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Special Interview with Porno Police!

Hello everyone, this is a 1st for me, a special interview with a new enforcement agency that is primarily protecting Spanking Sites, many like myself are sick to our back teeth of the blatent and damaging piracy that is starting to get out of control. It’s no longer the little guy just sharing some files or content anymore, it’s now about certain individuals and organized crime making huge profit from the hard working producers who are seriously thinking about quitting as they can not afford to go on. So as many producers finally start to fight back, I thought I’d interview the founder of Porno Police, Jim Weiss, who is helping to fight the fight and let you all know a little more about what his company does and why it is so needed in the industry!

Chief: “Hi Jim, thank you for taking time out to answer some questions, I know this is a serious topic we’re dealing with here, I’m going to make a statement then ask questions if I may.”

Spanking producers have noticed the alarming increase in file sharing over the last few years making the niche even more difficult to exist in. I am well aware that times for almost all producers/promoters are very lean, which ultimately means less content being produced so these pirates are killing the niche that they are feeding off.

Chief: “Following that statement… What is your option of file sharing sites and those individuals that use these companies for selfish financial gain?”

Jim: “Your question is twofold, first I would like to talk about the file servers part in this, I am very down on file server sites, first off the file servers all state that the do not allow any porn and or adult files on their servers, I find that amusing as the majority of their files are just that. Without the adult community these file serving companies would be out of business. Now onto the file sharing sites, I find these sites absolutely disgusting, that they feel it is OK to take someone else’s hard work, time & money away from them just so they can give it away for free!
Then on top of that the file sharing sites profit from the stolen content by means of getting kickbacks from the file server sites.”

Chief: “I have seen a few anti piracy sites and those aiming to help producers with copyright infringement and wholesale on line theft, how did you decide to start up this site?”

Jim: “I was doing an adult search for my Father-in-law, when I noticed that everything you could buy was also available for free. I then had an epiphany –  I searched the web to see if anyone was doing anything about it, only a handful of legal firms that charged way too much and don’t guarantee their work & one site that came and went in the UK several years ago. I then decided that someone needed to take a stand, so I spent a good year setting up contacts with the file servers, hosting companies and ISP’s, INTERPOL & other interbational agencies around the globe. Then about 2 months ago I launched – I now enforce 58 sites, and more are joining daily.”

Chief: “Could you let us know what the DMCA & EUCD is and why it is there?”

Jim: “OK, here goes…” *deep breath* ” The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United States copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It criminalizes production and dissemination of technology, devices, or services intended to circumvent measures (commonly known as digital rights management or DRM) that control access to copyrighted works. It also criminalizes the act of circumventing an access control, whether or not there is actual infringement of copyright itself. In addition, the DMCA heightens the penalties for copyright infringement on the Internet. Passed on October 12, 1998 by a unanimous vote in the United States Senate and signed into law by President Bill Clinton on October 28, 1998, the DMCA amended Title 17 of the United States
Code to extend the reach of copyright, while limiting the liability of the providers of on-line services for copyright infringement by their users.

On May 22, 2001, the European Union passed the Copyright Directive or (EUCD), which addresses some of the same issues as the DMCA. The DMCA’s principal innovation in the field of copyright, the exemption from direct and indirect liability of Internet service providers and other intermediaries (Title II of the DMCA), was separately addressed, and largely followed, in Europe by means of the separate Electronic Commerce Directive. (Unlike U.S. federal laws and regulations, the execution of European Union directives usually requires
separate legislation by or within each of the Union’s member states.)

Chief: “Have you had an interest in or worked with anyone in spanking before?”

Jim: “Lets just say I enjoy the scene from the Top down.” *wink*

Chief: “OK, so we have established that you have a keen interest in our kink, as I had noticed that the sites so far being protected are all spanking related, is there another reason for this?”

Jim: “Just the luck of the draw, my goal is to enforce the entire adult community, fetish, straight, gay, gonzo, etc…”

Chief: “Sounds fair… I asked as I see that Dallas & Tony from Shadow Lane were early bird sign ups, did they contact you or did you contact them?”

Jim: “I contacted Dallas, of Dallas Spanks Hard, then Dallas starting telling others about the site and what we do, and all those he contacted were in the spanking genre, Shadow Lane signed with us as a result of Dallas, Tony from Shadow Lane then told others, who told others and so on like Mike from who told you about us, and I hope that you will also tell others about us and what we do.”

Chief: “Yup I already have and I hope this interview will help those other producers to check you out or call other producers too!”

Chief: “Could you also inform our readers why file sharing will kill this business if something isn’t done?”

Jim: “File Sharing is like the plague, if you don’t stop it, then everything will be given away for free, and nobody will be left in business, if you can get it for free, why should you buy it? It’s human nature!”

Chief: “Indeed! Seems certain pirates forget the high costs we pay to hire models, locations, time spent editing, the “no shows” and cancellations which means we lose more money from pre booked and paid locations…the time promoting and so on. Which leads me to my next question. Some pirates feel that producers in spanking are all lucky guys all driving Porsches and lighting up huge  Havana cigars with $100 bills. Of course this is ridiculous and in fact I know for a fact some of these sharers are making far more than the producers they are ripping off. Have you got long term plan for the various forums and sharers that are ripping us all off?”

Jim: “SHUT THEM DOWN!!! & destroy their credibility.”

Chief: *laughs* “I know that many producers are awaiting the demise of companies like Hotfile who face a huge lawsuit – do you think this will help our case against file sharing & the individuals who persistently and blatantly flout international copyright law?”

Jim: “The legal issues need to be met, to send a message, do I think it will help?  No… & the reasoning for this is simple: When a big site gets a lawsuit, hundreds of new sites will pop up to take their place as they know that with all resources going into the big sites, their reasoning will be there won’t be anyone to stop them from making a few Bucks, they are also wrong in that thought as will always be on their heels from now on!”

Chief: “Sickening, isn’t it? So just how many file sharing sites are out there?”

Jim: “Did you know that there are over 200,000 file sharing companies online right now? There’s new ones appearing daily!”

Chief: “Good grief! That’s ridiculous! I had no idea! Which brings me to ask your opinion of what you think  might happen with illegal file sharing on the internet over the next few years either way?”

Jim: “If all goes well we will be out of business as we will have then sent out a very strong message that Piracy does not work!

Chief: “Well, not wishing ill on you Jim, I hope your crusade does exactly that sooner rather than later! What I found fascinating is your work with INTERPOL. Without giving anything away too much (of course), which might harm your cases in Russia/China/Ukraine or wherever it is, can you let us know how that will help producers in the long term? Have the ISPs and authorities in these countries now started to act more responsibly?”

Jim: “Yes they have, when you interject INTERPOL which is the world police… Russia, India who we are also working with a strong message is sent to their ISP’s that if they don’t work with us at that they can and WILL be shutdown, & now possibly go to jail for fraud! It is a wakeup call to them!”

Chief: “How many sites/blogs and forums have you shut down over the last month?”

Jim: “We are pleased to say with the help of INTERPOL, and the hosting providers we took the #2 fetish torrent offline,, we had also shut down well over 60 blogs and 7 forums this month, as we are working closely with the companies that now also make the forum software!”

Chief: Yeah, I recognize that name *sigh*… I actually hope they read this as it’s good to hear these guys will find life far more difficult and it WILL get more difficult for them! Apart from the above person who we in the industry know, have you identified any serious file sharing individuals that we producers also talk about on a regular basis?” (Forums and usernames etc with held for obvious reasons!)

Jim: “Yes we have, we currently track hundreds of them and their time is coming!” *see above info on INTERPOL

Chief: “As a producer myself, we realize that going through all the many links and torrent sites/forums is a slow process to start with and issuing the DMCA’s etc, could you tell us your biggest success so far, if that’s possible?”

Jim: “We know when the Pirates post, where they post and then we send out our clients DMCA/EUCD Letters.

Chief: “Are you planning on protecting other niche copyright contents?

Jim: “Yes, our companies full name is DMCA Enforcers, LLC – we are currently forging relationships with the Indie Film Industries, as well as Software, Gaming & Media.”

Chief: “When you’re not busting pirate ass, what do you like to do in your spare time?”

Jim: “I enjoy spending time with my family, going to the movies and car shows with my son.”

Chief: “Jim, how does the pirate get the information to place on the torrents?”

Jim: “That is a great question, let me answer that for you. First off, you have got what are called Leechers, they are the ones that buy the trial memberships or the one month memberships, they join and use free open source software that lets them rip your entire website of everything in about 20 minutes. Then they cancel the membership and usually do a charge back to boot. Next the Leecher, sells your content to a Seeder who then places it all over the torrents so others can view it for free, now there is a catch to all of this, many of the torrent sites give a cash kickback to the seeders and so do the file sharing companies. That is why Piracy is out of control as the average seeder can make over $100,000 yearly for very little work.

Chief: “Wow! & on that bombshell, I have to say this has been an informative interview on what goes on in the murky world of piracy and counter piracy. Thank you for taking time out to let my readership know a little more about this often overlooked menace that is starting to seriously impact on many producers!

Jim: “No, Chief, thank you for the interview, I enjoyed it immensely.”

For more info, check their site or contact Jim Weiss, Founder of – email HERE



Porno Police have allowed me to also give you guys a reduction on their normal costs! I know this post has quite rightly generated a lot of opinion and is linked elsewhere, so Jim has kindly agreed to a special deal. The deal is this: The normal full year’s Elite coverage cost is $999 but if you mention that you saw this blog post or quote AAA in your email enquiry then you’ll get a hefty reduction of  $400 making this an unbeatable year round protection and peace of mind for just $599! I’ve done it – and so have many others, let the guys at Porno Police bust the pirates whilst you get on with producing your content! See site details above for what they can do for you!

The Ultimate interview with Amber!

Wow! Credit where credit is due, I’d heard of this site but never paid much attention to them as I’m usually too busy in my little fetish world sorting out my own blogs, reading the news updates and whatever from my list (I really do read them all in my sidebar!)

However, this video interview with Amber Dawn of SpankAmber fame is around an hour and 20 minutes long but it’s really interesting. I honestly did spend most of my time watching it, lol! If you have some free time and want to know more about one of the hottest spanking models out there and what it’s really like to run websites, be involved in the industry, what she did before etc etc… then this really is the one to watch! Hey… I even get a mention (around 44 minutes in, I’m honored!)

Amber, if you pop by! You’re gorgeous! 😉

ELM Avenue: Interview with Amber Dawn from Benic Way on Vimeo


Amber can be seen at the following sites (as if you needed reminding on here!)

NEW! The Sally Carter Interviews

Once in a while it’s a pleasure to take in someone very new to the online spanking scene, and a girl who is so innocent looking Like this fresh faced filly just has to be interviewed and it’s good to see her feedback. So I introduce a very submissive lady by the name of Sally Carter (she has been seen in other movies, but this one was her very first!) This is basically a spank-casting and Sally is asked about her corporal punishment experience, and of course is asked to remove her undergarments for the camera crew, all gawping at her, lights blaring – as her bare bottom is filmed for the first time- she is understandably nervous – imagine there are hardened spankos in the room behind the scenes and she is removing her underwear as requested, now she has been spanked before – but by a mad man intent on thrashing her tight buttocks a dark shade of purple after 10 minutes! Imagine what must be going through her mind!!!!

Check out these very first preview stills from the interview movie out now at SPANKINGDIGITAL

Having bared her tight globes and removed all her underwear (note no marks on her fresh arse!) she is asked to go over his knee as he explains what will happen next as the spanking begins…

2 camera angles and some nice close up shots start to reveal that Sally has indeed hardly been spanked as her bottom marks up quite quickly. She is naturally worried that she can feel her bottom burning and stinging during this early session and is reassured that her cheeks have not turned purple!!! These interviews are a great way of showcasing a submissive girl and her cute English accent (as she questions everything  over his knee) is adorable! You’ll see her foolishly think it’s all over as she awkwardly stands there, skirt pulled up, privates displayed as instructed and bottom very red…fortunately, this young madam can take more of a spanking than was dreamed, so enjoy this very first film of a very innocent looking Sally introduced to the world of spanking!

Now I have also included a fantastic short clip showing you the interaction, concerns, the spanking, her accent and that tight red bottom, I think you’ll get the idea – and it shows off this movie perfectly!


Sarah Silverman’s “spanking bruise”

I know I know….this is probably old news to my American friends, especially those who still watch Letterman (can’t believe his shows are STILL going strong)…anyway, a few weeks back, one of my favourite comediennes goes on the show and admits her new man is a spanko…

“You know what’s great about parents,” Sarah told David Letterman Wednesday night, “is that when you get famous you can do anything you want and they can’t do anything about it.”
On a recent trip home, Sarah said that she and her mom were hanging out in the bathroom while she waited for the shower to heat up. As she went to get into the shower, her mom said in horror, “Sarah, what is that?!”
“I looked in the mirror behind me and noticed that on my tushie is a bruise the exact same shape of a hand,” she said. “And I was able to just say, I’m sleeping with a man that spanks me.”


Wow, I always knew why I had a thing for her, I even remember her stealing the episodes with her humour she starred in the early 1990’s Star Trek Voyager episodes when she called Tom Paris cute in a “howdy-dudey” sort of way! Sarah!!! Please come over to England and tell us more about your spanko shennanigans on the Jonathan Ross show, I’m sure he’d appreciate talking about it!

Clare Fonda Interview

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages but earlier this week, after Clare’s Big EE4 Shoot, we got talking and I hope you enjoy this interview of one of the Top innovative Spanking Producers (in my opinion) from the USA.

The Chief’s Interview with Clare Fonda

Clare’s stats: 41 this September
5′ 7 1/2″ – 122lbs – brown hair – blue eyes.
Clare now lives in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley
Clare grew up in England) & moved to California before her teens.
(“Sorry, no cute accent”, she says, but sounds fine to me)


Chief:  Hi Clare, thanks for taking time to answer my questions for the Blog readership.

Clare: Aboslutely no problem , you have been a very cool dude to me.

Chief: Aww shucks! OK, you’re now a successful Spanking Site “webmistress” (I guess) but can you tell me how you got into the spanking business, was it as a model?

Clare: It was really as a pro sub who ended up a pro switch and a saw a lot of talented women working around her who would be great in videos.  The first spanking video I ever made was for my own company so I really got into it as a producer and then other companies were nice enough to have me model. Now I am back just modeling for my own company as producing keeps me busy.

Chief: What made you decide to do your own stuff?

Clare: (laughs) It was fun modeling for others but I kept thinking I need to be focusing on my own company, which of course, is my future.

From Clare’s personal collection – “Big Bad Mama Clare”

Chief: Indeed, so how hard did you find setting up your own site? And can you remember the plans you had for it? Any early disasters you’d care to share with us that you can laugh off now?

Clare: (hmm) Well, we started out just selling videos thru the mail and going to the Shadowlane parties and selling there – but after a while I had some mentors encouraging me to a site where girls told their spanking stories. So any girls who do adult work in the US were spanked growing up, hmmm.  At first we had the site on an AVS server so there were hundreds of hardcore porn sites for one price and you got a profit split. This server would get hijacked by internet pirates who would put some kind of flag up and redirect it to a soft drink commerical.  It was finally just more secure to have my own site and Spanked Sweeties was the first but I have 6 now, even a diaper site which is fun and easy to shoot, although some models do tell me to go to hell.  (Chief laughs)

I guess one of the funniest stories was a day we got two models who were not quite ready for prime time. We got them off Craigslist, and we had had some great ones of Craigs but not these. One girl was getting a ride home from The Cameraman and asked if he could come in and spank her boyfriend so the boyfriend could become a real spanker. Not The Cameraman’s thing. At the same time the second model showed up to my door early.  She had obviously been a man a few years ago and as far as aesthetics should have stayed a man. (More giggling from Chief) I wouldn’t even mention it – but she wimped out on not only taking a spanking but complained her hand hurt when I had her top..I wanted to scream “Be a man!”

Clare gets it good!
As a producer, I often cast myself bottoming to cute men!
Seen above getting it from Tom Byron on Spanked Sweeties

Chief: OMG Clare, I wasn’t expecting that (LOL) – From my experience, most spanking sites, including the ones I am associated with here in the UK are only run by a few people, is it the same for you?

Clare: It is just myself and The Cameraman. We are both very old fashioned. We were taught if you want something done right- do it yourself. That’s why we masturbate constantly.  Just kidding. No I think that there is a misconception that a lot of  spanking companies have huge staffs with 401ks so people have no conscience with piracy but then again, those people seem the type that would even steal from their friends.

Chief: Uh huh…I hear you there, sister! As I thought, almost all spanking companies I know just have a few dedicated people who enjoy their kink and try to get by and make a living off it. Those pirates that seem hellbent on ripping whole sites are basically killing them off from what I’ve heard & then there’d be less spanking sites left, who the hell do they think we are? Do they imagine spanking producers are multi millionaires smoking huge Cubans lit with 100 dollar bills, driving Porcshes everywhere with their abused bitches in the trunk? *sigh*

Clare: (laughs) I only use 20 Dollar bills so I must be doing something wrong!

Chief: From what I remember from some mails last year or so, you mentioned how you source new models (like the infamous & gorgeous fetish model Harmony) via various agencies. I know you mentioned Craigslist, but do you still do that or do you now have more models contacting you directly?

Clare:  A bit of both. Word of mouth around the fetish model community is good but it is always fun to shop for models thru agencies such as – I usually use them now

Chief: Yeah, here in the UK, it’s a lot smaller and easier to travel around so we need less use of model agencies but I know the guys at Xerotics do source online agencies as well as get a lot of their own models contact them directly, which is nice. Clare, when you’re interviewing or finding new girls for possible roles what do you look for? Can you spot the time wasters and avoid your trannies like before or do you still sometimes get let down?

Clare: Usually the agents know what I like and it is not a girl who walks in and says “I can’t be marked I have a shoot tomorrow”  That girl is not coming back. In fact I will usually ask her if she just wants to leave then and there.  Also if a girl wants to discuss the shoot extensively or on the phone before I tend to just use the agency.  There are enough others to vouch via the agency that this is a good shoot.  Also I take recommendations off friends who are like me – I know if Paris Kennedy liked someone she hired I will like them too!

Chief: Tell me, it’s that time of year again, have you been busy recently? (laughs)

Clare: Yeah, we do the Exclusive Education series once a year. We just shot EE4 this past weekend.  It was a cast of 10 and that is enough. I really do not like to shoot for more than four hours and as far as these big shoots, once a year keeps it special.

The meanies of EE4 Snow Mercy, Lana and Clare at Girl Spanks Girl

Chief: Hmm, that reminds me, must get to view this when it’s out!!! As far as let downs on shoots I’ve been to recently, we had one model turn up when there should have been 3, and there’s always those boyfriend assholes who insist that the pre arranged contact be changed or that they don’t like what they read (it’s standard stuff FFS!) then insist his precious darling only be dommed by a woman, or with panties up only etc when we, as you know, deliberately bring in girls specific for a shoot! Grrr! usually they get told to fuck off if they want to be difficult!

Clare: Yeah, regarding that, I do not like boyfriends on set at all. Why should some guy watch another girl who is not even his girl, get spanked?  I understand security concerns but if they are that extreme this may not be the shoot for you. That being said I am totally cool if the guy wants to come meet me at the door and then take off. 

Chief: Could you explain to everyone why there are not full classrooms of spanking models as schoolgirls, can you imagine the cost and the mayhem?
(I asked Clare this as once I had a very irate member when I used to run customer support way back about the lack of girls in a classroom,” that’s what detentions are for”, I’d explain! He wasn’t having any of it telling us we were frauds for goodness sake! Clare’s reply is pretty much why we’d never do this, and of course the ridiculous cost!!)

Clare: If we had say, a real classroom, 20 students or so, it would get ridiculous.  Sometimes you have a girl who is stronger than you in a video and she just will not take a spanking, keeps fighting it. I want to say “Can we please do some acting here?”  That’s how it would get with that many girls.  Lana, the other dommes and I would say girls are out of control, it’s like being a real teacher.  I mean that’s why I got into this business- so I did not have to be a real teacher anymore, (laughs). I don’t know how they do it.

Clare & Ms Boxx
“No matter how trashy my lifestyle gets I still look like a librarian”

Chief: So we’ve established your career to date. Can you remember your first spanking scene? Who was it for, how old were you, and how did it go?

Clare: I guess I was in a video that we shot and set at the Chateau in Y2k.  It was called “Penny’s Birthday Spanking”  and I think it is still on Girl Spanks Girl.  I was about 32, way too old to be making my debut as a model , but for a spanking model- we are never too old to get spanked!  You’re always a baby to someone.

Chief: Clare you certainly don’t look your age now, that’s for sure!!!

Clare: Thanks, but I think it’s okay to look your age as long as you’re pretty!

Chief: (LOL) I’ve seen many of your films and I hope you continue to get spanked, I love your bottom and your reactions as well as when you dish it out good to the girls! Can you tell me the following?
As a spankee, what scenes, punishments, storylines do you dread the most and look forward to the most?

Clare: As a spankee, I would be a bit nervous if a scene does not start out with a hand spanking! What I look forward to the most is being spanked by a nice man who I know is looking forward to spanking me. (Chief interrupts…”I’m there!!!”) heh heh-  I have been ready to be spanked by a top and had him complain that I was not one of my models. It was like being hit in the head with a paddle- no warmup.  I love it though if you know the guy has fantasized about it before he gets you and you can usually count on a man for that.

And as a spanker, the same as above!
I like to spank men when they are into it and same with women.  I am not a sadist but I do like to give  a pain slut what she needs to play a great scene.

Chief: Is there any one movie or scene you are particularly proud of as a model? And likewise on the other side as a producer?

Clare: I always like it as a producer when we shoot with black models as that is not done so much and the content is wonderful.  As far as a model I think my videos with Chelsea Pfeiffer are funny and hot and our chemistry helped put me on the map. I guess I am proud to have just shot a cast of them in the “great depression era”  I am proud to be able to give hard workers hard work.

Chief: What is your favorite implement you like on yourself and like to use on others?

Clare: I would say the Mason Pearson hairbrush is very nice for giving you nice toasty buns and real body high and not so difficult to use.  I was no sports star in school so I do not like any dungeony type implements such as a flogger.  I can take but don’t really want to give.

Chief: Do you prefer M/F or F/F spankings?

Clare: Oh easy, M/F . I am just a boring old straight person. 

Chief: You’re certainly not boring (laughs) So what is your favorite spanking position as a model and as a spanker and least if you have any?

Clare: I would say OTK is my favorite as a spankee and spanker and my least fave as a spanker is when the girl is bent over as I am too afraid to whack her poor pussy. I do know how that feels!

Chief: Ah, but I love seeing a girl touch her toes, all exposed, I love that humiliation angle of a punishment, like the girls are then totally submissive (laughs) but the pussy thing…yeeeouch! You run several websites, is it fair to say you favor any over another and if so, which one and why? 

Spanked call Girls
With Sarah Gregory and Ashley Edmonds on Spanked Call Girls.
Clare says, “Since I have a fascination with prostitution and a hotel/motel fetish this is my fave site”

Clare: I think that Spanked Callgirls is my favorite as it’s just my inner hooker dying to be let out. I also like the new site Sexy Diaper Girls.  There is some spanking on it and diaper content is rare on the web so I feel like I am creating something there is a real need for. 

Chief: Yeah, I’ve been seeing some good stuff at ‘CallGirls…
Do you watch any other spanking models or websites? Do you admire or subscribe to any personally?

Clare: Honestly, I check them all out but it is just for research. (Chief laughs – “that ol’ chestnut!”).  I did subscribe to and I would get turned on identifying with the male sub but it is not really my ultimate buzz.  Shadowlane is more my buzz with the M/F. Tony and Eve are my close friends so I always ask a lot of questions about their shoots.

Chief: Most people in the business say that their interest in spanking started at a very early age. Is this true for you as well?

Clare: No, it really started when I was in my early 30’s and found out that I got off on taking a good spanking.  I hope people appreciate my honesty. I kind of consider myself a “man made spanko”

Chief: Before we wrap this up, could you provide us with any funny tales of strange customer support requests or mad anger that made you think, “oh dear” this person needs help?
(In my days of Customer support, I once had one elderly gent claim he couldn’t view the vides because he was trying to connect his DVD player to his PC!)

Clare: Oh yeah, most of the customers are really cool but when they start sending me ten plus emails a day I want to say “Hey, do you want your damn updates or not?” 

“Junior, is that green hair I see?” Clare with James at Clare Spanks Men

Chief: So when you’re not running your websites and productions what to you like to do in your spare time?

Clare: I do stand up comedy. That’s my only hobby besides long walks and how can I forget – lots of dog rescue. I am always donating to animal charities have three dogs of my own and currently foster a pit bull mix. 

Chief: Wow! That’s a side I never knew about you!!! So what’s in the future for Clare Fonda?

Clare: No kids or marriage, but hopefully more webistes, traveling and six pack abs if it is possible for me to get them. And way more public nudity! 

Chief: I’ll drink to that! …& finally when you take time off, where do you like to hang out or go on vacation, also where would you like to visit?

Clare: I have been to Amsterdam with Eve Howard a few times (my video on you tube was fun in Amsterdam with Stephanie Locke) and this year I want to take a cruise to Alaska. I want to be spanked by Sarah Palin.  That’s completely untrue but I do tend to favor the cold. I would like to visit relatives in England at some point. I haven’t seen them in 25 years. Maybe one will go “That’s Clare bloody Fonda”  Actually they would probably keep it to themselves.

Chief: I’d like to do something else to Sarah Palin, she’s some MILF (laughs). Clare it’s been a blast, thank you for taking time to answer my questions, you rock!

Clare Fonda’s sites are on the banners below, I have also included links to FREE galleries of some of her other stuff, you can be sure that I will be featuring more of her sites soon, particuarly as I just downloaded Leia-Ann Woods as a hooker, damn that was HOT at!!!

Gallery 1 Gallery 2Gallery 3Gallery 4Gallery 5


Gallery 1Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4Gallery 5


Gallery 1 Gallery 2Gallery 3Gallery 4Gallery 5


Gallery 1Gallery 2Gallery 3Gallery 4Gallery 5


Gallery 1Gallery 2Gallery 3Gallery 4Gallery 5


Gallery 1Gallery 2Gallery 3Gallery 4Gallery 5


Hope you all enjoyed this interview and a closer look at a female spanking producer, thanks again to Clare Fonda. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions, if positive I might just try more at this interviewing malarky! 😀

Interview with Amber from

Click to see Amber here

Interview with Amber from SPANKAMBER

Below is an Exclusive SpankingBlogg Interview with the Net’s freshest erotic spanking actress from the West Coast of America.
I feel she will do very well for herself and you can be sure you will hear a lot more about her in the coming months.

Amber’s Vital Stats and Personal Information:
Height: 5’6″
Bust: 36b
Waist: 25″
Hips: 37″
Weight: 119 lbs (54kg)
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Amber
Birthday: August 06
Star Sign:Leo
Hometown: Chico, CA
Relationship Status:Long Term Relationship

1. Amber. Can you tell me your story on how you got into the online business & decided to become a Spanking Model?
I grew up in a very strict Jehovah’s Witness household and had the belt used on me by my father often. My mother occasionally would spank me otk with her hand. My father would always use the belt and would make me wait bent over my canopy bed with my pants down. They are now divorced and of course I have moved away from home. About 3 years ago, I was working as an administative assistant, bored to death with it – wating to do something different. I always loved being in front of the camera, started taking acting classes, and had done commercial modeling when I was 11, etc. I love pinups and Bettie Page. I saw a girl that had a modern day website with her all dolled up like a 40’s pinup, the most she did was get nude. On her site, it said she had over 900 members. I thought could I make that just from being nude? So I went to find a photographer to shoot me in that style. When I arrived he had other ideas in mind. he tied me up and blindfolded me and took some black and white shots. I had never been tied up before in my life and thought about that day often. I told the photographer my ideas of my own website, he said he could help me and had some web design knowledge etc from his own site. So we scheduled a second shoot. I was really into Bettie Page so I brought a bullwhip I found on eBay and some fur handcuffs. I thought they would just be props. Maybe me being the dominant one. Next thing I know I’m naked in nothing but my crotchless fishnet body suit, which had the butt cut out and being tied up with my bottom up in the air. Next thing I know he brings out a paddle. He says he’s into creating red bottoms with the paddle to add a little mystique to the images. I said OK. For the next 4 hours off and on I was paddled very hard. I’ll never forget that first sting. I felt a warm tingly sensation and it went right between my legs and created very intense pangs. I tried not to react like I liked it. I felt alive for the first time in my entire life. It was like a light bulb had gone off and said this is what you’ve been wanting your whole life. After that day I was obsessed with being spanked. I wanted more and more. I asked my current boyfriend if he would do it. He would not even try, he was against hitting women. I said you’re not hitting me, I want you to spank me! But he wouldn’t. So I decided to start start a spank site with my photographer. I had the best time coming up with scenarios, etc. The photographer and I both had a lot to learn technically first. He got a video camera and started filming me. Through out time I left the boyfriend that wouldn’t spank me and fell in love with my photographer/filmer/editor/musician/webmaster/partner. We had some problems with hiring a web designer who lied to us about what he could do and lost some $$$, and was unable to launch the site. Also, at that time we hadn’t fig’d out the video thing so the site would only offer stills and we wanted more.So throughout the last couple years we’d been toying with the idea of launching the site. We make what we want to see anyways and were watching the movies and then in the end of Feb of this year we decided to launch it! We’d be making these movies and I’d be getting the same spankings you see whether or not we decided to launch the site. I’m obsessed with being spanked. I also love the idea of men and women watching our films and being aroused. it’s a great creative outlet for me and gives me a way to live out my fantasies! So only my parents and my current spanker have ever spanked me. I’ve never been a spank model for anyone else.

2. I believe you and your partner started SpankAmber recently…Can you tell me how long this has been in the pipeline & have you looked at other spanking sites for any inspiration?
I think I answered most of that in the last question. I looked at Dallas Spanks Hard and Bun Beating Fun.
I love their sites. But wanted to try and express my and my partners spanking vision.

3. What is your favorite spanking scene from your movies that you have produced and why?
So far I really love the jeans one. I love the lighting and the way my bottom looks and the way I stop and look into the camera like yeah this stings but I like it.
It’s so real and who I am. I love working with my partner because I can completley be myself and express my love of being spanked.

4. Is there anything in online spanking etc that you wouldn’t do?
I have not had a chance to watch everything. Love the otks. I’m not into anything brutal when the skin breaks, thats a big turn off for me.
I love a nice, hard, firm, long spanking, whipping, though and have taken a caning! I just love it all!!!

5. What instrument (eg slipper or tawse) have you never had used but would like to find out how it feels across your bare bottom?
Honestly I think I’ve had just about everything used on me! My favorite hand,.leather paddle, daddy’s belt, and thin wood paddle, oh and the kitchen spoon, and um the hairbrush!
The devils Tongue is very intense! I only have that used on me when I’m really baaaaaaaaad.
Oh actually I want a switch! Never had and want it baaad. An outdoor spanking!

6. You have a gorgeous toned body, do you have to work out or are you lucky and just eat sensibly?
Awww, thank you very much. I am not that lucky. I love to work out 3-6 times a week. I always take the stairs over the elevator, or park far away so I have to walk further.
I also do pilates, yoga, cardio kickboxing, 8 min, abs, buns, thighs, arms. And I always squeeze my butt cheeks and release them, especially in traffic.
I also am a vegetarian and rarely drink and don’t smoke. Drink lots of water. I think spankings help keep the butt in shape!


7. Have you ever entered or won or been placed in any beauty pageants? If so, which ones and what position?

8. Do any friends or family know what you do and are they supportive?
My mom knows that I do art nude modeling and that I enjoy privately being spanked. But I like the idea of being a bad girl for real and keeping it a secret.

9. Do you know any other models that work in this industry?
No, But I think Sierra Salem is a total doll!

10. What are your hopes for your website and where do you see yourself in, say, 3 years?
I hope to be able to make a living from it. And possibly if Spank Amber is profitable make a couple new spank sites!

11. What is the best thing so far about being an online spanking model?
Being Spanked, being spanked, and being spanked!!!!!!! Oh and new members are soo cool! To know people are enjoying are films makes me very happy.


12. Likewise, what is the worst?
Technical issues, not being able to please everyone. People getting snotty and saying rude things.

13. Apart from spanking, do you have any other fetish you care to tell us about?
Panties and leather. I love having my panties, wedged up my cheeks, pulled to the side, and ripped down and right under my cheeks!!!
And even though I’m a vegetarian I love leather. The smell drives me wild. Must be because of my daddy’s leather belt he used on me all of the time.

14. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
65! Love High heels, stilettos, 3-4 inches so I can still walk in them. I love the way they make my legs look and make me stick my bottom out.

15. Where was your last holiday/vacation, would you go again? and what was your worst ever vacation from hell?
Gosh, I have not been on a vacation in so long! I need one. I nice long spanking Holiday! Last one was Helsinki, Finland, first time out of the country.
I saw and amazing Mucha Exhibit that made all the hell with British Airways worth it!

16. So when you are not helping to run your website, what to you like to do in your own time?
Spankings, Play drums, exercise, paint, put makeup on pretty girls, watch Turner Classic Movies.

17. If you weren’t running a new spank site, what career do you think you’d be doing right now apart from modelling?
I’m doing it! I also am a makeup artist and hairstylist and commercial model/actress


18. Are you interested in any sports?
I played Volleyball in Junior High, and love it. Bowling, playing pool. I love watching Footbal go Broncos!!!

19. I hear soccer with the ladies is becoming big in America, as you’re West Coast, have you ever heard of David Beckham who will play for LA Galaxy soon? And do you think he is cute? (lol)
Yes, he is “cute”. But I don’t look for “cute” in a partner/spanker. I like strong masculine older men that won’t take any nonsense and not afraid to put me in my place! (Which is over their knee of course)

20. Tell us Amber, what was the most embarrassing thing so far to happen while filming on set?
Having a blemish on my bottom!!! That is the worst!

21. Do you have plans to work or collaborate with other spankees or spankers with your company or other spanking companies?
I don’t know, anything is possible. Right now we’re going to stick with what’s working. See how it goes in 6 months and decide where to go from there.

22. Trick question, I just wanna see if you Americans know your geography. Please no cheating – Without looking it up on Wikipedia etc, what are the capital cities of these countries?
Sweden, Denmark & Greece. (Answers to the cities are: Stockholm, Copenhagen & Athens)
Sorry, I have no clue!

23. Any advice you’d like to offer my few female readers that I have?
Get spanked as often as you can!!!!

24. Finally, what is your proudest moment personally and professionally so far?
The launch last month of the site! And, Today actually when VISA accepted us! Yeah!!!

Thank you Amber for taking time to answer my questions.
You can of course check out her site HERE, a FULL site review and Exclusive FREE Gallery will be following within days.