft and Veronica make a very hot sexy twosome as you’ll see in this full-length movie.


Features Cara Day & Zoe Page – Don’t they make a hot duo? These 2 awesome ladies will be starring in many more movies together & alongside other gorgeous beauties soon!

Our Little Secret

Zoe and Cara are on location at a big film shoot and take time between sets to get to know each other a whole lot better. They are both already in just bra and panties and Zoe admits to Cara that she has a secret crush on her. Cara’s eyes light up and she is so pleased because she feels the same way. The girls quickly act on their desires, both knowing the other is kinky means they play with each as they do on film but Zoe teases Cara so much with her fingers that she begs Zoe to spank and play with her wet pussy! Anticipation, tease, and denial are Zoe’s trademarks as she takes Cara to the edge with an incredible pussy and bare bottom spanking you have to see for yourselves!


New to the spanking genre, this is their 1st film in this niche performing something VERY erotic… welcome Nora Nova & Alison Rey.

Consequences She Likes

The Boss (Nora Nova) invites Alison Rey to her place. She is an underperforming employee who she feels she has to let go of. However, she does have other designs on this attractive young girl and if she feels the same then maybe something can be worked out to motivate her. Alison agrees (all rather too quickly) to a spanking and she likes it so much that both girls get quickly turned on. It isn’t long before they are both undressed, touching each other, and the spankings turn more intimate and sexual. Alison is so hot for Nora that she begs her to spank between her wide open legs. This is the start of a beautiful working relationship.


We are grateful that Christina Carter helped make some of these films with us and in this taboo mother/daughter spanking film, she doesn’t disappoint with Anastasia Rose being the very naughty compliant daughter! Oh my!

That feels good Mommy

Anastasia admits to her new mom (Christina Carter) that she has a crush on her. Dressed in a bikini, Anastasia is told how kinky that is and her mommy grabs her over her lap and starts to spank her, telling her to say “sorry mommy”. This isn’t a punishment as such but the spankings are hard. The stepmother uses her new daughter to satisfy her own lust as she takes control of this naughty teenager. You’ll find this film in the TABOO section as Christina fingers her girl’s very wet pussy, spreading her ass wide and continues to spank Anastasia. “What would dad say if he saw us?” Mommy’s found a new dirty girl to play with! Appeals to forbidden lust and mommy/daughter fantasists!


If you haven’t already, type in and you’ll see all the very latest movies that are showing. This store will be updated every day so new films and new formats will be made available daily! The promotional clip below is courtesy of Spanking Tube and encompasses what the new clip store is about! Enjoy!

Exclusive Education 14 – Volleyball Spanking

It’s that time of the year when there is a new Exclusive Education series release. I had waited until now as there are plenty of clips now for you to download (the film was released at the start of the year). So with plenty of scenes released (this is an hour-long multi girl full-length feature), I checked out The Cameraman’s blog to see what he said. I have reproduced it here (below) in case you have not checked out his blog HERE just yet!

First, it is fun to watch how all of the personalities mesh on set. Since models are basically improvising what they say based on a premise.  Their characters develop during this long (nearly an hour) scene. The girls are supposed to spank the tall beauty Alice Goods when coach Snow Mercy leaves the room because they believe that her mistakes cost them their recent match. Even though she is the smallest one in the cast, Elori Stix called on her inner domme and was the one who put Alice over her knee to get spanked by her and the others.

Ashley Lane was a little late to the shoot due to unforeseen circumstances, so Snow worked that into the scene. She returns with Ashley to discover the Alice spanking going on and decides each girl must get spanked by her and by Alice.  And Ashley will get in more trouble for being late. It is a very real spanking that Snow gives Ashley.

Joy Luck was a switch at the time of the shoot (she is top only now) and she decided to be very bratty during the scene. She paid extra for that as she got some extra attention from coach Snow, including some hard whacks with a wooden ruler.

Cupcake is legendary for taking a hard spanking. Here, she gets the heavy wooden paddle, which she requested. Also of note, there was one pair of super short-shorts, which was the pair Apricot Pitts selected for her wardrobe.



EE14: Volleyball Team Spanking

Exclusive Education Year 14 is here. It stars Snow Mercy as the volleyball coach who must deal with her team fighting and all ganging up to spank tall beauty Alice Goods, who they blame for losing their recent match. Snow spanks each girl over her knee while the others watch. She then allows Alice to spank each of her naughty teammates over her knee with a hairbrush. Finally, Snow paddles Elori and Cupcake, the instigators. Lots of excellent spankings all in one massive scene.


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Spanko Air: New at AAA Spanking

There is a new spanking series just released at AAA Spanking featuring a particular uniform fetish of mine… and I hope yours too… seeing a well heeled flight attendant or two in a smart believable uniform (not the silly Halloween costumes that you see) with attention to detail – E.g.) wearing pantyhose, and looking every part a member of an airline cabin crew. I hope that as the series progresses over time we include other aspects of an airline/airport operation, from pilots to ground crew and so on. To kick start this off, as soon as I knew I was filming with these two beauties recently, I knew they would be PERFECT! Welcome back Zoe Page and say “hello” to new girl Lucy Lauren! They filmed some more scenes but this opening one is very memorable… as you’ll see! So all aboard the most kink friendly airline in the world… SPANKO AIR! Will there be mile high spanking scenes? Who knows? Filming would be cramped inside those restrooms… riiiight? 🙂

I have featured some nice video screen grabs, some animated GIFs and a link to the full length 90 seconds preview! Enjoy… this film really is a wonderful visual spanking treat! How could it nbot be with these 2 young ladies?

SPANKO AIR: The Disciplinary Meeting

This film can be viewed as part of the AAA Membership site option starting from as little as the equivalent of $12.50/month with the Loyalty Annual membership – or from around $25 for a basic monthly subscription… giving you access to well over 460 full length films, their extensive video image galleries and high quality stills images – all zipped for easy download and there are MP4 streaming options as well as the HD1080 versions to download and keep.

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We have something special for you as we introduce a new spanking series called ” Spanko Air”. This is a kink friendly airline, employing staff that understand particular fetishes that they and their fellow passengers are comfortable with in public. It has proved very popular with customers so demand for quality trained staff is important.. This is where we start as ceratin standards have been slipping with one individual who has been turning up late for training, work evaluations, performing poorly on the job and so on… but this is precisely what Lucy Lauren does (making her amazing debut appearance at Triple A). She has been taking advantage of her friend, roommate and fellow employee, Zoe Page. Zoe is her superior at work and has been told to deal with Lucy appropriately when they return from their latest flight for the day. Lucy’s Disciplinary Meeting means that Zoe has been asked to punish Lucy, or she will be in trouble too.

It’s a little embarrassing for them both but Zoe is professional and takes matters into her own hands after the initial scolding. Then Lucy is placed over the desk for the start of her spanking punishment. As well as poor attitude, laziness and rudeness to passengers, it appears Lucy is also wearing a thong which is forbidden and this is removed as her bottom is reddened quickly with a hard hand spanking. Management has insisted they be able to hear and then inspect Lucy’s bottom afterward, so Zoe ensures Lucy’s bottom is thoroughly tanned with an additional leather paddle that she uses without mercy. Poor Lucy, her bottom is so sore at the end, it is just as red as the neckerchief she is using to dab the tears from her eyes. Zoe is pleased with her work, leaving a very sorry Lucy rubbing her swollen reddened cheeks as she waits for the inspection by senior management. Welcome to the new series of Spanko Air, a colorful, authentic uniform spanking feature that we are sure you will enjoy.

spanking hand spanking paddling and spanking


aaa spanking

[jwplayer mediaid=”59791″]


Bratty Stepdaughter gets a Spanking

I thought this latest update from AAA Spanking deserved its own post here, since it an awesome movie. It stars Lily Swan and Miss Bernadette. I think Lily goes by the name Swan with Sass on Fetlife (I don’t spend much time on there lately), and is a good friend of Sarah and I. Every film I’ve made with her has been outstanding, no matter what site we filmed for… she has also helped us make 2 amazing custom films, again on the harder side as she can take a fair bit of pain. This film we made with Bernadette upped the levels on taking pain again, this time a back of the thighs sustained leather paddling. I must point out that the paddle is stiff, thick… and really stings rather than thud. Like a nasty hairbrush, in fact. So the scenes of Lily taking her paddling are quite amazing to watch… I loved the red marks starting to almost appear immediately… since that area of her anatomy is rarely spanked, slapped or beaten! The other thing worth noting is just how sassy she was, what a brat! For Miss Bernadette to appear calm and in control despite all this happening, then to give her that amazing OTK spanking and paddling… well, it’s what really makes this film stand out for me! Go check out the screen grabs below, some special GIFs that I made and there’s a provided link to the home page for a free shortened preview trailer at the end as well.

Bratty stepdaughter Punished

Starring Lily Swan & Miss

Welcome to another in the “Stepmother knows best” series with an awesome pairing of super bratty Lily Swan giving as good as she gets from her step mom, played by Miss Bernadette. We love this type of dynamic: A new stepmother exporing her relationship with a hostile daughter, the mixed and confusing emotions, the confrontation, negotiation and in many cases the punishments that ensue. So it is with Lily, who resents her new step mom, making it difficult for them to be under the same roof together. Bernadette has tried to be nice but it is seen as a sign of weakness by Lily. She had suspected that Lily was behaving like a slut, much to her father’s distress… and confirms this when she discovers Lily is about to go out not wearing any panties underneath her short skirt. Shey is, feisty, obnoxious and rude when confronted. This step daughter fights all the way as her new mother finally gains the upper hand – using that hard hand! However, Lily isn’t just getting a hand spanking across her bare bottom, which is now looking red and quite sore, oh no… this brat is about to discover one of her step mother’s family heirlooms – The Family Paddle! It is a hard, thick leather paddle, passed down from generation to generation in Bernadette’s family. Now Lily is about to discover just how effective this implement is. Lily’s thighs and bare bottom are whacked hard and without mercy and the red bruising easily shows up on her legs. Thus endeth the lesson for Lily: Do not to wear such provocative clothing, be better behaved, and definitely go find some panties!

  brat spanking    spanking and paddling thigh spanking hard hand spanking fitness girl spanking bare bottom spanking aftermath


This latest film is also available to download in full HD at the AAA Clip Store
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Full AAA Store clips archive HERE

Elori spanked and caned by Daddy

There’s a brand new film just released at
AAA Spanking with a debut appearance (finally!) of Elori Stix. We had filmed this about 4 or 5 months before this actual release date of August 1st… and there is another follow up cold caning film (including her poor thighs which I know you’ll REALLY enjoy when it is released in only 7 or 8 weeks time).

This is a classic Daddy/Daughter domestic discipline film and Elori, at approximately 4 feet 11 (?) inches tall really looks the part when she is playing a bratty daughter! Anyway, I just wanted to give her a BIG shout out… you can follow her Twitter Account HERE and see what she is up to. Elori is a wonderful actress and genuinely gets that feeling of taking a hard caning/punishment (music to my ears).

Remember that she is on our Customs Page HERE and she is a perfect customs actress, easy to work with, learns her lines, takes the punishment as agreed and is generally a fun bubbly young lady to be with no visible tattoos making her that perfect, but naughty girl next door (great for older period style films like the 1950s, for example). So… you customs folk out there, don’t forget, she is also one of the Strictmoor Girls too! YEAR 3 will be coming out later this year!

& so to Elori’s very latest showing out now at AAA Spanking

Elori spanked & caned by Daddy

Sticks for Miss Elori Stix

Elori Stix makes her debut for us in a special daddy/daughter spanking and caning film. There will be a prequel to this film where those who prefer to see F/F only style punishments will be able to watch her getting spanked with the hairbrush at Momma Spankings sometime soon. But today, you’ll see daddy deal with the aftermath of what happens to naughty girls who defy their parents. If Elori is spanked by mother, she gets spanked by father too… that’s how it works in this house. However, this has become a habit with their daughter so this time she will get a caning for the very first time as well as a bare bottom spanking over her father’s lap. Elori is very nervous. She is scolded about wasting her parents money on music lessons with so many various instruments (to better herself in life) and never achieving much. Well, now this stops! Elori’s cheeks soon turn a shameful burining red after her daddy smacks them hard revealing her earlier punishment. He doesn’t hold back for her first caning; it is mean, calculating and designed to cause maximum impact. She receives 18 severe strokes of his dense, thuddy Dragon Cane with the last stroke being the nastiest to remind Elori that her continuing poor attitude will not be tolerated in the future!

daddy spanking his naughty daughter spanking otk elori stix spanked otk caning of elori stix    hard caning strokes caned aftermath

Click here for the free spanking & caning preview


Also just released is this film in full HD at the AAA Clips Store – if you only ever want to download the odd clip, then this store is the perfect place to do so! CLICK HERE or the image below for the download page which also includes the same FREE preview!