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Spanking Awards – A Personal Note

Okay, this is a bit of a rant and I am getting frustrated by a few, probably some who just troll for the hell of it… but whatever, I think this needs to be said – and I will post this on Fetlife and link it to Twitter too!

rantThe next round is nearly ready but before I continue with that in my next post… I want to say how much time and effort this takes and to be honest, I actually LOSE out financially running these awards spending a lot of time on them instead of working on other far more lucrative projects outside of these awards. In case you all think I have interests that I promote myself. I don’t include sites closest to me currently like AAA (even though I don’t own it anymore it is still closest to me, naturally) and I can’t stop someone like Sarah Gregory who is her own separate entity and can’t help being in the public eye – as such… I put her in if she gets nominated. Of course I want her to do well, she is my real life partner – but I am not going to exclude her because of associating with me, am I? Yes I was asked to do that by someone, seriously? She was nominated by a hell of a lot of people, she has an established fanbase, like many others (way before me) … also those with a larger social media presence will often do better, I can’t help that either. All I ask is that those nominated get a fair crack… please do give those nominated the respect and check them out… some of you will just blindly vote for your favorites regardless… the times I see “nominate such and such in all categories” … really? That is lazy but I bite my lip and count them along with the others when the nominations are counted.

This year I am also asking PRODUCERS to nominate their own film for the film awards, it can be a part of a series they are proud of, and I will be contacting as many as I can think of that are in the public eye.

Here is the list of producers I intend to contact (if I can) – I will be mailing them over the next few days as I will put this up for vote just after Xmas.

If I have missed any. Let me know! These are in alphabetical order (I had to arrange these in the interests of not appearing to favor anyone – sigh.)

  • Bars and Stripes
  • Clare Fonda Pass Network (up to 5 sites to choose from)
  • English Spankers
  • Firmhand Spanking
  • Good Spanking
  • Momma Spankings
  • Northern spanking
  • Punished Brats
  • RealSpankings Network (Realsp & RSI)
  • Sarah Gregory Spanking
  • Shadowlane
  • Spanked in Uniform
  • Spanking Sarah

Have I missed any? Remember I have to contact them too and they have to send me a brief description (and why it is nominated) as to what film and 4 images that they want you to view as part of the description to help you decide why you should get their award. & please don’t moan to me about not including Pandora Blake’s excellent Dreams of Spanking – I have already said why until I am blue in the face… if it isn’t active at the time of voting, then it can’t be voted on. We all know why, and we all hope her site comes back once her appeal decision is made. I’m sure she doesn’t give a damn if this isn’t in the Awards this year. having won a prestigious Short Film award in Berlin recently. She’ll get a special award at the end of this for her services but I can’t ask you to vote on something that isn’t techically there… there is no membership site currently!

Okay… so back to the awards.
I actually want to say that I actually do it for the love of it (believe it or not… but I just need to offload this so you all understand) and because it felt like a void after Brushstrokes stopped it in 2013 on his now defunct Spankingspot blog and anyone who has run this knows what a f*cking pain in the ass it is to run. It’s an adrenaline rush to see people voting, though. I think it’s a nice thing to recognize those in The Scene (full or part time) that contribute something in the online world of our favorite subject and this is what these awards try to convey… it’s also meant to be a bit of fun, so stop bitching at me and just take this in the spirit it is intended. I also can’t get you nominations for people who don’t really show their faces in the party scene or don’t want public exposure – seriously, are some of you insane? They don’t want to be outed!!!
So once again, I also have people complaining to me in yet more anonymous emails (nice one!) about why there are no male bottom awards – well, I asked last year, asked again this year if we should run it and did you nominate any or say what a marvellous idea? – NO! Also some producers who don’t share their traffic (which I personally find incredibly selfish) when they expect us bloggers to just promote them in our own spare time for nothing? LOL! I’d rather promote my own stuff or Sarah… as that is my personal preference, just as you have chosen to exclude affiliates from helping you and rewarding them for their considerable time and effort. Well, you’ll get a helping hand as I have decided to run a Clips Store vote as the last one this year. So guess what… why don’t you actually all think about who you want? I don’t f*cking care who it is, as long as the store is primarily based in the SPANKING categories of any clip store. So there you go… this is YOUR big chance to promote yourselves GRATIS… as long as you get the required nominations. Go knock yourselves out… get people to help nominate you. I will only put through the Top 10 (and please don’t use multiple IPs and emails, I can actually see that, you know? It’s embarrassing) So, I can’t say fairer than that… right?

Sorry, I didn’t want to sound negative, it’s just sometimes, these things had to be said to clear the air! Anyway, look forward to BEST MALE & FEMALE SPANKER later to vote on… there’s some good entrants in these categories!

This post was brought to you by “Wake the fuck up” Productions 🙂


Horsemeat scandals Bolog-neighs & more rants!

soapboxrantMove along if you wanted to see spankings, I just wanted to let off some steam, light heartedly at first about the horsemeat scandal then I got to thinking about my country’s role in Europe as this is part of the E.U. malaise that I am fed up with: Astonishing complacency, arrogance and downright criminal activity by not only the opportunist Eastern European gangs, but our highest “elected” officials in Europe who want the richest nations in Europe to fund the Euro Gravy-train by spending MORE on budgets – and to hell with the tax payers of these nations (Britain, naturally… included).



burger-king-not-horse-meatOK… so no doubt some of you will have noticed that there is a bit of a scandal going around with some fast and prepared foods here in the UK. Fortunately I don’t ever really eat many “beef” ready meal or processed products such as lasagne (I work in the business, at least on the butchery side of things that I know quite well so am aware of the supply chain). Supermarkets are not to blame entirely as they have been forced to accept compliance documentation from these companies supplying the meat and prepared foodstuffs as ready to sell for years. Who is to blame for allowing this into our country? … take a step successive governments (starting with Labour over 10 years ago and continuing with our present administration). There has been dangerous cuts to funding to the FSA (Food Standards Agency) who are so threadbare that they are unable to make the dedicated and necessary checks as they should. Some criminal elements in eastern Europe (where else… sigh) have known this and supplied “filler” meat… I’m personally not fazed by eating horse… after all, I had lived in France for years and the “steack hache” was nearly always horse unless you asked for “bifsteack”.  However,  I am fazed by the fact it could be knackered horse from Romania (which it no doubt is) and possibly containing carcinogens… what I am angry about is the fact that there is a lot of profit being made at the gullible consumers and supermarket operations expense as every part of the chain tries to squeeze each other and keep margins profitable whilst showing that the end user… us, the customers… get a good deal! This affects the hard pressed families and those on tight budgets. Of course, many of those miss going to a butchery counter or even on our high street, the dedicated butchers (if you can find one nowadays)… as all meat sold there is totally traceable, (especially beef in the UK… we actually joke that beef is so much more traceable than illegal immigrants… sad but true!)


This whole scandal has hardly started, I fully expect to see lamb, pork and chicken investigated too, I know it should be, I no longer touch any ready meals when I see that the “chicken content” comes (for example) from Brazil! Brazil FFS! Not only is the carbon footprint of that ridiculous, why can we not find a supplier closer to home? Answer: they have to comply with yet more laws in THIS country as those supplying it here do get more checks… notice all the suppliers so far are not in the UK (Comigel in France and Silvercrest in Ireland – both companies duped by their meat suppliers – from Eastern Europe).

spagbol lasagneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeigh findushorse

You pay for what you get… of course we are all angry, I expect to at least trust a label that says beef, even if it is just 45% or whatnot… but I certainly don’t expect some filler to be horse if it does not say so… this scandal will “hit the blocks” and “run and run” – sorry (lol) couldn’t resist! & of course there are some nice memes going round now that Findus, a major frozen food producer has had virtually 100% horse meat detected in some of their “Beef lasagnes” – I hope our agencies and those of other countries in Europe track down the criminal elements.


& we have the joy of opening our borders thanks to EU law next year to Romania and Bulgaria? I despair (& don’t get me started on the UNDEMOCRATIC European Parliament) who some members have openly defied the latest budget breakthrough by the countries that FUND this bloated organization) by stating that they want to vote in SECRET (so as to avoid the WRATH of those who voted them in on 25% turn outs.) To overturn what was a landmark decision instigated by Britain and the fed up northern Euro countries including Holland, Scandinavia and (thankfully) Germany (hurrah!) – who have to foot the bill… how typical that the basket case economies such as Spain, Italy and France want the socialist ideal to spend MORE money none of our countries really have spare…


Martin Schulz (see the bearded weirdo above): A thoroughly unpleasant German socialist president of the European Parliament, is looking for a fight on this. And the new powers the Lisbon Treaty gives the parliament over the budget means Schulz can do just that.

He was at the council last night, warning the leaders of the member states not to cut the budget.  More to the point, he says he has done a count of the political groups at the parliament, and they tell him a budget at the lower figure won’t get through the parliament. He says the leaders of the same political groups told him that they have already initiated the procedure required to ensure that the vote on the budget is taken by secret ballot.

Yes, I know, outrageous. But the parliament has the power to do it. And far from being ashamed, the MEPs (members of European Parliament) will hail a secret vote as a “democratic protection against  ‘dangerous’ and ‘nationalist’ pressures on MEPs from their home governments.”

So, as I say, the parliament trying to veto Cameron’s ‘triumph’ is something stronger than a rumour. But if it’s rumour you want, try this: a confrontation with the Council is part of Schulz’s plan to be the next president of the European Commission. He appears to want to present himself as the champion of – typical left-winger – solidarity, which he calls ‘the key value underpinning the European Union’. If he can line himself up as the anti-Cameron (from the much maligned UK), there are enough ‘anti-nationalists’ who would want him to lead the Commission as insurance against any increase of Council powers at the expense of the Commission.


If they vote this down, I can’t wait for our referendum to leave or stay in the European Union. However, by 2017, it will be far too late as our tiny nation will be awash with yet more economic migrants thinking the streets of our country were paved with Gold and yet more barmy laws we have to embrace at the further eradication of our national identity!

Horsemeat and European Democracy Rant – Over!


AAAspanking – Latest Updates & News

As promised, I have a real treat for you as I have been dying to share the news about our latest shoot we did at the weekend which brought back the wonderful Leia-Ann Woods and I finally managed to get the beautiful Irelynn Logeen and once again this combination worked on so many levels. Some of the stuff we filmed and photographed was (well, in my humble opinion) very VERY good and I can’t wait to see the results once the edits start coming to me! I have got a nice little “Behind the scenes” free gallery which helps explain some of what we got up to but there was so much more.

The location was excellent, the company great (thanks girls for making it a fun shoot!!!) and, thanks to my partners in crime for getting me absolutely hammered Saturday night after the girls went their way… “Hey, Kids! Don’t do copious amounts of Stella Artois…” my recovery was ridiculously slow with a hangover from hell on Sunday! All this after being insulted as “Cakeboy” by Leia (but more on that later) Click the main image below and it will take you to a free gallery, most images are raw and I’ve reduced them in size but you’ll get the idea of what’s going on!

OK, as you’ll see, my little purchases on eBay were a success, I got myself some genuine vintage Guide uniforms and we used this for some image sets and a great film that had the girls trying to sneak out dressed up in this cute gear to a fancy dress party… needless to say, I disapproved of the way they dressed so thrashed them both! I also upped the intensity of the spankings in many films and you’ll see some great OTK spankings and Leia got to “top” a few times too so F/F lovers are catered for and one film was particularly hot as Irelynn’s soft rump was turning a toasty shade of red to match her hair! I also managed to break my favorite hairbrush in a pyjama film with Irelynn, so she got to keep it as a trophy! There were the usual schoolgirl scenes – and you can never have enough excuses to spank a girl looking incredibly sexy in various uniforms and outfits! We decided to try out some interesting cam angles too but we took advantage of the location’s great views to do some spankings and punishments against the windows (after it stopped raining… sigh) for all the world to see, I don’t know if anyone did, but they would have seen the moon rising early!!!

One quick short sharp shock type scenario I filmed with Leia came from one of her tweets as she made a derogatory remark about me helping myself to some cake at the restaurant that Leia, Irelynn and myself were at the night before. The place was starting to close (so I just thought I’d get my share, that’s all!) see the cheeky tweet below… “cakeboy” indeed!

Ok, so you get the idea, there are so many more films including a great bathroom finale that has a soapy sud spanking of both girls, so lots of goodness to come!!!


& if you check out the very latest update today, as promised, it’s the film of Kami in her Flamenco dress, I have got you some preview images taken directly from the film and I also have important news about all future films as we are upping the quality of the playback as an additional option for those that want to watch HD films in larger, crisper 1280 x 720 size – it will be in MP4 format and there are now dozens of media players that can easily view this, it beats our Wmv versions but that will also be available in clip and full file format as standard and won;t change as we fully understand it’s still the most popular playback format from our previous poll but to increase the size of the films in Wmv isn’t as good as MP4 so we’re going to try that as an added option and will add both files when the full updates are due (so we won’t cheat you with “remasters” or other cheap nonsense!) However, to change it into another format , like say, Real Media would also mean resolution loss so that’s why we stuck with MP4 – we hope when you see this full file and all future movie files – that you will be suitably impressed!

Some Wmv Images from the film “Flamenco failure”

You can see a FREE PREVIEW CLIP from this latest movie HERE
(Full description of the movie is on the page too!)

Remember that we update the site at least 3 times a week, we sometime add bonuses (I did today) and updated the full video image set and half the film already with some great spanking scenes, we will always aim to get at least 1 new film out every week without fail! I’m hoping to get out a film with Irelynn next once the edit is complete and it’s a good OTK spanking film for those that are into that sort of thing (yes, I love OTK spankings!)

Take advantage of our low prices and even better 3 and 6 month memberships which just make sennse when you work it out! Enjoy! We enjoyed making these films, I hope this shows!

The Annoying Adios-Max TV Ad

OK, I am desperate to know who this babe is, I have tried Googling her, checking out forums and those Yahoo answer type question/forums but no one seems to know just who this model is who stars in this 30 second commercial which has been plaguing British TV screens for the last 6 months!
So if anyone knows…please please leave me a comment – God, just check out her rear in those skimpy pink panties, bollocks to “The Adios Effect”, it’s giving me severe “wood” maybe she should do an advert for Viagra instead?

click to play this flash clip

Anyway, this commercial is a good lesson in how to make a memorable advert, all you have to do is get a hot model like this babe to dance around in her knickers.
Still, do you really think this appeals to fatties too obese or lazy enough to get out of their beds to slim? Hmmm. Would it encourage them to dance down the street in their skimpy underwear?
Anyway, if you haven’t seen this ad before, enjoy the fact that a girl is jiggling around shaking her arse in those tight pink pants! I do!  😀

OK, back later with some usual updates, let me know if you find out this model’s name, first person that does leave a comment, I will reward you with a single site membership of your choice from the Xerotics sites!!!


It’s now 2 weeks since the abduction of 4 year old British girl Madeleine McCann.

Find Madeleine

If ever an abductor picked the wrong child to take, then this is the one!
Unprecedented media coverage worldwide, a family determined to find their girl alive, a nation behind them.
I know it’s peanuts with my little contribution, but if you were in Praia de Luz in Portugal or that area around May 3rd then take a look at the website set up.
OVER 60 Million hits already! Also click for the famous downloadable poster, Madeleine has a distinct blemish in her right eye!
I want this girl’s face to be ingrained on everyone’s memory, just as her parents want everyone to remember!
Check out the extensive news coversge on the website set up to highlight her disappearance.
My thoughts are with the family, may we find her alive soon!




Sorry to be so serious, hope you all understand.
We can’t let them take our children!