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Spankings for the weekend!

Well… that came round quickly! Far too quickly, in my opinion… or perhaps my life has been one hectic blur this week, I suppose with the film shoot earlier (the one featuring Leandra) and a 500 mile round trip for me in my car… I guess that took up pretty much most of what I had been concerned with earlier this week. My new passport has also just arrived (I had to get it renewed as my trip to America later this year was put on hold as the old passport expired less than 6 months from the start of the short vacation… so I had to wait… and watch the air fares rise, which was massively frustrating: So I will book that flight this weekend to secure a seat on the plane(!!!) and ensure that I am going to do what I had planned to do – The Shadowlane Party in Vegas… that’s just a few days over the Labor Day Weekend, and I have some vacation ideas and a proper studio shoot idea planned with girls I would never usually have a chance to film with… I’ve been told that it’s not a massive chance to show off your wares as a vendor, so am unsure what I could possibly do… I’m not a pretty toppy or subby model, I don’t have t-shirts or pictures to sign or panties to sell. It would be just DVDs or blu rays – which would be a mundane vendor’s stand at best… so I may pass on that one (I will consult with a few that have been before I make my final decision on that) but will probably book a Suite for a few days for any interested parties to come and share in the fun with a few of us Triple A misfits that may turn up along with a few others I know! That will be exciting (and costly if I lose heavily in the casinos!) *stick to Black Jack*

I also dare anyone to try and drink me under the table… you will lose! *hic*

& back to today! I would have liked to have said that the offer I made, which is THE BEST for any independent small producer (I have checked everyone else!) started well enough and I got some encouraging sign ups, but that… and more worryingly… overall sales the past few days, have dried up, I don’t know whether it’s CCBill once again scrubbing too hard and preventing sales, I have seen a few refused sign ups (along with the dodgy ones) which suggests that they are being ultra cautious yet again (sigh) – it’s bad enough I am being charged a $100 a week extra to pay off the needless and exhorbitant annual fee from Mastercard, so that… coupled with a drop in sales makes it a tough time for me currently! In case you’re wondering, does $500 over a month make a big deal to me? Answer: yes it bloody does! So before I show you what else away from my sites is out there… please do check out my own site HERE and if you can support what I do, please help it with a membership sign up…currently every penny earned just goes back into production and day to day site costs, there is absolutely no profit at the moment (which is a concern for me, thank you Master-bloody-Card) – it would be rather nice to make a little something for all my hard work!

But enough of my bleating… sign up how you wish… but remember I will remove the offer NEVER to repeat it – it will not come back in this form ever again! & that’s a promise! I will just ignore any mails in future from anyone asking about it, I have stated here it only came back now because I needed the additional income short term, looks like my poor credit card will get hammered instead, disappointing… but I half expected it, to be honest 🙁

Current members who read this who have an annual deal from last year, I would honour an extension of their current deal (see inside member’s area something I have posted for you all) … as I will not be doing any future annual memberships like this, it’s up to you guys… mail me or write into the support desk at the site if you have any questions about it.


& on with some great updates and news from other sites I have seen earlier today 🙂

Amber Dawn – co owner with her daddy of AmberSpanks.com and SpankAmber.com (join either site and you get a 3 site pass with access to the others) Now features Crystal Cat, a petite college girl pocket rocket with a bangin’ body. First, curious Crystal is filmed teasing and stripping for the camera. On the next visit, Amber puts her bubble butt over her knee and gives her a first time spanking! Turns out she likes it, and Amber proceeded to give her a second whipping, followed by a solo masturbating with a Hitachi. Crystal is also spanked OTK in public over Amber’s knee as her cries are echoed off the buildings in San Francisco! All this contains over 90 minutes of new video footage with the beautiful Crystal Cat! Images and teasers are below for your enjoyment and preview for yourself!

CrystalCat1a CrystalCat1b

CrystalCat1d CrystalCat2b

AmberSpanksCrystal1a AmberSpanksCrystal1c

CrystalCat2c CrystalCat3c

CrystalCat3d CrystalCat4a CrystalCat4b

AmberSpanksCrystal2c AmberSpanksCrystal2e

AmberSpanksCrystal2f AmberSpanksCrystal2i

CrystalCat4d CrystalCat5a

CrystalCat5b CrystalCat6c

CrystalCat6f CrystalCat6g


AmberSpanksCrystalPublic1a AmberSpanksCrystalPublic1b

AmberSpanksCrystalPublic1c AmberSpanksCrystalPublic1d

See more at SpankAmber.com or Amberspanks.com (join either site and get the other FREE!)

Trial membership starts from under$5 & recurring memberships at just $24.95 with 800+ films in the archives!


I’ve noticed that some people give Kyle Johnson a hard time over his spankings of girls… maybe they are jealous… I don’t like all his films, but I wouldn’t cite him as being so bad that I’d not visit a site because of him… here is a website I haven’t promoted in a while and it has grown massively. OK, Kyle haters, there are quite a few of his films there, but there are also the usual suspects including what I used to affectionately call “Hovel Man” usually spanking Kisa & a couple of other girls (probably had them captive for a few months) in his redneck shack somewhere out west! But I rather liked the Kyle film below, which has just been released and he has bigger moobs (man boobs, lol) than me (which makes me very happy!!!) – the spanking is good and I like the domestic boyfriend/girlfriend scenario… and Sam’s ass turns a very angry red!!!

665_0001 665_0004

665_0006 665_0010

665_0014 665_0019

665_0022 665_0030

What Women Want: Girlfriend given hard nude spanking for unspecific nagging!

Sam and Kyle are making out nude in bed, trying to set the mood for the night, when Sam turns around and says goodnight. Kyle is confused and asks whats wrong, to which Sam says “You are not giving me what I want or need”. Kyle tries to reason with her, only to get the same confusing response, and getting irritated, decides to get up in his boxers and pull his already nude girlfriend over his knee for a long and very hard spanking to get to the root of this problem…
See the FREE previews and more movies in the “Amateur Niche” at Markedbutts.com


I love seeing Sarah Gregory getting a good old fashioned OTK spanking… and I’m glad she got it off Aunt Tasha, who we haven’t seen for a while on the site, I have a sneaking feeling this is a rather old film just released… but it’s rather good and as they say… “all good things come to those who wait!”


Not only is staying over at a boy’s house a no no, but trying to lie about it on top of that will get Sarah Punished for sure. Sarah is staying with Aunt Tasha and being spanked is not something that happens with mommy. Auntie won’t have her niece lying and trying to cover it up. She uses good old fashioned bare bottom spanking to teach her naughty little niece a lesson she will never forget.


015 015a

015b 015c

015d 015e


See MORE of this rude sassy brat getting the spankings she deserves HERE


What happens to noisy giggling girls who disturb others on sleepovers? Please do read on…


Alex and Pandora have been bad girls, staying up too late talking and laughing loudly under the covers. Poor Tom was kept awake half the night, even though he came in and told them twice to be quiet. So the next morning, before breakfast, he orders both girls to lower their jeans and come over his knee for a long, thorough spanking on their upturned bottoms and even the sensitive backs of their thighs. Pandora begs him not to spank Alex – she’s her guest! – but Tom is adamant that they had fair warning to be quiet, and both of them are old enough to know better.

Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover037 Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover062

Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover061 Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover080

Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover088 Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover090


Once they have been soundly spanked, the girls must lie down side by side on the bed…
then lower their knickers for a whopping total of 80 strokes of the long leather strap!

See the FREE preview of this most recent film from Dreams Of Spanking


That’s it for now… I shall be back over the weekend, so have a good one, wherever you are 🙂

HOT Spankings from My Hard Drive

I was looking for something DIFFERENT to review and let you all be aware of, whether it is from the present or the archives of a website… and as I was checking out the latest movies updated at Clare Fonda’s SpankedCallgirls.com and I got some gems from the past but first, if you haven’t seen this already shown or advertised anywhere else, Clare has a great submissive pairing with her girls Ten and Alicia as “Momma Clare” once again “takes no crap off her hoes” and sorts them out in the seedy hotel room in front of each other! Both girls have alluring, curvacious but very well toned bodies and I remember Ten remarking either on one of her tweets or blog that she loved the strength of her thick thighs… Wowsers! I totally agree!!! I actually find Ten’s figure and butt extremely attractive and seeing her alongside the equally built Alicia is a great visual treat for me… as I hope this is for you too!

This movie can now be downloaded HERE for your viewing pleasure

Now I told you I was rummaging around in the archives of this site and to be honest it’s not something I have often, but after a few absolute gems that include subjects like humiliation control and punishment by mouth soaping, anal temperature takings, intimate inspections, bottom wipings and the gratuitous use of wearing tampons that I had noticed… you can bet I will be checking out more of this in future… members of course have this whole section to explore at will! I had no idea that Clare was such a delightful pervert! LOL!

One of Amber Pixie Wells earliest films and humiating punishments with Clare was punishment and control by bottom wipings and temperature takings as well as receiving her spanking! Check out a few images taken directly from the old wmv movies below for more proof!

Awww, doesn’t she look so innocent in her pigtails as well? 😀 You can see MORE here

Delving into the archives deeper I noticed a gorgeous redhead called Vixen with a beautiful tuft of red fuzz “down there” which immediately got me interested and I downloaded every film and image I could find of her after this 1st series! Why? Well, Clare got Vixen to take a dry enema, of sorts… pushing air up her well greased, prepared asshole then making her fart… poor Vixen was mortified… you may also see that she was wearing a tampon as well, placed there earlier in a further humiliating control exercise. There is spanking too… but I thought some of you might like to see this interesting diversion… with Vixen splayed and shamed… how the hell did I ever miss this?

That’s not to mention the movie clip of Vixen made to spank Kacy by Clare… and when Clare disappears for a bit the girls make out… I don’t know… there’s something about Californian chicks – are they all inherently bi-sexual? I just love their queer-play! So it’s another lovely girl/girl scene until Clare comes back!!! I’ll go into this in more detail another time as I’ve done enough of Spankedcallgirls.com today! Just see what else you might be missing below! Yikes!


So from the beautiful “make believe” Californian chicks to the real world of amateur spankings and this is all courtesy of MarkedButts.com as I show you 2 excellent realistic and damned hard spanking films that leave these well built ladies with very sore red bottoms! The quality of the movies vary as amateurs, I guess, send in their movies (this is the appeal of this site, however), but as you’ll see, I actually have a couple of movie links which are totally EXCLUSIVE to this blog and they are both about 25 seconds long and feature some real whackings – SO BE PREPARED!!!

The first movie I’m featuring is below:
This is part of the room mate series. Sami, and Kisa are room mates, and instead of having huge blown out fights they sit down and decide that if one of them gets out of line, the other will adminster a bare bottom spanking for their discipline. In this part, Sami receives a hard hairbrushing OTK punishment totally naked and screaming thanks to Kisa’s enthusiastic thrashings! I’ve included a WMV download link for a free clip after the images… WARNING! It’s a severe naked butt blistering punishment!


the 2nd movie from MarkedButts that I am featuring here today is another butt jiggling paddling of a girl fresh out of the shower as her still wet bottom is thrashed! See the images and read the description of this and of course, I have that free clip for you to watch and decide too… it features some great facials and a very sore red paddled bottom!

Lily has found out through a friend that Mya has been appearing nude at a local strip club. Appalled that Mya would get involved with such behavior she comes home, finds Mya in the shower and pulls her straight out of the bathroom and into the bedroom for a serious scolding and spanking bent over the bed while she is still fully naked and wet from her shower. Mya may be embarrassed to be spanked without her clothes but Lily feels it is a fitting punishment since she’s been taking her clothes off for strangers already! Then she goes to get the wooden paddle and really blisters her butt!


See the extensive tour pages showing the latest movie updates & free trailer previews at MarkedButts.com


Finally a few archived moments I’m sure you’ll let me indulge in again until tomorrow! First up, a classic from Japanese girl girl spanking site CutieSpankee

In the movie clip and the sample images it’s a great scene where younger sister, Yuka, stole and ate her older sibling’s cake. Listen and watch Yuka cry and plead (rather pointlessly) as she blubs over her angry sister’s knee!!!  :D

click here to play
Check our my free images from this naughty FF dscipline movie!

CLICK HERE to see this FULL Movie and 100s more at CUTIE SPANKEE


Next indulgence is one girl I haven’t featured much of recently, lovely redhead Jessica who has an amazing archive of data spanning back nearly 10 years… I guess Mr Masterston really did film a hell of a lot of data of her, eh? Spanking Teen Jessica – the red headed girl next door we’d ALL love to spank (when no one’s looking!)

click here for Teen Jessica

I have found some classic paddling pic, probably one of the girls best known for taking such a red butt thrashing!

There’s plenty more free pics and clips of teen Jessica at her own site – CLICK HERE


Finally how could I  forget this lovely red headed beauty since I have once again gone Red-mental tonight!!! Amber Dawn from California! Star and partner with hard working co webmaster Daddy of SpankAmber.com and AmberSpanks.com
There’s not much to be said that I haven’t already so take a look below at this stunning spanking sensation as she spanks, get spanked by great looking girls and of course spanked, fucked and dominated as loving couple can by her partner, her lucky man “Daddy”. Spankalicious!!!

Cyber Bullying, Tears & Spankings

As the weekend approaches and the weather here in England remains surprisingly pleasant (for once), my missus (Er Indoors) has currently been “outdoors” in the garden busying herself and goading, then bullying me into sorting out the hated steep grass bank we have… I hate cutting that, but as it’s dry, I guess I’ll do this tomorrow before all that greenery goes nuts… “What the hell are you on about, Chief?” I hear you moan… give us the spankings we crave, you dick… and stop prattling on about grass banks FFS!”

Okay…okay…. stop bullying me! I’m close to tears as it is! & that is the 1st topic of the day as I logged into SpankAmber this morning to see what joys she has uploaded there this past week (I couldn’t really log on much anywhere last week, of course) and Amber Dawn shows us in a fantastic and unique movie as only she can make what can sometimes happen when she is on her webcam… now Amber has been neglectful of paying her taxes (I know that pain) so has been extra busy camming recently to pay off the IRS, and you can really make her do just about anything, especially if it’s got a nasty twist, we all know Amber is a beautiful pain slut and this episode shows how some naughty guy who’s holding the purse strings makes Amber clamp her tender nipples with clothes pegs, shove a butt plug up her tight hole and then make her strap herself HARD (he’s not satisfied and instructs her “HARDER!!!” with the heaviest leather strap he could see in the room as well as more clamping humiliations which brings Amber to tears! An interesting “twist” (literally, if you see the full movie) and a fantastic film that members of SpankAmber can go view now!

Check out the intro of Amber as the latest Cyber Bully logs in… (there’s no actual spanking but I urge you to check it out as it shows you precisely how Amber interacts with her paying tormentor… and I have some images of what happens later so you can see for yourself (I feel it’s only fair to Amber I don’t give away all her content, of course, but this is what members will get to see!)

Go cyber bully Amber yourself HERE… Her webcam online times are well advertised on her Twitter account or her blog – She loves it really!!!


In another unfortunate twist of events, Kisa’s 2nd spanking doesn’t go quite to plan at MarkedButts.com in this amateur specialist site when she goes over the knee of Kyle for a hard hand spanking followed by an unbearable bath brushing (I know what these wicked instruments can do!!!) and to finish it off… a severe strapping that has Kisa writhing in pain as the stinging cracks really start to bite, I’ve included an original WMV clip below, it is only 15-20 seconds long but is more than enough to show you what I was talking about! Ouch!

Oops! I forgot to warn you that this was a severe clip as you no doubt will have seen and heard! Remember that this site features amateur spanking punishments so some of the camera work is not always the best … and there are varying degrees of movie quality but this is actually the attraction of the site. This film also happens to be one of Kyle’s better lit films too… and the site contains plenty of 16:9 widescreen movies easily viewable on your large screens quite clearly. All in all… as you’ll see from the screen images of this particular movie of Kisa’s 2nd punishment… it is more than acceptable and on this  film alone the low membership fee (and great value longer term deals definitely makes it worth a shout!)

Check out more spanking movies at the extensive free tour pages HERE


Hmmm, talking about the quality of some movies, I have just uploaded the HD MP4 Format from the severe cold caning of Leia Ann Woods at Triple A Spanking alongside the full length HD WMV version! I have cut a very small clip of the HD MP4 version (best viewed on VLAN Player – I’m sure you all know by now!)

I had already included some images from when it came 1st came out but have decided to show you a few images from a another set that I haven’t shown from AAAspanking and this stars Jasmine Lau – who thought she could sneak a few pieces of candy from my stash, only she hadn’t reckoned on me being incredibly petty and counting them all so I knew she had been eating some secretly! Yes… these girls never learn… do they?

Gorgeous Jasmine gets a good hard OTK spanking and hairbrush punishment for stealing my chocolate candy! No one messes with me, whether it be cake, candy or chocolates!!! NO ONE! (lol) These Hi Res photos complimented the full movie and screen images that were also added, I hope you enjoy viewing these as much as I did making sure Jasmine wouldn’t be trying to sneak any more candy without my permission again!

Check out all the latest movie updates & excellent longer term membership offers!


I had recently shown more of SpankingSarah.com and this site isn’t only about Sarah but her friends too and I watched a classic last night with very naughty Masie Dee, this was probably her (ahem) naughtiest film she had done without fucking anyone (there are films at this site which does have Masie getting fucked hard and sucking off stiff cocks whilst being thrashed hard at the same time) but this movie was just deliciously rude… She secretly films a porno flick with her boyfriend between spanking shoots and you get to see the little cam at work and also the results of this naughty homemade film as she first fingers her increasingly wet pussy then frigs off her swollen sex with a vibro, really pleasuring herself as it slopped in and out and we get to see it all intimately! See the images taken from this 1st part below… and the consequences of this disgraceful extremely lewd behavior follows!

Images below include those filmed on the small portable Handycam!

Masie cums loudly on camera just as her Film Shoot director returns to find this amateur porno film being made on his set… needless to say he’s well pissed off and sends Masie’s boyfriend packing whilst he proceeds to give Masie a much deserved embarrassing spanking taking away any joy she had just experienced and with his continual withering put downs, this makes her cry as she is spanked in the humiliating diaper position and blubs into the bed’s duvet… She wasn’t happy anymore!

You can see MORE of Masie punished to tears for her disgusting behavior HERE

Have a good weekend everyone! I’m sure Masie here will get over it 🙂