Judicial Caning of 5 Inmates

This special custom film with 5 inmates tied to a spanking bench and given a judicial caning punishment was made earlier this year. We have made several awesome films with our return customers and always try to carry out their wishes as best we can. Behind the scenes, we had been working on a perfect location in our austere basement after the hiatus of filming throughout most of 2020. Not long after this film was made, and another was commissioned for a few weeks later (just with 3 girls this time!) our basement got flooded with sewage backflow (3-4 inches of muck) ruining our dreams, hard work, and equipment. To say things were difficult for a few months after was a massive understatement… it was heartbreaking. Continue reading

Angelica Vee gets a glorious spanking

We filmed with the very pretty and pouty Angelica vee not so long ago, and plan to film more content with her within the week. Before COVID stopped filming, we had lots of plans to work more with this wonderful young lady… and now that we are all more able to meet people, being vaccinated (and so on), we are back and filming full time. here’s a quick catch-up of what we have filmed most recently that has been released at our sites… as well as a quick recap of some of the previous work she did for us pre-Pandemic (which now seems like an age ago!) Continue reading

Varied Spanking Updates & Party News

It has been a whirlwind few weeks away from this blog so I really had no time at all to catch up, but I’m sure you checked back here from time to time to see if I found time. Well, today I did and I have some interesting things from many varied sites that I think you’ll like! If you do, go support these sites with a membership purchase, any of these sites are worth the entry fee and will cost less than a dollar a day! At the end of this post, there’s the promise of spanking parties ahead. I’ll let you know where and will be writing more insight on this soon! Continue reading

Latest Episodes at Sarah Gregory Spanking

It has been some time since I last updated anything, so here is a special catch up post for those who might have missed an in-depth review of the latest films now showing at Sarah Gregory Spanking – there are lots of extras with unseen free images and clips for you to check out. Like any of our sites, our content updates are relentless and provide members with brand new films and regular updates every week without fail. Enjoy this latest feature! Continue reading

Last 4 films at AAA Spanking

At the risk of getting a spanking from Sarah (I told her she shouldn’t threaten me with a good time!), I have finally got my act together to write this blog post. I told her that after all the things we have been doing away from our spanking life (we’ve been super busy) so I was burned out, especially after having both my COVID shots too. To even do an update like this, I have to choose and edit images, link them and decide what to write about… it actually takes far more time than when you simply read this blog!

Continue reading

Maternal Spanking & Diapering Punishments

It’s been quite some time since I last updated this blog so I do apologize… but I (& Sarah) had other things occupying ourselves in our private lives… and is still ongoing so we are just running on autopilot ensuring that the sites we run together update as normal. However, additions like this blog take a backseat when I don’t have spare time. No more waffling, here’s something for age players and those interested in the spanking and diapering type of films that we and other sites have pioneered over time. Continue reading

SG Network Spanking Updates

Here are the 2 most recent updates from each of the following sites featured here today… as you’ll see there’s a lot of varied and interesting spanking content on offer. The 1st 2 sites are from the Sarah Gregory Pass – so you can access them via this method (getting both sites for less than the combined cost with the same set of codes) or sign up to the individual sites if you prefer. Like all the sites featured here, they are massive in their own right and will easily fill your hard drives with Gigs of excellent movies and extras such as image galleries, etc.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Disrespectful Delta Disciplined

Delta is late and Johnny is not happy, to say the least. He has booked a helicopter to take the two of them to an important meal with his colleagues. She is making light of the situation and just laughs it off. Not only is she late, but she has not dressed appropriately for a high-end evening. She will not be going in the helicopter, instead, she is going over the lap where she belongs. Johnny spanks his naughty girlfriend hard with his hand. Then he bends her over and takes off his belt. She is strapped hard with his belt until she is very sorry.

Click below to see the free preview – available NOW at Sarah Gregory Spanking

[jwplayer mediaid=”64772″]

Cara and Ava’s Basement Punishment

Previously in “Cara’s Cruel Basement Punishment” – Cara was being held captive in evil “Nurse” Bernadette’s basement for her own sick and twisted enjoyment. Bernadette has now decided to bring another roommate for poor lonely scared Cara. She introduces the new captive, Ava, to a naked chained-up Cara. Nurse Bernadette (as she likes to think of herself) plans to show Ava just how much fun they have, hidden away from prying eyes. She takes both ladies through a series of humiliating punishments for her own warped pleasure. There are bare bottom, spread pussy, and thigh spankings, including yet more leather strappings and canings in the same sore areas. The girls endure a face slapping when they answer back with more croppings, bastinado, hair pulling, nipple torture, and many more unthinkable acts of humiliation for these two sad sorry ladies. Evil Nurse keeps messing with their headspace, altering between being nice or mean when the girls complain. She enjoys keeping them guessing about what will happen next. You will need to see for yourself, but it is safe to say that Nurse Bernadette knows exactly how to get the most embarrassing of punishments dished out to the girls for her own selfish enjoyment.

Click below to see the free preview – available NOW at Sarah Gregory Spanking

[jwplayer mediaid=”64786″]

This site is also part of the Sarah Gregory Pass – click for more details.

Momma Spankings

Cara’s Double Spanking Punishment

Cara’s school principal decides to make a special home visit since her grades and general attitude have been despicable as of lately. She has been wearing too much make-up, dressing provocatively, and her grades are slipping. The school does not use corporal punishment, however, principal Samantha feels that this is the only way Cara will learn her lesson. After discussing this with her mother she recommends spanking as a way to discipline the miscreant. Cara is brought into the room where she is told that she is to be spanked right now and not only by her mother but by the principal as well. This is extremely humiliating for Cara to be spanked like a naughty little girl in front of mommy by the school principal. Her shame is complete by being taken over mommy’s lap with a hard hand and hairbrush spanking that is even more embarrassing. Cara learns a very valuable lesson by being a far more respectful young lady at school in the future.

Click below to see the free preview – available NOW at Momma Spankings

[jwplayer mediaid=”64798″]

Naughty Girls Get Spanked

Miss Elizabeth and Sarah have a real-life (D/s) age-play dynamic… and in this endearing film they enact out their roleplay. Sarah is in an age-regressive bratty role that would test the patience of a saint! She is in big trouble with Mommy: A phone call from school notified Miss Elizabeth that Sarah had created quite the little plumbing problem. She has been sneaking out of class to flush her pull-ups down the potty because they were itchy. Now, Mommy is going to have a big bill from the school to pay for this huge issue. Mommy is very upset and has a discussion with Sarah and explains that this is not okay and now there will be a punishment. Sarah complains and protests but inevitably, she goes over Mommy’s lap. The little brat is spanked over her onesie but this isn’t getting through to her so the snaps are undone, allowing Mommy to spank her bare bouncing bottom. Next, Sarah gets the hard hairbrush applied to her sore bottom which brings her to tears. The punishment ends with her being put into a diaper because she cannot be trusted to keep her pull-ups on. This is a humiliating and tearful punishment that ends with Sarah being spanked over her diaper for added embarrassment before being put to bed early.

Click below to see the free preview – available NOW at Momma Spankings

[jwplayer mediaid=”64813″]

This site is also part of the Sarah Gregory Pass – click for more details.

AAA Spanking

Raven’s Wheelbarrow Spanking

You can also purchase & download this film separately – in full – HERE at the AAA Clip Store

In another all-girl classic wheelbarrow spanking film, this time it is the turn of Raven Mackenzie to take the challenge to see if she can handle the embarrassment and predicament of being spanked in such a rude position. Sarah Gregory torments Raven with the knowledge that she can see everything of her in this position and enjoys the control this gives her over an increasingly submissive Raven. Raven can not see the spankings and can not anticipate each stroke… Sarah varies the intensity and also uses a wooden implement that Raven had an inkling about but soon acknowledges that it is the dreaded bathbrush! Sarah’s hand and the wooden brush turn Raven’s amazing bubble butt a more shameful hue of crimson as the poor girl whimpers and snivels throughout this special spanking! Fans of this position will love the additional features of multiple angles, slower motion impact shots, and detailed close-ups of Sarah’s view and Raven’s facial reactions!

Click below to see the free preview – available NOW at AAA Spanking

[jwplayer mediaid=”64828″]

An Absolute Disgrace

You can also purchase & download this film separately – in full – HERE at the AAA Clip Store

Red has been in so much trouble recently at school, and her behavior has not improved. Disrupting classes, fighting, and arguing with teachers is only part of her problem. She has been spanked by the teaching staff but now sent to the Headmaster in frustration as he has the power to wield the cane to miscreants like Red. She might look contrite and subdued, but it is all an act and Mr. Osborne wastes no time in taking her over his lap for a further painful hand spanking. This has her crying out and close to tears as her regulation knickers are removed and her sore, quivering buttocks relentlessly pummeled until they are an angry color befitting her name. Then she is placed over the desk for 10 severe biting strokes of the heavy rattan cane. Visible welts are left, even after the excruciating spanking… and the Headmaster ensures she feels every mark as he seals them with a swift hand spanking. She is left in the office, knickers down, hands on head… to reflect on improving her behavior. How humiliating!

Click below to see the free preview – available NOW at AAA Spanking

[jwplayer mediaid=”64841″]

Cheerleader Spankings

Jayda Spanked for Twerking

Jayda is one of the best cheerleaders in the school squad and she knows this thinking it gives her more freedom to misbehave. As she is about to discover, no-one is above reproach in the squad and this sassy minx is waiting for her coach in “after practice detention”. He has seen the lewd, suggestive videos posted on social media of her twerking shenanigans in the school’s cheer uniform! It’s shocking… but the sight of her twerking while she waits for detention means Coach has to devise something humiliating for her to learn her lesson. He is appalled and berates the sassy girl, telling her to twerk while he spanks her… trying to shame her for her actions. This doesn’t work so he wedgies her while she is told to twerk some more. She finds this amusing so perhaps a bare bottom spanking might embarrass her. It seems to be working but Jayda enjoys the attention her glorious, bouncing booty attracts… and she twerks some more. The spankings continue for the remainder of her detention, leaving her bottom sore and reddened. Jayda is told to wait and reflect on her actions, as he tells her to stay there with her bared twerking “globes of shame” hanging out. Did she learn her lesson? You can find this out at the end of the video!

Click below to see the free preview – available NOW at Cheerleader Spankings

[jwplayer mediaid=”64853″]

Casey Caught Stealing Routines

Casey has been sent home early in disgrace when her coach finds out that the new routines she had come up with to help the girls were stolen from rival cheer squads. Casey is supposed to set an example as captain but now she has lost the trust of her coach and embarrassed herself in front of the squad. Mom has also heard about this from the coach so is waiting to hear what her girl has to say. Sure enough, Casey tries to lie her way out of it and then vaguely promises to do better but that is only because she knows there is going to be a spanking… and the Family Strap has been brought out of retirement! Still dressed in her cheer uniform, she goes over Mom’s lap and takes this well-deserved spanking. Of course, spankings at home are always carried out over a bare, exposed bottom and the hand spankings continue, reddening the failed plagiarist’s behind. Next, poor Casey is placed over the couch with her bottom stuck out to receive multiple licks of the stinging leather strap. She winces as the implement teaches her a valuable lesson that to succeed in this game, one has to have an original idea! She is left to nurse her sore bottom better and remember the lesson that was learned the hard way today!

Click below to see the free preview – available NOW at Cheerleader Spankings

[jwplayer mediaid=”64865″]

That’s it for today, hope you liked the updates from this network of sites… have a great weekend. Back soon!

More spankings to start your week

The asbestos abatement crews were in our basement today… cleaning up tiles that had remained on the floor until the shitwater damage got the carpeting and walling removed to reveal what was below! Asbstos tiles from the 1930s or so! Great… more expense and time to see this removed! We also had the sewer outlet outside our house briefly repaired so it can be used until Spring when the ground isn’t so frozen and they can come back and dig up our front yard once more! Joy! This is heartbreaking stuff… and both Sarah and I are rushing things to try and get an important custom shoot ready and prepared in some way in the basement, already the clean up crews have been in and sterilized the area and it looks better than being under 4-6 inches of dirty water. We have girls flying in, all with tight schedules and COVID testing/isolation as well as at least one young lady hoping to catch up with her family whilst back in New England. To let them down or our esteemed client, we can’t! Anyway, costs are spiraling out of control and Sarah gave in and started a Go Fund Me – she hated doing this as it admits some defeat (temporarily) that we need additional help… but we know the insurance is not going to cover a lot of this and we have paid a lot out of pocket already. Her Go Fund Me is HERE, if you have ever been a fan of Sarah or know her work ethic, it is second to none… and I hate seeing her so upset. She was genuinely surprised and heartened by the response so far… so “thank you” to those who have helped her so far. If you can donate, no matter how small an amount,  I know this would help her immensely. Of course, you could also just join her websites and support her that way and get something back yourself 🙂

Anyway, today… I thought I’d feature other folks’ work until I do the next big SG feature later this week.

Clean Up this Place

with Autumn Bodell and Audrey Sugarsmak

Audrey came home to find the apartment that she shares with her roommate to be in total disarray. She quietly waited for Autumn to come home from another of her numerous “dates”. When her roommate arrived Audrey confronted her not just for the state of the apartment but also for her lascivious behavior. When Audrey saw that her roommate had not taken this matter seriously enough Autumn found herself bent over the bed for a spanking. Autumn’s bare bottom was spanked until she agreed to keep the apartment clean and be more thoughtful in the manner in which she behaved with her boyfriends.

panties down spanking spanking spanking her bare red bottom

As well as offering cheap membership options, there is a current promotion for a 3 day non-recurring “looksee” membership, giving you full access to the site for about 5 Bucks! That’s less than a java Chip Frappuccino from Starbucks! Check out the website for the latest movie updates like this cool film featuring fan fave Audrey Sugarsmak and sexy redhead, Autumn Bodell.

punished brats

A Problem with the French

with Elori Stix & Miss Elizabeth

Schoolgirl Elori keeps her regular weekly appointment with the school Counselor, Miss Elizabeth, religiously. Wondering why she is so dedicated, Elizabeth discovers that the appointments negate one of Elori’s two French lessons each week. Claims of bullying and a French teacher that doesn’t like Elori do not wash with Elizabeth and she determines that Elori needs to learn a stern lesson… across Miss Elizabeth’s desk, with her panties taken down and a wooden ruler smacking her bottom!

spanking over panties spanking

Check out the FREE preview clip of this film from the extensive tour pages of Northern Spanking

northern spanking

Finally… because, who doesn’t like to see ladies spanked in jodhpurs? Here is the super sexy Jentina Small (who I have a serious spanko crush on) from an archived film at Spanked In Uniform – she can take a spanking and looks stunning doing so, my favorite combination! I know that once I finally am able to leave the USA and return to Europe, I intend to see if Jentina would film for our websites… oh my, wouldn’t that be something? But until then, check out a lot of her spanking fetish work below. This feature is taken from the Lowood Riding School series:

Dry Your Horse

with Jentina Small & Mike Johnson

Little snobbish riding girl, Jentina, took Raven out for a run and she put him back in his Paddock thinking someone else would dry and feed him. That is not how things work at the Lowood Riding School as she was soon to find out… begging for forgiveness across the owner’s knee. Jentina did not dry Raven sufficiently and he was not fed after his run. The owner checked and confronted her in the stables. She was soon dragged back to the office where her own Riding Crop had very painful things to say to her quivering, bare bottom.

otk spanking spanking in johdpurs

See more of gorgeous Jentina getting the spankings she deserves in many uniform style spankings CLICK HERE

Check out these awesome spankings

Here’s a quick round-up of some choice spanking sites, some with new girls featured here for you to see getting a punishment they deserve! On a personal note, it’s been a crap past week, one which kept Sarah and I occupied elsewhere, so forgive me for the absence here. If you go to Sarah’s Twitter feed, you’ll see a tweet currently pinned as to why our week has been so bad.

If you saw her tweet I can confirm many tears were shed, we’re seeing an insurance assessor early tomorrow (floor tiles we never knew about are asbestos FFS) and know only some insurance will cover this… we had worked so hard when COVID stopped filming to make an amazing studio space and then our precious time and money was ruined just like that overnight! If you can help, please do, it really means a lot to know there are those who could support us when this has really knocked us both for six. & so to the reason you came here today… the updates.

Stunning Danusha Cox gets her first-ever spanking – and you’re invited to watch!

A bottom-warming welcome to Firm Hand for Danusha Cox, taking her first-ever spanking in Discipline Counselor. “You can see from my facial reactions, kicking and the color of my ass this was my first time,” laughs Danusha. “Mr Friday’s hand is big, he spanks hard, it stings, no acting required! I loved that I got to give attitude!” See Danusha’s pert booty turn crimson and watch her bottom bounce as she yells in slow-motion replays!

See this brand new series with the new girl next door, Danusha Cox, only at Firm hand Spanking

Arella Bell – Learning to say “Sir”

New student Arella is having trouble learning to say ‘Sir’ so the Dean helps her.

Check out Real Spankings Institute for more films like this with Arella Bell

Anne: Hand Spanked While In A Straddle

Anne is told to lose her panties and straddle the ottoman to receive a hard hand spanking before bed time.

See more red bottom spankings like Anne’s only from Real Spankings

This site and RSI make up part of the amazing value 8-site Real Spankings Pass – check it out!

I will have fun with you

Bonnie Bellotti is another new young lady on this website. This young beauty contacted me and said she quite liked a spanking from her boyfriend and had seen some of Sarah Stern’s and wanted to give it a go. She was thrown right in at the deep end with a good solid storyline and a good hard spanking on her delightful bare bottom.

There’s more of stunning Bonnie Bellotti with Sarah at Spanking Sarah – check out all her films

Alexa’s Inappropriate Dress

Alexa has been asked to call round to see her boss, there have been complaints from some of her work colleagues about the way she dresses for work. After a very careful and close examination, he has to agree that her dress is quite revealing and that under company disciplinary procedures he will have to administer a spanking as her punishment. She does not seem too upset by this and soon finds herself over his knee as he gives her a long and very hard spanking.

There are lots of English girls getting the spankings they deserve at English Spankers

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon! Good night from a freezing cold New England.

Getting up to date at AAA Spanking

Well, it’s been a while since I got all the very latest films and updates from AAA Spanking (featuring new styles of filmed spanking or new performers) so it’s been a very interesting start to the year… as you are about to see. I have a whole bunch of images taken from the following films (I’m starting with the most recent) and I also have an animated exclusive GIF to this blog as well as a direct playable link to the free preview for each film featured. So without further ado, let’s catch up with what AAA’s valued members have been able to download… and I have also featured the one-time download URLs for those that just want to view an occasional film that might possibly pique their interest from the specialist AAA Clip Store – please read on!

Lily’s Well Deserved Punishment

Prefer one time purchases? You can download the entire film now via our C4S Clip Store HERE

This is the latest in our “Exercise & Discipline” series of films and once again we have the stunning Lily Swan in another exclusive domestic discipline film for you. Fans of Lily are well aware of how fit she is, with hard abs and a super hot figure… but that never stops her from getting a good hard spanking, of course! Lily’s mom (played by Madame Samantha B) is waiting for her girl at home after she has been out training at the local gym once more. Lily arrives home and is confronted and scolded about her excessive exercise regimen and the fact that she is ignoring her studies and working out instead! Lily tries to be dismissive of this but it only infuriates mom further. She is reminded that in this house, the punishment is a spanking… and mom wastes no time taking her over a chair to spank Lily’s bare toned cheeks. They quickly turn a shameful red and the family strap, a new stiff leather implement is then used on the insolent girl’s sore buttocks. Lily yelps and cries out in pain as the leather turns her bottom a darker crimson. By now, she knows the lesson has been learned, along with the threats of the removal of her exercise equipment in her room. The final scenes are a delight as the camera follows her up the stairs (including some extra slow-motion captures) as a half-naked Lily walks up to her bedroom with her exposed bottom jiggling in shame!

[jwplayer mediaid=”64667″]

The full film can be purchased at the AAA Clip Store HERE or as a member of AAAspanking.com

Instructed: Kajira’s Spanking & Figging

Prefer one time purchases? You can download the entire film now via our C4S Clip Store HERE

This is a special self spanking punishment film with a POV twist. Beautiful Kajira Bound presents herself and shows off a very painful-looking result of a severe caning of her bottom and upper thighs. She is to face further discipline, but with the caveat that she must spank herself; and the spanking will be hard and mean… as she is instructed at every point on how to carry out her own punishment. She is also given a thick looking piece of fresh ginger root that has been shaped like a forboding buttplug to go inside her anus. Kajira knows that this will burn, a new searing sensation on top of the fire she feels when told to spank and paddle her aching bottom. The crimson cane welts appear again, angry and swollen, but all that is superseded with the ginger entering her bottom. She is told to convey exactly how it feels, so we understand her predicament. It is so big that she struggles to take it. Kajira is instructed to hold it in position and further paddle and spank her sore cheeks. Again she is asked how this feels…”Fire! Burning, excruciating fire!” This is a first for us as we discover new and ingenious ways to ensure our girls feel thoroughly punished and this POV style experience watching Kajira is extremely addictive viewing!

[jwplayer mediaid=”64666″]

The full film can be purchased at the AAA Clip Store HERE or as a member of AAAspanking.com

Charlie’s Embarrassing Office Discipline

Prefer one time purchases? You can download the entire film now via our C4S Clip Store HERE

Charlie is one of the latest office employees who has been given several chances to show real improvement but it would seem her managers are unable to get through to her using traditional methods. She has real potential… so when they have had enough, she is sent to the boss, Miss Zoe Page, for a make or break “Disciplinary Meeting”. This will not be any ordinary meeting (as Charlie discovers) after her poor work rate, missing duties, and failures are highlighted as areas needing vast improvement. Charlie is given the choice of being fired or accepting Zoe’s unique bare bottom hand spanking discipline right there and then in the office! Charlie takes the second option and is all of a dither as she is chastised further, told to strip… and it isn’t long before she is bent over touching her toes to have her bare, exposed, quivering bottom spanked hard. It’s embarrassing as the sound of this spanking reverberates throughout the building. To add to hapless Charlie’s humiliation, she is told to read the list of duties whilst being punished but she is unable to do this well, which angers her boss further. So now, Charlie ends up over the lap of her employer, leg locked as she is placed over the desk! The boss spanks harder, all the while berating and reminding the poor girl where she will improve otherwise it will be right back over her lap each and every time further mistakes are made. Afterward, Charlie is left to reflect on this embarrassing discipline meeting, still in the office, knickers and pantyhose down, with her hands on her head like a naughty young girl. Her red sore aching bottom is on full display serving as further humiliation of what she can expect next time!

[jwplayer mediaid=”64665″]

The full film can be purchased at the AAA Clip Store HERE or as a member of AAAspanking.com

A Bathtime Soapy Spanking

Prefer one time purchases? You can download the entire film now via our C4S Clip Store HERE

Jayda Blayze makes her stunning debut at AAA in an amazing domestic discipline spanking film. Jayda’s dad is beyond upset and disappointed with his precious girl. He has received all the reports from school and doesn’t take this decision lightly in order to punish her with a bathtime spanking and mouth soaping. Jayda’s rude mouth, sassy attitude and the fact that she has been blowing the boys with that slutty mouth means she immediately receives a mouth soaping she won’t soon forget. It is one of the soapiest, nastiest punishments carried out and it shows as Jayda tastes that foaming bar of soap in her mouth for a full 10 minutes. She is made to savor the cleansing suds and to bite down hard on the soap bar before being told to strip before she takes her bath. Then she is spanked with dad’s wet, soapy hands which he knows will sting her bottom more and he gives her yet another mean mouth soaping punishment during this spanking punishment. That has her drooling in utter shame… and only then is she allowed to take her bath before being sent to bed early.

[jwplayer mediaid=”64663″]

The full film can be purchased at the AAA Clip Store HERE or as a member of AAAspanking.com

Veda Rose spanked by sister Stevie

Prefer one time purchases? You can download the entire film now via our C4S Clip Store HERE

This is a special film from our “Positions” series featuring real sisters, Stevie and Veda Rose. The eldest (Stevie) puts the middle sibling (Veda) in her place with a spanking maintenance punishment. It is a no-nonsense spanking, with little dialogue but big on 3 styles of punishment that Veda receives starting across Stevie’s lap. Veda’s bottom is already bared and vulnerable as Stevie lifts her hand and keeps up a momentum of hard, severe hand spankings… not stopping until her younger sibling’s bottom is reddened. Next, Veda is shown the leather paddle, this stings and you can see Veda’s reactions as she grits her teeth and clenches her bottom in anticipation of each mean swat. The final part of this punishment features her placed on all-fours across the ottoman, with her bottom an inviting target for Stevie’s heavy Reformatory Strap. Veda is barely able to take the continual swats, and tears well up in her eyes but she is determined to see this through to the end. They are siblings and Stevie shows compassion and understanding at the end. All in all, this is a great spanking film and those who enjoy seeing any of the “Roses” spanked by the other will not be disappointed with this latest feature!

[jwplayer mediaid=”64664″]

The full film can be purchased at the AAA Clip Store HERE or as a member of AAAspanking.com

Spanking Cheer Camp Special

What makes Cheerleader Spankings so special? On more than a few occasions this website has hosted some amazing multi-girl spankings in various cheer and sporting uniforms. I hadn’t made the time in the past to cover the latest “Cheer Camp” series (this one featured here was the 4th special – released close to the end of last year). Anyway… “better late than never”, and it would have been such a shame if I ignored this and passed it over as it was another awesome colorful spanking film that makes this website quite unique. Fans of hot girls wearing these authentic uniforms are not only for viewers of our films… but actually the performers themselves. They LOVE wearing these uniforms, and for some, it reminds them of their times back at school when they actually were cheerleaders. This checks so many boxes for us all… having girls reminisce about their times in uniform, the Fridays that they got to wear their cheer outfits in class (the stories are as hot to me as seeing them spanked in these amazing uniforms!). I love this kink… and for both Sarah (a former cheerleader naturally) & me, this is a labor of love filming and bringing you content for this website.

The latest in the Cheer Camp series is a long film, featuring 2 distinct parts, as you’ll discover below. Part One contains the various spankings from both ladies, followed by a leather strapping and wooden paddling in Part 2!
Starring in the roles as tops… Camp Coordinator: Miss Bernadette & Head Coach: Miss Elizabeth. This year’s miscreants (in no order of rudeness, lewdness, or associated appalling behavior are: Cara Day, Cleo Divine, Kiki Cali, Veronica Weston, Rachel Adams, Skylar Rose.

Cheer Camp 4


cheer camp 4 - spankings

You can also download this full length clip at the Cheerleader Spankings C4S Store HERE

To mark our 250th full-length HD movie, we have another special release of the Cheer Camp series, this is Year 4 and it would seem that these girls never learn their lesson. The worst of the worst in cheerleading are sent to this cheer camp and the 6 girls have failed miserably at corrective training and attitude adjustment. Not only is the head coach, Miss Elizabeth, present but the camp’s coordinator, Miss Bernadette, is there to help with the discipline the girls are to receive. In this week’s release… featuring the spankings, the girls are taken (two at a time) over the laps of both women and spanked on their bare bottoms (which quickly redden) before they are swapped and spanked again by the other good lady. This process continues until the final pair of miscreants… In the following episodes of this special movie, they are all scolded and chastised before the next disciplinary installment. The girls learn that they will face a leather strapping from Miss Bernadette followed by a mean wooden paddling from Miss Elizabeth.

cheerleader spankings cheerleader spankings cheerleader spankings

Check out the free preview (below) from this 1st of 2 full-length features

[jwplayer mediaid=”64584″]


cheer camp 4 - strappings and paddling

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This is the 2nd part of the long film which marked our 250th full-length HD movie release. Previously in Cheer Camp 4, the worst behaving girls had been spanked, two by two, by their head coach, Miss Elizabeth, and ably assisted by the camp’s coordinator, Miss Bernadette. In this concluding episode, the girls learn that they will face a hard leather strapping from Miss Bernadette followed by a mean wooden paddling from Miss Elizabeth. So one by one, the girls take turns in bending over, sore bare bottoms exposed, for a strapping as the other girls watch, waiting for their turn. There are yelps and tears as this is carried out before the last part of this punishment takes place. All but one of the girls receives 10 wicked swats of the heavy wooden “Bad Cheerleader” paddle. One lucky girl escapes the paddling, for her improved behavior, this was to set an example to the rest of the miscreants who deserved this paddling… it would be hoped that they would learn from their mistakes, knowing that improved performances and behavior can lead to less severe methods of discipline!

cheerleader strappings cheerleader paddling

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