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Merry Xmas from AAA Spanking

Well, it’s nearly Xmas so I thought I’d pass on my good wishes to all our supporters and members… I have been away and travelling a lot in December and only really had time to ensure updates were up as normal at AAA Spanking and helping with the other sites that Sarah runs rather than writing any promotional blog posts. So better later than never… also please be aware of the special offer that I am running UNIQUELY from this blog for new members to AAA – check it out and click on the banner below.

It is a Loyalty Membership offer which means you’ll pay $32.95 for the 1st month, and then the following month pay the same price for 3 MONTHS and every 3 that you’d remain a member after this. The longer you remain a member will mean the equivalent of paying just $11/month – now THAT is a heck of a deal!!!

As a special catch up, I have got you some promotional images and every image is clickable (go check them out). My Xmas present to you… and of course, DO check out the OFFER that is only around for a few more days (unless you purchase the ANNUAL membership that works out at the equivalent of $12.50/month on the normal join pages.)


Mothers instinctively know when their daughters are lying and Madame Samantha B is no different. When Lily is called to come down for breakfast, she feigns illness so mom comes up to see what is wrong. Of course, there is nothing the matter with Lily as she doesn’t want to go to school that day. Mother assesses the situation quickly and mentions she will get the thermometer to check if Lily has a fever… the daughter is puzzled and discovers that Mom is serious, bring in a thermometer, vaseline, and wet wipes… “what the deuce is going on?”, she thinks! Mom explains temperatures are taken rectally… Lily protests, but caught in her own web of lies she reluctantly presents her bottom for inspection and having the thermometer inserted rectally. This proves to Mom that she is faking and she grabs the nearby hairbrush next to Lily’s bed insisting her daughter be punished for lying to her. What follows is a hard-hitting, bottom reddening hairbrush spanking that has Lily yelping out in pain. Her PJ bottoms are pulled down to ensure that a bare bottom punishment hurts the most! The lying daughter is left to contemplate her foolish actions… and she is still going to school that day with a very sore reminder that “Mom knows best!” This film features Lily’s first-ever, and possibly only, rectal thermometer temperature taking scene!

hairbrush spanking



Delta has been summoned by her boss, Johnny Lake, to his residence for a meeting out of hours. She knows he is upset about something… she is nervous, as she thinks she might know why he is so displeased with her! It is not long before he tells her that he knows she held a party at his place without asking. He is not so upset that a party took place, but rather the deception at how she organized it… hiding it from him. For Delta’s boss, this is a matter of trust. He tells her that she has been a fantastic employee over the years and this deception has really hurt him. He even considers dismissal but in the end, gives her the choice at how he has dealt with things in the past… discipline! However, this time, not only will Delta be spanked on her bare bottom, he will cane her too… and he won’t hold back. Watch Delta receive a humiliating scolding and mean hand spanking over the lap of her boss as her bottom turns a colorful, shameful red. Then she is bent over the couch, bottom stuck out, vulnerable and exposed. Delta is to be given some hard signature strokes of the cane from the boss, Johnny Lake which you will see in close up detail.

spanking caning



We are very happy to bring you another fantastic new girl to AAA. Please welcome Charlie Ten, who has a charming girl next door look, but don’t let her innocent looks fool you. She has a hidden naughty, saucy side to her that is sure to get her into trouble, fortunately! Charlie has been invited over to Zoe’s place for a sleepover… she is very happy as she has been furiously flirting with Zoe’s daddy. This is something that spiteful Zoe has noticed and she is very possessive of her father… so this sleepover is a trap for unsuspecting Charlie! In their PJs, Zoe brings up the subject of said flirting and Charlie gets defensive but Zoe is a hot bully that always gets her own way. She decides to punish and humiliate this flirty slut with a hard hand spanking! Zoe is further shocked that Charlie isn’t wearing any underwear as she pulls down her bottoms to smack Charlie’s bouncing bubble butt an angry shameful red! Zoe is not content with spanking and scolding Charlie so she uses one of Charlie’s slippers with the poor girl bent over (face down ass up) as the slippering proves quite painful. This is a Christian household, so Zoe reminds the dirty flirt that she should slipper her sore bottom whilst reading Scriptures with the help of Zoe’s “pillow bible” for Charlie to read from! What an awesome debut for Charlie Ten opposite the inimitable Zoe Page, we are sure she will gain many more fans.



Or if you prefer, you can download any of the above featured recent movies as a one-time, full-length clip to keep and playback as often as you like via the AAA Clips4Sale store HERE – featured movies below are all MP4 (click on the images for the direct links to the description, preview and how to download the full HD clips) but there are also WMV and MOV versions available if you so wish…

MerryXmas from us all at AAA Spanking!





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Reminder News Announcement


Reminder News Announcement

One benefit of being a part of the SG Group of websites

This is a take on a much older announcement so it has been slightly amended to reflect the changes since the last time I did this. Quality and pricing is always an emotive issue, currently, so a review of what can be taken as a minimum with operating costs/shoots planned and travel etc. means there is a new pricing structure. This will particularly interest those who have taken out longer term and loyalty memberships in the past… ALL pricing is still at their lowest possible: whether it is the standard 30 day non recurring membership or the monthly rebilling membership, these are all priced in excess of 10-15% less than this time last year.

The longer term memberships work out to as little as $12.50/month – (The Annual Subscription) *available at CCBill  –  If you’ve never joined than there are currently 420+ HD films, all with extensive video image galleries (average pics of 150+) and 100s of HQ image stills galleries all capturing the action and every gallery can be downloaded by zip files. This site has one of the easiest membership areas to navigate around and find what you want! The fully updated films are also shown with HTML5 formats for instant streaming without downloading too! Rebills are dead easy to cancel, just contact me here or via the CCBill support links or via the webmaster at email address and it will be easily dealt with…

Just CLICK HERE for the full 18 page tour which still includes dozens of quality free video clips and well over 400 detailed film reviews for you to check over on the tour pages… or if you know all that, Click HERE to access the join page and sign up to the cheaper top value membership of your choice!

New Rebilled memberships will remain at their new lowered pricing regardless if there are changes to cost of joining in the future… There will be no summer sale (it’s not something we do anymore and haven’t done so for many years) but the ANNUAL Membership, if you are able to pay up front – is THE best value way to view and support this site (working out at $12.50/month – so of course it is!)


Sarah Gregory Pass


Special Christmas Spanking Offer

I want to stress this is for a very short period of time and will be pulled not long after Christmas – you may have seen my angry tweets recently about one particular individual, a professional copyright thief, a content sharer from Eastern Europe who uses stolen credit cards to “purchase” a membership which eventually causes both myself & Sarah a great deal of pain with chargebacks or a high number of voided transactions when we spot the obvious fake sign ups. At AAA alone this month, I guess he has used at least 5 different cards (maybe more, I lost count) in between the dozens of failed sign ups when I personally kicked him out. So he is intent on ripping this site, just as he has done to the rest of the SG sites and countless other hard working spanking sites out there.

So I want to say a big F*CK OFF to him and offer you the chance of getting access to AAA Spanking on an initial 3 day Trial Offer for less than 10 Bucks. What do you get? You will have full access to 400 Films, and all their huge video galleries, including complete photo sets, all zipped for your ease of use and if you have a favorite model, check him/her out on the cast page for your added convenience. If you are one of those who always try to get your stuff for free *sigh – whatever*  well, just once try to help us and help yourself too! Seriously, I am talking just 10 lousy Dollars via the most trusted card processing network out there… and you don’t have to worry if the file you want (when you frequent those piracy forums) is still there or beg some other uploader for the file and wait. Treat yourself and at least HELP those producers like ourselves to continue producing content, as I can tell you, seeing all our content ripped just tears the spirit and joy of running a website from us all. Sarah and I have invested a lot of money, time and effort in getting content that we know many love (even those who want it all for free – sigh). Margins on any website nowadays are slim at best.

So I say again, go check out our special offer. This costs LESS than almost all the clips via the usual stores we also upload to, so go check out the offer and sign up on the special Xmas Banner (which looks like the one below) located on the front tour page or on the join page (it is only clicking on thise banners) – don’t see the Xmas banners, then ensure you REFRESH the webpages 🙂

What are you waiting for? This offer won’t be around for very long. Merry Christmas!

Want a reminder of what’s available?
Below are some much older galleries from our 7 years being in business!
Click on image to access the free gallery page. Enjoy!


spanking offer


Mandie Rae gets a Tearful Spanking

Mandie Rae in pajamas PJs

There’s some great films coming up over the next few weeks and I’m also adding exclusive extras to the Clips Store (which may or may not end up on the main site at some point but I’m undecided as it would probably be very far ahead up to a year’s time in some cases). Anyway, back to today’s new film with Mandie Rae getting spanked by Sarah Gregory in a film called “Hell no, Kitteh!”

Hell No Kitteh - Mandie Rae

Yup, it revolves around that strange obsession young females still have over a certain feline looking character from Japan that we all know now was in fact supposed to be a cute little British girl (and not a cat!). So, cuteness and pink overload ahoy in this film… It’s an all girl bitch-fest and older, stronger Sarah easily wins out when looking after the bratty blonde, Mandie.

kitteh006 kitteh030 kitteh036 kitteh053 kitteh058 kitteh066

Sarah sent Mandie to her room as she was being such a brat and the film opens where we see her, in (Sarah’s) PJ’s playing “Spank the Teddy” – Mandie is obsessed! Sarah comes to the room after telling her to keep it quiet upstairs… and this is where it all kicks off as Mandie had boil washed Sarah’s favorite onesie PJ’s to fit her petite frame and had also taken many things from Sarah’s old room (She is playing a college girl come back home for the holiday). All I will say after this is that Mandie’s “smart” mouth gets her into further trouble and Sarah knows exactly what to do to this annoying, bitchy little brat!

Mandie Rae is given an OTK spanking kitteh073 kitteh085 red sore bottom hairbrush spanking Hairbrush punishment at home

I love seeing Sarah get mean with the girls… this is no exception and I remember being blown away at just how good she can be sometimes! Hmmm, now I know why she won “Female Spanker of the Year!” 

hellnokitteh21 kitteh103 kitteh118 perky breasts in PJs spanked to tears

Sarah had been asked to look after Mandie while her parents were out and she was such a badly behaved brat that Sarah sent her to bed early to get her out of her way. However, Mandie thought she had the last laugh by “borrowing” some of Sarah’s precious old Kitty merchandise she kept there while she was away at college! Sarah caught her making a noise playing “spank the teddybear” & then saw her stuff, asking why she always had to play with her things. Since Mandie was not being grown up about the whole situation, Sarah decided to spank her like a naughty little girl. Mandie soon shut up as she realized this was going to happen for real as it was the worst time… bedtime! She’d feel this all night long! Sarah spanked and used a stinging hairbrush on Mandie’s bare bottom until she was satisfied that the younger girl was remorseful and that her tears were genuine!

tears for Mandie

Check out a free HD spanking clip of Mandie’s punishment HERE

Now view this site from as little as $12.50/month (see join page for the Loyalty deal)
Trial Offers also remain open so if you can’t afford a monthly, take a 5 day membership!

Don’t forget that this film will be available in FULL in the format of your preferred choice at the AAA Clips Store by the weekend! There is another brand new film appearing there which should have the narrow minded “won’t someone please think of the children or just give us a payment instead” censors in the UK seething, even if it was made in jest over 2 years ago… involves lovely Lola Marie facesitting, lots of outdoor spankings and face slapping with bouncy breasts! It’s called, appropriately “In Your Face!” and will be available at C4S very soon! I’ll bring more news of it when all the formats have been released…

KEEP CHECKING HERE – someone’s been naughty 🙂

AAA Membership Prices


News Announcement

One benefit of being a part of the SG Group (now owned & operated from the USA!)

This is a take on an older announcement from last year so it has been slightly amended to reflect the more competitive pricing which we know will attract more members. Quality and pricing is always an emotive issue, currently, so a review of what can be taken as a minimum with operating costs/shoots planned and travel etc. means there is a new pricing structure. This will particularly interest those who have taken out longer term and loyalty memberships in the past… ALL pricing is lowered: whether it is the standard 30 day non recurring membership or the monthly rebilling membership, these are all priced in excess of 10-15% less than this time last year… the longer term memberships work out to as little as $12.50/month – (New Annual Subscription) *now available at both *CCBill AND *Epoch billing agents – that isn’t bad at all, is it? If you’ve never joined than there are currently 290+ HD films, lots of fantastic image stills and every film has an extensive video gallery which captures the action –  this site has one of the easiest membership areas to navigate around and find what you want! The films are also shown in HTML5 formats for instant viewing without downloading too! Rebills are dead easy to cancel, just contact me here or via the CCBill/Epoch support links or via the webmaster at email address and it will be easily dealt with…


Just CLICK HERE for the full 9 page tour which still includes over 20 quality free video clips and well over 290 detailed film reviews for you to check over on the tour pages… or if you know all that, Click HERE to access the join page and sign up to the cheaper top value membership of your choice!

This is not a special offer, just a review of the pricing so take advantage of it while it remains… but it could stay as a permanent option for the website too… as well as that, some of you may now notice that non American currency sign ups were always a little pricier in the past (Euros and Pound Sterling especially for prospective members from those country blocks). Not any more! The exchange rates now worked out are far more equitable: This has been changed after consultation with CCBill so this is in fact another incentive to join up too as we noticed that prices in the past could be bumped up by as much as 5% – see that at another website, then ask them to change it – as this is a default setting which favors the billing agents to make more money after producers set their prices… that’s all changed! Just because you had to choose Euros or Australian Dollars! We recommend that you look up currency exchange site who will show you what the interbank rates are for a fair guide of what the conversions should come close to – New Rebilled memberships will remain at their new lowered pricing regardless if there are changes to cost of joining in the near future … This notice is oputdated as i used to own this website but naturally have feelings for it and help promote it as an affiliate, but of course this policy was brought about by the fact it joined the fab sites of Sarah Gregory – which also has the same policy!


sarah Gregory Spanking

Momma Spankings

Sarah Gregory Pass


Ageplay Spankings at AAA


I had been waiting for the right moment to get this latest film out. I know the title of this post says “ageplay”… but the actual film had a twist, as I will explain in a minute. First of all, I should introduce the daughter of Yoni and Tasha Lee… so please welcome Angel Lee to Triple A Spanking – this is the 1st of some cool films that were made whilst attending last summer’s Crimson Moon Summer Party in the Chicago area. I had a great time there and an eventful one. You may recall I had a severe asthma attack within hours of arriving at the hotel and ended up in ER… that was the 1st of 2 trips I had to make to an ER when I was in America before I saw my Doc in the UK and he sorted me out with an amazing combination inhaler that has made my life so much better – breathing easily is vastly under rated – to take a deep breath, or even go to sleep knowing you won’t wake up coughing within 2 hours is joyful. Anyways, putting this film up brought back those memories, so I apologize for rambling.


This was the first time I had met Angel. We got on really well, and she knew Sarah so that helped (I’m actually far more shy in situations where there are lots of people to meet). At parties like CM, you hang out, play and sometimes film if we have arranged something in advance… and I wanted to film Angel and her redhead friend Melody (who has already appeared at the site and there are more films coming of her soon as well). Angel is well known for hosting “Littles” Parties… the sort of suite party that has people regress in age and act that out. It’s not nice if they are bratty and quite often the party is full of proud “Bigs” who bring their “Littles” (male or female) who interact with the others. they are usually in age appropriate clothing and will always have a stuffie with them… Now I do get it, I understand why one might want to do this, but I wouldn’t want to regress to a younger age, personally (some may say I am immature already, lol). Just seeing people chill and relax in each other’s company is an experience to watch and be a part of and I enjoy taking Sarah to events like this.

angel001 angel002 angel003 angel004 angel_littles012

OK, I am waffling, aren’t I? I wanted to tell you why we made this film… Angel and I worked out a storyline that would best showcase what she was doing being a “Little” – I didn’t want to spank her or film her as if she was a six year old so we had the notion that she was freaking out and panicking, whilst being in Little mode that she hadn’t got everything ready for her Party. In order for her to do this she had to come out of her ageplay mindset… and so I spanked her and scolded her to get her back to her current age and continued to spank her as a grown up – a wake up, of sorts. I think it worked, and of course, Angel can take quite a lot of spanking punishment so I also used some wooden implements, notably brushes that she found rather “ouchie” – All in all, it’s a nice film, around 13 minutes long with some good hard spankings and hairbrush whackings which you only have to see to know were rather “ouchie” – as she put it!


More images below are a mixture of video images and HQ Stills…. members get to see the HD1080 film as well as a video gallery of over 130 images and a HQ stills set of over 50 images. Not a bad update indeed. Oh… and of course this site still has the popular Trial Offer as well as some of the best long term deals anywhere…

angel005 angel006 angel007 angel008

Another full film debut, this time for Angel Lee (daughter of Tasha Lee). She was preparing for a “Littles” Party event where adults could regress and enjoy each others company playing with toys, stuffies or just coloring. However, Angel had gone into “Little” mode too soon and wasn’t preparing for the event properly and panicking, being a horrible whining brat. John snapped her out of this with quite a painful wake up call which was just what she needed to reboot her: getting her back on track and on time! Angel got a good hard OTK spanking followed by something she really didn’t like very much – The Hairbrush (2 of them, in fact) on her sore bare bottom! She later remarked that it was very “ouchie!” See Angel as a “Little”, then spanked back to being more mature so she could cope and finish preparing for her specialist party. You will not have seen her like this before!

angel015 angel016 angel017 angel018 angel020

Check out a free hairbrush spanking scene from AAA Spanking HERE


This film is also available as a full download option in HD1080 at the AAA Clips Store

CLICK HERE for the direct link or image below




It’s been a busy day away from the sites and blogs so I promise to get you some great updates from other sites and more news from mine later. Have a good one. Just be careful how you read your newspapers in public, ok? 🙂


Feature on Chessie Kay


I’m not sure if this is an English girl many of you are familiar with… however, she is a rather (new-ish) performer/actress whose talents you’d expect to lie elsewhere. Chessie is a hard core porn model based in England and as well as being a regular on Adult TV shows produced in this country… she does varying fetish work too which is where we fit in.

chessie008Chessie meets girl guide, Zoe, for the first time

I’ve met her several times now and she is as bubbly and fun as you’d expect her to be from her online cam persona. Some girls are reserved off cam, or quiet, but not Chessie (lol) – She’s certainly not shy and I don’t think that much fazes her. I had one person ask me if she did spanking for the paycheck… I can most certainly say “no”. Of course she’s not going to film for free, she’s a busy girl… but she gets what we do and she is into spanking. It makes it so much easier to work and produce content with people that know what to expect. I have had issues in the past so try to avoid using what I’d describe as “Adult” stars… Chessie admitted that she gets spanked in her homelife and is naturally submissive. members of my site will be aware that there is a new film and it is a F/F spanking with Zoe Page in the hot bully role that she makes her own.

chessie016Oops… Zoe has Chessie topless and feeling vulnerable in no time!

I always encourage Zoe to camp it up and she exceeded herself this time… oh my! We did a purely fantasy related film where Zoe is the dyky Girl Guide who accepts girls into her little gang (or clique) by way of a ritual or hazing. In this case… Chessie is no stranger to being spanked and desperately wants to join the gang and the girls have told her Zoe is calculating and mean and will no doubt find ways she never though about to humiliate her. But Chessie is ready and wants to try… good job, as that is the film. I have to say, Zoe has new found body confidence too (she looked stunning in this) and of course the girl guide uniforms are a personal favorite of mine, it’s always nice to get them out 🙂

chessie057Chessie thought Zoe could be nice but she could also be incredibly bullying!

I have also included a longer than usual free Hd clip for you to check out on the website, it’s in WMV format and please do try to save it first, you’ll get a better viewing experience. I will include it here too, but the HTML5 viewer doesn’t always work in every browser but I’m working on that (works best in Chrome and does work on mobile devices too!)


Images below are from the film “Chessie’s Initiation” – think that is self explanitory 🙂

chessie025 chessie035 chessie048 chessie064 chessie071 chessie086 chessie094 chessie098 chessie114 chessie118 chessie128 chessie138 chessie144 chessie153

Imagine a world of sheer fantasy where predatory Girl Guide, Zoe Page, was ensuring only the most popular girls could be in her little gang… and to be in or out of that clique was important to impressionable young girls like Chessie Kay… She was desperate to join and knew of Zoe’s fearsome reputation, but was willing to undergo what some might say were lesbian powerplay hazing rituals. Chessie was no stranger to being spanked and was always in trouble at school, fresh from a recent spanking she waited with anticipation. Why did the girls accept Zoe’s Hazing Rituals? It was a badge they couldn’t put on their arms and all the cool girls wanted to be in this clique! Zoe was into the powerplay and enjoyed spanking, groping and checking out the “new meat” for her little band of delinquents! Either way, this makes for a very naughty girl on girl spanking film with Zoe using her hand and a wicked looking riding crop, one of her favorites, to excellent effect! This is Chessie’s stunning debut to the site – and what a naughty first film she finds herself in! Watch out for the amusing scene at the end where Chessie gets tongue tied and shy… which is very unusual for her!

View the HD download HERE if unable to view (above)

You might also be aware that there is a Special Trial Offer which gets you access tot eh site for under $15! It’s to celebrate just over 4 years of the site being online and to those that might want to try the site out it’s an excellent chance, 5 days access and a really low rebill rate if you stay. Or check out the usually hot longer term memberships for great value and rewarding those who stay long term!


If you only want to watch the odd film then this full length version is already up at the Clips Store for your convenience as well. Check it out and all the other films which you might see there is also ANOTHER special Chessie film released ahead of the main site. I will be doing more of that and also putting up some wholly exclusive films there too! OK… remember I said that Chessie wasn’t shy? Well, she knew all about our little “Wheelbarrow Club” which was so expertly phrased by Katie Brown when she tried it out (see Katie’s film below – click the image)

Katie’s Wheelbarrow experience


Back to Chessie… on a private shoot we did a few months back, she mentioned that she wanted to try it out. I wasn’t going to ask her as I thought it was too obvious but Chessie really wanted to do it and so I relented and said this would go on AAA to which she was excited about… so I set up 3 camera angles as the studio we were in had far more access and opportunity for better lighting for the 2 cams on tripods and using one for some “arty” side shots trying to catch her long legs draped over Michael who had the hard task of carrying out this duty! This was also one of the longer wheelbarrow films we made and poor Chessie took some wood on her bare behind too… the bathbrush (especially) in this position is devastating…it doesn’t require much at all and can be placed exactly where you want it each and every time! Michael soon caught on, and the gasps and facial reaction caught on cam 3 said it all! I have a few images below and the descriptor of the film taken from the clips store. I didn’t look on my schedule for AAA, but I think it is due in around 5 weeks… so check this out early, it’s in HD1080 and the image quality is pretty awesome too…. definitely one of the best WB films we have made and I know how popular these are on the Clips Store (as I think 3 out of the Top 5 were WB films!)

Chessie’s Wheelbarrow Spanking

Images below are taken from the film – members will also get a HQ Stills gallery when this movie is available at the main site in due course.

wb001 wb002 wb003 wb004 wb008 wb005 wb006 wb007 wb009

Chessie makes a stunning debut in an early exclusive to our clips store as she appears in this revealing & intimate spanking position well over 6-7 weeks ahead of this film’s schedule at our main site! So be the first to see what is one of our best ever wheelbarrow spanking films with 3 superb camera angles to capture her 11 minute ordeal in this position with some great facial reactions close up and you won’t miss what is going on where her tight butt is stuck up in the air and rather inviting trouible! Chessie grabs hold of her teddybear, wishing that she hadn’t boasted about being able to easily join the “AAA Wheelbarrow Club” – She gets a harder than expected hand spanking and also gets a leather paddling and some choice very stinging strokes of the dreaded bathbrush (which is superb for accuracy in this position!)

Check out what is sure to be one of our most popular WB films to date


Bathtime Bullies

A stunning all girl spanking film has just been released at AAA Spanking starring Amelia Jane Rutherford who is up against 2 determined young ladies to make her life hell and have fun at her expense. Who are these mean young ladies? Why, it’s Sarah Gregory & Joelle Barros… Amelia is known to like the quiet life, she prefers meditation and calm before joining the rest of the crowd at a busy Spanking Convention she is attending. The whole plot of this is that she decided to share a nice suite with Sarah & Joelle but should have known these troublesome girls would make her life hell. “Caveat Emptor” the old Latin saying goes which would apply to Amelia’s “deal” (let the buyer beware) – when in fact the girls had much simpler motives such as “Carpe Diem” (seize the day… or in the “yoof” of today’s parlance or vernacular – hashtag YOLO!) – You still with me? Good, this is a 30 minute film, I have a ton of screen images from the film, they are reduced in size as the original screen grabs are from the HD 1920×1080 film… but you will more than get the idea of what is going on and there is a short clip you can view on the homepage HERE as well!

Amelia’s alone bathtime is ruined by the bullies she shared the hotel suite with…


Here are some behind the scenes info on the film… Amelia and the girls got together as we had use of this amazing bathroom suite and we also wanted to show off the stunning view. Now normally I would shun such a bright background, it would cause us no end of issues lighting wise, but for the most part both of us on cams managed to at least focus on the girls and at times the background was bleached out, with intensive sunshine breaking through the clouds which played havoc with us being able to predict the lighting conditions as they changed constantly! We also couldn’t set a WB “White balance” because of this as the lighting kept playing havoc on manual so reluctantly decided to put the cameras on AUTO (which I hate) and hoped to God that the cams would try and record colors as true to each other from differing angles.
Now I normally make sure I do this correctly, it is a real bugbear of mine, as anyone who has worked with me on set will know, lol! Thanks to the intense sunshine the colors changed, we tried to change this in edit as best we could but it’s not perfect, but what is good is the content itself. Oh my… these girls had worked out exactly what they were going to do to Amelia and she had no idea… I just watched the film in full, not fast forwarding because the banter and the chemistry between the girls with the fun and sometimes spiteful spanking had me hooked like I had never seen the film before. This had real comedy moments, the reactions of poor Amelia to Sarah’s brash outwardly sexual advances and Joelle’s pervy persistence in getting to play, grope and spank Amelia made this a truly enjoyable film to watch! The girls also made out in front of a horrified Miss Rutherford and Sarah showed off her ass grabbing techniques of Joelle’s soapy bare butt to a horrified Amelia. But enough of me waffling, do check out the following screen grabs!

bathtime041 bathtime063 bathtime076 bathtime083 bathtime090 bathtime109 bathtime142 bathtime175 bathtime188 bathtime192 bathtime199 bathtime211 bathtime218 bathtime230 bathtime236 bathtime247 bathtime263 bathtime270 bathtime294 bathtime320 bathtime325 bathtime331 bathtime344 bathtime348 bathtime358

Amelia was sharing a hotel suite at a busy Spanking Convention with Sarah Gregory and Joelle Barros to save on costs but had begun to regret this decision as the girls were just so darned loud. This break was what she needed away from the hustle and bustle of the convention and her fellow party girls. First Joelle, then Sarah ruined Amelia’s alone time by jumping into the bathtub and they ganged up on Amelia, making out in front of her and mocking her need to relax. Amelia tried to defend her right to privacy but the girls just got ruder and naughtier spanking each others bare soapy bottoms until they turned on her taking turns to prey upon Amelia who protested which only made them do it more! This all girl 30 minute spanking extravaganza of a film in full stunning HD should NOT be missed! Features lots of angles, close ups, hot girl on girl spanking in and around the bathtub in a superb location. We are sure this film will make the Honors as a contender in the Spanking Awards 2015, here is your chance to see why right now.

bathtime369 bathtime373

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The 3 films (you can download individually) making up this week’s WHEELBARROW FESTIVAL



This was Lily Swan’s very first spanking in this revealing and intimate spanking position. She was intrigued and fascinated to see just how she might feel herself when put into such a position, especially as the cameras were there. What you will see is Lily’s untouched, unblemished white bottom turning red in this revealing position with no hiding place!



18 year old Rosie Ann asked if we could perform this most intimate and revealing spanking act in her school uniform as she had seen many other girls perform this and wanted to see if she could handle the embarrassment factor. We will let you be the judge, all we will say is she is a very naughty girl in need of a darned good spanking!



This stars Sarah Gregory as you have never seen her before in such a close up and very intimate spanking position. It is sexually explicit as Sarah’s bottom and cheeks are pulled apart during her spanking and her obvious excitement can be seen as her pussy is clearly wet and stringing. The camera doesn’t miss a thing in this unique position as you see what the spanker sees and we also get to catch the awkward position that Sarah finds herself in… all exposed and open like that plus she’s getting a red bottom spanking as well.



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& to show you what is coming in addition to this week’s updates (click on images for the latest free galleries below)

aaa1 aaa2

The following week there’s another fantastic “Wheelbarrow Spanking Festival” meaning you get 3 full films next week as well as the conclusion to the long play Zoe Montana Cold Caning Film… that’s an impressive amount of content coming your way (well over 1.5 – 2Gb of data next week alone!) – I am going to give you 4 images of each film so you can see for yourselves!


Sarah Gregory

aaa001 aaa002 aaa003 aaa004 aaa005 aaa006

Lily Swan

aaa007 aaa008 aaa009 aaa010 aaa011 aaa012

Rosie Ann

aaa013 aaa014 aaa015 aaa016 aaa017 aaa018



& just so you know what should be coming up over the following weeks…
Check out the images taken from these films!

In no particular order what you can expect, just a few of the films, there are many more with new girls stunning Candle Boxx & Isobel Wren I filmed at Fetishcon in Tampa… Angel Lee  in Chicago & Stevie Rose in Las Vegas which will see us through to the New Year in style plus the Xmas Film I will be making with Sarah Gregory for this site too!

comingsoon001 comingsoon002 comingsoon003 comingsoon004 comingsoon005 comingsoon006 comingsoon007 comingsoon008 comingsoon009 comingsoon010 comingsoon011 comingsoon012 comingsoon013 comingsoon014 comingsoon015 comingsoon016 comingsoon017