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Pee-Pee Princess Punished

From the latest specialist clip store featuring ABDL and spanking content – the aptly named ABDLspanking.com comes this most recent update at the time of writing starring wonderful Ella Raines and Sarah Gregory (with a great debut appearance from Miss Matthews). We realize that this type of film might not appeal to everyone, but then again… it most certainly DOES appeal to a lot of other people who like to see girls pee their pulls-ups and get humiliated, punished, and properly diapered for it afterward!

Ella Raine is the notable “Pee-Pee Princess” who can not be trusted… read on to see what happens and I have also included a few exclusive free image stills from this custom film that we had made recently. 

Pee Pee Princess Punished

This is a special custom film with three main scenes to the story of Ella, the naughty little “pee-pee” princess, who gets punished.

Ella arrived home late and StepMommy (Sarah Gregory) confronts her sassy girl who she discovers has also wet herself because she was too lazy to go to the bathroom! The naughty girl is taken over the maternal lap for a hard hand spanking before being placed into a “Goodnite” pull-up as a lesson to her she can’t be trusted.

The second scene is the following morning… StepMommy wakes Ella up to discover her girl is still sassy, but more importantly, the Goodnite pull-up is soaking wet! It’s obvious that Ella cannot be trusted and StepMommy has an important meeting to attend. Frustrated by her girl’s behavior, she spanks her again and changes her into a clean pull-up, dressing her in a skirt that doesn’t hide the obvious undergarment which embarrasses Ella and takes her with her to the meeting.

The final scene is at the meeting between Sarah and Miss Matthews. Miss M is a little shocked to discover Ella is in tow but after StepMommy explains what a horrid pee-pee princess she is they agree to leave Ella in the corner with various coloring books and other things to keep the precious one amused. Miss Matthews is very accommodating, even giving Ella a bottle of milk. However, she repays this kindness by secretly peeing once more and it gets everywhere, she keeps quiet but is soon discovered and Miss M is far from pleased. StepMommy is horrified and agrees to go find cleaning supplies whilst Miss Matthews takes the naughty girl across her lap for a spanking with her hand and a nasty wooden spoon. Fortunately, Miss M has a small supply of diapers and baby-powder and uses a cute LFB Baby Cuties diaper after cleaning, drying, and powdering Ella’s privates. Once all tucked and taped in, the crinkly diaper protects everyone from the pee-pee princess. StepMommy returns and comforts her before she agrees to take her precious princess shopping for some much-needed super-soaker diapers until she can learn to be a big girl!

wet panties spanking Mommy is cleaning the pee pee girl's wet privates peeing her tight pull ups changing her into a diaper

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Recent UK Visit – Part 2

Sorry for not getting back sooner… September has been one heck of a busy month, Sarah and I had been travelling all over the US, attending our first spanking party in almost 2 years, and filming out west, which was a blast. More on that in another blog post, but back to the promised Part 2 (there are 3 parts) of our recent UK visit. Today I’m showing what images I have… just taken from my phone, and some of the films featured below are already out at the sites. I’ll let you know which ones, plus news of the update on our new store ABDLspanking.com Continue reading