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Sarah Gregory Pass updates

Whoah… 3 blog posts, 3 days in a row… I have decided to try and find time and it’s easier to show some recent updates before I use this blog to highlight what Sarah or I have been up to. For example: such as attending the first Oasis Spanking Party in Las Vegas (last week) – or our subsequent trip to Los Angeles where we have been filming a lot of content including many customs at our Airbnb. Once I have time I’ll sit down and catch up on that very soon. It’s been hectic, but before I go to sleep, here’s what has been updated most recently for members of the Sarah Gregory Pass which includes 2 premium sites for a fraction of the combined cost.

I have showcased the individual site and of course, each site is massive in its own right, but combined as part of The SG Pass… well, oh my, that’s a lot of viewing material for y’all!


Promiscuous Willow’s Tearful Punishment

Willow has been called to Headmistress’s office to have a little discussion in showing off her wares to the boys. She was caught at hockey practice lifting her skirt to show off her knickers to the boys. This is very unladylike and of course inappropriate. In this school, the staff take matters of discipline very seriously and Willow is about to receive one of the harshest school punishments from Headmistress yet. First, she is to have the wooden ruler taken to the palms of her hands which so easily lifted her skirt for all to see. When she breaks eye contact after being reminded several times, she gets her poor little face slapped. Now, if she is going to show off her thighs to the boys, she will have those punished with the cane. She is given 6 hard cane strokes to the fronts of her thighs and the backs so she won’t want to be showing off to the boys anymore. Willow is left a sore, sorry and sobbing mess to think about her behavior and reflect on how she will be less promiscuous.

Click below for the free preview clip – Full Film is available HERE



Ash Spanked at Bedtime

Mommy is very disappointed with her precious girl as she has noticed money missing from her purse. When confronted, Ash finally admits that she took it to buy cigarettes. This is very naughty behavior and is told that it will be dealt with before bedtime. Ash knows that when she is called downstairs, she will be punished… and punished severely. Bedtime approaches… the call is made and Ash feels the dread of walking slowly down the stairs, one step closer each time to her deserved spanking. Another scolding is given by Mommy before she is spanked over her pajamas, and… of course on the bare bottom by Mommy’s mean hand. As her cheeks turn red, the final part of the punishment is with a Mason & Pearson hairbrush, delivered without mercy across the thieving girl’s sore backside. The walk of shame back up the stairs is watched by Mommy as Ash is sent to bed with a sore, aching bottom.

Click below for the free preview clip – Full Film is available HERE


These films can be viewed as part of the SARAH GREGORY PASS

*Strictmoor Academy – The 1st 2 Years & associated mini-series only.

Pee-Pee Princess Punished

From the latest specialist clip store featuring ABDL and spanking content – the aptly named comes this most recent update at the time of writing starring wonderful Ella Raines and Sarah Gregory (with a great debut appearance from Miss Matthews). We realize that this type of film might not appeal to everyone, but then again… it most certainly DOES appeal to a lot of other people who like to see girls pee their pulls-ups and get humiliated, punished, and properly diapered for it afterward!

Ella Raine is the notable “Pee-Pee Princess” who can not be trusted… read on to see what happens and I have also included a few exclusive free image stills from this custom film that we had made recently. 

Pee Pee Princess Punished

This is a special custom film with three main scenes to the story of Ella, the naughty little “pee-pee” princess, who gets punished.

Ella arrived home late and StepMommy (Sarah Gregory) confronts her sassy girl who she discovers has also wet herself because she was too lazy to go to the bathroom! The naughty girl is taken over the maternal lap for a hard hand spanking before being placed into a “Goodnite” pull-up as a lesson to her she can’t be trusted.

The second scene is the following morning… StepMommy wakes Ella up to discover her girl is still sassy, but more importantly, the Goodnite pull-up is soaking wet! It’s obvious that Ella cannot be trusted and StepMommy has an important meeting to attend. Frustrated by her girl’s behavior, she spanks her again and changes her into a clean pull-up, dressing her in a skirt that doesn’t hide the obvious undergarment which embarrasses Ella and takes her with her to the meeting.

The final scene is at the meeting between Sarah and Miss Matthews. Miss M is a little shocked to discover Ella is in tow but after StepMommy explains what a horrid pee-pee princess she is they agree to leave Ella in the corner with various coloring books and other things to keep the precious one amused. Miss Matthews is very accommodating, even giving Ella a bottle of milk. However, she repays this kindness by secretly peeing once more and it gets everywhere, she keeps quiet but is soon discovered and Miss M is far from pleased. StepMommy is horrified and agrees to go find cleaning supplies whilst Miss Matthews takes the naughty girl across her lap for a spanking with her hand and a nasty wooden spoon. Fortunately, Miss M has a small supply of diapers and baby-powder and uses a cute LFB Baby Cuties diaper after cleaning, drying, and powdering Ella’s privates. Once all tucked and taped in, the crinkly diaper protects everyone from the pee-pee princess. StepMommy returns and comforts her before she agrees to take her precious princess shopping for some much-needed super-soaker diapers until she can learn to be a big girl!

wet panties spanking Mommy is cleaning the pee pee girl's wet privates peeing her tight pull ups changing her into a diaper

Check out the FREE Preview (below)


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Bella’s Bathtime Birching

We love making unique and interesting films that really grab the attention of the viewer and this latest offering from AAA Spanking is one of those. Recently in some of our other film shoots the girls have become really interested in birching, the whole process of collecting the birch twigs and preparing them for punishment. having an awesome location not too long ago meant we could combine this in a wonderful bathroom setting and introduce the birching concept for Bella as a daydream while taking a warm, relaxing soak in the giant 10ft bathtub…. wondering what it might feel like.

This film is available for members at AAA Spanking or via the AAA Clip Store (I have linked this to the higher res MP4 format).

Bella’s Bathtime Birching

Starring Bella & Mistress Scarlet

View the FREE Preview & Download the film at our Clip Store HERE

Bella is taking a relaxing bath and notices the two birches that Mistress Scarlet had her make earlier that day. She has never been birched and wonders if they will be used on her later, or maybe even in that very bathtub! With the warm water soothing her aching muscles, she lies back, daydreaming of what might happen. In Bella’s dream state, Mistress tells her she has been very naughty and she is stood up out of the tub, her wet buttocks spanked slowly and deliberately. The birch is dipped into the warm soapy water which makes it sting even more when applied against her cheeks. The telltale birch twig marks and welts appear as Mistress continues to birch and spank her naughty girl. For Bella, in her dream state, she imagines that the birching is romantic… and you can clearly see the close trusting relationship she has with Mistress Scarlet in this unique first-time birching. Fans of Bella and Scarlet will not want to miss this amazing film!

View the free preview (below)

Happy New Year 2022

Hello everyone, we all made it through 2021, thinking that it couldn’t get much worse when at times this past year infuriated us even more than the shitshow that was 2020. Idiots who continue to propagate the lie that an election was stolen (FFS), or deny that COVID vaccines won’t help, refusing to mask up or just try to help their fellow man. Science is being necessarily questioned thanks to false narratives on social media or via obscure blog posts or Youtube channels being the basis for “news” sources, in the name of “doing their research” (FFS). Social media really is the start of the end as far as I am concerned… allowing any idiot to anonymously attack individuals in the name of free speech, just because they feel emboldened. Continue reading

Milestone Spankings

Hi. Here’s just a quick blog update to celebrate two things. Firstly, this blog just passed its’ 15th birthday. I know that I don’t write here as often as I should anymore, but I do still try to bring you some updates or news from time to time. So, as I am on vacation at the moment, you’re lucky that you’re even getting a post at all (LOL). Anyway, it’s kind of special that I am STILL blogging after all these years! Yay for the blog! Continue reading

Judicial Caning of 5 Inmates

This special custom film with 5 inmates tied to a spanking bench and given a judicial caning punishment was made earlier this year. We have made several awesome films with our return customers and always try to carry out their wishes as best we can. Behind the scenes, we had been working on a perfect location in our austere basement after the hiatus of filming throughout most of 2020. Not long after this film was made, and another was commissioned for a few weeks later (just with 3 girls this time!) our basement got flooded with sewage backflow (3-4 inches of muck) ruining our dreams, hard work, and equipment. To say things were difficult for a few months after was a massive understatement… it was heartbreaking. Continue reading

Angelica Vee gets a glorious spanking

We filmed with the very pretty and pouty Angelica vee not so long ago, and plan to film more content with her within the week. Before COVID stopped filming, we had lots of plans to work more with this wonderful young lady… and now that we are all more able to meet people, being vaccinated (and so on), we are back and filming full time. here’s a quick catch-up of what we have filmed most recently that has been released at our sites… as well as a quick recap of some of the previous work she did for us pre-Pandemic (which now seems like an age ago!) Continue reading

Varied Spanking Updates & Party News

It has been a whirlwind few weeks away from this blog so I really had no time at all to catch up, but I’m sure you checked back here from time to time to see if I found time. Well, today I did and I have some interesting things from many varied sites that I think you’ll like! If you do, go support these sites with a membership purchase, any of these sites are worth the entry fee and will cost less than a dollar a day! At the end of this post, there’s the promise of spanking parties ahead. I’ll let you know where and will be writing more insight on this soon! Continue reading

Latest Episodes at Sarah Gregory Spanking

It has been some time since I last updated anything, so here is a special catch up post for those who might have missed an in-depth review of the latest films now showing at Sarah Gregory Spanking – there are lots of extras with unseen free images and clips for you to check out. Like any of our sites, our content updates are relentless and provide members with brand new films and regular updates every week without fail. Enjoy this latest feature! Continue reading

Last 4 films at AAA Spanking

At the risk of getting a spanking from Sarah (I told her she shouldn’t threaten me with a good time!), I have finally got my act together to write this blog post. I told her that after all the things we have been doing away from our spanking life (we’ve been super busy) so I was burned out, especially after having both my COVID shots too. To even do an update like this, I have to choose and edit images, link them and decide what to write about… it actually takes far more time than when you simply read this blog!

Continue reading