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Summer Solstice Spankings

As we celebrate the longest day here in the northern hemisphere… it seems so long ago that I was writing about the shortest darkest most miserable day in December last year where I’d get up to work in pitch black and return hoem in the cold damp depressing gloom… a thoroughly awful set of events. So it is rather pleasant to think that here in the UK today, the sun rose at around 4.50am and will set tonight just around 9.30pm or thereabouts, depending on whether one is living in the far south west which is further south or in Scotland which is far more northern and the sun will then set a little later!


Stonehenge – The famous 5000 years old World Heritage Stone Circle Site in Wiltshire, England – erected for solstice rituals.

Until recently, the stone cicles were always off limits to the public, especially on solstice ceremonies, with only druids and those in need of a darned good wash and a spanking attended! However, this year, over 20,000 revelers were allowed a unique chance to spend time overnight and watch the sunset and sunrise at Stonehenge. Judging from the images below, some of my members snuck off and joined in… if I’d have known that the circles were public access this time, I’d have gone with a “Triple A” banner as I reckon I only live about a 90 minutes drive away! *makes mental note to write this down in my diary!*


Praise be Chief, oh Sun God of Osborne for bringing us spanking enlightenment & delightful mumbo jumbo…


I don’t like the cut of some of today’s feral youth’s jib…
Hmmm, just some of the wayward souls that the Chief knows are in need of a bare bottom spanking to bring them into line!

Despite the gloomy start, I was thinking this as I got up just before 6am this morning, the sun was very high in the sky by 6.30am when I was driving to work and had burnt off any residual mist where I lived, it has been a glorious summer’s day here in the south west countryside and I have come inside after arriving home from work to write up this quick blog post! Happy Summer’s Solstice, everyone!

Summer Solstice-Stonehenge

& now onto some spankings, red bottoms and very hot girls that make me inanely grin like a Cheshire Cat – I hope these images make you see sense and check out the sites in question as they are all worth every darned penny of their respective membership fees – which, like mine, depend on good people like yourselves (and all the others who continue to support our sites) so we can all keep on producing content for you all!

Joelle Barros & David Pierson at Punishedbrats.com


“The Clean Out” – Joelle takes an even more direct approach to changing David’s poor health habits. She throws out his Cuban cigars, tosses his dry aged steaks, and pours nearly all of his liquor down the drain. Joelle’s clean living campaign is costing her bottom dearly! 

clean1-2 clean1-4

clean1-5 clean1-6

clean1-7 clean2-1

clean2-2 clean2-3

clean2-5 clean2-6

clean2-7 clean2-8

Check out the free preview clips of this fantastic film now available in full only from Punishedbrats.com


A couple of recent updates from 2 girls, one a stalwart and a long time favourite that I don’t always post as she is always seen elsewhere, but I thought “to hell with that… she looks stunning and deserves some blog love from me too” – it’s not her fault I’m late ‘n’ lazy getting posts out… and the other is brand new girl, Sasha Harding (her 3rd film is coming out later this week!) Who am I referring to? The 2 girls below at Firmhandspanking.com

Alison Miller – Dance Captain punishments

Flame-haired Dance Captain Alison Miller kneels on a sofa, hands on the floor, bared butt high in the air, for a stinging 175 swats with Frank Reed’s punishment strap. She’s been driving her dancers too hard and berating them: now her cheeks pay the price!

dance_o001 dance_o003


dance_o005 dance_o017


dance_o019 dance_o024

A FREE preview of Allison’s punishment can be seen HERE

A $10,000 dollar credit card charge earns Sasha Harding a tough strapping

Rich Brat Sasha Harding knows how to spend her dad’s money. After she charges $10,000 to his credit cards, she offers to have her bottom strapped. Patrick Bateman makes sure she counts the swats, but will there be tears of contrition by number 21?

richbrat_b003 richbrat_b005

richbrat_b007 richbrat_b012

richbrat_b013 richbrat_b015

richbrat_b019 richbrat_b022

richbrat_b023 richbrat_b024

Check out the rich brat’s humiliating punishments FREE CLIP HERE – 3rd part coming out later this week!


There’s a couple of very recent updates from NorthernSpanking.com you should all be aware of, featuring some of my fave UK spanking stars… as you’ll now see below!

Amelia’s Wake up Whipping (with Stephen Lewis) is now showing…
Amelia Jane Rutherford as stunning as ever!


A studio set from some time ago where Amelia got to play in some pretty new underwear & Stephen got to play with her!

NSI084C-AV023 NSI084C-AV037

NSI084C-AV040 NSI084C-AV043


It’s amazing what one small mistake on a spreadsheet can do. You know that recession we now find ourselves in? Well, Aleesha Fox caused it and her boss has punished her for it. Do you feel better now? thsi is the very latest update out NOW and if you want to see much more than I’m teasing you with below with the lovely Aleesha (I “LOVE” working with her and will HAVE to again, lol) and the gorgeous buxom vixen, Jadie Reece…


NSI098-AJ011 NSI098-AJ015

NSI098-AJ014 NSI098-AJ016 NSI098-AJ018

You can see this without restriction inside the members area of NorthernSpanking.com 🙂


…and finally from this blog today… a fantastic look at the ongoing spanking soap opera from My Spanking Room Mate – part of the Fonda group of sites so you can view this as part of the ClareFondapass network (the best way to view 5 of their top sites!) – This is a HAWT new film with beautiful Asian American, Koko Kitten and blonde Missy Rhodes… don’t worry, as you’ll see from this selction of images complementing the film… both girls get to spank each other and it’s a double bare bottom whammy – please do nbe careful… as this Solstice Spanking viewing could play havoc with your stout hessian undergarments that I hope you devout followers are always wearing (what do you mean, you go “Commando” – what the hell is that?)

scenes from “Missy’s new room mate”


msr-p139-007 msr-p139-012

msr-p139-020 msr-p139-032


msr-p139-043 msr-p139-048

msr-p139-053 msr-p139-054 msr-p139-055

Missy has been going through roommates quickly, but still has standards. Koko Kitten is her new one, and she is super bratty. But since Missy is desperate, she accepts Koko, but must train her with a spanking. Will Koko tolerate this, or spank Missy right back?


Available at MySpankingRoomMate.com – or via the Top value 5 Site Pass


OK, one more… I couldn’t resist, it’s still bright as hell outside and it cheers me up 🙂

Let’s take a quick look at Spanked-in-Uniform.com and see what Mike has been up to with all his various “sch-pannnkings” of the naughty girls in their different uniforms. 2 Films for you to look at which are both quite recent… the first stars a new Dutch girl I love seeing, another girl who, I believe has done some porno stuff (tut tut, lol) and looks gorgeous with such a fine spankable ass… say “hello” again to Scarlett dressed up as the sexy maid in the 2nd part of this new section… seriously, she’s stunning!

ep2_1 ep2_2

ep2_4 ep2_5

ep2_7 ep2_8


In part two, Scarlett goes across Mr. Johnson’s knee for a sound spanking, for not cleaning the kitchen properly and watching Soaps on the TV.  After the spanking and while the two girls are nursing very sore bottoms, he calls the client and tells him of the punishments they both received. They both agree that the girls go back to him and clean the kitchen again with their bare bottoms on display and the client is allowed to spank them if it is needed! VIEW THIS FILM HERE

& from the Rockford School of Dance comes this double “sch-paaanking” update of Fae & Tiina!

ep24_1 ep24_2 ep24_3

ep24_4 ep24_5

ep24_7 ep24_8

ep24_10 ep24_12

ep24_18 ep24_20 ep24_21

Cheerleader Fae Corbin is over Coach’s knee getting her bottom soundly spanked for being late for practice a few times. Tiina is listening to the spanking on the other side of the door wondering what it might feel like. After 12 with the paddle, Fae comes out and Tiina told her that she has never been spanked before. Fae manipulates the miss goody two shoes into accepting a spanking from her so she will know what it feels like. Fae doesn’t hold back and spanks and paddles her rather hard… enjoying it a all just little too much!

You can see this latest film and all the other uniform niches at Spanked-in-Uniform.com


Ok, I had some recent car trouble… well, it failed the MOT and got fixed £275 later (groan)
Anyhoo… it’s all sorted now but I’m not sure if this crew could have helped me, lol!


Spanking Round Up

A great new start to the week as I get you all a multi site review under way… no bullshit from me, just some cracking images and what some of these films are about. I promise you all sites and films featured here get my 100% approval, I wouldn’t promote anything I haven’t been a member of or just do it because I thought I could make a few pennies off it. Even when I do an industry update, I will only feature stuff I like and hopefully you will all like too (which is why you’re reading this and once again wondering why I am starting to ramble… so I’ll shut up!)

I have always liked age play, so I’ll start with Sarah Gregory’s great site HERE where she stars in her first ever age play film (no doubt influenced by Momma Clare at many of her shoots she had previously worked for)

Sarah Gregory is sent to stay with Miss Kane for a week to learn how to be a proper young lady. She is a very rude and sassy young girl who is repeatedly kicked out of School. After her time with Miss Kane she sure learns the hard way that she needs to be respectful and willing to learn. Lesson #1 is how a young lady should drink her tea. This is Sarah’s first full age play video…




…there is also a great new film (now complete) that stars a girl with what i’d normally think would be a hideous tattoo, but I have to say although she is no angle, I kind of like it, I like her ass far more though as it turns red SO BEAUTIFULLY as you’ll see in Sarah’s film where she spanks, straps and canes this newbie… it’s a hot girl/girl punishment film!


Leila comes to see Sarah for an emotional release spanking. She wants a pleasurable and somewhat painful spanking at the same time. Sarah warms her up otk first and then ties her to the bed for some strapping, caning, paddling, and cropping. Leila moans in pleasure and pain as she receives her spanking.



Check out more sexy spanking shanannigans at Sarah’s site HERE


A couple of great films out this week at Firm Hand Spanking – just check out the storylines and images below for more spanking awesomeness!

I admit I’m not 100% a fan of Kyle, I won’t bore you with the detail here but I can’t fault this film… which is why it’s featured, er… mainly because it stars 6 footer Adrienne Black who I have a 1000 unnatural lustful thoughts for… seriously, me… privacy, dark room, her… alone, OMG… enough already! Check out a new series starting with her taking a rather good hard punishment, the 1st of about 8 or 9 from Kyle by the looks of it! 🙂





Stunning Adrienne Black returns in a new series as chief flight attendant for an executive airline. The owner has his own style for keeping employees in line – by spanking. Adrienne agrees to be spanked as a preview of what’s in store. 235 smacks later, she’s red as hell!

& also now showing is one of the HOTTEST Alison Miller films I’ve seen in a long time (they’re all hot, this one just happens to be smokin’) perhaps it’s the position Alison is in that makes this film so alluring for me?

Failing to replace a dancer costs flame-haired Alison Miller a 55-stroke strapping





Her lax attitude to replacing a dancer on tour when she’s Dance Captain costs sassy Alison Miller a sound 55-stroke strapping across her bouncing bubble-butt. Frank Reed punishes her in the lunge position: “It’s difficult to hold with my butt in the air,” says Alison. Slo-mo replays!

Check out these great punishment films with 2 of Firm hand’s BEST spankees! Click HERE


Don’t you love it when a beautiful girl like Marissa is given to someone else to be punished? Imagine the shame and humiliation as she is chastised and disciplined for spending frivolously! This is what happens to Marissa in the latest film from Punishedbrats.com – my 1st of 2 features from this excellent site, today.

Taken from the film “Designer dress”

Marisa’s husband has asked Uncle David to have a tough discussion with his wife about her spending habits after she blows four thousand dollars on a new dress. David uses a leather strap to teach Marisa a lesson about financial responsibility.



Office Discipluine movies feature heavily, especially when David Pierson is the man to take charge!
Check out the very latest film now complete (below)





In this latest film… Brittney is a big problem, but he’s displeased with Audrey not being able to effectively manage her nor notifying him of the issue earlier. He takes the very shocked Audrey over his lap for a spanking as Brittney peeks from her position in the corner. David leaves both the company brats, Brittney and Audrey, in the corner together to figure out their differences after he has ensured both their bottoms are burning with shame!


Finally, the 3rd in the series of Earthfleet’s most disgraceful space cadets getting the treatment they deserve where no one can hear them scream or know they are being spanked… check out the latest episode of the starship genesis series from Spanked-in-Uniform.com (below)






The Genesis met up with the Earthfleet Cargo Ship, Barbados, to pick up a lieutenant Buchanan who was lazy, neglected her duties and needed strict discipline. Captain Cunnniikuta gladly handed her over. Captain Rogers decided to let Ensign Monique be responsible for her progress and their first task was to clean Shuttle Craft 3 and 5 in Shuttle Bay 2. They did a poor job and they ended up feeling the sting from Captain Rogers’ Punisher right there in the Shuttle Bay. They were then ordered to inventory Cargo Bay 3 and when they did a poor job of that too… they were both taken to Lieutenant Buchanan’s quarters and they both got a hard, long and very painful OTK spanking!

Out now in Sci Spankovision – only at Spanked-in-Uniform.com 🙂

Sunday Spanking Updates

I shall be as quick as I can today as I need to get my stuff together for a small filmshoot I am doing tomorrow, I will let you know how that goes after I finish it, having learnt the lesson not to say anything beforehand in case the girl wasn’t to turn up etc…

So, onto today’s goodies without further ado and I hope you enjoy some of the stuff I have been lucky enough to view this past week!

This latest film from one of Punishedbrats.com featuring a spanko lifestyler, Gianna, with her real life partner and it made me think about my trip to the US in the late summer… why? Just look at those shorts he is wearing, it seemed wherever I went in America, every guy was wearing these length “shorts” and to the eye of an Englishman, it just looked odd… but there you go! Fortunately, I was far more interested in Gianna’s glowing, ever reddening strapped butt as you’ll see below!




In this film “School Trip, stay together class” – Absent minded Gianna lost track of her classmates on a school trip after being warned repeatedly to keep up and pay attention. Thoroughly lost in the woods, Tyler comes to her rescue and brings her home. But her relief is short lived as she has earned a strapping for the trouble she caused.

Watch this full movie and all their new updates in HD only at Punishedbrats.com


One girl I haven’t featured for a while is Alison Miller from Firmhandspanking.com who still makes films exclusively for these guys and her jiggling bubble butt is STILL a number one attraction that is irresistible to watch when she gets a good hard thrashing! there are so many films with Alison, and this one shown below is the very latest out now in full!




Sassy flame-haired beauty Alison Miller soon learns that her new manager has old-fashioned views on discipline. Her Strict boss Mr Reed sets the tone by spanking her a total of 334 painful times, about 100 of those added for being disrespectful! Alison’s delicious bubble-butt takes it all with a bounce! Watch the FULL FILM HERE


Here’s something special from one of my fave sites from the Clare Fonda Pass network – at Spankedcallgirls.com comes this naughty girl on girl spanking fetish film, with one of my favourite stars, Veronica Ricci being even more unconventional and kooky as well as unbelievably hot dressed up as a slutty maid for her client! There are plenty of images from this film for you to check out, lots of great implements and of course the payback switch where Veronica also gets to spank her kinky client. The full storyline is underneath these images and also includes a link on how to view the film in full…







Dr. Ryan Reely greets Call Girl Audrey Tate (played by Veronica Ricci) with a drink that drugs her. She drags Audrey over her knee (easily because she drugs her) where she takes her temperature anally before spanking long and hard with her hand and a large paddle. She has Audrey bend over and she spanks her with her clipboard and a yard stick. Dr. Reely admits that she is kinky, and gets over Audrey’s knee for a hard spanking. Ryan Reely plays the doctor and Ryan is a Penthouse Pet with a curvy bottom doing her first ever spanking scene. She gives and takes a sound spankingView this film HERE

Don’t forget you can also see Veronica as the main star of SpankingSororityGirls.com and often features at girlspanksgirl.com too especially in the last few seasons of the Exclusive Education disciplinary series.

All the above sites featuring Veronica can also be viewed as part of the amazing value Clare Fonda Pass


Hmmm, disciplinary spankings – here is a great series of films out now for members of RealSpankings.com and I know Michael and co really do ensure these girls are given a lesson they never forget, luckily they are the type of girls that just come back for MORE whackings… see one of the latest episodes below starring the alluring Abigail, punished by a really pissed off Betty Blaze for leaving the kitchen in a mess whilst her friend Allison is sent to the next room, hearing and seeing everything that was about to happen…


Abigail was supposed to clean the kitchen before the end of the day when her friend Allison came over. Betty tells Allison to go in the other oom while she deals with abigail the only way she’ll understand!


Allison could hear and peeked at what was happening from the other room whilst her friend got a hard strapping, first Abigail still had her jeans on… then to her shame, they were pulled down and her bare bottom was thrashed: There are some great scenes where Abigail is yelping and you get to see the facial reactions of pretty Allison too, which are priceless!



See this interesting spanking film at one of the internet’s most established and longest running (since 1996!)

Click here for the full tour pages of RealSpankings.com


Some great spanking updates this week from both Sarah Bright and her partner Mr Stern at the sites below, they both are starring at each other’s sites, so if I have confused you… they do swap from time to time… and why not? At Sarah’s site first with a gorgeous new spankee model called Sophie in her debut film, she caught my eye because she is the spitting image of someone I know, sadly it’s not her, but thanks to this film it now fuels a personal fantasy of mine (lol!)

Sophie gets naked after her spanking over the knee of Mr Stern at Spankingsarah.com

It’s the second part of Sophie’s interview for Spanking Sarah and she tells us more about her spanking life. Then it’s time for her to progress from a hand spanking to the paddle. She removes her panties and bends over the knee for a good warming with the leather paddle before bending over the settee for a real hard paddling, the hardest she has ever experienced. This beautiful lady is making her first spanking appearances at Spanking Sarah.




See the fantastic free HD preview of Sophie getting spanked for the first time – Click HERE


Continuing the Lucy Manning series of films at English-Spankers.com this week, naughty Lucy comes face to face with a very peeved School Matron, Sarah Bright! You will see why she is taking no nonsense from Lucy (below). A full explanation and a free HD preview link are also available below these images.





Oh dear! Lucy is in trouble. Her teacher at St Justs has been suspended because she accused him of making advances, but Matron knows better, she is determined to get the truth out of naughty Lucy and she knows just how to go about it. Lucy has to change back into her uniform and then matron gets the schools special leather slipper and goes to work on this naughty girls bottom with a will.  A damn good slippering soon has this liar confessing  and then matron just continues with some more determined slippering to make this one very sorry young lady!

View the special FREE prieview clip HERE


& before I go, just a quick reminder of what is coming to my site next week… and a couple of great new clips I had not uploaded onto the store until now (they are uploading as I write this)… both will make sure you stay tuned for more info on my updates next week, hopefully 🙂

This is a place where the girls don’t want to lose the exclusive membership of “The Gym Club”
It’s the best place to workout and meet the most eligible fit young men around!
Pity for them they couldn’t behave properly now they face a humiliating choice!
Get punished like the brats they are, or find another place and miss out on a big part of their social lives!

What happens at Gym Club stays at the Gym Club!
Stunning 3 girl debut film of Alyssa Nevers, Joelle Barros and Ashley Graham

& on the Clips Store I am uploading 2 fantastic clips of Leia Ann Woods getting a rather painful paddling and hairbrush punishment, both OTK and bent over a stool with her school uniform  Gingham Dress on for wearing improper knickers underneath! Both short clips have plenty of action, the 1st is primarily OTK spanking and paddling… and the 2nd continues but progresses to the hairbrush and she is finally placed over a stool with her bottom high in the air for easier whacking access! Reminder images are below taken from the full film (it’s in the schoolgirl section at AAAspanking if you’re a member there).






… have a great end to the weekend everyone 🙂

“I drink too much” & other astounding Spanking News!

Yup! Last night went well, getting blasted again, I am typing this with yet another favourite tipple of mine, no wine this evening… but something a little less alcoholic but exceedingly tasty…. one of the best German beers around called “Warsteiner” – I developed a taste for this many years ago on a (rather expensive) skiing trip to Zermatt in Switzerland. So as this was on a 3 for 2 offer at a rather well known supermarket here in the UK, I took advantage of that offer as it rarely does so now have cases of the damned stuff waiting to be quaffed! It’s far too good for our guests 😉

Mmmm… time for another beer, and before I start… I was going to have a moan about someone who obviously hates what I do as he never once mentions anything, not even my site launch earlier this year… *sigh* It’s not *that* important to be honest, but I’d just like to know WTF it is I’ve ever done to piss him off. Anyway, moving swiftly on as the beer kicks in – I just watched the 1st amazing part of Sarah Gregory’s latest movie out which has just about my dream spanking combo… Sarah, Ten Amorette and Jenni Mack spanked by none other than Chelsea Pfeiffer! This is F/F spanking heaven… and 1st up in this film to get spanked is the rather precocious (& “damn… I’m falling in love with her) flame haired Jenni Mack! *yum*

Just check out Jenni’s reaction below… priceless!

From what I have seen of this movie… this is the storyline as best I can make it for you: The fed up parents of Sarah, Ten & Jenni have instructed this “Etiquette Tutor” , Miss Chelsea Pfeiffer, to bring these unruly girls back into line. At first the girls are arrogant, rude and dismissive of this hired help… until Jenni makes the mistake of smart mouthing once too often and is quickly dragged over Chelsea’s knee and spanked without warning! The girls are shocked and this is just the start as Jenni’s panties are quickly removed and what follows is a relentless spanking which has to be seen to be believed, there are some images below and it is easliy one of my fave F/F movies I’ve seen in a long time… and we have Ten and Sarah to come! “Red bottomed Joy!”





Simply Awesome! Please go check it out in more detail if you like RIGHT HERE


I’ve missed a few updates at FirmHandspanking so please check out my “catch up” images as I cover the last 3 films, including the first below of my new lustful eye, that of Valerie Bryant who gets her first hard stinging leather strapping draped over a sofa with her cute buns fully exposed and her long legs on full display! Yes, ladies and gentleman… I feel I should re introduce the Chief’s trusted and patented “Trouser Arousal” alerts as the following images from Firm Hand’s latest films are stunning!

Valerie Bryant in the latest part of the series “Reform School”




Sunning herself by the faculty pool when she’s already in trouble at Reform School costs Valerie Bryant a sound bare bottom strapping from Mr Reed. “I was just trying to have fun,” she protests. “I told you, these punishments are not gonna work!” Her bottom tells another story.

It must be Xmas – you get Sam Woodley AND Alison Miller in those sexy outfits!!!




Booked as an elf in a department store Santa’s Grotto, Alison Miller pushes the limits and dresses raunchily in Christmas Treat. With her partner Samantha Woodley, she’s strapped 52 times with a tawse, panties down, by Earl Grey. See her cheeks bounce in a holiday treat!

Melanie Taylor – from “The Dealer” series





A panties-off 30 swats with a leather paddle leaves Melanie Taylor’s jutting rear a rosy red! Caught stealing from the casino, she chooses corporal punishment rather than court. But she misses her appointment and is found sunbathing poolside. Her bottom pays: hear those yelps!

Check out the free movie previews of these cracking girls only from FirmHandSpanking.com


OK, as we approach the last day of 2011, I shall be posting some special stuff tomorrow (and I’m not working in my other job… “yay!”) so don’t go far! Chief. xx

Super Sunday Spankings

Xmas is fast approaching, tis the season of many work related meals, I have another tonight, all the good work I have done by losing 20 Pounds these last 6 months has gone undone in a festival of gluttony and excessive eating these last few weeks! Another reason I loathe this time of year, to be honest. If you know me, you’ll know I hate this time of year. I have just prepared my Xmas film at our site (sigh) and in the spirit of giving, our members will get a massive 25-30 minute film in one go, no broken parts in gorgeous HD, featuring 4 lovelies spanked needlessly in some extremely tacky and festive gear. Danielle was one of those girls… and after her filming came up with the idea you are about to see below! This is also advertised on the front of our site and it was mainly her idea, so anyone bitching about me exploiting the poor lass… think again! It’s also a nice extra and a “thank you” to the lucky winner… what do you have to do? Click below and see how to enter and be a part of the draw.

& this offer is available to ANYONE who has purchased a Year’s Membership, we are reviewing our pricing structure very soon so this annual deal along with the current pricing WILL change as we are now so much bigger than when we had envisaged the site to start with… so if you also want to take advantage of accessing our site for under $20… which, to be honest, is waaaaaay too cheap, then get it while you can as we will be upping the prices very soon! Not because we are greedy or mean, but because we have no choice, being based in the UK, the Dollar exchange rate is killing us, hosting costs more for the extra bandwidth of all our extra films and it covers the costs of wasting time tracking down pirates and costs that this involves as well as funding for new models and such. I have thought long and hard on this and hope you won’t be too upset, so I’m giving fair warning: I will probably raise the monthly fees in a few weeks, but will still seek to encourage those who want to support us with pay per view options and kick ass longer term deals like we have now!

Get it ALL for under $20 while you can – ALL JOIN OPTIONS HERE


& so onto my next fave theme, seeing drop dead gorgeous Japanese girls spanked in mother/daughter type roles and who better to start this off than Cutiespankee.com who have 2 amazing films with this stunning actress who whimpers beautifully when her tight bare bottom is paddled out of her cute school uniform! *swoon*



OK, if you thought this mother/daughter spanking and paddling looked hot (the movie is fantastic, btw) then check out the 2nd featurette as this girl prepares for her punishment when mother calls her for the inevitable!!!



You can see much more of the latest free movie previews exclusive to Cutiespankee.com


Staying in Japan, I loved this role reversal movie and can imagine this happening in such economically challenged times… it’s called “Stupid Office Worker” and stars a real hot cutie called Anri who threatens her boss she and many others will leave for better paid jobs unless they get a pay rise… but the boss can’t do that and offers up her ass instead as punishment (done in typical Japanese style which I absolutely love! The female boss really looked ashamed!)



However, boastful Anri sent an email to her boyfriend about making it all up and foolishly sent it to the company’s chief exec who forwarded it to her office boss who exacts a suitably humiliating payback spanking!



Click HERE to see the latest special free movie previews & more!


I have had some requests about Samantha Woodley recently, and she filmed a ton of content at FirmHandSpanking.com – even though it may have been filmed a few years back… it still hasn’t been released until now so to all intents and purposes, it is of course “brand new” and unseen… I have to say, her latest bratty episode they are showing during breakfast in her “Learning Curve” series was one of the sexiest punishments I’ve seen – with her spanked with a wooden spoon in the kitchen, with her tight pink panties still on… all this for not being able to make coffee and burning the toast! Enjoy her humiliating & sudden hard breakfast spanking as you’ll see below!




Of course, this site isn’t just about featuring some of the hottest Sam Woodley films… oh no, even long established players like Alison Miller with probably the jiggliest, wibbly-wobbliest bottom that can take a really hard thrashing still features on a regular basis… and that’s good news, as her films are amongst the most popular and for good reason… watching Alison getting spanked on her bare bum is an event in itself… check out the images below then check out the short preview clip I’ve cut which covers the slo-mo action replay of her spanking/paddle brushing and you’ll fully understand what I mean!




Warning for my gentlemen viewers: Miss Miller’s jiggling bottom WILL cause severe trouser arousal!

More fantastic jiggly ass spankings can be viewed in full at FirmHandSpanking.com


Here’s a site I haven’t featured for a little while, keeping it to myself again (lol) and this headmaster is stern as hell, as he always is, taking no crap off any of the girls at Spankedcoeds.com and this tearful girl has yet another semi naked spanking across his lap as he reminds her that this pre bedtime punishment is for her own good (ahem!) and there will be more of this when she wakes up (how awful!) – Please do check out some scenes bel0w which showcases what she endured!




More hard spanking action from the Headmaster can be seen HERE


Finally today, I thought I’d feature a model I hadn’t seen in ages, and so I decided to peruse her section inside Northern Spanking and here area few choice images taken of Samantha Johnson… one of my all time fave English girls in The Scene that I would *love* to spank personally…

below you can see some of her many films she starred in at NorthernSpanking.com – Enjoy!






Check out the many films of samantha and of course so much more from one of the longest established spanking sites from the UK! NorthernSpanking.com


Have a rest if you are not working on the Sabbath and enjoy the countdown to Christmas that is under full steam here in England, as I am sure it is wherever you are (well, unless you’re in Saudi Arabia, The Emirates and suchlike… and I’m sure my site is blocked there anyways!)

I’m off out for my meal – I have the special “Cakeboy” pantaloons on for added comfort 🙂

OTK Spanking Day!

Today’s post is dedicated to everything OTK! Out of all my spanking preferences, I still find this the most satisfying position as a spanker and I absolutely love seeing others, male or female carrying out this disciplinary action… so excuse me whilst I get a little self indulgent and check out some sites I may not have reviewed here for a while or rummage through my own archived data… I’ll also find some new stuff just released at various sites too, in case you may have seen what I’m about to show you from the past (though I doubt you’ll have seen all of what I’m about to share with you!).

Aunt Reina and her niece Laura are first up from the famous Japanese girl on girl dicipline site Hand-Spanking.com – and this movie was a little bit bonkers (but aren’t many of the storylines?) The story is that aunty and her niece recall the spankings they both got in the past from Reina’s sister (making that cute Laura’s mother, of course). They get excited about the times they both got disciplined and spanked and decide to take turns with each other over their laps to recall the way it felt! (I told you it was a bonkers storyline!)

Laura goes first over her aunt’s lap and her bare bottom is quickly uncovered for a firm spanking!




Niece Laura doesn’t need much encouragement to spank her aunt quite hard either!
She even grunts like a Russian tennis player as she slams her hand down onto her aunt’s sore bare backside!




all the films at Hand-Spanking.com come with a decent English subtitled translation and all the newer films are now shot on HD Definition widescreen cameras giving even better playback quality! If seeing girls spanked in the OTK position is your thing, this site mainly caters to that niche as you’ll have seen above!


Now for something new from FirmHandSpanking.com and it’s a classic domestic OTK hand spanking of (brightly) red haired Alison Miller with her tight jeans pulled down and given an old fashioned no nonsense spanking by Eric Strickman (remember I recently showed you what he is capable of with Kat St James?) This film is no different, it’s a good hard spanking and Alison has one of the best wiggly-wobbly bubble butts that reacts to a solid spanking, just check out some amazing HQ stills from this new series of Alison now available to download HERE!





Alison was quite sneaky as she had guessed uncle Eric would spank her and she had padded out her bottom with several pairs of pants underneath her tight jeans! However this backfired on her when he found out and pulled down all her protection including the jeans and gave her a damned hard man spanking across his lap!

I have cut a special freeview clip including a “slo-mo” scene which is in the film showing off Alison’s amazing bubble butt – CLICK HERE to view this exclusive free clip from this movie!


Now you know I love seeing girls punished in PJ’s, with their trouser bottoms dragged down, preferably around their ankles and over someone’s lap… also (yes, I’m fussy) I usually like to see the scene in the girl’s bedroom as this is her sanctuary… so the spanking, which can end in tears… is the ultimate humiliation if it takes place in the “Holy of Holies” as far as I’m concerned! There is no hiding place when you’ve been a bad girl! So, it was good to see that a recent HD film (with a HQ Stills set that I am showing some reduced size images of) had Aunty Katie spanking her niece, Honey, in such a circumstance… see below! Images are courtesy of English-Spankers.com





This is what the owners of the site had to say about this great film: “Honey is a real naughty teenager and she needs to be taught a lesson. Aunty Katie is the one to do it and in the good old fashioned way, a good stout slipper applied to a tender young bottom. Bent over the knee first of all spanked on her pyjamas and then see them pulled down for the bare bottomed slippering. The very first punishment for this new young spankee!”

See the FREE Preview clip of Honey’s home punishment!


Rather than show what is out right now at Clare Fonda’s sites (images and such are uploaded and the movies are playing out, so I’d be repeating myself at the mo) I thought I’d go back and check out some classic stuff from the past, all with the OTK theme of today, which wasn’t difficult as these girls are nearly always spanked at some point or for a prolonged period in this position (ah, that’s why I love these sites, lol!) – So let me start with a delve back in time to when Clare had redheads Madison Young and a sweet innocent looking (though she was anything but) Paris Kennedy. This is taken from the archives of Spankedcallgirls.com and features OTK spanking, diapering, humiliation and even temperature taking by Clare… this was so hot and I enjoyed checking it out again!





Check out more humiliating punishments of the very naughtiest hooker babes and slutty girls – Fonda stylee!


SpankedSweeties.com is the site Clare introduces many new models and spanking 1st timers or the girl next door types to her network but she also brings in more experienced fetish and spanking models too. They talk about their fantasies and past life being spanked and chastised growing up then re enact them for us! It’s a great site, often missed by some individually (it’s a massive site on its own now!) but should always be one of the sites you choose as part of the 3, 4 or 5 site options of the Clare Fonda Pass

Check out one such model I just watched again called Candle Boxx (I love her stage name!!!) – she took some quite hard man spankings and had one of the most beautiful red speckled derrieres by the time her spanking was finished as you’ll see below in one of her OTK spankings!





Do not miss the interviews spankings and everyone of Clare’s newbies shown here first!

Or check out any of Clare’s sites & choose your option as part of her amazing value CLARE FONDA PASS


I had remembered that I hadn’t shown Caroline Grey at Spanked-in-Uniform.com getting a good hard OTK thrashing in her cheer girl outfit, just check out the images below as coach Johnson takes a no nonsense approach to her poor attitude at his prestigious Dance School Academy…





Caroline is an American girl who joined the cheerleading class and she thinks she can be as sassy here as in America but coach Johnson will have none of it! While practising, he noticed that she was wearing frilly purple panties instead of the regulation white ones so he called her into his office and gave her a sound spanking. Then she was told to put on the white panties but her attitude was still leaving a lot to be desired so he put her over his knee again and gave her another long, hard painful tear jerking spanking which left her bottom crimson with shame and very sore.

See all the latest OTK spankings and further humiliation these girls like Caroline suffer – Click Here


Finally, as it’s an OTK spanking I couldn’t leave out a site which says it is dedicated to this, the aptly named OTKspank.com – I wouldn’t normally recommend this but I am today as the outside of the site hasn’t really been updated or changed since Xerotics was sold at the beginning of the year but inside the member area they have been updating the site like before and this movie which is the current one, I have never seen before, though I recognize the location and of course, Hannah Martin… so it’s a nice surprise to see this film (shot on location probably over 6 years ago in Denmark) finally makes it to the light of day.

Hannah was subjected to a rather humiliating inspection and OTK spanking when her continuing failing grades gave her Uncle all the excuse he needed to thrash her bare behind! See some images taken from this film below, hopefully I’m right in saying this is totally unseen, at least in this Hi Res format, or my memory might not be what is was! 🙂





OTKspank.com is basically a massive archive of OTK related spanking films all together in one place, some are exclusively remastered for this site whilst some are shown elsewhere on the Xerotics group of sites. So I won’t labor the point or moan about that (they’ve always done it that way which isn’t the best, of course) as today I’m only recommending this site (but only if you haven’t ever viewed this site or haven’t seen anything from this outfit for ages then it’s really a nice site to start with if you like seeing many pretty girls spanked traditionally over someone’s lap). You got the Chief’s seal of approval to check it out – the member area is pretty easy to navigate around, divided into sections for movies, HQ stills and screen images (which are conveniently zipped) and they do have some good longer term membership offers too, compared to the monthly price.

CLICK HERE to view more on the tour pages
(Use it as a guide as you won’t see this movie advertised there even though it’s the latest one!)


* Disclaimer: Regards this network, many of you will know I had some real issues with them especially around the time of their sale earlier this year and am still suffering as a result of that… however, being now fully independent I can say what the hell I like (although I usually just don’t bother publicly) so if I think any of these sites are not worth looking at… then I’ll say! You may have noticed that I just haven’t bothered, there’s reasons for this as affiliates or promoters like myself won’t usually bother but I’m not going to debate that right now.

However, I’d actually like some feedback to those who are members of any of the sites in question, should I look at these sites again? I know there are those that purchased a ridiculously cheap annual pass last year, so to be fair, they can’t complain… even though it’s pretty obvious the old site owners knew they were selling the sites so I’d guess they just wanted as much income as possible (naturally)… that’s my speculation, of course. If the new owners were to offer anything so daft this year I’d be concerned about their sanity as this just doesn’t make any sense at all (unless they’re selling it on as well, lol).
I prefer to not write anything damning, the lack of anything positive is usually better, don’t you think? Anyway, as I say… “each to their own and all that” and what I say here you should take with a big pinch of salt as if you’ve never viewed any site I might be unhappy with (not confined to this network), then the archives of that particular site could be fantastic and well worth signing up to (if you had not seen the site for a long time, or ever) … but I look at how the sites continue to update as well as that’s an indicator of the integrity and policy of any company, I think.
It’s hard out there, people want to know that they are valued as a member, there’s lots of choice nowadays… that’s my take of attracting loyal members and those that will come back again and again… don’t you agree?

Anyway, as I said, give me feedback and let me know whether I should look into any of the sites, or any other from anywhere that I might have the time to investigate – perhaps do a “warts and all” proper review of a site (it can be any site from any network) that you’d like me to check on before you part with your hard earned cash?

I have been thinking of doing some English based ones, perhaps one from Northern SpankingEnglish SpankersSound Punishment or another you might consider? (cripes, those site have a lot of content… lol!)

OK, over to you all… hope you liked my take on all things OTK today, Regards, Chief. 🙂

Thursday’s teasers

Some memories today and some brand spanking new updates, I’d have featured some other sites too, but unfortunately when I checked their new film updates it contained short 2 minute clips but the intro had no spanking whatsoever so I won’t be bothering with that. I won’t name the sites but I can tell you, in my opinion, that’s pretty piss poor and I can assure you at AAAspanking we’d NEVER do that! In fact when I started to upload a really long movie recently I gave members 2 parts instead of one and also included the image grabs as the first contained the build up (being a 35 minute film or so) – so in the second 8 minute clip there was what we all crave… bare bottom thrashings! Anyway, I’m waffling – but I will always upload movie images with the 1st clip or full film if it’s a short sharp shock type film (around 6 minutes or so or less) as I think that is the decent thing to do… and at the first site featured here today, they also do the same with their shorter movies, uploading stills with the movie – that site is FirmHandSpanking and I have a new film with the gorgeous Samantha Woodley and a classic F/F film, one of my faves from last year, that I hadn’t featured in the “Houseguest from Hell” series co starring Alison Miller whacking a very bratty Allaura Shane in what I reckon was their best film together! (seriously Allaura looked HOT!)

Talking of HOT: Samantha Woodley, voted “Spankee of the Year for 2010”, her latest video and stills show just why Samantha Woodley is number 1! Spanked on jeans and bare, strapped on her hands, then her shorts-covered and bare bottom for over 100 strokes… this is spectacular stuff! See what happens when Sam is found stealing cash in her latest film “Learning Curve.”

See the full film of Sam’s amazing spanking punishment HERE

As promised, take a peek at one of my fave F/F films from FirmHandSpanking last year with this 2 girl combo that works on every level, they bitch and give each other hell and in the many films that both Alison Miller & Allaura Shane have starred in together, they both switch and give as good as they get! I got you a great clip (courtesy of Teen Spankings Tube) and some video screen images that show off Allaura’s poor bruised butt and punishment as she gets an almighty paddling from an evil looking clothes brush that Alison “just happened” to have on her at the time!

Allaura’s smart mouthed replies as to why Alison’s car wasn’t fixed gets her in a whole heap of bare bottom trouble as you’ll see from the images and the instant play clip below: The clip contains 10 swats of the brush and then Allaura’s facial reactions which are priceless, by about strokes 5 or 6 she isn’t so cocky anymore!

Check out the very latest movie updates (incl free clips) from FirmHandSpanking.com


Sexy Sarah Gregory has been busy and I have been liking her “Spring Break” series recently and in the 2nd part of this long play series it stars dana Specht and Richard Windsor as her Aunt and Uncle who really show her the meaning of some good guidance when needed! Just click on the images below which lead to full galleries that explain EXACTLY what is going on – Sarah’s recent films HERE are really getting good and I like her storylines, you can tell she is really trying to make this site special and for that (I understand this now, of course) she deserves a very special mention!!! Then go check out her site and see the latest movie updates!

It would be rude of me to also not mention this recent addition which see Sarah play a hooker hired by Erica, a woman fed up with her sexless life and they are about to get it on when Paul comes home to disturb Sarah and his fed up wife… well, this stirs something as he is angry and takes his wife over his knee for a good old fashioned spanking as Sarah is made to watch! Loving the work!!! See the images in the gallery below:

MORE movie additions & updates – please check out SarahGregorySpanking.com


Finally today from Japan please enjoy the latest movie updates that are from both CutieSpankee.com and Hand-Spanking.com – both are very different, but the same result shows very cute sobbing girls as you only know too well, snivelling as only these beautiful orientals can! *swoon*

Check out this free WMV clip from Hand-Spanking.com
(Click large image below to play the free preview clip)

Saya is caught hiding by Kurumi, an older tennis club member from school. While practising tennis, her unladylike behavior leads to a severe thrashing on her bottom!

All the latest previews can be seen on the extensive tour pages of Hand Spanking


& this is a naughty if a little perverted film as the teacher lusts after spanking this bad girl, I can understand this, of course, but seeing it on film as the poor girl is thrashed on a weak excuse with her panties down, well… I’m not complaining, just check out some choice images that shows what caught my attention at CutieSpankee.com

You can check out the full tour pages which includes the latest film (currently) with a free preview clip

Good Hard Spankings!

Ok, I’m starting with an update fresh from FirmHandspanking that features Alison Miller, this time on the receiving end of a punishment from Allaura Shane in the continuing series of Sorority Sisters! There is something about the sight of Miss Miller’s “jiggling butt” as it was described by Allaura previously – and although I find Allaura to be a little bit annoying (sorry) when she punishes Alison in this series, it’s great when the tables are turned as she’s got an ass to die for when it’s getting thrashed as well… but as usual, I digress and this update features a bathbrush, Allaura’s damned wittering (get on with thrashing Alison, girl!) and most importantly…Alison’s bubble butt which actually, fair play to Miss Shane, gets a damned hard “th-wacking” off this brush and is the reason I have chosen this for you all as you’ll see below – VERY SATISFYING and well worth viewing, the full length movie is actually very good despite my misgivings about Allaura as there is some nice banter between the girls (but perhaps I should write in to the folks at FirmHandSpanking to see if they can have her punished with her mouth taped up, heh heh!)



Sorority Sisters know how to paddle! So when Alison Miller and Allaura Shane get together, sparks are bound to fly. Alison is told to lie over a stool, her shorts and thong pulled down. Her totally bare bubble-butt feels the full burn of 40 tough swats with a long-handled wooden bathbrush, with its distinctive bulls-eye marks as a reminder!!

Check out the latest updates including the very latest movie update with Alison dishing out the punishment back to Allaura (I’m about to download and view this myself!) CLICK HERE FOR MORE


There is currently a really good HD Movie from NorthernSpanking that is jokingly called “British Bitches” and it was taken from the Shadowlane event in Las Vegas a few months back. This stars regulars to Northern Spanking – Amy Hunter, Leia-Ann Woods & Andi Switch who pick on one of America’s biggest spanking stars… Sarah Gregory! 

Sarah Gregory cost the Northern Spanking team valuable DVD sales when she pulled customers away from their stall by flaunting herself and her bottom! Paul & Lucy were miffed and so were the girls that had travelled there but the girls plot revenge on the sassy buxom American lassie as you’ll see below in the hotel room!!!




If you liked that (it’s a really good romp!!!) then there is a new update with the grand old lady herself, Leia-Ann Woods… ha! Only kidding Leia, you’re gorgeous and these images are living proof (they weren’t taken 6 years ago, now…were they? LOL) Anyway…I fear ’tis…ahem, “Trouser Arousal” alert time again…so enjoy some early intro images of Leia-Ann in the latest NorthernSpanking update below!



Click here to see the latest review & updates at NORTHERNSPANKING.com

Impossibly Cute Girls thrashed….


IN ANOTHER OF MY LONG OVERDUE UPDATES: Please check out Firm Hand Spanking’s latest girls below as they recently celebrated more than 1000 movies for us all to download on the site! I’ve included some of the newcomers who are seriously going to give the girls we all know and love on there some much needed competition for our affections!

30 Stroke strapping for stunning Samantha Woodley in Discipline Program:
I will start this amazing series of updates with the grand dame and number one spanking model, Samantha Woodley! I can not get enough of Sam, and it seems members can’t either. This latest punishment will keep her fans coming back for more as she looks simply stunning in this movie!
Warning: The sight of Samantha bent over the kitchen counter with her quivering ass cheeks high in the air, pants down will cause severe arousal!
Here’s the description of why Samantha finds herself in this position! She’s pushed family lawyer Earl Grey to the limit and beyond in Discipline Program. Now Samantha Woodley is disciplined for taking a rental car back to the dealer and keeping Mr Grey waiting. 30 strokes of a black leather strap across her totally bare bottom. “I couldn’t keep my legs down,” admits Sam, “it stung more than I expected!” Seems that this is not the last punishment she’s due!




Annabelle’s toned bare buns feel the firm smack of Mr Reed’s Life Coach training:
OMG! One of the new girls, Annabelle’s incredibly tight toned ass should come with a warning too! This is one girl that the Chief has been caught drooling over and you can too if you check out more of her below!



One of the loves of my life was called Annabelle and this hot dusky uber-babe does this girl’s name justice, I’ve never met an Annabelle yet who I wouldn’t kick out of bed. If this amazonian beauty was ever foolishly to cross my path, I think I’d keep her to myself!!!
The webmaster at FHS had this to say about her: She’s classy, she’s hot, she’s beautiful with a perfect booty. What’s not to adore about Firm Hand exclusive newcomer Annabelle Vanderwood? Stepping from fashion shoots to entertain us with a sound, bare bottom spanking, Annabelle gives a new meaning to attitude! Mr Reed is not to be thwarted: hands on the wall, butt out, he applies his hand to quivering globes!



Flout the rules? That’s a bare hairbrush spanking for bratty Goldie Rosemont
Another sensational gorgeous Newcomer, Goldie Rosemont, will give any red blooded male the “cream horn” wearing that mini school skirt and you’ll want to be the guy giving out this punishment as she is thrown over the bed and his knee with her tiny panties pulled down revealing a delicous round butt!



The yelps coming from sultry Goldie Rosemont during her brisk, bare-bottomed hairbrush spanking demonstrate that Mr Strickman knows how to administer discipline the old-fashioned way – hard! This dark-haired beauty thinks she’s in for an easy ride with her private tutor, but his use of corporal punishment will soon make her realise that rules are there to be obeyed, not flouted! Goldie is a spanko’s wet dream come true as you get to see her get the deserved hairbrush punishment CLICK HERE!


Sassy school uniform and an attitude earns stunning Adrienne a spanking
Can I continue with the superlatives? Oh yes I can! Very naughty and impossibly long legged newcomer Adrienne has the looks and brattiness that must come with The Chief’s highest Trouser Arousal Alert!
Even hardened spanko, Earl Grey, is in awe of Adrienne’s beautiful butt as he hurredly removes her tight white panties so he can drink in the sight of this teenage brat’s derriere and he shows amazing self restraint as he watches her tight buttocks slowly turning cherry red!
“If you’re gonna treat me like a kid, then I’ll dress like one,” sasses stunning blonde Adrienne Black in school uniform! This Firm Hand newcomer is heading for a licking in College Discipline Program, and who better than Earl Grey to spank that beautiful booty a deep red, first on panties, then bare. Adrienne’s long legs look delicious as she bends reluctantly over the end of her bed.



Warning: Watch this babe only in a darkened room, remove all tight fitting clothing and you too can drink in the sight of those long long legs and tight burning arse!


Alison’s bubble butt feels a drilled paddle and a bath brush – burning swats rule!
Alison Miller is one of Firm hand’s top models and it’s not hard to see why in this latest update as her buns are battered and bruised in this paddling classic!



This is one of her more severe punishments and you’ll see why as her delicoius cheeks are whacked hard!
So this is what she gets! A large round wooden paddle with holes! Alison Miller’s bubble butt takes the heat of the board from her Life Coach, Mr Reed. And if that isn’t enough, after five with the paddle he swaps it out for a long-handled bath-brush on her bare bottom. We know Alison hates the brush and paddle! Now see her get both in one butt-burning sequence, just before she goes for a run in her shorts!



Abigail Whittaker’s pert bottom gets 50 with a leather paddle for disobedience
I’ve always had a special something for Abi who makes me  go weak at the knees, and this cute Firm hand babe still delivers in this recent update!



Abigail has trouble following simple instructions, like emptying the dishwasher! So what better way to teach her the rules of the house by paddling her behind 50 times? John Ryan is The Interventionist who’s taken wild girl Abi into his home after a theft incident. Now she’s learning the rules the hard way, with a sore bottom. Those gym-toned cheeks redden nicely!

Phew! You can see free intro clips of all the girls above HERE thanks to FirmHandSpanking.com

& in case I’m not around tommorow, to all my North American readers from both Canada & the USA – have a great Holiday weekend! Regards, Chief.

Stroppy Girls-Different climates-Same results: SORE RED BOTTOMS

2 Extremes of weather today as I vaguely remember the first film below, now a NEW Remastered and very welcome update to FETISHFLIXX starring 2 of my favourite English schoolgirls with a very stern and nasty Miss Hastings in this film “Out of Bounds” . Follow that with the sunny climes of California and a Lindsay Lohan lookalike (Alison Miller) getting the same treatment indoors to change her disappointing attitude at FirmHandSpanking.com

So 1st, I have cut a special OTK clip, in fact, this whole movie is a homage to good old fashioned OTK, it’s set in the depressing class room of years gone by and you can tell both girls can’t wait to leave! Well, these 2 idiots should have learnt their lesson, Miss Hastings’ cutting tongue and put downs are followed with some excellent and very hard hand strokes across their bare bottoms!

See the images from the movie I have made available below, 2 VERY RED BOTTOMS – imagine trying to walk home when it’s lashing with rain outside, snivelling as you feel your regulation knickers cutting into your burning shamed cheeks!


FETISHFLIXX has this NEW movie out now, but if you want to see my own OTK preview, enjoy blonde Emily’s thrashing below, please check out the sly slap that Miss Hastings does across Emily’s lower thigh, it’s just what I’d do…LOL!



Contrast the utter depression above to the sunny climate that breeds arrogance in the teens of America. Alison Miller, at first when I started seeing her with her red dyed hair and eyebrows, her tatts etc, this girl just angered me, as I’m an old fashioned type of guy, not as tolerant as I once was… but she has a beauty and a gorgeous ass to die for, which just grows and grows on you the more you see of her and this classic punishment from the “Attitude Correction” series is a real corker! I hope you agree!

Yep, she may look like Lindsay Lohan, (IMHO) – that talentless partying bint or whatever she is making herself famous for now Stateside – but there’s the promise that, like Lindsay, she is a strawb-blonde haired girl, so all is forgiven! So, imagine if you will! Stare her down, look deep into her freckled face, her deep blue green eyes, and then tell her she is going to have to remove her bikini bottoms and show you her pert teen ass and get a paddling off you! Oh boy! I’m there already!!

Check out that rear of hers in that bikini, what a heavenly sight! Now *that* is serious trouser arousal material!!!

OK, Alison Miller, she of that cracking butt is featured in many recent movie updates at FIRM HAND SPANKING
See the Movie HERE

I gotta stop writing now, whenever I write about schoolgirl spankings and bratty teens that needs a damn hard punishment, I get cramp somewhere down below… strange, eh?
Back soon when I find out what the source of this “problem” is