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Collection of Spanking Updates

I am gethering photos and will be giving you an insight into the last Lone Star Spanking Party which was held recently. I know there are those who have been to this party before but I honestly think that, from the opinion of other guests, as well as myself… that it was the best one yet. Add to that an attendance at approx 360 people, it didn’t even feel like that many which was an added bonus!

Anyway, more on that soon… I am helping to film yet another Strictmoor Academy series very soon and am looking forward to that as well, these are always hectic but very rewarding affairs. there are also lots of new girls coming to the academy , as well as a few naughty returnees. Expect lots of panty gussets, authentic 50s and 60s style ritualist schoolgirl punishments, tearful faces and quivering, red bottoms on full display.

But to today… here’s a recent selection of hot spanking updates from across many websites. I love all of these and the first is one of many filmed at the Lone Star Spanking Party – it was also nice to know that The Cameraman and Clare has a fab time there too!

Clare Spanks Adriana for Snitching

Clare received a spanking from rival Madam Samantha B because Adriana Evans snitched that Clare was recruiting her. So now Clare gives Adriana the spanking she deserves, taking a hair brush to that curvy booty. But Adriana gets a spanking on Clare, too, so both are left with sore, red bottoms.


Sexy Girl Spanking: Day One

with All Cruz & Ashley Lane

All Cruz catches who co-worker Ashley Lane masturbating to their boss’s photo in her office. Ashley is so upset at Alla for barging in that she puts her over her knee and spanks her right in the office. But after this, Alla threatens to tell if she doesn’t get to give Ashley a spanking of her own. So both ladies end up with sore, red bottoms. But Ashley still can’t stop pleasuring herself, despite the discipline.


These 2 sites make up part of the Clare Fonda Pass giving you a choice of up to 5 premium spanking sites combined for a fraction of the cost. CLICK HERE for more details.

A loan & a lie cost Delta Howser a sound bare bottom spanking

Legs high above her head, panty clad bottom in the air, Delta Howser yelps as she’s spanked long and hard for lying – and part payment for a loan to fund her cellphone bill. It’s part of her Artist Discipline: she has the talent, but not the motivation. Agent John Friday aims to get to the bottom of her problems – literally. Perfect position for her booty!


This next film is a little bit special… with an awesome spanking and diapering pairing of Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht – this really is a fantastic film if this is your thing. I was genuinely surprised when filming this as Dana got the whole humiliation angle perfectly, definitely one of the best spanking/diapering films out there by far! *crinkle crinkle crinkle*

Spanked & Diapered Brat

Sarah was acting like such a childish brat at the grocery store with mommy. When mommy gets her home she gives her a good scolding and tells her that “you wanna act like a spoiled child, I am going to treat you like one” Sarah is humiliated as her punishment not only entails a hard hand and hairbrush spanking, but being diapered as well. She can’t believe that her mother is putting her, a grown woman, in diapers as punishment. But if Sarah is going to behave like a baby, she will be humiliated and treated like one!

spanking diapering spanked and diapered


This site makes up part of the Sarah Gregory Pass giving you a chance to view both sites for less than the combined cost. CLICK HERE for more details.

The Slipper (full film part 2 in a series of 4)

The second in a series of four films exploring the one element of corporal punishment that survived the ending of the practice in UK state schools in the early 1980s: The Slipper! It was always common knowledge, although rarely talked about, that PE Mistresses (and Masters!), kept a slipper for on-the-spot motivation or punishment during PE classes, or sometimes afterwards in the changing room. The slipper itself was a plimsoll or gym shoe, almost always a large, gents example for maximum effectiveness and coverage.



& finally for today! Another film from AAA Spanking and with one of my recent favorite British girls, Belle Calder in a great domestic discipline scenario.

Spanked & Strapped for Stealing

Belle has been sent to her room and grounded for several weeks after her latest punishment at school. So when her father catches her trying to steal his whisky to take to her room, he is upset and disappointed that she is obviously not learning her lesson. Stealing is frowned upon in this family and she is told to bend over the table and take another spanking right there and then. Belle’s panties offer little protection from daddy’s hard hand and when he is certain she is showing little respect for property, he pulls them down as she protests but Belle is in no position to argue. Worse is to follow as Belle rebels and so she is placed on the table and strapped, both flat down and with her pert bottom stuck in the air. Finally, with the embarrassing strapping and spanking from daddy, Belle admits she is wrong and accepts the house rules on her being grounded. Belle learns not to steal at home and respect authority.

spanking spanking and strapping


Have a good one y’all!


Adriana Week at Cheerleader Spankings

We’ve made it to the final installmemnt of “Adriana Evans Week” across the SG Network and this was with the new addition yesterday at Cheerleader Spankings. The previous roles for Adriana shown were all as a “sub”, but she is an accomplished “switch” too. So, in this cheerleader tale, co-starring another equally alluring and accomplished switch, Ten Amorette, we have the best of both worlds. I have to say, I loved these black cheer unifrms and they look absolutely stunning on both girls. Check out the many images and GIFs that I have for you that showcase these two lovely ladies perfectly!

Adriana Evans week

So, for the final time this week, I have collected a decent amount of screen and stills images, including three wonderful animated GIFs which best show you this spanking film. I have also provided you with a link to the free preview clip at the end. “CLS” or “Cheer” as Sarah & I like to call this site has really come into its’ own over the past 6 months and I love helping out on it, mainly because for us both, it is a core kink to see girls in these cute uniforms getting a spanking! Some of the hardest films we’ve ever made are here too, don’t let those cute uniforms fool you! The 100th video release is coming up very soon and it will be fantastic… I can’t wait to show you all – I’m not saying anything about it now, but it is a multi girl, multi top, very colorful “Cheer Discipline Camp” style film. If you sign up today to see the film I’m showcasing below, you’ll see the 100th in less than a few weeks too!

No Pain, No Gain

Cheerleader Spankings - No Pain No Gain

Adriana and Ten are rooming together on a long distance Cheergirl Championship play-off and are concerned that some of the girls are getting spanked far more. They are wondering if they’re next as they have both been spanked by Coach before and the stess of the Championships is affecting him! So they make a pact to get each other used to his punishments by spanking each other. That way, they concur, their bottoms will be more accustomed to it… no pain, no gain… right? They are both nervous, so decide who is the lucky girl to get spanked first with “Rock Paper Scissors” and Ten loses – so she goes over Adriana’s lap.

The spankings are hesitant at first but soon Adriana is spanking her team mate harder and without her panties… as Coach always spanks on the bare! Ten really feels this and Adriana reminds her that “no pain no gain” is a good motto for them. They switch and Ten does the same to Adriana, over her panties and then on her bare, bouncing bottom. They both decide to spank each other harder so their bottoms get used to the hard hand swats and both girls spank like it was Coach. Now each girl yelps out in pain but afterwards, as they inspect their swollen reddened bottoms, they know that if they keep this up, his hard spankings will hurt them far less! What devious girls they are!

panties down spanking girl girl spanking Adriana spanking Ten Amorette over her lap Cheerleader Spankings Adriana Evans spanks her cheerleader roommate pulling down her panties for a spanking spanked over her white panties spanking over panties spanking ouch, that spanking hurts! OTK spanking Ten Amorette spanking Adriana Evans inspecting her freshly spanked bottom sore red bottom Adriana Spanks Ten Amorette hard spankings spanking aftermath


Cheerleader Spankings - click here

Or view this film in full as a one time download to keep & play back as often as you wish HERE

The Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store

Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store

Adriana Week at Sarah Gregory Spanking

We’re well into “Adriana Evans Week” across the SG Network and we’re now over halfway with the new addition yesterday at Sarah Gregory SpankingSo here is the third of the four films now available. The last two were mother/daughter themes… this one is similar… it’s just the M/F version – “Daddy/Daughter” which co-stars Mr Rob as her disgruntled father! Sarah & I have got to know Mr Rob rather well over the last year and he is an excellent disciplinarian, living the lifestyle… and now filming behind the scenes for Delco Spankings. If you’re familiar with the name then those on the east coast of the USA will know of the parties that were organized in the past! This is another traditional, hand spanking and strapping… it’s rather good so let’s get on with the review!

Adriana Evans week

Once more I collected a decent amount of screen and stills images, including three wonderful animated GIFs which best showcase this film. I have also provided you with a link to the free preview clip at the end. Sarah’s sites and content really have come on in leaps and bounds these past few years. They’ve always been story driven and with the addition of Momma Spankings this site makes for an unbeatable SG Pass getting both sites for less than the combined cost with the same set of codes.  Oh, and Strictmoor Academy, the entire series of films are also fully accessible with the pass!

Adriana Spanked by Daddy

daddy spanks adriana

Adriana waits nervously for daddy to come and punish her. She knows she has been a naughty girl and no more discussion is needed. Daddy approaches belt in hand. Adriana goes over her lap for a hard hand spanking before she is made to kneel on the chair and stick out her bottom for a dose of daddy’s leather strap. She cries real tears and promises to be a good girl as daddy straps her poor red bottom.

spank spanking adriana evans spanked by daddy otk spanking strappings  


sarah gregory spanking sarah gregory pass

Adriana Week at AAA Spanking

Yes, by now you will know “Adriana Evans Week” is well under way across the SG Network (incl. AAA, today, of course). So here is the second of those updates now showing, courtesy of AAA Spanking. This co stars the wonder Miss Anna , who I have to say, has a very hard, mean hand. This is a strictly traditional, OTK hand spanking, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s a light spanking…. ohhhhh no! Adriana admitted this was one of the hardest, most painful spankings she had received by another woman… that says a lot!!!

Adriana Evans week

All the images you see above are from all 4 featured films, so I’ll let you guess what the other two could possibly be before they are released! You’ll find (below) some stills and screen grabs, including three wonderful animated GIFs which best showcase this film. I have also provided you with a link to the free preview clip at the end. Did you know that AAA Spanking now has over 375 full HD films for members, that is a heck of a lot of content all with extensive zipped video stills galleries and lots of image galleries to choose from. The site has been updating with a minimum of one new film each and every week since its’ inception in early 2011 and the project began at the beginning of this month in 2010 to film exclusive content! Seven years… where does all that time go???

You get a lot for your money and some of the best films showcased at AAA feature Adriana! The strapline for this site has been proudly shown on the join and members pages “Run by Spankos for Spankos!” since day one, unlike other charlatan outfits that like to steal other companies mottos as their own! Beware of badly lit, cheaply run, shoddy imitations! (You won’t find them advertised here, ever!)

Adriana’s Attitude Adjustment

Adriana's Attitude Adjustment at AAA Spanking

Adriana was allowed to accompany her mother on a business trip. Her mom thought that her daughter deserved to enjoy a nice break in a hotel suite provided by the company she was consulting for. However, Adriana repaid that trust and kindness by creating a scene at the pool, sunbathing naked. She was sent to the suite immediately by the hotel staff and her mother had been informed by the manager of her daughter’s unacceptable behavior. There will be dire consequences and what you see is a good old fashioned mother/daughter scolding followed by the spanking punishment. Once the OTK spanking begins, it is a relentless assault on Adriana’s bare bottom that has her quickly squirming, struggling and in very real pain. Miss Anna (playing her mom) really does have one of the hardest female hands and this is a fantastic punishment film that aficionados of severe maternal discipline will really appreciate, played by two of our favorite people. Adriana admitted (after we made this film) that it was one of the hardest hand spankings she had received in a very long time. That should tell you all you need to know!

Mother spanks her daughter mom spanks Adriana Evans thick thighs and thick spankable bottom spanking her daughter hard down come her bikini bottoms for the spanking mother spanking her naughty daughter peachy round bottom Triple A Spanking updates painful spanking round bottom spanking Miss Anna spanking her daughter very hard! Adriana Evans spanked by Miss Anna Miss Anna takes no answering back from Adriana Evans panties down spanking mother spanks hard spank! pert buttocks given a sound spanking Adriana Evans spanking week Adriana Evans spanked by mother painful spankings Adriana Evans spanked by mom scolding and spanking otk spanking


You can catch up on what Adriana is doing via her Twitter feed HERE – we have filmed a lot of content with her and will be releasing more films very soon but in the meantime – check out her archives HERE

AAA Spanking

This film is now also available as a one time download at the Clips Store – it is sure to be a big hit there 🙂 (click on image below to access the direct page)

Adrioana Evans at AAA C4S

Coming very soon in Adriana Evans Week – she will be appearing at Sarah Gregory Spanking – so Don’t miss my review 😉

Adriana Week at MommaSpankings.com

As you probably know, it is “Adriana Evans Week” across the entire SG Network (incl. AAA, of course). So here is the first of those updates as promised, courtesy of Momma Spankings. This is not the first mother/daughter role that Adriana will be in this week either (!!!) – seems she does play a naughty daughter rather too well, right?

Adriana Evans week

All the images you see above are from all 4 featured films, so I’ll let you guess what the others are before they are released! You’ll find (below) some stills and screen grabs, including a few animated GIFs which showcase this film. I have also provided you with a link to the free preview clip at the end. Please be aware that Momma Spankings (massive in its own right) is part of the SG Pass network giving you more content for less than the combined cost of joining up to Sarah’s 2 main sites… the pass also gives you access to the entire Strictmoor Academy series.

Momma Spankings Sarah Gregory Pass

We have also been asked whether the SG Pass might someday include our other current sites… I can tell you that this won’t happen via CCBill or any other billing agent, but we are also working on other site projects which might be included at a later date. In any case, you would be the first to know HERE or via our various Twitter accounts if something was to change or be added at a future date!

So to Adriana Evans and a special debut appearance from Miss Bernadette (who hails from Canada) and plays a rather stern maternal figure all too well (yikes!)

Missed Curfew, Real Tears!

Real Tears Punishment of Adriana Evans

It is 11:30am and curfew for Adriana was at 11:30pm. Mom has sat up all night worrying and is very angry. As long as Adriana is living under her roof, she will follow the rules set by mom. After a scolding, Adriana knows how they handle things and she is very sorry even before going over mommy’s knee. Mom spanks her hard over her dress, panties, and then quickly gets to the bare bottom. After her bottom is sufficiently hand spanked, it is time for the hairbrush. Adriana is made to ask for the hairbrush from mom, which she hates doing. This is to further add to the punishment. When mom starts with the hairbrush, real tears flow as Adriana kicks and sobs. She has learned a very hard lesson.

Adriana Evans and Miss Bernadette spankings mommy spanks on the bare bottom bare bottom OTK spanking Adriana Evans spanked by mom Adriana gets a hairbrush on her bare bottom hairbrush spanking OTK spanking Adriana cries during her spanking tears and spanking real tears spankings spanked by mommy


Momma Spankings SG Pass

The next “Adriana” update and preview here will be from AAA Spanking (watch out for this one, it’s a very hard hand spanking!!!) COMING VERY SOON

Adriana Evans Week

Across the entire network this week, 4 new films starring one of our favorite models, Adriana Evans, are goiong to be shown throughout the week. I will bring you updates of each as soon as I can. However, you will be able to see her appear at the following sites, I think, in the following order of appearance:

adriana evans week


I promise you that all 4 films are excellent and showcase this amazing young lady perfectly! So for all you Adriana lovers out there… check out our sites this week or check back here to this blog as I will cover all her films in individual posts! So don’t miss it!

Adriana Evans Week!

Across the entire network next week, 4 new films starring one of our favorite models, Adriana Evans, will be showing throughout the week. You will be able to see her appear at the following sites, I think, in the following order of appearance:

Adriana Evans Week

I promise you that all 4 films are excellent and showcase this amazing young lady pefectly! So for all you Adriana lovers out there… check out our sites next week! You won’t be disappointed!

Volleyball Spanking Fest at CheerleaderSpankings

Every now and then we put out a film that we love so much, we get carried away, as I am now, showing off so many images… but what the hell… this was a film that pressed so many pervy spanko buttons for me. You’ll be seeing a lot more of Volleyball girl uniforms in future episodes at Cheerleader Spankings – and why not? Anyone that knows this blog and my penchant for volleyball girl uniforms (just put that in the search function for some awesome observations) would know that eventually Sarah & I couldn’t resist putting out a few films like this. We had some nice feedback on a previous film we made so this one should hopefully get everyone who likes the whole “sporty uniform thing” (and especially those tight shorts!!!) when three girls take on a rival team after winning their grudge match – just check out the forfeit the embarrassed losers paid below.

Before you get to see more images and such, I do just want to say a massive thank you to the girls involved, you were all amazing and I know how much you all enjoyed making this. I think it would only be fair at some point to have a rematch and the losers get their own back… check it out – let me know what you think!

Thank you to the winning team of Audrey Sugarsmak, Adriana Evans & Bianca Rose (The Red Team) and to Del Hunter, Ava Nicole and Lexi Ellis on the Blue Team (the losers!)


The losers of this grudge volleyball game knew the consequences, whoever lost would pay the forfeit agreed to in advance in the winning team’s changing room. These girls from the opposing teams really didn’t like each other and the utter glee from the Red team winners is obvious as they decide exactly how to begin their reward for beating the sorry Blues. The Red team of Bianca, Adriana & Audrey, decide to humiliate and ridicule each of the losing girls with a good old fashioned spanking spread on the bench, as their fellow loser team mates got to watch each one take a humiliating spanking. Del, on the losing team is picked on first as she appears to be wearing a slutty pair of shorts which the Reds mock relentlessly and pull them down revealing her bare bottom. With Del’s bare cheeks fully exposed, each girl takes turns spanking her and making fun of her embarrassing predicament! Then it’s Ava’s turn, the same awful, humiliating treatment followed by the tallest and their “best” player, Lexi, who doesn’t like this one little bit. More is in store as all the losers are spanked in various position at the same time to a cacophony of slapping and hitting noises as the winners gloat and embarrass their victims continually. Then each of the losing girls got 5 hard swats of the wooden paddle from each winner. This humiliating finale for each girl receiving a total of 15 mean whacks of the wooden paddle is the icing on the winner’s cake for the Red team! This is an awesome 6 girl film with so much hot spanking action, including tight and sexy authentic volleygirl uniforms that lovers of this genre should not miss out on!

  panties down spanking    spanking hot volleyball girls  spanking cheerleaders  

Check out the awesome free preview clip now showing at the website!


You can also download this in full at the Cheerleader Spankings Clip Store (below)

Sensual, Strict & Sexy Spanking Films

Hi everyone, I’m not exactly in full health right now, I’m just getting over a cold I must have caught from too much partying or air travel (or a combination of both). I was visiting some special people in France recently. As it’s a personal matter I won’t discuss the reason for my visit, but needless to say I had a fantastic time and promise not to leave it for 4 years until I next see these peeps! Anyway… let’s get on with some updates and I haven’t featured much from across any of our site networks recently so here’s a quick recap on some of the latest HOT spanking films that you can see (these are ALL F/F spankings!)

Sarah’s Sensual & Sexy Spanking

sexy spanking
Featuring Sarah Gregory & Tasha Lee at Sarah Gregory Spanking

Sarah and Tasha have known each other since the beginning of Sarah’s journey into the world of spanking and fetish so their chemistry comes through very strongly when they play. They decided to do a no plot fun and sexy spanking, but that doesn’t mean that Tasha doesn’t throw in some hard swats, Sarah loves spanking after all. Watch these two play in a natural way; fun real dialogue, sexy and sensual spanking, Sarah in very exposed and humiliating positions, which of course she loves. Don’t miss this hot spanking film that get’s Sarah all wet and bothered.

sarah gregory spanking

This film update comes with plentiful images in both stills (above) and some fine video grabs from the film itself (below)

panties down spanking


sensual making out

Breaking the Rules

real sisters get a spanking from momma
Featuring real life sisters Stevie & Vada Rose with Miss Elizabeth at Momma Spankings

In this maternal discipline film, Stevie Rose gets spanked with her real life sister Vada Rose by the strict Miss Elizabeth. Vada tells mommy that Stevie has broken one of mommy’s golden rules; not having boys over when she is not home. Well Stevie had a boy over and broke this rule. Mommy is very disappointed in Stevie and doesn’t waste anytime taking her over the knee for a VERY hard hand and hairbrush spanking right in front of her sister. What mom doesn’t know is that Vada has been skipping class 2 to 3 times a week!!! After she feels Stevie has learned a proper lesson in rule breaking, the tables are turned and poor Vada is taken over mommy’s lap for a dose of punishment. She is spanked on her shorts, panties, and bare bottom. When mom starts in on the bare bottom real tears start streaming down Vada’s face as she promises to be a good girl and not skip class again. It isn’t until mommy applies the wooden hairbrush to poor Vada’s bare bottom that she believes she will be a good girl from now on.

tears and spanking

This film update comes with plentiful images in both stills (above) and some fine video grabs from the film itself (below)


momma spanking her girls

Both the above sites can be viewed as part of the Sarah Gregory Pass – giving you access to over 600 full length films from both sites for a fraction of the combined cost! This network also gives you full access to all episodes from the award winning “Strictmoor Academy Year 1” series! Click Here for details.

sarah gregory pass - strictmoor academy

Another strict all female film is the latest release at AAA Spanking

Fitness Coach Spanks Hard!

fitness coach spanks hard
Featuring (hard bodied fitness model) Lily Swan & her coach Adriana Evans

Lily had overslept for a special Tournament that she was supposed to be competing in. Her Coach had to come find her but Lily was looking worse for wear from the previous night and Lily felt embarrassed as she had fans and so many people, including her coach that she was letting down. Adriana, her fitness coach, took no nonsense and had often spanked Lily in the past to motivate her to be a winner but this time the spankings were to be much harder and meaner. Lily was woken up with a furious and relentless hand spanking across her bare bottom. She struggled and cried out loudly in pain but Coach wasn’t finished with her. She made her present her bare bottom on all fours, fully exposed on the bed for a wicked leather strapping. To add to her humiliation, Coach Adriana gave her a most humiliating scolding. Finally, in order to get Lily ready for the remainder of the Tournament, she got her to dress in her spandex fitness pants and checked that despite the redness not showing, Lily would feel one last painful spanking through the tight material before she escorted the lazy fitness model to the arena.

bare bottom hand spanking ass sore red and exposed from a hard spanking

This film update comes with plentiful images in both stills (above) and some fine video grabs from the film itself (below)

strapping and spanking


This film can also be kept & played back as often as you want
as a special one time download – Click HERE for details

Finally the latest naughty & very sexy hot cheerleader film just out yesterday!

Sexy Cheerleader Fun

Featuring Audrey Sugarsmak & Adriana Evans at Cheerleader Spankings

Adriana and Audrey are in a relationship. They have always had the fantasy of playing naughty cheerleaders together so they decide to make it happen. After buying their hot, authentic cheer uniforms, Adriana takes her sexy girlfriend over her lap for a very sexy spanking. Audrey giggles in embarrassment and enjoyment as her girlfriend spanks her, caresses her and grabs her bare bottom intimately. Adriana gives a mainly sensual spanking but every now and then she can’t resist smacking her gorgeous girlfriend’s amazing booty just that little bit harder. Audrey gasps in shock but soon Adriana is rubbing her bottom better, all the while both girls are getting turned on and they start to make out in those hot uniforms without any panties on. This is a very hot girl/girl sensual and erotic spanking.

cheerleader spanking

This film update comes with plentiful images in both stills (above) and some fine video grabs from the film itself (below)

otk spanking


cheer girls making out

Hope you enjoyed seeing what is available right now as much as I did reviewing these films! If you’re into F/F spanking, then you are all in for a treat across any of these sites this week! *goes to take a very cold shower!*

Brrrr…. maybe not *this* cold!!!


Register NOW before prices increase on May 1st! Full Details HERE

Spanking GIFs Revisited

Hello, as I am preparing the next stage of the Spanking Awards (Most Improved Website is next) I thought I’d find some of my hard work I did which is still on the server from when the hacker-bastard f*cked about with the blog. I just found some GIF files from November in my FTP upload folder and transferred them not knowing what they’d be (with file names like am1.gif etc.) So what I’ve done is re upload them here, found some images from the films, where possible, that went with them, and got you a description (if i have it still) of said GIFs and images and to what it relates to!

It;s all a bit of fun, so let’s begin… not surprisingly I had a fair few from AAA Spanking but I narrowed it down to 2 films – so I’ll show you those first…


This starred Adriana Evans – although released last November, we actually filmed this way back in May 2014. One of the “lost films” – I have since found one more lurking in the unedited raw files (I’ll keep you in suspense) so expect to see that one later this year. Adriana is one of my best female spanking friends. I love this girl, from her warped sense of humor to our love of humiliation and talk of diapers (yeah, yeah… I know!). We goof about and of course she has THE Most Spankable Brazilian Booty! I have plenty more excellent films of her coming out this year which I can’t wait to get released! Another film with her is coming out this very week – but as a top! She is nominated as Best New Spanking Top – the voting in this category ends very soon, results are on Friday – Please check out all the contenders HERE


Adriana thinks that she has been left alone in her after school detention to write her lines, so she sneaks out the vintage spanking magazines that she had stolen earlier from her Form Teacher’s desk. This is so she could satisfy her own curiosity! She is so engrossed in the kinky literature that she fails to hear Mr Osborne returning early. He is far from pleased when he sees her enjoying this highly inappropriate reading material for a schoolgirl of her age! Sir questions her about how she obtained such explixit vintage magazines and decides a fitting punishment is to give her a spanking and caning just like the stories and pictures she was enjoying just before. Adriana is sassy to start with but soon feels embarrassed after the spanking begins and her panties are pulled down making her feel vulnerable and scared! Now it IS a punishment and worse is to come as Mr Osborne makes her look at the pictures of the canings whilst he did the same things to her bare, exposed bottom again and again! This is a very painful reminder that theft and reading such iliicit material is forbidden to all the girls in school and a tearful Adriana has the dubious honor of being able to report to her classmates that a “Punishment Detention” is far from enjoyable!

[jwplayer mediaid=”51301″]


Late last year we had finished a special long play custom shoot and I got to meet the very lovely Lexi Ellis (finally!) – I had so wanted to film her way back but Lexi was out of the scene for a couple of years and then (luckily for me) got back into it… I hope, for longer this time! I only got to film with her in one film at AAA Spanking so far, but what a film it was… It’s been well received. It’s a great domestic discipline film with good hard spankings, strapping and some seriously stinging wooden paddling. Lexi has an amazing booty as you’ll see and I honestly hope we get to meet up again, she is a lot of fun to hang out with!

AAA Spanking AAA Spanking AAA Spanking

Lexi returns home far later than she had arranged and had also turned off her phone. This made John suspicious but he had waited for her and was concerned that she had been out to a small spanking party hosted by a man he had forbidden her to play with. He gave her room and knew she liked to play and had no issue with that, but he did with the man that he named “The Weasel”. So when she did stumble in late, her explanations were full of holes and John picked through them until he discovered the evidence on her bottom that she had been at the party and the tell tale sloppy marks of the Weasel’s woeful play. Incensed that she had lied to him, John takes his wife over his lap for a further painful hand spanking, then gets a small stinging leather strap to seal in those marks before using the “Liar Paddle” on her quivering, sore behind! This is an edgy humiliation and shaming video that includes lots of expletives, severe scoldings & punishment resulting in a very sore red bottom for a tearful Lexi the Liar.

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Amelia Spanks Sarah

This is taken from Sarah Gregory Spanking and how could I ever forget this? Filmed, I think, in October (last year) Amelia & Sarah had been plotting to do something like this for some time. They flirted with it in a film that isn’t yet released at AAA when we were all in Houston last year (it’s an excellent film which you WILL be able to see in a few months or so). Anyway, Sarah was genuinely turned on by this spanking. I was so happy when I heard they were planning this as I knew it would be a visual treat. Amelia learnt some naughty tricks which Sarah and I found hilarious during the film… you’ll have to watch it to understand (it’s naughty!). She admitted to me later that although very sensual and erotic, Amelia knew exactly what she was doing and gave her some perfectly timed stinging hand swats to make sure Sarah’s bottom was glowing at the end. Of course Amelia plays the topping and scolding roles so well nowadays – you can see her in a few scenes (and more to come) at POV Spanking

However, you can also order a special custom from Amelia directly, (or Ariel as many of you will also know her) and she is rather popular and in demand. I know that we are filming a custom shoot with her later this year and it will be A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Hardly surprising!
Her Custom Website is HERE and she also has a personal Clips Store HERE

Amelia spanking Sarah Gregory Amelia spanking Sarah Gregory Amelia spanking Sarah Gregory

Ever since the day that Sarah met Amelia, she has dreamed about being over her lap. Finally, the day has come and Sarah enjoys every minute of it. Amelia gives Sarah a nice warm up and then spanks her a bit harder. As this sensual and erotic domination continues, Sarah is made to spread her legs for some humiliation. As Sarah gets more turned on, Amelia enjoys spanking her even more and it gets harder. Amelia’s dominant side sneaks out more as she has Sarah raise her bottom high in the air so she can spank even more of it. Amelia states that Sarah would be the only person she would actually be comfortable spanking.

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Impact Forces

I have to admit, I don’t know a lot about Kitten, I haven’t seen her anywhere else and this was shot at a spanking party (which I wasn’t attending). This is from Northern Spanking and I do love the scenario and the cute uniform and of course Paul Kennedy does a marvellous job with one of his favorite implements that I am sure Alex Reynolds knows so well! *ahem* 🙂

Just the one animated GIF I could find that I made, but there is a free spanking preview clip below. This will be the last of my efforts today as I want to bring you the next part of the spanking awards! (So you get a couple more images from this video instead, okay?)

a spanking and a tawsing

Having scammed her way onto a school physics trip to an amusement park and been caught, Kitten is subjected to a practical, hands-on demonstration of impact forces, with the help of the physics tutor’s tawse!

northern spanking

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Northern Spanking


Spanking Awards 2016Many of the folk I have mentioned here today are nominated in various categories so far for the SPANKING AWARDS – Do your bit and ensure that your favorites (and I know that there are not many listed here today) get your vote before some categories close for counting and the Winners Announcements are made.

Best New Spankee and Best Newcomer Spanker categories close Thursday and Friday this week – the winners will be announced shortly after! So be quick if you haven’t already done your bit! 🙂

Adriana Evans – Discipline Spanking Session

Like I said yesterday… it’s good to be back and I shall be attempting to update and open more newsworthy blogs and sites very soon! #fuckthehackers 

spanking blogg

I want to remind everyone that the Spanking Awards WILL go ahead, they’re delayed, everything I had was stored on the blog database before it was deleted (grrr) … but they will go ahead! It’s a really bad time for me right now as my time is so tight but I hope to be able to get something up by next week sometime, okay? If you have still been sending in nominations these have been ignored: needless to say, I have been preparing this all behind the scenes.

& so to some spanking site news…

If you have been over at AAA Spanking recently (unaffected by any hacks) you will notice that the last 3 films are very special! I had blogged about one of them before Xmas last year and was about to let you know about the Judicial Caning film. I’ll remind you all about those at some point and how good they are but let’s check out this wonderful and very real discipline spanking film that Adriana Evans & I made way back in October 2015. I had been awaiting a special time for release so ensured that New Year 2017 should get the honors. It’s really quite special and when I got it edited recently I had forgotten just how good this session we did together was. We just hooked up some cameras and got on with it! No one else was there (as you’ll read from the site description):

Adriana’s Discipline Session

This is a rather special spanking film to start off the year in style! It’s over 30 minutes long and was a spur of the moment decision to record some real playtime off camera. Adriana Evans and John Osborne made this privately deciding only to show it now. No one else was there, no script, no roleplay, just a cathartic spanking session that Adriana needed at that time! There is no holding back in this long play video: “Spankee of the Year” Adriana takes a real hard traditional OTK spanking with and without the protection of her pants and underwear. When John was satisfied that she was thoroughly warmed up, he readied her for the next phase to keep the intensity going for as long as possible.
Adriana wanted to feel pain and various sensations to help her release some pent up frustrations and emotions. This is a real intimate look as she takes a tearful, hard multiple leather strapping, including more playful or varied strokes along with plenty of encouragement from John. In the final scene, Adriana asks him for the cane. He varies the tempo, speed and intensity until the final climax of a very hard rythmic caning brings yet more tears which Adriana craved!
This is not fake, scripted or a custom video. It is a real look at what close friends in the Spanking Scene get up to! She will always be one of our favorite models at AAA. It shows that we love working, playing and hanging out with her. We hope this shows a glimpse into the real life of us “kinkos” that star in or produce content for your viewing enjoyment!

otk spanking  spanking strapping      



You can also view this 30+ minute film in full HD HERE

Good things come to those that wait! Support us so we can bring you more films like this! 🙂

Red Handed Red Bottomed!

cheerThe latest new spanking update released at CheerleaderSpankings.com is a great OTK and heavy leather strapping of a thief in the cheer squad. Check out what happens to Adriana Evans when she foolishly thought she could steal from her own coach (Johnny Lake) whilst the team were on a roadtrip. You just know Coach Johnny will have something special in store for this naughty young lady! Check out the images, screen grabs and GIFs of this latest film out now for members. This video features hard hand spankings, lots of humiliation and a fab heavy reformatory leather strapping at the end.


Red Handed Red Bottomed – starring Adriana Evans & Johnny Lake

cheerleader Adriana Evans

cheerWhilst the team were staying away at a hotel during Championships, cheer coach Johnny Lake had his phone stolen. He used a tracing app using another back up phone and quickly located it in Adriana’s room. Adriana was caught red handed and had no excuses, this was her final strike and coach was beyond disappointed with her. She would take whatever punishment he gave her or kick her off the squad, and her scholarship would be in jeopardy! Adriana complained and didn’t want to take a spanking but that was what she got.

He spanked her over her panties but they didn’t stay up for long as he wanted to make sure she’d remember this discipline session and feel humiliated for daring to steal his property. Adriana still didn’t appear to be that contrite so his heavy leather strap soon ended up striking her reddening bottom. The tears welled up in her eyes as the stinging leather struck her sore cheeks. Finally Adriana was learning her lesson and was reminded this was her final chance! See “Spankee of the Year 2015” show us why she earned that honor with a hard spanking and heavy strapping punishment.

CLS-81-002 CLS-81-004 spanking over her panties red_handed_red_bottomed_023 red_handed_red_bottomed_026 pulling down her panties CLS-81-012 CLS-81-017 adriana evans spanked otk red_handed_red_bottomed_025 red_handed_red_bottomed_036 red_handed_red_bottomed_043 spanking bare bottom spanking cls620 CLS-81-021 red_handed_red_bottomed_054 red_handed_red_bottomed_055 rh3 red_handed_red_bottomed_072 red_handed_red_bottomed_074 red_handed_red_bottomed_079 red_handed_red_bottomed_086 red_handed_red_bottomed_087 strapping the cheerleader red_handed_red_bottomed_104 red_handed_red_bottomed_106 CLS-81-026 red_handed_red_bottomed_107 red_handed_red_bottomed_111 red_handed_red_bottomed_112



cheerWelcome to Cheerleader Spankings where you will see OTK (over the knee) spankings, girls punished at practice, wearing authentic cheer uniforms, spanked by each other, their coaching staff and teachers who need to discipline these often unruly cute girls. We have found girls from all over the world who have been very naughty and loved being in these uniforms often fulfilling their own fantasies of being that bratty cheerleader who needed a good hard spanking.

We feature many sensual as well as severe discipline videos including some mean nasty strapping, paddling and caning punishments of girls to tears. If you are into seeing girl next door types, real lifestylers and those who are just plain naughty who need real discipline then you have come to the right place!