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Abigail Whittaker at Firm Hand Spanking

Abigail WhittakerEarlier  today Sarah was reminiscing about one of her ex GFs, Abigail Whittaker,(oh my) and she wanted an image to place on her blog for a banner for Firm Hand Spanking in her honor as she asked me to help update the look of her blog… she had issues with the old style blog theme and so we just chose a basic but effective theme that is fully supported on WordPress. I helped her withthe set up and it’s a work in progress but already it’s starting to look much easier on the eye Sarah has got the bug setting up new banners etc (I have been asked to do some for her too) and she has got the blogging bug again.

So please do visit her usual blog HERE when you have a chance and she has promised to write there far more often. She also has just started a Tumblr blog which she has already become addicted to, if you’re a Tumblr addict too, please go follow her blog, she has promised to place lots of images from vanilla shoots, behind the scenes info and of course you can ask her ANYTHING easily by placing a question (be respectful, of course, lol) but go for it. Anyway, I jope this awesome set of images of Abigail are enough for sarah to choose from! These images were taken from the “Interventionist series” from 2010. ALL images are available to be downloaded or viewed in a larger size (hope you get what you’re looking for, sarah, LOL).

The Interventionist series featuring Abigail Whittaker & John Ryan (2010)

Abigail Whittaker at FHS

Interventionist John Ryan brings feisty Abigail Whittaker from a nightclub to keep her out of trouble and try to reform her ways. She’s going to have a course of counselling and discipline. Theft, alcohol, the list is endless. Now a mouthy Abigail is going to be punished for stealing his wallet. A blistering bare bottom spanking is only the start of a steep learning curve and there’s no escape!

interventionist_a002 interventionist_a007 grocery store spanking bare bottom spanking spanking Abigail Whittaker interventionist_a022


Abigail Whittaker at FHS

It’s the morning after Abigail Whittaker committed an act of theft. John Ryan gives her a choice: face the police or accept his alternative method of punishment, applied to her bottom! Perhaps 60 swats with a leather paddle, 40 of them with her butt bare, will change her attitude? Looks like Abi has trouble conforming to his rules: her bottom has some serious spankings in The Interventionist.

interventionist_b010 severe spanking interventionist_b016 interventionist_b018 paddled on her bare bottom interventionist_b024


Abigail Whittaker at FHS

Abigail has trouble following simple instructions, like emptying the dishwasher! So what better way to teach her the rules of the house by paddling her behind 50 times? John Ryan is The Interventionist who’s taken wild girl Abi into his home after a theft incident. Now she’s learning the rules the hard way, with a sore bottom. Those gym-toned cheeks redden nicely!

interventionist_c004 spanked over panties interventionist_c018 interventionist_c021 bare bottom paddling interventionist_c023


Abigail Whittaker at FHS

There’s something about corporal punishment for selected young ladies that seems to work! Abigail Whittaker is finally learning from her new mentor that disobedience, dishonesty and attitude all carry a penalty – and that means a sore bottom in The Interventionist. 50 swats with a large wooden spoon, most bare bottom, send a clear message to her backside! She still hates the dress!

interventionist_f007 thrashed with a wooden spoon interventionist_f015 interventionist_f017 wooden spoon spanking interventionist_f024


Abigail Whittaker at FHS

John Ryan takes a leather strap to Abigail Whittaker, laid nude across his bed for 40 strokes in The Interventionist. Her offense? Not asking for permission to use his shower. While looking in his towel closet, she discovers his dark secret: a hoard of spanking DVDs! Now Abigail understands why she’s punished so frequently. But it won’t stop her being thrown nude on the bed for a licking!

interventionist_g007 interventionist_g011 strapped naked interventionist_g013 naked strapping interventionist_g023


Abigail Whittaker at FHS

All she did was open the front door to a courier wearing workout shorts and top. But The Interventionist John Ryan is ultra-conservative and thinks she’s flaunting herself. A 12-stroke caning is the sentence, bent over the landing rail shorts stretched tight over her gym-toned bottom. “When I drop to my knees, that was real, the cane hit across the back of my thighs!” Abigail said.

caned on her panties interventionist_h012 interventionist_h015 interventionist_h017 caning interventionist_h024


Abigail Whittaker at FHS

A classic bare bottom paddling in school uniform awaits fans of Abigail Whittaker in The Interventionist finale. Caught stealing, she’d under the watchful eye of disciplinarian John Ryan. But she discovered that he’s into spanking videos – it’s not just about discipline! She agrees to role-play a stern school paddling – so stern, you have see the Reaction Cam replay for those 10 swats!

paddling Abigail interventionist_j007 interventionist_j008 interventionist_j015 interventionist_j019 interventionist_j022

This is an example of what is available in the archives, and of course, my private external hard drive stash which I hope you appreciate… we are all spanko lovers and quite frankly, I have to say that Sarah had taste with her ladies! It’s a pity Abigail has retired and moved on with her vanilla life, but that is what happens and a new girl piques our interest and so on… but someone like Abigail won’t be forgotten easily. So I say thank you to sites like Firmhandspanking.com for being there and recording this for us all to still enjoy well over 6 years later! Anyway, I hope Sarah manages to find what she wants from this awesome set of images, which, are ALL available to be downloaded with the films… and of course MORE Abigail Whittaker series (of which there are MANY!)

Please visit the spanking site that made this possible – CLICK HERE

Firm Hand Spanking

Spankings – & that woman is a “slut!”

Before I start today with my spankings for this weekend, I had a link sent to me about Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Flake (well, he kept calling her that, oh my!) … I mean “Fluke”… yes, Sandra Fluke was lambasted by Rush Limbaugh over the women’s rights for contraception as students on campus… now as a Brit looking in, I am genuinely horrified by this backward behaviour shown by this infamous radio pundit, he really loses it big time (I guess he’s paid to over react like this) and calls her a slut – My God… and then when you see the religious organisations who control certain universities who won’t allow contraception to be paid for their students (hello, this is what students get upto in the prime of their life!) then I guess he and the religious backwater should take a look at Europe, Britain, in their eyes must be Sodom and Europe, Gommorah! We are doomed, and just as I genuinely thought about wanting to see if I could ever stay in America and carry on my spanking productions there (pipe dream, I know) – I think… with people like this in society, I’d rather stay on my cold overcrowded grey rock! Judge for yourself as Rush goes off on one below (the beginning of his rant is classic Limbaugh and then he loses his way a little to recover bravely… calling Sandra a slut at 3.46!)

However… there are 2 sides to this story, her claims, in my opinion are daft, any woman that spends $1000 a year on contraception has no concept of money and thusly deserves a spanking… they should also respect the fact that certain religious faculties are not bound to include this “service” in their insurance plans for co eds or students as it does (surprise surprise) contravene all their beliefs that they uphold (Catholics and Jesuits spring to mind). Surely Miss Fluke could find cheaper contraception near the campus or encourage her womenfolk to? Perhaps online and such? I noted that these institutions didn’t actually object to the women fornicating like rabbits, just that they didn’t want to help them through their insurance plans and such… seemed perfectly reasonable to me. Anyway, to me looking in, it was a titillating piece of non news I wanted to share with you!

Cripes, enough… let’s get on with what we’re here for!
Beautiful women getting their behinds tanned! Yay!

Where better to start than with Valerie Bryant who, along with some of the other fantastic new girls appearing at FirmHandSpanking.com this year, make it a site you can not afford to miss! To emphasise this, I have her latest update and something from my own archives you’ll love from around 5-6 years ago, Abigail Whittaker’s 1st spanking alongside Samantha Woodley!


“That was totally embarrassing,” admits pretty Valerie Bryant about her spread eagled paddling in Reform School. “You can see my bare cheeks tense up every swat, I couldn’t help it with the sting.” 30 spanks with a leather paddle for using the faculty room is tough from Mr Reed!



You can see a FREE preview of Valerie’s spreadeagled embarrassing punishment HERE

As promised: A visually stunning double punishment of Samantha Woodley & Abigail Whittaker

You’ll see uncle Tim take Abigail over his knee for her 1st spanking after witnessing what had happened to Samantha, who now watches her friend take a bare bottom punishment! Stunning girls, gorgeous contrasting uniforms, a perfect fantasy voyeuristic spanking!




The full series of films and top quality photo sets that accompany these movies are in their own right a massive archive of both girls throughout the years they have appeared at this site and are fully available to members of Firmhandspanking.com


There is a fantastic new girl just updated at BunBeatingFun.com – an auburn haired (yup, one of my favourite types, as you should all know by now) girl by the name of Ashley Graham (who you will have seen previously at Punishedbrats.com but not in this context as she REALLY plays up in this new film) – and as you’ll see from the images below, this model brat gets everything coming her way in typical bun beating OTK fashion! With an added paddle bonus! “Baaaad girl, indeed!”

Check out the finale of Ashley’s ordeal!
Members can view this highly satisfying spanking film in full – HERE

Here we have a sizzling hot redhead with a nice big mouthwatering pair of natural jugs, a firm well shaped posterior &… a decidedly chilly demeanor. Using only the flat of his right hand, our man – who prides himself as quite the a magician – promised to make Miss Graham’s bottom every bit as red as her head, as warm (well, hot actually) as her personality seemed not, and – best of all – to cause her bewitching bottom to jiggle and bounce just like her boobies. He did it too! The truth be told however, the man did cheat just a wee bit by using a stingy wooden paddle part of the time. But hey – unlike Miss Graham – we saw fit to forgive him and we think you will too!





& as I said, here is the great remastered film that the webmaster, Greg, had told me about (below)

Anna Sundquist: Paybacks are a bitch and this is one diva brat who sure had one coming!
This film, although an oldie, has finally been remastered to full quality and was one of the films I had begged get the treatment, you’ll see why in the movie explanation and images found below which highlight this excellent 20 plus minutes movie!

The opening scenes show her swagger and acting the diva… along with the inevitable lingerie shoot she is booked for and then makes demands for more money for filming in such a dump! (naturally, lol!)


 As Greg  (aka TMS – The Mystery Spanker explains in more detail):
“3 years ago we flew Miss Sundquist clear across the country to do some modeling for us. No sooner did the diva get off the plane then she announced that she had changed her mind. “Our body of work”, she sniffed, was not “on par” with the image she wished to project to her fans, or some such nonsense.

No apology, no offer to reimburse us for her airfare and hotel, no nothing. Not even a lousy thank you for her free vacation flight. In due course the larcenous little tart faded from my memory altogether, until just recently that is. It seems that Anna, having contracted to do some modeling for an associate of mine, was back in town – and on our dime once again – and now, she was giving my associate a hard time, a very hard time.

That’s when I decided to, shall we say, communicate our displeasure in a language she would understand!”




See the full film of Anna and another FREE Preview – Click Here


Talking of brats, it would be rude of me not to let you see the latest update out now in full from Punishedbrats.com starring Pi in what appears to be a rather controversial film! I like the fact that there is controversy, you can’t please people all the time… I’ve seen David slated for not whacking the girls hard enough (in the past) to now being “brutal” in this paddling punishment. He had to explain that Pi is a genuine lifestyler who can take this punishment and he would never have given it without her being ultimately comfortable (pardon the pun) with it! I know about controversy as my latest girl, who is genuinely into spanking, actually… to the uneducated!) has been referred to “that skinny bitch” (nice!) or an amazing piece of filth they’d want to fuck and spank relentlessly (I think that was a compliment) so, as I said… stirring up controversy is good, as far as I’m concerned… push the bounderies, try out something else… and this is by far one of Punishedbrats.com most memorable films for a hard no nonsense paddling as you’ll see below!




A preview with access tot he full film can be found HERE

Finally, one of my other favourite girls from this site has a new film showing at the moment and it stars Lorraine Little, now I’m never sure about the girls with their new look short cropped hair styles… maybe it’s an east coast thing? What does remain constant is the beautiful whining noise that Lorraine makes, her pouty expressions which make her such a bratty daughter or sister… and of course, that wonderful spankable butt of hers!




Lorraine is tired of being grounded and decides to constantly interrupt and annoy Beverly as a means of revenge. But Beverly still has the upper hand plus a stingy wooden hairbrush and spanks the obnoxious brat until she calms down! Just check out both girls, Beverly Bacci is toned and awesome in this film… and she knows just how to dominate bratty Lorraine to perfection over her lap, don’t you agree?

For fans of Lorraine, you might remember her with longer hair too… this was filmed a while ago but only released fairly recently as she got a whacking over dad David’s lap!


Latest films and free previews can be seen HERE


OK, that’s it from me today, have a good one and I’ll be back soon, I don’t know whether to update my site with a brand new film of Mishka or have an all female film (I think they will both come out this coming week anyway… so it doesn’t matter, does it? lol)

Regards, Chief.

Tuesday Teasers

By having a quick look at the following content I’m sure you’ll find something which will satisfy your craving for all things spanking this fine Tuesday (well, it’s drizzling outside…a typical British summer’s day…sigh) – anyways, below are a selection of free image galleries and movie clips from various sites from around the spanko world and this is what I’m currently gawping at in private! Enjoy! I did!!

From HDspankSTILL the only true pure High Definition site in my opinion, Hannah Crawford takes a severe hairbrush punishment in this latest FULL HD release, see below!

You can see a FREE HD Clip from HDspank.com HERE


Seeing as it’s miserable here, (temperature in my car recorded just 15c/59f when I went to the shops earlier) I thought I’d cheer myself up, remembering that I had a sunny classic double girl punishment somewhere that Dallas from DSH had shot a few years back around the pool and what happened after, I guess… it starred Abigail Whittaker and Audrey Knight and what I have got is the original Real Player clip (I tried adding it to my Teen Spanking Tube site but the damned audio codecs were totally out of sync when it was converted to Flash making the clip look ridiculous and it would do a massive disservice to both Abi and Dallas as it’s a great strapping scene.) So I’ve had to leave it as it was and warn you that the clip is in RM format, not my fave, but Real Player or VLAN can easily play this (I’m a bit pissed off as I wasted about an hour researching how to rectify audio/image sync issues and am still none the bloody wiser – anyone know, cos it’s f*cking me right off!!!) Grrrr!

So the pool girls Audrey and Abi look great with their tan lines which I hear Dallas, a true spanko loves, like I do…..why? Because it’s a private area of a girl you don’t always get to see – and of course a white bum can show off so much more of your handiwork, eh? Keep sunning girls, enjoy your rest, you’ll need it!!!

Below are some higher res images and a great strapping clip where Abigail receives her first 15 severe straps….it appears Dallas straps hard also – and check out the first image after Dallas rolls down her bikini bottom, is that not a sexy sight to behold???  😉

View all the archives and the very latest videos in Higher WMV formats exclusive to Dallas Spanks Hard


Finally today I have a collection of teasers featuring the many movies of exclusive English spanking site BritSpank.com – perhaps because for a very brief period there’s an offer where you can join from just $9.50 – which isn’t too shabby, is it? Image galleries and vid clips are all from this great site below – enjoy!

See more of the very latest updates here & how to view all these from just $9.50!


Below are my latest new releases and MY watched movies from my SPANKING THEATER

Impossibly Cute Girls thrashed….


IN ANOTHER OF MY LONG OVERDUE UPDATES: Please check out Firm Hand Spanking’s latest girls below as they recently celebrated more than 1000 movies for us all to download on the site! I’ve included some of the newcomers who are seriously going to give the girls we all know and love on there some much needed competition for our affections!

30 Stroke strapping for stunning Samantha Woodley in Discipline Program:
I will start this amazing series of updates with the grand dame and number one spanking model, Samantha Woodley! I can not get enough of Sam, and it seems members can’t either. This latest punishment will keep her fans coming back for more as she looks simply stunning in this movie!
Warning: The sight of Samantha bent over the kitchen counter with her quivering ass cheeks high in the air, pants down will cause severe arousal!
Here’s the description of why Samantha finds herself in this position! She’s pushed family lawyer Earl Grey to the limit and beyond in Discipline Program. Now Samantha Woodley is disciplined for taking a rental car back to the dealer and keeping Mr Grey waiting. 30 strokes of a black leather strap across her totally bare bottom. “I couldn’t keep my legs down,” admits Sam, “it stung more than I expected!” Seems that this is not the last punishment she’s due!




Annabelle’s toned bare buns feel the firm smack of Mr Reed’s Life Coach training:
OMG! One of the new girls, Annabelle’s incredibly tight toned ass should come with a warning too! This is one girl that the Chief has been caught drooling over and you can too if you check out more of her below!



One of the loves of my life was called Annabelle and this hot dusky uber-babe does this girl’s name justice, I’ve never met an Annabelle yet who I wouldn’t kick out of bed. If this amazonian beauty was ever foolishly to cross my path, I think I’d keep her to myself!!!
The webmaster at FHS had this to say about her: She’s classy, she’s hot, she’s beautiful with a perfect booty. What’s not to adore about Firm Hand exclusive newcomer Annabelle Vanderwood? Stepping from fashion shoots to entertain us with a sound, bare bottom spanking, Annabelle gives a new meaning to attitude! Mr Reed is not to be thwarted: hands on the wall, butt out, he applies his hand to quivering globes!



Flout the rules? That’s a bare hairbrush spanking for bratty Goldie Rosemont
Another sensational gorgeous Newcomer, Goldie Rosemont, will give any red blooded male the “cream horn” wearing that mini school skirt and you’ll want to be the guy giving out this punishment as she is thrown over the bed and his knee with her tiny panties pulled down revealing a delicous round butt!



The yelps coming from sultry Goldie Rosemont during her brisk, bare-bottomed hairbrush spanking demonstrate that Mr Strickman knows how to administer discipline the old-fashioned way – hard! This dark-haired beauty thinks she’s in for an easy ride with her private tutor, but his use of corporal punishment will soon make her realise that rules are there to be obeyed, not flouted! Goldie is a spanko’s wet dream come true as you get to see her get the deserved hairbrush punishment CLICK HERE!


Sassy school uniform and an attitude earns stunning Adrienne a spanking
Can I continue with the superlatives? Oh yes I can! Very naughty and impossibly long legged newcomer Adrienne has the looks and brattiness that must come with The Chief’s highest Trouser Arousal Alert!
Even hardened spanko, Earl Grey, is in awe of Adrienne’s beautiful butt as he hurredly removes her tight white panties so he can drink in the sight of this teenage brat’s derriere and he shows amazing self restraint as he watches her tight buttocks slowly turning cherry red!
“If you’re gonna treat me like a kid, then I’ll dress like one,” sasses stunning blonde Adrienne Black in school uniform! This Firm Hand newcomer is heading for a licking in College Discipline Program, and who better than Earl Grey to spank that beautiful booty a deep red, first on panties, then bare. Adrienne’s long legs look delicious as she bends reluctantly over the end of her bed.



Warning: Watch this babe only in a darkened room, remove all tight fitting clothing and you too can drink in the sight of those long long legs and tight burning arse!


Alison’s bubble butt feels a drilled paddle and a bath brush – burning swats rule!
Alison Miller is one of Firm hand’s top models and it’s not hard to see why in this latest update as her buns are battered and bruised in this paddling classic!



This is one of her more severe punishments and you’ll see why as her delicoius cheeks are whacked hard!
So this is what she gets! A large round wooden paddle with holes! Alison Miller’s bubble butt takes the heat of the board from her Life Coach, Mr Reed. And if that isn’t enough, after five with the paddle he swaps it out for a long-handled bath-brush on her bare bottom. We know Alison hates the brush and paddle! Now see her get both in one butt-burning sequence, just before she goes for a run in her shorts!



Abigail Whittaker’s pert bottom gets 50 with a leather paddle for disobedience
I’ve always had a special something for Abi who makes me  go weak at the knees, and this cute Firm hand babe still delivers in this recent update!



Abigail has trouble following simple instructions, like emptying the dishwasher! So what better way to teach her the rules of the house by paddling her behind 50 times? John Ryan is The Interventionist who’s taken wild girl Abi into his home after a theft incident. Now she’s learning the rules the hard way, with a sore bottom. Those gym-toned cheeks redden nicely!

Phew! You can see free intro clips of all the girls above HERE thanks to FirmHandSpanking.com

& in case I’m not around tommorow, to all my North American readers from both Canada & the USA – have a great Holiday weekend! Regards, Chief.