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Spanking Chessie Kay

Here’s a fun recap of a spanking (cum) porn star from the Uk I like a lot… I have done some fantastic custom shoots with her in the not too distant past and she has also appeared at AAA Spanking and POV Spanking (and I will recap that another time) but I wanted to focus on one site she brought some naughtiness and fun to… which is usually quite austere… & that is – the infamous girls prison spanking site that follows them from their intake to the various punishments, spankings and beatings that goes on behind closed doors and in the cells. Being an all girl prison, lesbianism is often rife, or girls have nothing to do but think about their freedom, I like the dream sequences that they come up with too… anyway, let’s focus on Chessie’s progress from the day she arrived to where she is now – still incarcerated at

Chessie’s intake

Chessie Kay

New inmate Chessie Kay arrived at the prison. She has been sentenced to 18 months for soliciting. Officer Dodge was in charge of her intake and he soon had the cheeky little madam over his desk spanking her when she wouldn’t co-operate properly. Soon after he ordered Chessie to change into her new prison tunic and then she received the rest of her punishment. She tried everything to seduce him to avoid his painful hand but she only ended up getting more hard spankings on her ever so inviting, spankable ass!

chessie_intake - 15 chessie_intake - 19 chessie_intake - 25 inmate spanking chessie_intake - 34 asking for a spanking chessie_intake - 67 chessie_intake - 88 chessie_intake - 86 chessie_intake - 91

Chessie’s Good Intentions

Cood Intentions - 007

New inmate, Chessie, was later summoned to the Governor’s office but when he got there the little madam was bent over the desk, bottom bare, fantasizing about being spanked again! He decided to oblige her and gave her a good spanking but he soon realized that she really enjoyed having her bottom spanked and this wasn’t really a punishment! (Good viewing for us, though!)

Cood Intentions - 051 Cood Intentions - 087 Cood Intentions - 066 spanking intentions_scr5 intentions_scr6 red bottom well spanked

What goes on in the cells is just as naughty… I am actually wondering if she was the naughtiest slut to ever visit this prison, she’d have to be right up there with the best of the bad girls! (Which appeals to my perv loving nature).

Officer Zoe Page & Chessie’s Playtime!

You may have seen this already, but I’ll show it again as part of her ongoing story…

ass pussy and spankings

Officer Zoe Page caught inmate Chessie masturbating openly and provocatively in her cell and chanced some intimate playtime for her own amusement. Zoe decided to play some naughty games with her which involved spanking Chessie’s sexy pert bottom and paddling her cheeks red while she made Chessie play with herself. This was a lot of naughty private fun which they kept their secret!

playtime_001 forced to cum fingered and spanked spanked in panties girl on girl spanking playtime_scr4 spanking and wanking

Stinging Seduction


The Governer decided to pay inmate Chessie Kay a visit to see if she was behaving herself. The little madam decided to try and flirt with him and she acted like a little slut to try and get out of the spanking she knew was coming. No such luck, of course. Her bottom got exactly what it deserved and this wasn’t playtime!

sting_seduct2 sting_seduct3 otk hand spanking sting_seduct5 hand spanking stinging_seduct_scr5

Hmmm, I am getting a theme here that Chessie is a bit of a slut (LOL) – well, the latest update pretty much confirms our worst (or best depending on how you see this) suspicions as she is STILL brazen and defiant. This girl can’t keep her fingers away from that wet aching pussy of hers! Check out the very latest in this ongoing story…

Chessie’s Silent Desires

spanking and paddling

This latest 22 minute long video features the lovely and incredibly sexy Chessie Kay who masturbates and orgasms while fantasizing about different Officers and implements used on her bare bottom as she imagines them turning her luscious little bum a fiery red.

Silent Desires - 31 masturbating otk spanking Silent Desires - 66 Silent Desires - 24 Silent Desires - 25 paddling Silent Desires - 25a




You can follow all the going on of Chessie Kay at her well followed Twitter feed HERE

R.I.P. Hollie Stevens 1982-2012

I had heard that one of my favourite fringe adult actresses, Hollie Stevens, was diagnosed with cancer last year but I had no idea that it was so serious that her breast cancer had spread to her bones and brain and she died a few days ago. I have now seen, courtesy of Google what had happened, but it was Gabe at his blog that I had discovered it first so I am linking the story he left – click here or Hollie’s image below. There is a poignant reminder of how diverse the richest nation on Earth is when it comes to healthcare… I may knock our healthcare system, but as I can not afford to go private either, at least our National Health Service (NHS) might just help make us better when we need it most! Screening and treatment of breast cancer in the UK is routine and free to all women…

R.I.P. Hollie… I’m gonna miss your whacky filming 🙁


I make no secret that one of my all time fave spanking movies courtesy of Greg, The Mystery Spanker… was with Hollie. I loved the way she reacted and this was filmed early on in her career… nevertheless, if you want to see Hollie at her kooky spanking best, you could do worse than just download this film (below) and it’s a cheap one off fee.

As a gesture out of respect: if I get a whole load of downloads on this, (I hope this time I do when you see why) I will donate $1 per download (the film costs $4.95) and I will upload a screenshot of the sales if it is worthwhile – but I have to split the fees in half with the copyright owner, Greg (naturally), and also the fees of CCbill on top of this which are in excess of 20% gross (16 plus 5 % holdback)… so giving a Dollar for each download of Hollie’s film makes sense, I hope.

Feel free to link to this or others in a bid to let people know…

Click the image below OR HERE for the download page

Hollie’s film can also be viewed at as part of a membership

Happy New Year from SpankingBlogg

Happy New Year everyone! As usual, I make it a tradition to show you some of my favorite posts and images from the various sites I have loved showing you… so take a look back through 12 months of some varied and amazing stuff I have written about! Chief

Check out the posts that made it to today’s SPECIAL NEW YEAR HONORS


December 2010

I checked out lovely teen girl next door of Amelie in some of her new films from Spanked-at-Home who are updating again, and how – so they get my “thumbs up” especially as if you’ve never joined this site there now are around 110 full length films to download and it looks as if Amelie is the latest fave (she is cute!) getting some very hard punishments courtesy of Alex. You will see her get a very real tearful OTK spanking from her latest film and a hard caning in her bedroom without much introduction… across her already previously spanked cheeks for another naughty previous infraction! Enjoy the images I have got for you and you’ll see why Amelie, with the other girls next door is very addictive holiday viewing!

Amelie in her latest film: “Budget Exceeded!”

Amelie is spanked with her pantyhose on, then they are pulled down for a proper OTK spanking!

In these hard pressed financially difficult times, especially this time of year – This isn’t the 1st time that Amelie exceeded the budget set by Alex for her mobile cellphone. He had warned her about this before but obviously not forcefully enough as it appears she only learns when she’s given a proper spanking so Alex does what is needed and gives her an eye watering spanking that you can see from some choice images below!





See more of her pantyhose spanking & bare bottom punishment HERE

OK, want to see how Amelie’s bottom was already so red before this spanking? Of course you do! Check out her nasty caning punishment which is typical of so many films from Spanked-at-Home where many scenes of girls like her are filmed in their bedrooms, for me, the most “Holy of Holies” – in that punishing a girl in her safe haven environment is the sort of best deterrent to modify a naughty cheeky girl’s behavior! I love the humiliation angle of this and as you’ll see below, Amelie’s bottom is quickly exposed and she’s bent over and made to present it for the cane!

A dirty uncleaned kitchen means a very sore bottom for Amelie!

Amelie knows in Alex’s house that domestic duties are more important than her leisure & pleasure! She knows damn well from past experience what will happen, if she was to ignore this rule! So when Alex found Amelie on her bed, watching TV, while the kitchen was a disgusting mess, he didn’t attempt to chastise or talk to her about it, or the duties etc and being lazy… (blah blah blah) oh no, he just went into punishment mode and gave her a severe caning on her bare bottom, which, once again, was still sore from a previous spanking only the day before! Yup, Amelie really IS the naughty girl next door we’d ALL love to spank , strap and cane if we were given the chance, and who can blame me or you? Just look at her puppy dog eyes and that gorgeous meaty bum of hers that screams “SPANK ME!”





January 2011

Ok, I have rather been a “Dodo” about the site website – I once joined up many years ago only to be a little disappointed. However, now, I took the plunge again last night and, well… I’m blown away!!! You may all know I have a rather delicate fetish for all things Japanese so to see this site with a clear and easy navigation once inside was a joy! A model index with names which I always think is now essential really makes it worth viewing and the films have all been remastered and all new content is widescreen 16:9 ratio showing us far more clearly on a larger screen all the essential spanking action… and finally, of course, the girls and spankers are a joy to watch, even the English translations are near perfect so it’s hard not to miss ANY of what is going on! This site covers all manner of F/F spanking in all your usual locations of the home, school and at work and there’s a strong theme of Mother/daughter relationships and role reversals which I like… I suppose I could be on here gushing for an age and boring you, so instead, just check out the very latest update below (as of jan 28th 2011) which I’ve covered (God, this girl is cute). Also,  to show you a taster of what is inside, I’ve got a collection of some beautiful pics which showcase exactly what is all about!

cute Kurumi is about to be spanked by her cruel Stepmother

“Kurumi spends her high school days in constant fear of the punishment her stepmother could inflict. It’s hard not to see why this 18 year old cutie is a victim of her cruel stepmother who obviously enjoys spanking her tight white bottom!”



Crumbs! You can see MUCH MORE of Kurumi’s spanking punishments HERE

OK, I wasn’t going to review this site but it is fast turning into that so here goes…
“What do you get for your money?”

Considering the vast array of spanking films (there are 100′s of films and most seem to average out from what I’ve downloaded so far to around 10-12 minutes which is fair) they only contain F/F action: I knew this in advance and it is obvious from their tour pages this is what to expect. Will you find the girls spanked with other implements? No you won’t as this is strictly “hand spanking” as the title suggests and that, too, is fine by me. It’s a shame I would love to see their menfolk spanking the girls but this is how it appears to be with the 2 big Japanese spanking sites, (edit: maybe I should import some Japanese girls and spank them myself? … as long as I had my cast iron protective undergarments on!). I am guessing that the owner employs English speakers or is fluent him/herself as the the English version is impeccable and the translations in wmv format are pretty much spot on, so I can concentrate on the spanking and dialog without giggling at the English translations that I sometimes see on foreign language spanking sites who want to cater for the vast international English speaking market! Costs are reasonable too. Considering what is available to download, $24.95 per month or the highly reasonable longer term membership options ($60 for 3 months) seem fair and full updates of movies usually come at one full movie and images per week!

Ok, here are some more images which, as they say, speak a 1000 words
and considering my waffle, that’s no good thing!




Ok, I think you get the idea, there are quite extensive tour pages including free intro clips that give you a better idea of what to expect if you’ve never seen this site before and they do show you the quality of their movies which is totally acceptable! The spankings are not the hardest in the world, but then again, I don’t always want to see girls brutalized, this site fulfills a real niche of seeing very pretty women spanked by women in a variety of believable situations and of course, no girl, and I mean no Western girl cries as beautifully as a Japanese girl and hearing them cry out is somewhat addictive! (I’ve noted even in orgasm they seem pained from my, ahem, review of vanilla Japanese stuff, but that is of course another story and another hard drive of naughty materials).


So, finally to recap, do I like the site? Hell, yes! You know I have been raving about Japanese girls for some time on this blog (you only have to enter “Japanese” into my search box in the menu bar and you’ll find a ton of stuff…) well, if you liked what you had seen before, you will love this site too and my highest recommendation is that from now on this site will get a regular updated feature as well as my odd ramblings about their archives, and since the site looks to be updated with a new film and images every week without fail I shall be letting you all know about the latest ones when they come out from now on! In conclusion, those who like asian girls, Japanese girls who cry beautifully and are into F/F punishments and hand spanking will love this site! For those requiring more severity, (some spankings are tougher than I once remembered which is good and there are red bottoms of course) if you’re into wanting to see nasty hard spankings then this isn’t for you.

Want to know more? See what all the fuss is about by clicking the banner below:


February 2011

As promised, I have a real treat for you as I have been dying to share the news about our latest shoot we did at the weekend which brought back the wonderful Leia-Ann Woods and I finally managed to get the beautiful Irelynn Logeen and once again this combination worked on so many levels. Some of the stuff we filmed and photographed was (well, in my humble opinion) very VERY good and I can’t wait to see the results once the edits start coming to me! I have got a nice little “Behind the scenes” free gallery which helps explain some of what we got up to but there was so much more.

The location was excellent, the company great (thanks girls for making it a fun shoot!!!) and, thanks to my partners in crime for getting me absolutely hammered Saturday night after the girls went their way… “Hey, Kids! Don’t do copious amounts of Stella Artois…” my recovery was ridiculously slow with a hangover from hell on Sunday! All this after being insulted as “Cakeboy” by Leia (but more on that later) Click the main image below and it will take you to a free gallery, most images are raw and I’ve reduced them in size but you’ll get the idea of what’s going on!

OK, as you’ll see, my little purchases on eBay were a success, I got myself some genuine vintage Guide uniforms and we used this for some image sets and a great film that had the girls trying to sneak out dressed up in this cute gear to a fancy dress party… needless to say, I disapproved of the way they dressed so thrashed them both! I also upped the intensity of the spankings in many films and you’ll see some great OTK spankings and Leia got to “top” a few times too so F/F lovers are catered for and one film was particularly hot as Irelynn’s soft rump was turning a toasty shade of red to match her hair! I also managed to break my favorite hairbrush in a pyjama film with Irelynn, so she got to keep it as a trophy! There were the usual schoolgirl scenes – and you can never have enough excuses to spank a girl looking incredibly sexy in various uniforms and outfits! We decided to try out some interesting cam angles too but we took advantage of the location’s great views to do some spankings and punishments against the windows (after it stopped raining… sigh) for all the world to see, I don’t know if anyone did, but they would have seen the moon rising early!!!

One quick short sharp shock type scenario I filmed with Leia came from one of her tweets as she made a derogatory remark about me helping myself to some cake at the restaurant that Leia, Irelynn and myself were at the night before. The place was starting to close (so I just thought I’d get my share, that’s all!) see the cheeky tweet below… “cakeboy” indeed!

Ok, so you get the idea, there are so many more films including a great bathroom finale that has a soapy sud spanking of both girls, so lots of goodness to come!!!


& if you check out the very latest update today, as promised, it’s the film of Kami in her Flamenco dress, I have got you some preview images taken directly from the film and I also have important news about all future films as we are upping the quality of the playback as an additional option for those that want to watch HD films in larger, crisper 1280 x 720 size – it will be in MP4 format and there are now dozens of media players that can easily view this, it beats our Wmv versions but that will also be available in clip and full file format as standard and won;t change as we fully understand it’s still the most popular playback format from our previous poll but to increase the size of the films in Wmv isn’t as good as MP4 so we’re going to try that as an added option and will add both files when the full updates are due (so we won’t cheat you with “remasters” or other cheap nonsense!) However, to change it into another format , like say, Real Media would also mean resolution loss so that’s why we stuck with MP4 – we hope when you see this full file and all future movie files – that you will be suitably impressed!

Some Wmv Images from the film “Flamenco failure”




You can see a FREE PREVIEW CLIP from this latest movie HERE
(Full description of the movie is on the page too!)

Remember that we update the site at least 3 times a week, we sometime add bonuses (I did today) and updated the full video image set and half the film already with some great spanking scenes, we will always aim to get at least 1 new film out every week without fail! I’m hoping to get out a film with Irelynn next once the edit is complete and it’s a good OTK spanking film for those that are into that sort of thing (yes, I love OTK spankings!)

Take advantage of our low prices and even better 3 and 6 month memberships which just make sennse when you work it out! Enjoy! We enjoyed making these films, I hope this shows!

As I promised, I will be letting you know how films are sometimes made and the little tricks we employ as well as any interesting points or images that you may not normally see! The below film scene has been shortened a little but it is still over 4 minutes in length and plays instantly so you can check it out if you are not a member of Triple A Spanking (why not?) then here is a chance to see one of the shorter films with Pandora Blake spanked by Miss Bradley. Go take a look at it (I have tried to make the quality as best as I can for Flash but the HD video format I use doesn’t compress that well, it’s still quite clear but nowhere near the quality that members can download :)

Firstly, I must say, as you will have seen from the above movie, what an amazing spankable bottom Pandora has! It was a nice scene to film, in fact, I was the cameraman as the 2nd cam was being used downstairs for an OTK spanking film with Leia-Ann Woods (but that is for another time and another post). Miss Bradley has a rather large booming voice as I’m sure you are aware, so we had to ensure that she couldn’t be heard downstairs (lol!). All connecting doors were shut and so we began… as I said, it was an easy scenario, a simple spanking film with a believable reason for further punishment… a lazy girl preferring to stay in bed rather than get up. (Pandora was happy to snuggle under the bed covers as it was a huge snuggly comfy bed). Now I know that Pandora is a very visual actress, she reacts beautifully when spanked and of course is able to ad lib and go with any given situation with ease. (Meaning she is a pleasure to work with!) Now… having just one cam, I wanted to ensure that I could capture both Pandora’s facial reactions with her banging her fists onto the bed which I noticed and also the action of her kicking legs and bared red bottom getting a hard spanking from behind. So I decided to film from behind and to the side during the movie, making sure not to shake the cam too much and then when it was over, I moved around so that I could capture a long spanking scene with Pandora’s facial reactions (yup, she got spanked twice to make this scene…)

You’ll notice this handy trick where we avoided dialog and had Pandora spanked… it was then easy to edit and include as one seamless spanking scene! I liked the result and of course it was my last excuse to see Pandora spanked in her jim-jams… as both she and Leia were looking forward to the Hot Tub where we filmed our last film with them together… but as that movie isn’t out just yet (edit on Dec 2011 – it IS now!) , I will let you know when that comes up and of course you will all be the 1st to know nice and early HERE at the SpankingBlogg or my other blog TEEN-Spankings

In case I hadn’t already, check out a few scenes from the film and bear in mind what I explained to you above, maybe you’d like to watch the film again :)



You might also be interested in the fact I took some HQ images too and this one I thought caught the moment, Pandora curled up and her sore warmed bottom fully exposed – you can almost feel the heat coming off it… now that would be a neat internet invention!!!

Click on the thumbnail – full size image is actual size that members get to view

Check out the full site tour pages HERE –  I am currently ensuring that at least one new film appears every week (edit again in Dec 2011 – we keep our promises!!!), along with further plans to introduce a special bonus area and upload films in an even higher HD resolution very soon – We are trying our best to bring you some interesting and believable spanking films which are run by spankos, starring real life spankos, made for spankos!


March 2011

As the weekend approaches and the weather here in England remains surprisingly pleasant (for once), my missus (Er Indoors) has currently been “outdoors” in the garden busying herself and goading, then bullying me into sorting out the hated steep grass bank we have… I hate cutting that, but as it’s dry, I guess I’ll do this tomorrow before all that greenery goes nuts… “What the hell are you on about, Chief?” I hear you moan… give us the spankings we crave, you dick… and stop prattling on about grass banks FFS!”

Okay…okay…. stop bullying me! I’m close to tears as it is! & that is the 1st topic of the day as I logged into SpankAmber this morning to see what joys she has uploaded there this past week (I couldn’t really log on much anywhere last week, of course) and Amber Dawn shows us in a fantastic and unique movie as only she can make what can sometimes happen when she is on her webcam… now Amber has been neglectful of paying her taxes (I know that pain) so has been extra busy camming recently to pay off the IRS, and you can really make her do just about anything, especially if it’s got a nasty twist, we all know Amber is a beautiful pain slut and this episode shows how some naughty guy who’s holding the purse strings makes Amber clamp her tender nipples with clothes pegs, shove a butt plug up her tight hole and then make her strap herself HARD (he’s not satisfied and instructs her “HARDER!!!” with the heaviest leather strap he could see in the room as well as more clamping humiliations which brings Amber to tears! An interesting “twist” (literally, if you see the full movie) and a fantastic film that members of SpankAmber can go view now!

Check out the intro of Amber as the latest Cyber Bully logs in… (there’s no actual spanking but I urge you to check it out as it shows you precisely how Amber interacts with her paying tormentor… and I have some images of what happens later so you can see for yourself (I feel it’s only fair to Amber I don’t give away all her content, of course, but this is what members will get to see!)






Go cyber bully Amber yourself HERE… Her webcam online times are well advertised on her Twitter account or her blog – She loves it really!!!


April 2011

It only seems fair since I celebrated the national days of Wales (& Cornwall) recently that, as a true blooded Englishman… I celebrate OUR National Day today – April 23rd – St George’s Day!

We celebrate St. George’s Day, but which St George? Because there are two, actually…

There’s the George from the popular folk tale who slays a dragon, and there’s the real St. George who died on 23 April. So what do we know about the two Georges? Well the one that killed the dragon was born in Coventry and the real one was born either in Turkey or Greece depending on your point of view. Either way, he has served England for nigh on a thousand years.


Our relationship with St. George started in 1098 when he appeared to English Crusaders at the Battle of Antioch and helped them to victory. By 1415, St. George was so popular that 23 April was declared a national holiday and the Bishops of England ordered it to be celebrated like Christmas! The folk tale of St. George and the Dragon dates back to the Middle Ages when dragons were commonly used to represent evil, so it’s an excellent tale of good triumphing over evil. Since then St. George has been popularly identified with English ideals of charity, chivalry and courage (now known as the 3 C’s). St. George’s Day is a great opportunity to recognize what binds us together and celebrate England’s rich culture, heritage and sporting traditions… and of course, on this blog, our love of all things “spanko” – the following are taken from some websites representing all that is great about English spanking!!!




This is a special week in Britain, 2 long holiday weekends back to back as we celebrate Easter and St George’s day this weekend… Easter Monday to me means watching footie (soccer) and then Friday 29th Prince William makes Kate Middleton his bride in the biggest wedding ceremony that outshines anything glitzy and cheesy from Hollywood as real Royalty show us how it’s done – oh… and we get another Friday to Monday holiday for that privilege… yay!

However, why I am even celebrating since I work freelance and self employed is beyond me, LOL! (oops!) But it’s a special “Feel Good” week and I know that many streets throughout Britain will have the old fashioned street parties, I remember one celebrating the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977 and it was pretty special, I think only the end of WW2 had something like that been done previously. I don’t remember it for Prince Charles and William’s beautiful mother Diana (R.I.P.)

So it’s a return to values… and here on a spanking blog… it’s a return to BRITISH discipline today! So do enjoy… I’ve rambled on long enough!!!

Amber is promised a bedtime slippering by mother after she had been caught smoking with school friends! This is a particularly interesting domestic movie as Amber’s bottom really reddens throughout the film and the many roving camera angles captures the girl’s anguish and delightfully embarrassing position she is in… oh and of course, it’s a pajama punishment which I quite like :)





A Special Movie clip of this scene and when Amber got home to earn her mother’s initial displeasure can be viewed at the special link shown below:


More Free clips like the above featuring HOT girls similar to Amber are shown on the HOME PAGE


Jasmine Lau is one of those beautiful English girls you’d love to have over your knee, almost begging her to do something wrong… I have decided to show you a film I just found released at Sound Punishment with Jasmine in her school uniform (and I have news about her as she will be showing in more mores coming to my site very soon as well and have included a reminder below of what she has appeared in)

So Firstly, Jasmine is both cheeky AND disrespectful, 2 qualities guranteed to get any schoolgirl soundly spanked with the hand and a slipper (the quintessential instrument of choice, it seems). Jasmine possesses both these negative qualities in abundance so gets her well earned punishment below!




Just watching Jasmine get thrashed in her films here is worth the sign up fee alone at
(& if you check out their home page you’ll see the above FREE movie clip)


As promised, another decent place to see recent films of Jasmine is at – naturally I should know since I filmed them (lol) and I can tell you there are MORE coming very soon, but to recap here are some images taken from some of the movies (not all or I’d be here all day!!!) she’s starred in… and I have to say the pairing with Kami Robertson in some of these films was GENIUS if I say so myself, they really complimented each other perfectly!!!





If you haven’t done so already, check out the TOUR PAGES as they contain free preview clips and you can see some of the films with Jasmine in them, naturally.

Have a great St. George’s Day to all my fellow Englishmen & women out there!!! I’m off to sit in unseasonally hot midday sun and drink lots of Pimms cocktails… “Yay!”


May 2011

From something old to the very latest full movie updates now available at as there is a return for Carey Brooks, who has an amazing secretarial look and a body to die for and just looks so so spankable, as well as another episode of OTK Air with bubbly Kat St James who was born to wear that uniform… I gotta say, I’m looking forward to the new series called Pan Am coming this Fall (I can’t wait!) about the halcyon days of when air stewardesses were oh so glamorous and virtually stars in their own right! Sneak trailer preview of what ABC will be showing and I’m hoping that either Channel 4 or Sky in the UK will take this up, I’m sure they will!

& so onto kat St James at OTK Air.




Corporal Air is a fun airline, but not when things go wrong. Flight attendant Katherine St James drinks alcohol on duty and a trolley runs down the aisle on her plane! Eric Strickman has to spank her bare bottom, followed by 45 with a wooden spoon: “That hurts!” she yelps.

I swear you will fall in love with Carey’s cute pert bottom, take a look at her perfectly shaped cheeks… OMG!




Carey Books has a booty designed for spanking! Full cheeked, bouncing and bare, she’s due 50 swats with a stinging leather paddle in The Office. Her offense? No virus software on a vital business computer. From creamy white to deep red takes minutes, ensuring she’s sore as hell!

Their description is perfect, I viewed this film previous to this write up and it’s awesome, her first full bare bottom punishment and I hope (well, I KNOW) there will be many more coming – all this and MORE at


Right, as I was on a theme (briefly) of stunning air stewardesses, I have never forgotten this clever piece of advertising which celebrated the 25 years of Virgin Atlantic a few years back… I’m an 80′s guy anyway… so loved the sound track… LOL! Still, the advert below reminded me of something Mike at Spanked-in-Uniform has on his site… was he influenced by this commercial or the perception of airline stewardesses? I’d like to think so!

So to briefly celebrate this fact, check out some typical images taken from the airline stewardesss spanking section of this Uniform niche site – if you’re not into air stewardesses (or flight attendents as some like to call them nowadays) then fear not… there’s plenty more excuses to see girls in various specific uniforms thrashed for our viewing pleasure!

The girls of Europe Air have a unique contract that means their misdemeanors are punishable like below!






See can see more of these girls and all the other episode previews at

(Yes, I made this banner, so if you see it displayed elsewhere, remember where it came from!)


June 2011

It’s been a short while since everyone reading this blog had their Japanese spanking fix… I get more searches for this type of spanking on my blog (even more than pajama/pyjama punishments!)… so to give what some of you have searched for, here are the latest (stunning) Japanese girl spanking updates which you have come to expect on here! I start with probably the cutest girl currently on the books of CutieSpankee, called Shizuku… she’s  finding out just what a spanko perv her nasty step mother, old Mrs Kanga, can be!



& as a special feature today I have made a comic strip from another most recent update where I used a little artistic license, OK, in the actual film, it wasn’t a “Rear of the Year” award… but looking at this cute office girl’s behind, I couldn’t resist! The actual movie is available from inside the member’s area now to download! Click on the comic strip below to enlarge fully!

More from CutieSpankee including free previews of the cutest girls can be seen HERE


July 2011

OK, here are a few of my present spanking crushes, and I’m sure you’d appreciate that these girls are (naturally) stunning, but they also can take quite a spanking  punishment when pushed… and that suits me just fine! Before I start, I’d just like to mention that Winter’s film at AAA Spanking is now available to download (yes, another crush) but just check out yesterday’s post for all the juicy details on that – I’m still savoring the sight of her red ass… but on I must go… or I’ll be caught in some state of regressive “Tushy Limbo”… unable to stop waffling about beautiful girls and their bared blushing bottoms! *sigh*

So to start at and Lorraine who is simply one of my all time faves, she has so much about her, the way she sometimes whines, a beautiful pouty face, a lower lip that quivers seductively and that ass… oh boy… just check out her latest (of many) films all exclusively found at this site only! In the ongoing series of the Cookie Drive it’s Pixie’s turn to spank irresponsible Lorraine. She and Lily Anna are determined to make her bottom every bit as sore as their own…




See more of Lorraine, Pixie & co at


Adrienne Black needs no introduction on here, she… alongside Michaela McGowen & Samantha Woodley are unashamedly my fave spanking actresses at so it was indeed a pleasure to see that all 3 girls are currently featured in new movies, and I will save Michaela for sometime this weekend but for now, feast your eyes upon the tall beautiful Adrienne as she gets into more trouble with Earl Grey in the ongoing College Discipline series!





This current College Discipline series of Adrienne can be viewed in full HERE


I often return to watch the uppity models at BunBeatingFun getting their comeuppance, and one film I watch with alarming regularity (yes I replay them!) is this “tarte francaise” a drop dead gorgeous French pornstar called Caprice. The girl could barely speak a word of English but who the hell cared? Greg certainly didn’t and it just gave him more of an excuse to get her over his lap for the real fun to begin!

As Greg recalled: “Her name’s Caprice and the way she says it, the name simply drips with sexuality as indeed do all the other exotic sounds that lilt off of her (ahem) talented tongue. But exotic and beautiful though she may be, Caprice has been verrry naughty. & so, it’s spanking galore for this French whore!”





I can HIGHLY recommend this film, it has also been remastered so plays in Wmv full screen (which helps!)

For the full list of other troublesome models and wannabe starlets getting the spankings they so richly deserve (and they do!) go check out the tour pages of for some free movie previews and see the sort of trouble they get themselves into!


August 2011

Hmm, well as I write this I hope all my American chums on the East Coast are safely tucked indoors away from Hurricane Irene… I will never moan about our shitty summer weather again! Seriously though, I have family out there at the mo who were visiting friends in Long Island, who were then planning on meeting more family on the Delaware beaches/Baltimore area afterwards… um… oops! Plans are changed and they fly back next week from Newark… bugger!

So, to capture the awesome nature of Irene, I was going to put up a clip from Youtube, the “Goodnight Irene” song, an old classic, however, it is also the football anthem to a small club (giggle, any “Gas” supporters who read this will be murdering me since I support a basket case club in the same humble league as them at the mo…) anyway, enjoy the Goodnight Irene rendition as the fans who are playing away in a cup game behind the goal at Premiership club Fulham’s Craven Cottage ground sing out loud and proud then have even more to celebrate as the underdogs won this game (I think)

Ah… that’s why I love English football, the passion of the crowds!!! *sigh*

& so today to my spanking news updates and I’m starting with my own little site and the very latest film with a popular return of Kami Robertson as a naughty texting schoolgirl given a rather cruel and unusual punishment in detention!

This latest movie sees Kami in detention for stealing from the local shop. Mr Osborne had promised the owner that she would learn her lesson & pay back what she had stolen. However, Kami had been secretly texting at her desk instead of writing her lines when her phone rang giving her away much to the disgust of stern old Osborne. He read her damning texts about what she thought of it all. No matter, Mr Osborne had the perfect deterrant in the form of his trusty birching rod, a tightly bound collection of long treated hazel twigs tightly bound & far more painful & stinging than the cane and he intended to use this across her thieving hands & her bared bottom to ensure she wouldn’t forget this detention in a hurry! There was no warm up or preparation, this was done quickly & severely without warning. Whilst Kami’s hands were still burning, she was ordered to turn around, lower her knickers & bend over the desk for a cold birching which you will see she hated as the collection of twigs bit into her soft white rounded cheeks!



“The setting for this movie looked as austere as the images suggest! Not a place for any girl to flout a detention, least of all with Mr Osborne wielding such an implement!” Both Kami & I loved making this film, mainly because it was a first for us both… she had never been punished on her hands before, she had recalled… and I had originally wanted to strap her hands but when we saw the possibilities of this nasty bound birch, a few test swats off camera and her gasping ” I think I can do this!” – well, the rest is shown here! (I can tell you this open palmed hand punishment really stung, Kami’s bottom could take the punishment but she still had difficulty writing her letter of apology at the end… testamount to the painful thwacks given to her!




Hope you like this interesting schoolgirl punishment film
Now out to download at

*edit Dec 2011: This was probably my fave film I made of 2011!


Hmm, do you like cheerleader punishments? Of course you do! Sso I’ll stay with this as I bring you something a little different from Dallas, one of my all time fave spankers! Dallas is deadly with a paddle too, as you’ll see below! He plays Coach Armstrong, reminding Jenny that she has to take “one for the team” – ah, that old chestnut, lol! She isn’t keen, obviously… and wimps out but you can be assured that Dallas uses all his powers of persuasion to ensure she really does take it hard, and this clip is only a foretaste of what you can expect from the full movie, which is … um, awesome :)

Images and clip preview are taken from

Some images from this punishment show off what happens to Jenny’s delicous bottom!



I promise you won’t want to miss Jenny’s films – All located HERE


I wasn’t going to feature Clare’s excellent Exclusive Education 6 again so soon, but since there are some amazing images of the classroom punishment and new girl Lilia Spinoza getting spanked by Clare in her cheerleader uniform, well… it was hard to resist! So just feast your eyes on the following, literally FEAST on these bottoms of all shapes, color and size… warning, please do not go blind at such delight! :)



You can of course see pretty Lilia in the multiple spanking punishments of the classroom, which is always a firm favorite for those that want to view the entire EE series… I hope Clare does persuade her to film again, she’s a real cutie!!!


& of course the famous multiple bum shots never cease to amaze me, hope you like these with Lilia in the foreground is part of Clare’s Amazing value CLARE FONDA PASS (choose the sites you want!)


September 2011

I have picked this below is because I find it inspiring, I know our cam guys have purchased special filters and want to test them out on a dream sequence movie… anyway, here is a perfect example of how to do it! It’s from a site I haven’t covered in a while, and I should be as this is one of the most overlooked spanking sites in my opinion, I reckon, and that is the original – the female punishment site that covers the correctional institute for wayward madams, whether it’s in their cells, in the Warden or Governor’s Office, hell, even in their specialist punishment dungeon for the naughtiest brats there and of course just about every well known gorgeous UK spanking star has “Done Time” there with the officers and Matron… like Amelia Jane Rutherford, for example. The clip I have for you below is a little different, as she struggles to get to sleep in her punishment cage after her latest thrashing, we see her dream… or is it a nightmare unfold? I love the dream sequence in this film, it gives the editor something to get arty about and of course it doesn’t detract from the fact that we are seeing a butt naked Ms Rutherford spanked too! Click image below for the free clip and I have also cut you some image grabs throughout the full movie!





The FULL movie of Amelia in her dream along with her many other unique punishment films at this website can be seen HERE and I highly recommend it, but if you are still not convinced just how good this site actually is, then you might want to check out something a little more traditional from – Hmmm, how about a verbal lashing from Prison Officer Lewis for a very uppity Sasha Harvey who thought being assigned Laundry Duty was too demaning for her! Oh dear! Click on image below which leads to a long play streaming clip of her OTK spanking!

More movies of naughty girls at this prison reformatory can be seen HERE


The following film is one I’ve always liked & when you check out the screen grabs from this movie you’ll appreciate that this movie is well worth a peek as 3 girls in their Blue Gingham Dresses are spanked and strapped by Miss Smith. Images below will give red blooded gentlemen “wood” – so please be warned! :D

See the screen grabs from the movie and the final large pic is a sample HQ Stills image which members will also be able to download too!





As you can see this movie has the girls showing no shame which is why Miss Smith had to thrash them all that much harder! I can tell you viewing this wasn’t the only thing that ended up “hard” so be warned, it may not contain caning scenes, but I forgot all about that when I watched it again… there were many other naughty distractions!!!

If you’re interested you can see the FULL Movie HERE

Click image below for another way to view this movie too!

It’s late here in England and we’re expecting what is left of Hurricane Katia to dump an obscene amount of rain wind and such you’d expect from such vicious uncaring weather systems that grow to 500 miles wide across the Atlantic… just plotting on how to wreck our tiny island nation within the next day or 2 – great! Now it’s OUR turn *groan*

“NATURE! DAMN YOU!” *pointlessly shakes fist skywards*


October 2011

I hadn’t realized that Sarah Gregory and Kat St James had been on holiday earlier this month, what’s more, I did feel a little jealous that she was on the beautiful island of Aruba (it’s off the coast of South America in the Carribean), I haven’t had a holiday this summer at all, and after my crap week working all hours for a pittance whilst inflation and costs of living skyrocket… I wonder when I will be able to afford to go to an exotic location again. (I’m away visiting family in France for a short stay in a few weeks, but it will be up in the cold mountains… no sun there!) However, I’m not bitter, Sarah & Kat looked fab in their bikinis as you can see below… and what’s more, they got to make a spanking film in their hotel bath tub, which has just been released on her site, and it’s worth the entrance fee alone! Seriously, check them out!!!

Sarah and Kat are on vacation in Aruba. Kat is trying to take a relaxing bath and Sarah wants to get in. Kat says she will let Sarah in if she pays the price. As Sarah gets in, she is pushed around to find herself bottom up and getting spanked. Apparently that was the price to get in. Sarah gladly takes her sensual spanking and then gives some back to Kat.






I love bath tub films… I’m sure you will too when the girls are as sexy as these

Click here to view MORE of Sarah’s holiday shenannigans and spankings!


November 2011

The next 2 sites I’m featuring here have had some fantastic new movies recently, mainly because I have absolutely fallen for these 2 girls, Scarlet and Paris… you’ll recognise them as I had featured them virtually everytime they appeared… so I have combined some of their most recent updates – images shown below are from Sarah’s site where she finally canes the girls out of their cute gingham dresses…. and the free clip is one of the latest films to come from that has Mr Stern getting all the luck as he thrashes both girls after watching them flog each other naked (it’s a hard life but someone has to do these things!)




Sarah knows all about the cane, she has been caned many times but never to tears. Her object today is to cane these girls till the tears start to flow and boy do they get a caning. Their small pert bottoms are raised for the swish of the cane expertly applied…


See all the free previews with Sarah and the many girls like Paris & Scarlet HERE

I can assure you that next time I am up their way I will be barging in with our cameras and making some films but in the meantime please do check out why poor ol’ Chief here has some serious wood watching these girls continue to spank and flog each other below at English-Spankers


Did you make it all through that? Well done, see you next year (it probably already is in Australia and new Zealand at the time of writing!)


PS. Can you handle another “best of” post from one of my other blogs? OK, another 12 months of different posts but LOTS of spanked bare bottoms… CLICK HERE

& also check out a 12 feature “best of” from the past year of my Spanking Tube previews HERE

Sexy Playtime Tears & Punishment Spankings

Spankings aren’t always about grim faces and stern lectures before seeing a pretty girl succumb to a punishment. No no no… every now and then, I think it is essential to admire the female form and the sheer beauty of a spanking when it’s carried out in a provocative manner… for me, that has to be girl on girl discipline fun. Of course there are the times I also enjoy seeing severe discipline of girls by girls… but today, to start with in this post: The absolute mistress of spanking fun has to be Amber Dawn. I feature her regularly here and at my other blogs and for good reason – This beautiful redhead from the American west coast has virtually carved out her own unique niche with some of the sexiest female spanking punishments and playtime that one can view online – and all this is available at

Amber & Stephy hug each other after their long spanking session & erotic playtime

The latest punishment has another newbie I have already featured, Stephy… and this is the final part as both girls genuinely enjoyed each other’s company, and of course Amber has the knack of finding these fresh faced girls no one else has seen online and this final scene where I have got you a few images sees Amber rub yet more oil onto Stephy’s bubble butt and the slippery duo rub their bottoms against each other, giggling and playfully spanking the other… after the actual hard spankings earlier… it’s a nice finale to see their well oiled, reddened bottoms bumping, slipping and grinding into each other, see below and then you’ll see an old archive that reminded me of this scene!

You can see more of the entire movie scenes of Amber playing with Stephy HERE

As I said, this kind of reminded me of an old film that Amber filmed and I searched her extensive archives and located the film of her with a very sexy chica by the name of Lazella – who indeed got a good hard sexy spanking and strapping off Amber… and of course, it was another girl I hadn’t seen anywhere else, which is part of the attraction of this site as you’ll see below!

Phew! Hot stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree… and if that isn’t enough, we all know Amber has her infamous submissive streak which is of course how I first remember seeing her online at her original site where she is mainly punished by “Daddy”, her man who knows how to press all the right buttons… turn her on? No problem. Make her tearful? Easy! Punish her when she’s bratty? Of course he will!

I’m sure you’ll also know that Amber is a popular webcam model, I’m sure there’s been a few readers here who may have interacted with her online… (I’m too scared, lol!) But of course if you want to see a drop dead gorgeous cam model do what cam girls do in provate (and that is VERY naughty) with the added twist that she’s a spanko… Amber is your girl! So it comes as no surprise that some of her films recently have focussed on this as it’s an important part of her life right now… I’ve already featured some of this in my previous posts… well, there’s a brand new movie that shows Daddy’s displeasure at the way Amber has been dressing for her cam shows, likening her to “trailer trash” (awww!) for her stained vest, unkempt hair and probable dirty panties… so her poor dress sense gets her a wicked punishment involving a caning, belting and a hard OTK spanking making her very tearful, compliant and respectful again… & then he introduces a new uniform for her to wear!

The beauty of this is that Amber also has a special “dual membership” option which also costs far less and there are quite literally 100’s of films to view and download from both sites, and there are also the HD movie versions to download of her movies making it a site network you shouldn’t really ignore… you know I try to champion the independent spanking sites out there nowadays… & this is one of those causes you should take note of in my opinion! “Vive le choix!”

Amber’s fine work can be viewed at her unique sites below!

See what you could miss on my other blog?

I was just going through my other blog updating some links which aren’t working and other crappy maintenance issues that crop up when I came across this post I did about Irelynn Logeen last August! Now if you haven’t seen this from my Teen Spankings Blog then please do go check it out as there are plenty of gem posts like this… and of course, Irelynn made it so easy for me to promote her at the time… as you’ll see, an amazing spanking actress who I can now say I have had the fortunate privilege of working with (and hope to once more, if I’m lucky!)


Hi everyone, I just wanted to do a little featurette today in honor of who I reckon is one of the best spanking actresses around in the UK at the moment, and that (in my opinion) is Miss Irelynn Logeen. I was going to contact her and ask for an interview, I think I still may and then cover more of her fine work (and it is!) elsewhere. However, today I thought I’d share with you some of her more recent and stand out work which I found both amusing and of course helped fill that big empty spanko hole for all us greedy voyeurs (thanks Irelynn).

Irelynn’s bed time punishment in the attic

Yup, I’m sure you all know Irelynn, the red haired beauty with beautiful huge doe eyes and an amazing bottom that can take quite a punishment! However, if, like me, you also read her blog (link to her blog is at the bottom of this post or you can find it in my sidebar), then you may be wondering if she will do more filming! Why? Well she admits that she finds the initial spankings much harder to cope with nowadays, or, that should be that she is willing to complain more if it hurts ;)
Damn, these girls and their “growing pains” (heh heh – now I know I MUST just ask her a few questions!)

Irelynn in one of her earliest photo shoots with Northern Spanking last year

OK, as Irelynn has done a fair amount of work at NorthernSpanking this seemed a good place to start today and I have chosen 3 series and also got you a great paddling clip where I don’t know how the hell she (& her co star Lottie Kinsade) managed to act their way through a bonkers script, so I’ll start there…the movie “Sceance Fiction”. God knows what was going through Stephen Lewis’ mind when he dreamt up this one, but it worked on every level and I think, thanks to Irelynn, she made this film work!

Irelynn and Lottie come up with a plan to bring back Hollywood hunk Heath Ledger (a sad loss to female kind and “Brokeback” fans last year…) This is where Irelynn’s acting comes into it, I’d be embarrassed acting this out but she made it humourous and (almost) believable…that is until they do spirit someone into their living room…but it ain’t Heath Ledger…oh no…tis a very grumpy KEITH Ledger from 1960 with some stern 60′s values and he is naturally annoyed these 2 girls have dragged him into the present…hmmm, and this is where the spankings begin!!! :D

Check out the clip below which contains a good paddling scene! Clip is in MP4 Format

I won’t spoil the ending, but it has a great twist since Keith (not Heath) Ledger obviously wants to go back to where they took him from…

OK, can Irelynn iron? According to the following information, I’m not so sure! Trust your shirts with this ditzy gal at your peril, as Mr Lewis discovered to his cost!

Household chores can be so dull and Irelynn, despairing of ever finishing the ironing, allows her mind to wander with disastrous results. Look at that lovely iron-shaped hole in Stephen’s lovely pink shirt! Looks like Irelynn’s lovely bottom will be a dark shade of pink before too long! (see images below and decide for yourself)


My final featured update with Irelynn today

Irelynn really needs to pay more attention when washing up. She claims that granny’s hateful vase hitting the lino was a complete accident but Stephen is having none of it. It was the only thing she left him (apart from the debts) and he is very cross indeed with poor Irelynn! Cross enough to give her a very thorough smacked bottom. And then he tells her to fetch the clothes brush…enjoy these superb HQ images of Irelynn’s punishment below

To view ALL of Irelynn’s many films and photo sets at NorthernSpanking – CLICK HERE


I hope you enjoyed this classic review of Irelynn – some of the joys of my archives!!! 🙂
Back tomorrow! Chief.

Teen Alexis & other updates

First of all, I hadn’t gloated over our enthralling cricket Ashes win since half my readership from the states would be wondering like WTF is the Chief wittering on about! But it’s a big thing to most of us Englishmen and since I’m posting this at a couple of blogs today… I felt like ramming it down the Aussies throats since they seemed such poor losers/sports as well (Ricky Ponting hiding away and “unable” to present to Ashes urn to the victorious England team!) So well done Andrew Strauss & co, you also created a record by winning 3 of the Tests with Innings victories (to my American chums, it means we smashed them with a huge scoreline that humbled their team…)

& there goes the last of my Australian readership… heh heh!
(awww, c’mon, we love you guys really!)


OK, enough baiting, I was gonna post this yesterday and have had time to come up witha different angle on amazing new girl Alexis, so please enjoy this post as it’s a right excuse to gawp at some of Clare Fonda’s prettiest spankees from her hugely popular SpankedSweeties site which covers newcomers (like Alexis below) girls recounting their past experiences and enacting them as well as fantasties and regular features with other spanking beauties!

New girl Alexis – Simply stunning!

Alexis recalls her stories and also some fantasties which are played out but the very first film that Clare is showing right now features something I’d like to see more of in a spanking and punishment film – and that is good old fashioned mouth soapings for girls that can’t control their potty mouths! I know Clare has been mouth soaped in the past so seeing her dish it out to cute new girl Alexis was very satisfying and… there are a couple of exclusive free clips of her spanking (and her moaning!) as well as a mouth soeaping scene that I have got for you! Meanwhile enjoy some images from this 1st film now showing below:

Click images below which show you exclusive free scenes from the above new film

Now if you loved this latest addition from SpankedSweeties – then check out what is coming starring the gorgeous new brat Alexis below! I can’t wait to see much more of her, can you?

Hmmm, I’ve never understood the American fascination with pipes and bongs etc… but here we will see a very naughty spaced out Alexis getting a thrashing for smoking that shit… I’m much more of a cigar and red wine guy myself, lol! Still, it’s a great excuse to see Alexis showing off what is an amazing arse, don’t you agree? Then there is this movie coming up which I hust have to see as she is manhandled and man spanked – oh if only I was there to do the job!

OK, so here’s the twist today! Alexis is a good friend of Candle Boxx who recommended that Clare contact her! Now that was a great move by Candle and I decided to check out some of her stuff again and boy, had I forgotten just how f*cking cute she was? These images are taken from photo sets which are in turn taken from much of her work at SpankedSweeties, just feast your eyes on Candle (if you have forgotten) and wow, does she have an amazing ass or what that hits the top of the “Trouser Arousal-ometer”, gorgeously speckled from her spankings, just the way I like a naughty sexy girl’s bottom to be!

Very cute, trim, buff and very naughty! Candle Boxx at spankedsweeties!

Awesome! Now in another twist, Candle was good friends with Paris Kennedy who in turn is/was best friends with Clare so here we have the full circle of this contact list and in my final little tribute today, I found this from Teen Spankings Tube which shows Paris paddled by Clare – taken from the vast archives of

More Spanking clips like the above can be found at Teen Spankings Tube

So there we have it today… my little feature on the excellent SpankedSweeties with stunning new girl Alexis! I hope you enjoyed watching this as much as I did presenting her to you today! & remember, as awesome and massive as Spankedsweeties is – it’s just part of Clare’s infamous CLARE FONDA PASS which covers all her female spanking sites as I know damn well Alexis is just too good to remain just at “Sweeties”, eh?

Have a great weekend everyone, back soon! Chief.

Sarah Gregory Spanking Updates

I’m sure you’re well aware of Sarah’s excellent spanking site, the aptly named Sarah Gregory Spanking where she is spanked and also has the chance to get her own back as we have seen her at many other sites over the last few years… well, I believe she originally hails from Boston and is still in that area (hmm, I really should think before I write but I’m sure she is) – so this “Beaner” or “Bostonian” babe rocks at her own site where she gets to do her own thing including being the webmistress (good luck on that, it’s hard work…eh?) I have been to America a few times but only really on the Eastern side and have spent a lot of time in Boston so love the place to bits (I was responsible, in my youth for incurring the wrath of the dreaded INS when I used to live and, ahem, “work” at the youth hostel some 20 odd years ago (and I got deported, which sucked big time, of course). I didn’t go back to America until around 2005 (yeah, I was allowed back by then, LOL!) and have been back twice since and spent most of it with friends and family contacts in New England so appreciate it a lot and even the Red Sox…chilling with a beer and a Dog at Fenway! 🙂

Anyway, as usual I digress, I’m posting this up at 3 of my blogs in the hopes that as many people see this post as possible, because as well as showing you what the very lovely Sarah has been up to recently on her site, including some special EXCLUSIVE free clips that I have got for you incl. a whole load of promo images taken mainly from her latest stuff out now – I also want YOU to leave me questions as well as load of my own that I aim to ask Sarah in a forthcoming interview! IMPORTANT: Please feel free to post as many questions as possible and leave your name if you want, I will be sending these all off to Sarah (who has graciously agreed to answer our questions) so get thinking, anything you haven’t seen asked before, something you’d like to know about her you haven’t seen asked or whatever, just ask!!! Eg) what’s coming, the best/worst times etc etc etc, in fact ANYTHING you want to see Sarah answer, let me know. Depending on the responses across these blogs I’ll collect and get these out to her hopefully this time next week so I can do a full site review and give you her replies! Does that sound like a deal? OK, just give me as many questions as you want me to ask and they’ll be sent off.

So, I’m ignoring Sarah’s cute Halloween update personally as I rather missed halloween altogether – But you can view a FREE GALLERY of that HERE – (it’s a great film all the same!). Below are her 3 most recent updates and I have to say these are colorful, feisty and damned good viewing! As you’ll see below, she also gets to bring in some lovely girls like the adorable Kat St James and Julianne Leigh for example!

So first up, with a non spanking intro clip, but it’s worth downloading  just to see how bratty and mean both Sarah and Kat can be when they have to accept a girl they don’t really like to their Slumber Sleepover. Their parents told them they had to invite Kisa, the most unpopular girl in school. So, they cope with the situation by being very very mean to her when she arrived. They hide her phone, make fun of her, and even scare her (as you’ll see in the free clip below). However, Kisa has plans for her own revenge on these two mean girls and it involves two very sore, red bottoms as you’ll see from the HQ Stills after the movie clip!

These are all Quicktime files, if you are a Windows user you can easily view these files (once you’ve saved them to your PC) with the multi media players like VLAN or much improved RealPlayer that easily plays these formats (just allow the player of your choice to play .mov formats – simples!)



This is one of the very latest updates & Kat is the next to go over Kisa’s lap!
Hmm, I can’t wait to see how this turns out, eh?

I love the name of the next movie update, it’s called “Stripper Whipper” and it’s a great excuse to see Sarah and her co star Theresa stripped and spanked in next to nothing! I like the choice of underwear, or colorful lack of it… anyway, check out this little HD Spanking clip below and you’ll see some fine ass jiggling spankings of both girls, this is just a taster and of course the full movie is in the same high quality playback and it’s HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!

Sarah and Theresa have gotten into a fight on stage at the strip club where they work. They are called into the boss’ office the next day and fired for their outlandish behavior. They protest and say how much they love the club. The boss comes up with another plan knowing that he promised the other girls these two brats would be punished. He will show these two bratty strippers that fighting in the strip club and not following rules leads to a very sore and well spanked bottom. Yay! See some of the further results of this from the rather extensive HQ Still collection.



I’d pay good money to watch these 2 fighting & getting thrashed in person, wouldn’t you?

The following recent update has Sarah in one of her dominant roles that she has become very adept at, and this is a really sexy movie, the full length film is something like 400+Mb and around 15-16 mins long so it gives you an idea of the high bitrate and quality of the playback, as you’ll see from the short clip of her spanking the very sexy blonde babe, Julianne Leigh, who is getting a rather erotic spanking from her girlfriend… there’s plenty more to come from this, I can assure you! (phew!)

Sarah & Julianne are in a relationship. Sarah is into spanking! As Julianne is new to spanking she asks her girlfriend, Sarah, to give her very first spanking. Let’s just say that after a long naked bare bottom hand spanking over Sarah’s lap (which you saw part of) what follows is a leather paddling, and sensual flogging, in which Julianne now has a new appreciation for spanking… and of course the end of this naughty movie has Sarah starting to make out with Julianne (this gets the Chief’s Trouser Arousal Alert set at maximum!)



There are of course MORE recent updates but I think you all get the idea from these 3 fairly recent movies, you can of course check out all the latest storylines and what is available right now on the Tour Pages of – it’s well worth checking out and as the site is now been open for, I reckon a little over 6 months, the entire library of content that is now available in such a short time is incredible (but you can see for yourselves as a member if you don’t want to hang around for my next update and these teasing little snippets, just get the real deal!)

Sarah’s generous site options are below on this banner – enjoy!

PS. Please don’t forget to leave your questions where ever you see this request, I would really like to be able to ask her a lot of questions that members or prospective members or fans of Sarah might want to see answered, let’s make this a good one, OK? Thanks! 
Regards, Chief. 😀

Brrr! It’s Winter! Spankings to warm you up!

OK, us poor folk stuck up high in the northern hemisphere, especially here in the over crowded island on the edge of Northern Europe that is the UK, are now officially in daylight saving time meaning it’s flipping Winter again…(groan). Now, I can handle the cold and the blue skies or snow, as I used to experience when I lived in The French Alps many moons ago (now skiing nearly everyday might have helped pass the time, of course) but it’s the depressing grey skies and constant damp biting cold I hate most, and unfortunately that’s what we will mainly have the next 4 months or so in England.

& on that depressing bombshell, I obviously do NOT work for the British Tourist Board, but if any of you people are planning to visit us here in the UK, be prepared for a typical daylight picture like below!

LOL! Only kidding! Fortunately there’s a bit of color at the mo as the leaves are a riot at the moment!


OK… and onto something below that will warm the cockles of your heart and also a link to some fantastic and amazing free galleries which contain shed loads of fantastic long play vids, pics and clips which will definitely keep you entertained for a while! The main one I have here is the latest promo feature with the gorgeous Katie Leigh in what I reckon is one of her sexiest roles as a wanton harlot begging… Yes! begging to be thrashed and thrashed HARD! Oh my…see what I mean below and click on the Honey Bunny poster for the free goodness!

Even Internet Cat agrees and if you click on his “mouse” you’ll find a whole new world of amazing Trouser Busting Spanking Goodies!

In case you haven’t  on the image above (why not?) – check out what my pervy cat’s looking at right now, here’s another sample gallery from which you can NOT ignore! Why? It contains not just Samantha Woodley (dribble) but also Goldie Rosemont (drool) spanked, strapped and given the hairbrush as each girl is punished for smoking at the Reform School… and it’s an amazing double movie feature that shows you just what is available on offer at this great site! Click on the image below for the direct link to the gallery that contains 2 movie clips and dozens of free images!

Ah, while I’m on about FirmhandSpanking why not check out a few choice images from this delightful girl on girl fest, it made me laugh as bith girls talk about their “jiggling butts” – I will warn you now watching Alison Miller’s bum being prodded and massaged in a “jiggly” way caused by trouser undercarraige department to derail, so at least YOU have all been warned!


…and I have a few choice images from this movie as well! If that doesn’t pique your interest in this site then you are already a member and , like me, quite content and spent… or you are “dead below” and all hope is lost!





Ok, if that isn’t getting you going, a short trip to surely will as these girls and the new ones they are getting in are now becoming highly addictive viewing and I shall be having to write to David Pierson and beg him to stop fuelling my carnal urges to see beautiful young ladies thrashed OTK! I am now spending more and more time behind a locked door in my study watching all my spanking movies… I have already envisaged my demise when the Grim Reaper eventually gets fed up with me and turns up to collect my soul… I shall be found sat in my chair, totally spent with spanking movies playing on a loop on my laptop…LOL! Imagine that! 

Ok, enough of my morbid thoughts, here is something to warm us all up it’s either the return of Nyssa Nevers or David & Pixie had found a movie they hadn’t showed until now, I’m hoping that it’s Nyssa making a very welcome return, this girl is damned hot and takes pride of place in the 1st part of my PunishedBrats updates today with this brand new movie OUT NOW!



Nyssa the litterbug: Nyssa was throwing her styrofoam cup out the window while riding in her friend, Beverly’s car. Beverly ended up getting pulled over and given a littering ticket. She is not pleased that her friend thinks the matter is so funny and makes no offer to assist in paying for the ticket so cue Beverly’s retribution and one form of payment that will wipe the smile off Nyssa’s face!



In this ongoing movie which is now out IN FULL the movie, “Off Campus” has Pixie given the opportunity for revenge on poor Lily Anna’s bottom when Principal Veronica orders the girls to switch places. Lily Anna isn’t enjoying being on the receiving end quite as much as she liked being the one to dish out the discipline earlier (I’m sure I showed this previously, feel free to check my previous posts).

Fantastic facial shot of Ten which is matched by the fantastic images of her bubble butt below:



Ten had agreed to help clean the house after getting back from a wonderful mother-daughter vacation. But when Sandy returns home, she finds the house just as messy as when she left and decides to take a paddle to Ten’s bottom – it’s “back to reality” for this lazy teenager!


Pixie’s preview section tells us that we will soon be seeing the return of Lorraine, this hot pouting young madam is one of the sexiest chicas (IMHO) to ever have been spanked at PunishedBrats and I can hardly wait to see what she gets up to judging from these promo images below! *** insert “I HAZ WOODZ cat image! ***


This update has been sent to both of my blogs so I hope that wherever you read this, you will enjoy this update 🙂

– Blogs updated with this post –
Teen SpankingsSpankingBlogg

While I’m at it…remembering Anita

I’ve heard that Anita de Bauche no longer does “Fetish” or adult work anymore, which is a great pity to those fans like myself that have admired and been amazed by some of her online work! Fortunately, she had featured quite a lot at one group of spanking sites and in particular if you wanted just one site to choose from, then I’d have to say go for Why? Simply because there were some awesome films she starred in that are exclusive only to that site – and still, thankfully, not found anywhere else!

The delicious buttocks of schoolgirl Anita are given a good pasting as you’ll see from this free strapping clip below: Please right click and save the file first as it’ll be easier for you all to view this movie file saving the film to your PC or laptop first, I expect a lot of people to try and view these clips!!!

Right Click and save file 1st to view!

The story: Anita held the position of Head Girl of her class. With that comes a lot of responsibility to uphold the rules of the school & set an example to other pupils. Much to the horror of the Headmaster she fell foul of the strict rules in regards to how girls have to behave when outside of school! On a school outing she disgraced herself by getting into trouble with a number of her class mates. The result was a VERY SORE BOTTOM for Anita! Spanked – then strapped across her bare quivering cheeks,  gorgeous Anita had to learn quickly to mend her ways. This movie is only available & EXCLUSIVE to

Want more? click on the link below as it contains a hand strapping scene, which is quite rare nowadays!

below is one of my fave pyjama bedroom scenes of Anita, this is what I found in the members area (you can now click on a model profile and look up your fave girls featured etc) This is a brilliant film with a shameful Anita, who fails a Knicker Inspection in bed. You’ll see her in her pyjamas, bare arsed, getting spanked OTK and then caned hard across her beautiful cheeks… see what I mean from these lovely images and FREE Clip which is special to this blog!

See the Hi Res vid caps and the FREE movie clip below.

Right enough waffle – I just wanted you to appreciate yet another fantastic spanking model as I prepare my usual updates so don’t go too far – Remember this download & all content is exclsuive to

Amber – Panties, Spankings & so much more!

I had promised Amber Dawn I’d get an update out and wanted to do a “something new and something old” so after carefully reviewing some new materials this afternoon I found a perfect excuse to perv over Amber’s many panty spankings and watch her getting off on having her beautiful bubble butt caressed, stroked and spanked as she gets off on her “Daddy” (as she calls her lucky fella). I could review some amazing face sitting, clit licking or fucking scenes with Amber and her man, in between much spanking, of course… but I hate writing with a huge stiff boner and would have to stop and, ahem, sort out the problem in hand… but believe you me, there is plenty of sex and spanking as you’d expect between a real life couple and when I’m up for it I will do a special review like that if you want! (Comments are always well received here!!!) Of course, you could all just sign up to Amber’s Site HERE and see for yourself now – with over 350 films at this site alone, there’s more than enough to keep you occupied, trust me, I’m a spanko perv!

So back to the panties! From something in the past here’s a great movie that has Amber caressed in her yellow see through panties, she grinds and rubs her pussy against his knee as he prepares to spank her in this position, then slowly removes her knickers, continuing to caress her warmed up bum before ensuring her ass is high in the air for a much harder spanking as her beautiful butt jiggles provocatively, inviting yet more action on her bared wobblesome globes! I have included some video scenes and a couple of movie clips from this 2 part movie which should give you a good idea of what this naughty film is about!





Click either image below and they will lead to 2 seperate clips taken from this movie!

OK, just to show that Amber can look HOT in ANY panties, check out these stills below taken from the members area! I’ve reduced them in size but the thumbs are still quite large, originals are even larger 🙂

Amber proves in or out of any panties, her butt is too HOT to handle!



Ok, if you’re not aching by now, or ladies, if you’re wondering if Amber really is as sexy as she looks, yes she is… she admits to being a camera whore, she actually can’t get enough and will do glamour shoots for magazines and other websites in the USA as well as having her own special web camera links so you can see her play, get spanked, hell, anything you want… if you’re in charge, she’ll be your willing submissive camera slut – I haven’t got the link but her website HERE will have the link or check out her BLOG as she often gives updates when she will be online “live”.

Remember this is just the one site I’m featuring here today and as promised here is a more recent update where Amber gets her bottom spanked and then continues to get it spanked after a fine spray of water is misted across her cheeks. I always enjoys seeing this, I know just what that feels like as a spanker and enjoy seeing a girl’s moist bottom spanked as the sensations for both spanker and spankee are far more intense… check out the FREE Clip below (courtesy of TEEN SPANKING TUBE which has a 2 minute clip of this sexy scene)

Click image below to watch this free movie clip

Get lost in Amber’s eyes as she takes on this spanking!
(then jiggles her bubble butt for further spanking mayhem)
WARNING: Viewing more of Amber exposed here WILL cause severe trouser arousal




OK, I’m spent, I don’t know about you… seriously this is STILL one of the most erotic spanking sites around, I hope that I have persuaded you to take another peek at what Amber gets up to – this is just a very small part of what she does, don’t get me started on when she gets spanked by and spanks gorgeous young ladies too! Good grief, I’d be here all night with a very unrespectable hard on and that’s very selfish –  and that is for you to discover! (Amber, that is, not my poor stiffie) So check her out, I absolutely promise you can not fail to be disappointed seeing her red bottom match her red hair! Enjoy!


Amber stars in her original site at and you can also see her give it good to lots of naughty girls in her equally classic site (there is also an option to join both for a reduced price with one set of codes advertised on both her sites – something I can HIGHLY recommend)

“I haz Wood” –   © Spank Chief

A new week and a bad start for some!

An aptly named episode at Spanked-In-Uniform was recently released starring the gorgeous submissive Kami Robertson, and I had also realised that I had not mentioned the fact she was in a another recent release at this fine site so today, you get a double whammy helping of Miss Robertson, first in a Police Uniform getting told off and humiliated, then a humbling experience as a fooilsh maid with Room Service attitude problems! Hold on to your pants, ladies and gents… as Kami is HOT in both these long play films out in full!

Kami’s bad week at the South West Police Station

18 year old Kami got herself into some serious trouble this week. First when she was on Mall duty, she decided to do some shopping while on duty and for that she got a hard strapping from Police Chief Johnson. Then a few days later the little madam let a few hooligans go free who caused a disturbance at a local club instead of arresting them. For that she got a sound caning from the chief and afterwards she had to stand in reception, bottom fully exposed with the cane held against her stinging cheeks for all to see and gawp at! How humiliating! You can see some of the images taken from this movie below!

The shame is complete for all to see – don’t miss this full movie update!

Now remember that I said there was another update I had missed? (or I think I did, I had it prepared before I went away on hols, so apologies if you’ve seen this already, but who can resist looking at Kami in a French maid’s outfit?)

Well done to the folk at Spanked-In-Uniform for these excellent camera angles! If only I could have room service like this and then get away with what is about to follow!!!

The storyline to this movie is explained below:
The new maid at the Birchrod Inn, 18 year old Kami, was told to bring a guest his breakfast in bed and she screwed up the order so the owner Mr Johnson put the little madam over his knee and gave her a sound spanking. Later in the day Kami didn’t clean the barbeque so she was lain over the arm of the sofa and she got a sound birching. During the barbeque that evening Kami was forced to stand against the wall, with her well spanked and birched bottom on display for all the guests to see!

Kami’s fans will be pleased to know she is in every possible scenario at Spanked In Uniform, and you may well remember some of my other features with her as an airline stewardess, a nurse and as a schoolgirl, it’s all there at Spanked In Uniform!


How do I follow that? Hmm, well, I just spied this little gem over at starring one of my all time faves, isis, playing schoolgirl Tara Johnson – or should that be a girl returning to fulfill her long lost fantasy? I remembered this film vividly, and the caning scenes and the look on her face are simply awesome!

19 year old Tara returns to school to fulfill her dream of being properly punished with her knickers down to her favourite teacher she had a crush on! As she’s a fully grown, and very sexy young women, the poor hapless treacher can hardly resist and is only too happy to help her out so he suggests a spelling test and decides to see where her wrong answers get her from there… I can tell you if you take a look at the screen grabs below I think you’ll see she gets a much needed spanking & caning that Tara soaks up with ease! What a naughty naughty girl! Welt-tastic!


As you will have seen, thsi is a very sexy and potent film of a girl that gets my triouser undercarriage in all sorts of mess when I view her shameful punishments, knickers down! What can I say? I’m a spnko perv! See ALL the schoolgirl canings movies and download these Hi Quality films today only at


Finally in a bid to catch up, (there is so much to tell you about!) take a look at the galleries below from Clare Fonda’s group of sites and these are all available individually or, better still, through her excellent package via the CLARE FONDA PASS – choose 3, 4 or 5 of her sites with one set of codes and for a lot less than the combined cost of her premium spanking sites!

Amy Hunter gives and takes as well as new girl Riley and Holly with “Momma” Clare
It can only be

MySpankingRoommate just keeps on giving! Now with Snow Mercy again, (I’m going weak at the knees) as well as Kailee, Chloe and Madison (in tears) in the recent episodes – check out the galleries below for full episode updates and cracking images!

& finally from SpankedSweeties – home of newbies, and spanking starlets sharing their secrets and desires, check out these galleries! the first 2 star newbie Natasha with THE most delicious wobblesome red butt to die for!

All the above (including the infamous Exclusive Education Series of films) from

These are all available individually or as part of the CLARE FONDA PASS

Lottie Kinsade’s NEW movie

Hmmm, there is something about Miss Kinsade, isn’t there? Maybe because she’s relatively new to the online filming scene, like a breath of “fresh spanking air” – I’ve seen reports where she looks bored in films, I can assure you Lottie in person is anything but boring, she may be a little self aware and is still getting used to being in front of the cameras and the acting is progressing (I think it’s because Lottie has an incredible tolerance for pain). I think only a very heavy wooden paddle or severe thrashing with a Dragon Cane might make her “slightly” wince when most other girls would be screaming and suing the producers, lol! But that’s what she has – an amazing rounded derriere that can take virtually any severe punishment that comes her way! Being a mere “babber” as folk round my way might say, this young spanking actress has nonetheless succeeded in beguiling many an admirer, myself included, as she has a certain beauty and innocence on camera, and of course the best reference for Miss Kinsade is that virtually every producer and spanking model worth their salt in the UK and Europe have worked with her recently and filmed some excellent content and of course I’ve been very pleased to showcase some excellent films in which Lottie has been the star or co-starred in.

So here we are today with a brand new movie update at THEBAREBOTTOM – and I can tell you it’s a peach of a domestic discipline scenario as poor Lottie gets caught out by her own foolishness and lies! Imagine having a young wife like Lottie (I best not, lol) I think she would be HIGH maintenance, as this unfortunate Hubby discovers to his cost! If you haven’t already click the above image, then CLICK HERE and you will get to see a FREE movie clip currently advertised on the Home page of

Click on the thumbs below for the 1st show video grab images taken from this movie including some impact shots with special SLO-MO film footage on the final 3 images!

This FULL Movie along with many MORE Exclusive Lottie Kinsade thrashings can be viewed only at – no content here is found anywhere else!