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We are back! Kinda!

Sorry for the disappearance, this time it was a double whammy of the Hosting Company moving from the new replacement server back to the old one for a brief time… as the new server had a RAID card issue… which at the time of writing, is still being rebuilt behind the scenes. The data on the new server has been corrupted… I am honestly so fucking pissed off with this crap right now. Not only that, the company that I registered the domain with had an archaic admin portal that would not allow me entry to go and do simple things like change where the domain can be pointed to… like a new or old server. After a furious phone call today… ignoring my support inquiries for over 10 days they apologized and got me access. This is why the blog is back… albeit to an older version, and this angry post will be wiped once the new server is reset!

So I will not be updating anything here until the replacement server is up and running again.


Recent UK Visit – Part 1

It has been some time since I last wrote here and, to be honest, I was wondering how to start posting again as I just didn’t want to do some lame promotional blog piece (not that it’s lame, but I wanted to provide you all with a more personal insight into what we get up to). So, the recent trip to the UK (and what Sarah & I got up to) is a most excellent way to get me to kick start reporting content and behind-the-scenes (BTS) updates. We are also earnestly filming LOTS of content for a new clip store – – but more on that later. Continue reading

Classic Spanking for your Weekend

Here is a collection of fine and varied updates from the plethora of fine spanking sites today.

A Proper Whoopin’ For Disrespectful Behavior

Cara is sent to her room to wait for Micheal as a result of her disrespectful tone and attitude. Clearly having not learned her lesson that morning, Cara’s sassy attitude seems to have returned. Michael orders her to bare her bottom and wears it out with a heavy wooden spoon.

Download this & the entire library of films with Cara Day HERE

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Introducing Nici Dee

She has never been featured on this blog before, but has appeared in many awesome short films and some of her best work is available in the archives of this website. This example, of her pussy strapping, placed into the familiar “Gyno Chair” shows off her stunning beauty and she takes many varied forms of punishments as you’ll see from the additional images I have from other films she has made over the years at the site.

More examples of Nici Dee’s outstanding work can be found (below)

Visit Spanking Server to see all of Nici Dee’s films and more awesome content like this!

Girl Scout Thief Punished

Adriana Evans is a Girl Scout leader who is out of patience for the naughty behavior that some of the girls in her troop are displaying. Dorothy, for example, seems more interested in aesthetics than anything else, and is willing to lie and steal to achieve the goal of “looking perfect” as a scout. Adriana won’t tolerate this: Dorothy is being a naughty little baby, so she’s going to treat her like one. First, Dorothy gets spanked across her authentic Girl Scout culottes. Then, both her shorts and her panties are pulled down so that she is given a bare bottom spanking. But that’s not all that she’s in store for: she’s going to be diapered, and she’s going to have to wear her diaper back to the meeting, as well as while they go sell cookies this weekend. But Dorothy doesn’t have a choice: if she doesn’t take her punishment, Adriana is going to demote her to Daisy Scout with the youngest girls. To make matters worse, once she’s been taped into a vintage fabine diaper, Adriana picks up the humiliates little girl and carries her out into the room where the other girls are waiting, announcing that Dorothy has something to show her friends. How will she ever live this down?

You can download the entire library of specialist films at Spanked and Diapered

Sally’s Long Punishment Day

Sally is lying on her bed reading a magazine and smoking. There is a loud knocking on her bedroom door. Oh dear! It’s Headmaster Tom. She has to act quickly. The cigarette is stubbed out in the ashtray, which is then hidden behind some ornaments on the shelf above her bed. However it can’t hide the smell, smokers think that they can get away with such a filthy habit. Headmaster tom is deeply unimpressed and takes her over his knee for a hard bare bottom hand and hairbrush spanking. He breaks the hairbrush across her pert buttocks. For her deception, sally is punished later that day with a further caning that leaves her bottom swollen, welted and very sore!

spanking otk spanking

Visit Girls Boarding School to see classic hard no-nonsense schoolgirl discipline!

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Catching Up with SG Spanking Updates

I’m sorry that I haven’t been writing here since the end of October… to be honest, after the tiresome week of watching the US Elections and the predictable pointless hissy fit from the Orange megalomaniac, it doesn’t garner hope for a less divided future. I try to steer clear of politics here, after all, it IS a spanking blog, but Trump is impossible to ignore.

I loathe him with every fiber of my being, not because he is a Republican (I don’t believe for a second he is a true member of the GOP… whatever that even is nowadays) since so many of the Republican entourage are willing to prostitute themselves for continued power. No, I am talking about the malignant narcissist of a man, selfish to the core, lacking in empathy, unable to fathom what is real for 100’s of millions of Americans. Then there is the baseless Q cult, the sheepish morons who follow him, emboldened for whatever racist ideals they believe is what makes America or fits their “narrative” (I hate that terminology).

Anyway, please ignore this if you just wanna see spankings and go straight down below. That f*cker gets to me and I just don’t get why people would believe a word he says. If you voted for him, please let me know the real reason why.

You afraid to pay a little more tax personally? But are happy instead to pay through the nose for private health care? Scared of socialism? Oh, and f*cking hell, Biden isn’t a socialist FFS… seems some Americans get really hung up on this word and equate it to every extreme form of socialism or communism we see in the world. So do get your facts straight before you might bother to tell/troll me. If you talk about fake news this and that, I will laugh at you. Grow up! I hear Trump is thinking of starting his own digital “news” network (it’s no surprise) as that is what he would have done if he lost in 2016. I think he has much more to worry about, like the filing of his taxes and the fact that he will be indicted for multiple counts of financial crimes. Anyway, let me know, love to find out WHY you voted for him, where you are and what issues you cared for… as he certainly doesn’t care about the 240,000 Americans thus far who have died from COVID-19. Or the soldiers who gave their lives for this great nation. For me, Trump is now synonymous with the L-word!

Okay, and so to the spanking updates! That has riled me up!


Click this image (above) or the link (below) if you prefer to view/download this full film as a one time purchase to keep.

Lily Spanked for Skipping Practice – Now available at the CLS Clip Store HERE

Lily arrives home to find her angry dad waiting for her in the kitchen, holding a wooden hairbrush. He questions her about where she has actually been (he knows, as the cheer coach has called him) and he wants her to tell him herself. However, she is unable to, and he is disappointed … especially as she is one of the best cheer girls and she can gain a scholarship. She skipped practice to hang out with the weight-lifting guys, she loves the gym and knows she is the strongest girl in the squad… but she forgets she still needs to attend practice! Dad is furious and tells her it’s high time she received an old fashioned spanking across his lap. Not only that, she will be receiving that nasty heavy hairbrush… which he knows she hates! It’s been a while since Lily earned a spanking, but she remembers how embarrassing it is to have dad spank her bare bottom. He spanks her so hard it quickly turns her bottom a flaming red. The hairbrush was as expected… and hurts like heck as the wooden implement stings and whacks her tight cheeks until they are a deeper, shameful crimson. Lily is left to reflect on her punishment in the corner, finally being allowed to rub her throbbing, sore bare bottom better. She will do well to remember that scholarships are not easy to come by, and cheerleading will be her ticket to one if she applies herself correctly.

Watch the free preview of this hard cheerleader spanking film with one of our favorite girls, Lily Swan

[jwplayer mediaid=”63817″]


Click this image (above) or the link (below) if you prefer to view/download this full film as a one time purchase to keep.

Sassy Christina Spanked – Now available at the AAA Clip Store HERE

Christina Carter is a popular but controversial figure, working as a legal assistant at her Law Firm. One of the partners, Miss Bernadette, calls her into the office when she hears that her attire has become too racy and inappropriate (once more) for legal office work. It’s obvious Christina is an attractive and seductive lady, she is able to use her charms when asked to investigate claims and is rather good at her job. However, her attitude and the way she behaves with other workers is unbecoming. Miss Bernadette uses an old-fashioned method that has made her the success she is today… the use of discipline. Notably, she believes that spanking punishments often correct errant behavior very quickly. This is what sassy Christina faces when confronted with the facts! She thinks it will be easy but her boss has rather a “firm” hand and has a scolding technique that humiliates and embarrasses the sassy legal assistant. Her bare round bottom is spanked red then she is placed facing the mantle as she is given a stiff leather paddling, with her legs spread so that her boss can remark on how silly she looks. This has the desired effect, Christina is contrite and willing to conform, as she knows she should, working in such an office environment. This punishment is between them and no-one needs to know what happened today… Christina wishes she could be a partner one day, it’s a real power trip!

Watch a preview of this awesome spanking film with 2 of our favorite ladies, Christina Carter & Miss Bernadette

[jwplayer mediaid=”63834″]


Click this image (above) or the link (below) if you prefer to view/download this full film as a one time purchase to keep.

Broken Rules Sore Bottom – Now available at the SG Clip Store HERE

Kiki has a monthly Good Behavior Contract that she signs with her mother. It states that she must follow all the House Rules for that month otherwise come the 1st of the following month she will get two spankings. A spanking during the day and another later that evening. As it is the beginning of the new month, Kiki’s Contract is reviewed and she knows that several House Rules have been broken. Mommy is very upset, thinking Kiki could do better… but rules are rules, and a spanking is in order. She is taken over mommy’s lap and spanked hard over her leggings. Then she is told to pull them down herself before going back over the maternal lap. It isn’t long before those panties come down as the hand spankings continue on her bare, reddening bottom. Kiki also knows that mommy always uses the wooden hairbrush which makes her squeal and kick her legs.

Only once Kiki’s bottom is a dark shade of crimson is she sent away and reminded that another spanking is to come before bedtime. Later that evening, after mommy gets back from dinner with friends, the poor girl is called to the living room for the promised 2nd spanking. She is spanked over her pajamas and then on the bare bottom. This time mommy also uses a small, nasty wooden paddle which really stings Kiki’s already sore, aching spanked bottom. A sorry looking Kiki promises that she will do better to avoid breaking the rules, otherwise she knows exactly where she will be on the 1st of the next month!

Watch a free preview of this amazing maternal spanking with Kiki Cali & Madame Samantha B

[jwplayer mediaid=”63847″]

Part of the Sarah Gregory Pass network – giving access to 2 websites for less than the combined cost.


Click this image (above) or the link (below) if you prefer to view/download this full film as a one time purchase to keep.

Naughty Wife – Now available at the SG Clip Store HERE

Michael has taken his wife Zoe with him to a meal with his work colleagues. She has been so rude and a real annoyance for the entire meal. When they get home, he plans to have a proper “discussion” with her. After more backchat (when he tries to talk to her) he takes his naughty wife right over his lap for a lesson the old fashioned way. She is spanked over her dress, then on her bare bottom with his hand and the thick leather paddle until her bottom is painfully red, angry, and swollen leaving her looking very sorry for herself. She is stood in the corner afterward to reflect on her mean behavior and selfishness.

[jwplayer mediaid=”63859″]

Part of the Sarah Gregory Pass network – giving access to 2 websites for less than the combined cost.

New Spanking Art

This is a new series of some of the finest artists I have seen online and I’d like to showcase their talents. I have provided links to where I found their artwork so you can see more.

Today’s featured artist is – Sankaku Atama

Check out his Twitter page HERE

This is a collection in which Kuro and Miyu are punished using implements and finally having ginger placed in the ass for added humiliation. The implements used are the same for Kuro and Miyu.

Images c/o

You can buy the prints of Kuro and Miyu – please take a look there too!

Sarah Gregory Site Updates

Here’s the latest review of this week’s past updates in the order they were released. You know how this goes… so just check out the latest films with some choice images and some exclusive animated GIFs that I have made for the blog’s readership. This following review is for (in order of update appearance):

Momma Spankings

momma spankings

Anastasia the Brat!

This film can be viewed in Full right now via the Clip Store HERE

Anastasia is being such a horrible nasty brat to her mommy, Christina. She is swearing, dressing like a little slut and proud of it. Mom is appalled and not having any of this nonsense but Anastasia struggles and fights back at the impending punishment… as she knows this is going to hurt and result in a sore, red bottom. Mom is stronger and positions this extremely rude brat over the lap for the spanking she knows her girl so richly deserves! This nasty foul-mouthed hussy continues to argue and show no respect during mom’s mean hand spanking so she has now also earned herself the hairbrush across her sore red cheeks which really grabs Anastasia’s attention. She eventually pleads and promises to behave and goes through the whole ordeal for daring to talk back to her mom. All she had to do was not dress and act like a common slut, be polite and respectful… will she ever learn? After this hard spanking punishment, she is put in the corner like a naughty little girl to rub her sore bottom. She finds this really embarrassing and has finally learned a valuable lesson in not antagonizing mom!

spanking otk spanking hairbrush spanking from mommy


This site can also be viewed as part of the Sarah Gregory Pass giving you access to more content from Sarah Gregory Spanking including the 1st full 3 years of Strictmoor Academy and all mini-series from those years for less than the combined cost of separate site membership options.

AAA Spanking

Deplorable Daughter Disciplined

deplorable daughter disciplined
This film can be viewed in Full right now via the Clip Store HERE

Anna has been deliberately confrontational to her mom (Miss Bernadette) as she is fed up with the restriction she faces at home even though she is in her final year of school. None of her other friends have these issues, she thinks. Things come to a head when Anna is caught with her dirty shoes up on the antique furniture, showing the usual serious lack of respect she gives her mom when asked to behave a little more civilly. Anna screams and hurls foul abuse, and is out of control until mom slaps her several times and takes control of the situation. They struggle but mom takes Anna over her lap for a long overdue spanking and this will be without the dignity of her leggings, or panties, whilst she receives a bare bottom hand spanking.

Mom has noticed that Anna has a new tongue piercing, which is totally against House Rules, and of course, the daughter fires a tirade of more foul-mouthed abuse. A nearby hairbrush is used against Anna’s exposed cheeks and it soon turns her very sore bottom a deep, shameful burning crimson. Anna is far more sorry now, but her earlier behavior earns her a mouth soaping upstairs in the bathroom. Anna is dragged there by her ear and given a horrific mouth soaping that has her spluttering, retching, and pleading with mom that she has learned her lesson. This punishment is only over when mom decides it is, being a reminder that House Rules will be respected whilst under this roof! Warning: This film contains foul profanities, multiple face slappings, and tears during a harsh mouth soaping… do not watch if this type of stern maternal discipline offends you!

mouthsoaping and faceslapping


Sarah Gregory Spanking

Stevie Spanks Skyler

This film can be viewed in Full right now via the Clip Store HERE

Stevie decides to bring her younger sister on a trip to Vegas. They go out to a club and Skylar decides to escape Stevie with a guy she meets. Stevie is worried sick and when she finds her sister later that evening she is angry. She marches her back to the hotel room to have a “discussion” about this unsafe behavior. After scolding her, she takes Skylar over her lap for a much-needed spanking. Then she bends her over the bed for a hairbrush spanking. Stevie and Skylar Rose are real-life siblings and they are both into spanking. This is a very special film.


This site can also be viewed as part of the Sarah Gregory Pass giving you access to more content from Momma Spankings including the 1st full 3 years of Strictmoor Academy and all mini-series from those years for less than the combined cost of separate site membership options.

Cheerleader Spankings

Spanked by Dad for Lying

This film can be viewed in Full right now via the Clip Store HERE

Sometimes we rediscover content that we thought we had lost, so when we recently found this data it comes as a great bonus to introduce you to Violet Marks in her first (and to date) the only appearance as a cute, sexy cheer girl receiving a rather hard and mean hand spanking in her uniform. dad has found out that Violet has been using her twice-weekly cheer practice to sneak off to see Derek, a boy who he thinks is a bad influence on his daughter. She leaves and returns in her cheer uniform, which upsets her dad further as this is premeditated deception. He tells her what happens in this house and, for Violet, that means a painful OTK spanking. He doesn’t hold back and she struggles to take this punishment… wincing, squirming, and crying out as his hard hand turns her bottom a dark, shameful red. By the end of her punishment, Violet is one sorry looking young lady, told to go to her room, embarrassed that she thought she could get away with such silly lies!

spanking cheerleader hand spanking


Enjoy the long weekend and Labor Day!

News from around the Spankosphere

Hello again… here’s a collection of some of the latest films and updates I may not have covered from the past in detail so do go check out all these sites and see for yourselves what is going on.

However, currently, I am really pissed off and am having issues where we are unable to have unrestricted internet access due to EverSource in Connecticut unable to get power back to the residents in a timely manner. Storm Isiahs hit early this week and has caused havoc to 750,000 residents. Now, observing this as a British citizen living in the USA right now, this situation is unheard of to me. I used to live in a rural area of Somerset (similar in the UK) and the most we ever had with no power was 24-48 hours after a severe winter snowstorm. We literally had a few hours of 60mph winds and it has caused this devastation… I also notice nearly all power lines are overhead in the USA, as that is cheaper, something cable and power companies don’t always do in the UK as underground costs more but residents DESERVE service, especially when Eversource Corp are the ONLY power company where we have no choice but to use them. Again, unacceptable. This goes for internet services too where we live. It is a monopoly and it doesn’t create competition or innovate, just makes profits for shareholders, and pays exorbitant salaries to CEOs and VPs. The CEO of Eversource earns a reputed $19M a year, I wish I was paid that much for overseeing the gross mismanagement and incompetence we residents of Connecticut are experiencing. Anyway, I have phone access (using my British phone and the data plan) which, through COMPETITION… I am still getting offered at no extra cost to use here in the USA. Sarah’s cellphone company doesn’t offer that at all. Anyway, I could rant on and on… this does make me miss the UK when some of our problems are much simpler there.

But enough of that, here are the latest updates for you all that I am covering today!

Breaking Point – Full movie from Punished Brats

real tears punishmentStarring Chloe Noir & David Pierson

As Chloe was preparing to leave the campus of the Amber Wells’ School For Girls, she was surprised when she was summoned to Dean Pierson’s office. She wondered if the dean had not gotten the message that she was a reporter on assignment and not a student. When she met with the dean, she found that he was quite aware of who she was but still insisted that she take her punishment. Chloe was shocked to hear the her editor also believed that she needed to take her punishment or there would be no job for her when she returned. The young reporter now grasped that her time at the school had been a set up all along. She gasped when she learned that her punishment was to be twenty-five whacks with the school paddle on her bare bottom. Despite her best efforts to control her emotions, the pain of the paddle made her cry. Once the twenty-fifth whack was delivered, the tears were streaming down the young, undercover reporter’s face. She was then sent back to face her editor.

paddling and spanking    spanking chloe noir  


Lucy Lauren – Doctor’s Dilemma (ongoing series)
starring Lucy Lauren & Zoe Page

Spreadeagled nude over a punishment frame, Lucy Lauren is soundly strapped

Talented doctor Lucy Lauren works at a top clinic, but boss Zoe Page likes nothing more than telling the pretty blonde medic to bend over for a spanking! Seems Dr Lucy is starting to enjoy the experience as she strips totally naked to lie spreadeagled over a punishment frame to be strapped in Doctor’s Dilemma. Epic slow-motion bottom-bouncing replays!


Sarah Spanks Amy (Spanked callgirls) via Clare Fonda Pass
Starring Amy Fox & Sarah Gregory

Sarah Gregory recently received a spanking and it was all because Amy Fox told all about her plan. So now Sarah exacts her revenge by putting Amy over her knee for a painful spanking with her hand, and a hairbrush. The spanking goes on until Amy repents for what she did. Lesson learned. Do not mess with Sarah Gregory.


Smacked in the Changing Room
Starring Zabrina Black, Jadie Reece & Alex Reynolds

Zabrina has been caught cheating in an inter-school cross country race… by the PE Mistress of the opposing team. Cornered in the changing room by a furious Miss Reece, Zabrina soon finds herself bent over having her bottom smacked, first across the seat of her PE knickers, then bare. Miss Reynolds, the PE Mistress of Zabrina’s school enters, having heard the commotion. Attempts to defend her girl only to inflame Miss Reece’s temper and soon Miss Reynolds is in Zabrina’s place, having her bottom smacked like a naughty girl, Miss Reece having ripped off her knickers!

We hope you appreciate the 70’s/80’s feel we were able to create with the wonderful venue we had available to us. This film was in fact shot in 2016 as the finale of a four-part series of PE-themed punishments.


Real Tears Spanking for Rachel

Rachel Adams is one of our favorite models that we have worked and continue to work with when we can. She can take quite a spanking and genuinely cries and snots her way through her punishments. To a “Dacryphiliac” like myself I knew there was no faking her sobbing as she cried her way through various punishments – it’s her way of coping with what is obviously painful to her. But… she finds it cathartic and would never work with any of us if she didn’t want to, naturally! Rachel is very well known in the bondage niche, but nowadays, she is really earning a name and fabulous reputation as a memorable and much loved spankee too!

So check out the latest sob-fest at AAA Spanking featuring the much loved Rachel in this traditional scolding and schoolgirl spanking punishment scenario.

Corrective Discipline

Rachel Adams has a last chance meeting with headmaster, Mr. Johnson, in his study. She has been sent to him for corrective discipline for her continual poor behavior in the classroom. Talking back to the teaching staff and disrupting lessons once again means he has no choice but to reprimand her severely. This involves a scolding and a more hands on style of punishment. Anxious Rachel is warned that this is her final disciplinary meeting in the Headmaster’s Study, with a warning that another spanking by him will also result in her expulsion from school. She is spanked over his lap and her tight regulation bottle green knickers, revealing the traditional white gusset, are pulled down as her bare bottom is turned an angry red. Rachel’s tears are very real as they freely flow whilst she is placed over the couch for a leather paddling. It is a most  painful paddling which has her sobbing… promising to not be disruptive in class. This tearful, schoolgirl punishment compliments many more traditional spanking films available to add to your growing library of spanking erotica from our website.

  otk spanking


aaa spanking

The AAA membership site has over 460 HD videos to download to your PC, laptop or tablet device, along with extensive galleries of content. Or alternatively, if you only want to view a few videos, download and keep the ones you see that pique your interest, then the AAA Clips4Sale store covers this too. This latest film is availanle in full at the link below (just click on the image and it will lead you to the page, with the free previoew too!) – it’s your choice.

Happy New Year 2019

A very happy new year to you all… I have lots to catch up with over the holiday period including getting you the results of the various Spanking Awards, but today, here’s a recap on some of my favorite posts from each month of the previous year! Just click on the month or the associated image and it will take you to that particular post… enjoy!













I hope one of your Resolutions is to check my blog regularly for more updates, news and other behind the scenes gossip! Welcome to 2019!

Coming to the Spanking Stage!

Hello… before we all stuff ourselves full of Turkey & Stuffing with all the trimmings this coming Yuletide… let’s delve deep into Santa’s Sack (Ho Ho Ho!) for some present spanking showstoppers from around the globe. If you’ve been on the naughty list then you can escape with a few viewing treats provided by the following websites all vying for today’s Spanking Stage. So let’s see what’s out and about this coming Christmas time…

College Girl Spanked

After being arrested at a party at school, third year college student Nadia was called home by her mother. Her mother was not at all happy with her daughter’s behavior, and attempted to discuss the matter with Nadia. When Nadia told her that she is a gown woman and will do as she likes, she found herself over her mother’s lap for a spanking. It was bad enough being spanked, but when Nadia insisted that the spanking cease, her mother took down her panties. Nadia was struck by disbelief, then her mother’s hand. As her mother spanked her bare bottom harder and harder, Nadia forgot of her feelings of humiliation and was now begging her mother to stop spanking her and promising to be a good girl. After her spanking was over, Nadia was led to the time out chair used when she was a child. Placing her freshly spanked bottom upon the wooden chair was another in several humiliating and painful sensations she needed to deal with since this college girl arrived home.

otk spanking

See MORE of Nadia White grtting a deserved spanking here

– Episode 37 & 38: Caught At Home –

Cheerleader Ivey decided to miss a practice and mobile with her friends. Little did she know that coach missed her and went to visit her in her own home. After a good scolding she was turned across the coache’s knee and her tight little bottom was soundly spanked. Afterwards she had to strip and kneel on the couch with the dreaded Stinger in her mouth. After spending a while kneeling naked on the couch, she was bent over and she felt The Stinger’s pain explode across her naked bottom before she was taken back to practice. Her bottom bare under her skirt so the other cheerleaders can see she was punished.


The Judge at Home (new series)
– The Hamster Problem –

This is the first in a new series of The Judge at Home: Not in a court of law but a domestic setting where domestic crimes are sorted out. A complaint has been made against Cherry for not looking after her pet hamster. Judge Stern listens to the evidence and pronounces the sentence which is to be carried out. This will be in 2 parts for which the first is a hard OTK spanking!


Check out British Discipline at English-Spankers

Alexa You Played with my Husband

Alexa is staying at Sarah’s house but it is not quite turning out how she envisaged. Her husband caught her going through their stuff in the bedroom and then is walking around the house in sexy outfits. Sarah is not happy at all eith the way she is behaving but her saving grace is that she said she likes spanking ames. Sarah picked a very heavy leather paddle – a real punishment instrument and no plaything and she used this on Alexa’s bare bottom.



Yasmeena found and spanked

Yasmeena tries to hide from Peter when it is time for her punishment with his belt. He finds her hiding behind the curtains and quickly places her over the sofa, pulling her pants down before giving her the promised spanking and strapping across her bare bottom. Yasmeena then spends corner time near her hiding place, this time with her bare, sore bottom on full display to remind her to behave better in future.


spanking server



Attn: Voting will end Midnight December 23rd EST – All results will be listed AFTER the Xmas holiday period, most likely the New Year. (I’ll be travelling a lot, please understand that). Get your votes in, fans votes or however people do it nowadays! Good luck to all those nominated who have been up for the vote!


This page helps direct you to the 3 seperate updates for the full Voting Options and categories.


For the following categories:
Spankee Newcomer
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New Female Spanker


For the following categories:
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For the following categories:
Best Female Spankee
Best Membership Site
Best Clip Store

The Spanking Awards 2018 Presentation to the winners (for all things video and online related) will be made at next year’s Lone Star Spanking Party 2019


Spanking Awards 2018 Voting – Part 3 of 3

Here is the final group of 3 categories for this year’s Spanking Awards 2018 which includes a new category – Best Clip Store 2018 – (more on this later).

To save time I’m not going to choose images for the Best Website or Clip Store category… but instead have generously provided a free link to each nominated site or store (you’re welcome, Clip Store contenders!)

A message for those who had been nominated and are now up for the vote:

Please feel free to promote yourself any way you see fit. I may not always agree with some of your methods so I will let you all know a few things that I have heard being done so you can help promote yourselves or your friends/faves etc. Twitter accounts, tweeting, retweeting the category you are in. Tumblr and other social media you can use if you think that helps (be aware Tumblr will be removing all adult content from December 17th so use this if you have a large fanbase before these accounts go “bye bye”) Fetlife – I have heard there are those spamming others to vote for them… messaging others daily to vote for them and others. So I say “whatever”; I sometimes think this is unfair to those who may not have this option, but everything now is about getting support and getting yourself known out there. It’s also a lot of work… so good luck with that. Also, when I say “spam”, do not literally spam yourselves with a mail bot or Cron software to those you do not know and link to the blog or vote, I realize that my American readers can be a little too literal. I just mean go whore yourselves out (not literally either, LOL) just promote yourselves the best way you can – AND OFTEN! I will not retweet anything I see as I want to remain as impartial as possible. Good luck, and let the games begin… er, I mean let the voting begin!

Best Female spankee

Adriana Evans

Amelia Jane Rutherford

Apricot Pitts

Ava Nyx

Casey Calvert

Sarah Gregory

Stevie Rose

Ten Amorette

Best Membership Spanking Site

The sites below are for your reference – feel free to check them out!
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Best Spanking Clip Store

This is a new category which only features clip stores who do not also have a membership site, these were the top nominations when suggested as an additional voting choice. As in the entire nominations process, any latecomers to the 2018 scene (people/sites/entities etc) will most likely not have made the cut compared to those more established (exceptions may be found in the newcomer categories but this is never a given.)

Oh… and I would also like to welcome the wonderful freeturds who refuse to pay for anything… so in fact do NOT actually support the girls and producers who work tirelessly within our kink. I’d also like to welcome the pirates & fuckturds that steal producer’s content repeatedly with stolen credit card details who also linked to this  Awards Page from several sources – Really? *sigh* Oh… & If you used  any VPN then your vote certainly won’t count. Ummm, mentioning other girls who are not even suitable to the categories shown or with content from 2018 (where were you in the month long nominations process during November?) is all rather typical and laughable. I’d also like to thank those whose paranoia about me or other producers being uploaders (OMFG this is soooo funny) and such … thanks for making me giggle. Anyways, enjoy!