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AJR’s Discipline Strapping & Caning

I have a very special feature for you today. It is the latest video to be shown at AAA Spanking & the clip store HERE

I have put together a whole heap of images and GIFs for you to check over, something to keep you busy during Lockdown or following the social distancing measures (depending on wherever you are). It goes without saying that I wish you all well and hope that you are staying safe…


This is a special feature with one of our very good friends, Amelia Jane Rutherford, who agreed to film this for us. It’s a mean leather strapping followed by a hard caning. There is no dialogue build-up or introduction, Amelia is laid out horizontally on a St. Andrews X bench, naked and spread. She nervously listens to several warm-up swishes of the cane that she cannot see. This anticipation of the punishment is making her feel even more anxious, she has been told to expect 25 hard heavy swats of the leather Reformatory Strap, followed by 25 strokes of a thick rattan punishment cane. This is a cinematic experience as you watch Amelia take her punishment, with suspenseful background music, filter effects, and awesome camera angles making this compulsive viewing. The punishment is measured and deliberate, designed to elicit the maximum response from Amelia. This is a “must keep” addition for your growing collection of spanking erotica.


Catching Up with more Spanking Updates

As usual, I have been so fricking busy, we had a ridiculously intricate and unecessarily complicated custom shoot this past weekend, but I think we managed to pull it off. We had a 3 hour window to make this but it ended up being more like four and a half hours, so thank you to Ami Mercury for being so “uber” understanding, and I do hope the client likes it. I think it will look very good!!! We also filmed with some of our fave people in the Philly area (and a massive thanks to Mr Rob for being a superb host!) – Anyway, I will bring you more on that another time, but for now… I have all the latest spanking updates. I have a really silly busy week ahead so better get in what I can right now! No time to waste, there is so much spanking goodness out there and some seriously good films for you to know about! Hmmm… where do I start???

All-nude wooden hairbrush spanking leaves Amelia Rutherford’s bottom sore!

The crack of a wooden hairbrush on the beautiful bare bottom of politician’s wife Amelia Rutherford means she’s driven Earl Grey to distraction again. Totally nude Amelia is soundly spanked, the red marks of the hairbrush on her bottom and thighs clear evidence of her ability to overstep the boundaries and the need for discipline.

This series is available to view excluisvely at FIRM HAND SPANKING

ariel andersen aka amelia jane amelia jane rutherford spanking sore red bare bottom


A Spanking Lessonstarring Melody Nore, Miss Elizabeth & Mike Billa

Melody has been out of control at cheer practice and her latest behavior is the final straw for coach, Mike Billa. He takes her home as she had turned up drunk and incapable of performing any routines. Her blatent disrespect ruined cheer practice and he contacts her mother (Miss Elizabeth) informing her of what had happened. She is waiting, worried and angry that her daughter could shame herself in this way and sits them both down to listen to coach as he explains that her girl needs real discipline. This is something that her mother has not done. With Mother’s permission, he shows her how to spank and chastise girls like Melody who misbehave! Coach Billa also explains how to correctly discipline girls on their bare bottoms, ensuring that straps will not wrap and that bottoms are very sore. Miss Elizabeth is encouraged to spank her embarrassed and now much more contrite daughter and is a natural, progressing to a bathbrush in no time that has Melody crying out in very real pain. At the end, Melody is one very sorry, tearful girl who knows there are serious consequences in future, both at home and at cheer practice!

Cheer girls & beauties in authentic sporting uniforms only at CHEERLEADER SPANKINGS

spanking cheerleader spanked by mommy mommy gives a hairbrush spanking


A Hard Caning filmwith Tindra Frost & Sarah Stern

Mr. Stern is finding it very difficult to get his spankers cook book completed, all the girls he asks to help turn out to be terrible cooks and Sarah did not have any more luck when she gave Tindra Frost a chance. She had to paddle her bottom and because she fed her joint of beef to the dogs Sarah is going to give Tindra a severe caning. She protests but nothing will save her from Sarah’s anger.

Out now to download in full at ENGLISH SPANKERS

tindra frost is going to be caned canings caning caned bare bottom


Prisoner Tyron’s Maintenance Spanking

Tyron is released from her cell briefly but only for another short sharp shock spanking over the lap of Prison Guard, Peter. he spanks her swiftly and without fuss, making her refect on why she is being punished, with more cell time afterwards. Tyron is a very pretty east European girl only found at this site and there is an extensive archive of her punishments.

Check out this girl and many other east Europeans at SPANKING SERVER

tight ass spanking Tyron gets a spanking bare bottom hand spanking


Naughty nanny (day 4)with Arielle Lane & Clare Fonda

Clare Fonda spanks her nanny

Arielle Lane may finally be finished with her nanny disciplining her, but that torch has been passed onto her mom (played by Clare Fonda). Arielle discovers that when she acts up, she’s not too old to be put over mom’s knee and given a long hard spanking, with hand and wooden spoon right there in their kitchen. Maybe this time Arielle will finally learn to behave!

See the full series available at GIRL SPANKS GIRL

spanked over her tight panties spanked in the kitchen wooden spoon spanking shamed and spanked

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Kay Spanks Harley With the Bath Brush

Harley Havik spanked by Kay Richards

Kay’s bottom is still sore from being spanked by Mr. Ford because of her roommate Harley’s trouble. So Kay (Kymberly Jane) decides to take it out on Harley’s bottom. She tosses her over her knee for a long, hard spanking and even breaks out the hard wooden bath brush to drive the lesson home.

See more of this spanking soap opera that is – MY SPANKING ROOMMATE

otk spanking bathbrush spanking

My Spanking Roommate is also part of the Clare Fonda Pass network – this site and the others in this network are massive in their own right but with the pass you get 5 sites for a fraction of the cost withthe same set of codes! See more information on this deal HERE

Disrespectful Daughterstarring Belle Calder & Zoe Page

Belle comes home to find mommy sitting on her bed waiting. Belle is pissed off first that mom is in her room, and second that mom seems to have issue with what her daughter is wearing and basically calls her daughter a slut. So after having a pretty big attitude with mother, she finds herself across the lap getting a very hard spanking over her tight, short, and slutty shorts. In order for mother to stop spanking her, she has to apologize and stop being so disrespectful. Well, she clearly needs a very long and very hard spanking with mommy’s hand and hairbrush before she begins to show some remorse and drops the attitude.

Check out this awesome video with a free preview at MOMMA SPANKINGS

spanking by mommy Belle Calder spanked Zoe Page spanks daughter Belle Calder hairbrush spanking

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Weekend Spanking Biz Updates

This weekend’s spanking biz updates are now available in today’s blog post! These are the latest or recent updates that I haven’t covered… until now! So check out what’s showing across “The Interwebz” right now!

First up is an excellent film we made last September featuring the hot and sultry Syrena (who was incredibly submissive) … she fought off the tears in this outstanding double performance from her and Johnny! Having had the pleasure of meeting her, I’ve since learnt that any film I have ever seen of Syrena never does her justice when you meet her in person. She has THE most amazing eyes that draw you in and is more beautiful face to face. Syrena is also a lovely girl who you can see at other sites such as realspankings.com or northernspanking.com – However, today’s first feature is from Triple A Spanking and it’s a cracker!

D-Day for Syrena – now showing at AAA Spanking

Syrena had returned late from a private spanking suite party she had failed to tell her boyfriend and dominant, Johnny, where she was. As she was Johnny’s collared submissive, she should have at least had the courtesy of telling him where she might be and who with! he was worried sick! She arrived back to their hotel room to find him waiting for her. He wasn’t angry, he was beyond that, he was just disappointed, so very disappointed! Now, of course, there were trust issues too. Syrena knew what was coming… it was to be her “D-Day”. Her Discipline and Johnny’s disappointment in her behavior. She was all marked from recent play (which he was not impressed about) and he told her that she was getting punished right there and then! Watch beautiful Syrena take a hard bare bottom hand spanking, whilst Johnny scolds her and reminds her that she needs to earn his trust once more!

She also knows what is coming, her bottom is already aching and feels on fire but she is told to lay on the bed and present her ass for his custom made “doubly thick” Reformatory Strap. She is so nervous, she feels ashamed and she knows this will hurt a lot! Her poor bottom is strapped heavily, each swat of leather follows through. Syrena is close to tears promising that she will do her best not to disappoint him again. This full length film also features bonus footage of her beautiful facial reactions during her OTK spanking. It is one film fans of Syrena will not want to miss!


Or if you prefer you can  download this full HD film as a one time download to keep at the AAA Clips Store, just click HERE or on the image below to see how!

It’s always nice to see self spanking films, especially when they feature girls that have never done something like this. Elle Bea is a good friend of Sarah Gregory & myself and she did this lovely hot self spanking film a few months ago. She lives locally to Sarah and just popped over and decided to make this… good girl! 🙂

NEW at Sarah Gregory Spanking – watch Elle’s Self Spanking

In this custom film, Elle spanks herself with various implements in a POV style film. She uses a hair brush, leather paddle, and of course her hand. She gets into different sexy positions that show everything to the viewer! Don’t miss the sexy self spanking film.




Finally, from FirmHandSpanking.com there is an ongoing Maid for Discipline series starring Amelia Jane Rutherford and Pandora Blake. It is proving quite popular with the “old guard” even if I am guessing it was probably filmed about 10 years ago so the quality of the camera work isn’t great but nevertheless it is still proving hugely popular! This is the caning scene of Amelia. There are some quite hard strokes (even if they aren’t always accurate from the caner… one stroke catches Amelia and her reaction is, as expected, very real and showing LOTS of anguish! Check it out (below):

Maid For Discipline – out now at Firm Hand Spanking

24 strokes of the cane, totally naked, for “immoral” Amelia Rutherford

Caught innocently nude in bed with her maid, Amelia is soundly caned still naked. Pandora Blake is forced to watch her new friend thrashed, knowing it’s her turn next. Will Amelia be able to take the full 24 strokes? Will she run away with Pandora? Will Uncle Henry burst a blood vessel caning them in Maid for Discipline? Find out!

Watch a FREE caning preview HERE

Spanking GIFs Revisited

Hello, as I am preparing the next stage of the Spanking Awards (Most Improved Website is next) I thought I’d find some of my hard work I did which is still on the server from when the hacker-bastard f*cked about with the blog. I just found some GIF files from November in my FTP upload folder and transferred them not knowing what they’d be (with file names like am1.gif etc.) So what I’ve done is re upload them here, found some images from the films, where possible, that went with them, and got you a description (if i have it still) of said GIFs and images and to what it relates to!

It;s all a bit of fun, so let’s begin… not surprisingly I had a fair few from AAA Spanking but I narrowed it down to 2 films – so I’ll show you those first…


This starred Adriana Evans – although released last November, we actually filmed this way back in May 2014. One of the “lost films” – I have since found one more lurking in the unedited raw files (I’ll keep you in suspense) so expect to see that one later this year. Adriana is one of my best female spanking friends. I love this girl, from her warped sense of humor to our love of humiliation and talk of diapers (yeah, yeah… I know!). We goof about and of course she has THE Most Spankable Brazilian Booty! I have plenty more excellent films of her coming out this year which I can’t wait to get released! Another film with her is coming out this very week – but as a top! She is nominated as Best New Spanking Top – the voting in this category ends very soon, results are on Friday – Please check out all the contenders HERE


Adriana thinks that she has been left alone in her after school detention to write her lines, so she sneaks out the vintage spanking magazines that she had stolen earlier from her Form Teacher’s desk. This is so she could satisfy her own curiosity! She is so engrossed in the kinky literature that she fails to hear Mr Osborne returning early. He is far from pleased when he sees her enjoying this highly inappropriate reading material for a schoolgirl of her age! Sir questions her about how she obtained such explixit vintage magazines and decides a fitting punishment is to give her a spanking and caning just like the stories and pictures she was enjoying just before. Adriana is sassy to start with but soon feels embarrassed after the spanking begins and her panties are pulled down making her feel vulnerable and scared! Now it IS a punishment and worse is to come as Mr Osborne makes her look at the pictures of the canings whilst he did the same things to her bare, exposed bottom again and again! This is a very painful reminder that theft and reading such iliicit material is forbidden to all the girls in school and a tearful Adriana has the dubious honor of being able to report to her classmates that a “Punishment Detention” is far from enjoyable!

[jwplayer mediaid=”51301″]


Late last year we had finished a special long play custom shoot and I got to meet the very lovely Lexi Ellis (finally!) – I had so wanted to film her way back but Lexi was out of the scene for a couple of years and then (luckily for me) got back into it… I hope, for longer this time! I only got to film with her in one film at AAA Spanking so far, but what a film it was… It’s been well received. It’s a great domestic discipline film with good hard spankings, strapping and some seriously stinging wooden paddling. Lexi has an amazing booty as you’ll see and I honestly hope we get to meet up again, she is a lot of fun to hang out with!

AAA Spanking AAA Spanking AAA Spanking

Lexi returns home far later than she had arranged and had also turned off her phone. This made John suspicious but he had waited for her and was concerned that she had been out to a small spanking party hosted by a man he had forbidden her to play with. He gave her room and knew she liked to play and had no issue with that, but he did with the man that he named “The Weasel”. So when she did stumble in late, her explanations were full of holes and John picked through them until he discovered the evidence on her bottom that she had been at the party and the tell tale sloppy marks of the Weasel’s woeful play. Incensed that she had lied to him, John takes his wife over his lap for a further painful hand spanking, then gets a small stinging leather strap to seal in those marks before using the “Liar Paddle” on her quivering, sore behind! This is an edgy humiliation and shaming video that includes lots of expletives, severe scoldings & punishment resulting in a very sore red bottom for a tearful Lexi the Liar.

[jwplayer mediaid=”51306″]

Amelia Spanks Sarah

This is taken from Sarah Gregory Spanking and how could I ever forget this? Filmed, I think, in October (last year) Amelia & Sarah had been plotting to do something like this for some time. They flirted with it in a film that isn’t yet released at AAA when we were all in Houston last year (it’s an excellent film which you WILL be able to see in a few months or so). Anyway, Sarah was genuinely turned on by this spanking. I was so happy when I heard they were planning this as I knew it would be a visual treat. Amelia learnt some naughty tricks which Sarah and I found hilarious during the film… you’ll have to watch it to understand (it’s naughty!). She admitted to me later that although very sensual and erotic, Amelia knew exactly what she was doing and gave her some perfectly timed stinging hand swats to make sure Sarah’s bottom was glowing at the end. Of course Amelia plays the topping and scolding roles so well nowadays – you can see her in a few scenes (and more to come) at POV Spanking

However, you can also order a special custom from Amelia directly, (or Ariel as many of you will also know her) and she is rather popular and in demand. I know that we are filming a custom shoot with her later this year and it will be A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Hardly surprising!
Her Custom Website is HERE and she also has a personal Clips Store HERE

Amelia spanking Sarah Gregory Amelia spanking Sarah Gregory Amelia spanking Sarah Gregory

Ever since the day that Sarah met Amelia, she has dreamed about being over her lap. Finally, the day has come and Sarah enjoys every minute of it. Amelia gives Sarah a nice warm up and then spanks her a bit harder. As this sensual and erotic domination continues, Sarah is made to spread her legs for some humiliation. As Sarah gets more turned on, Amelia enjoys spanking her even more and it gets harder. Amelia’s dominant side sneaks out more as she has Sarah raise her bottom high in the air so she can spank even more of it. Amelia states that Sarah would be the only person she would actually be comfortable spanking.

[jwplayer mediaid=”51316″]

Impact Forces

I have to admit, I don’t know a lot about Kitten, I haven’t seen her anywhere else and this was shot at a spanking party (which I wasn’t attending). This is from Northern Spanking and I do love the scenario and the cute uniform and of course Paul Kennedy does a marvellous job with one of his favorite implements that I am sure Alex Reynolds knows so well! *ahem* 🙂

Just the one animated GIF I could find that I made, but there is a free spanking preview clip below. This will be the last of my efforts today as I want to bring you the next part of the spanking awards! (So you get a couple more images from this video instead, okay?)

a spanking and a tawsing

Having scammed her way onto a school physics trip to an amusement park and been caught, Kitten is subjected to a practical, hands-on demonstration of impact forces, with the help of the physics tutor’s tawse!

northern spanking

[jwplayer mediaid=”51325″]

Northern Spanking


Spanking Awards 2016Many of the folk I have mentioned here today are nominated in various categories so far for the SPANKING AWARDS – Do your bit and ensure that your favorites (and I know that there are not many listed here today) get your vote before some categories close for counting and the Winners Announcements are made.

Best New Spankee and Best Newcomer Spanker categories close Thursday and Friday this week – the winners will be announced shortly after! So be quick if you haven’t already done your bit! 🙂

Superbowl Spankings

I’m half watching “Superbowl LI” while I type this and New England are getting their asses kicked (poor Pats!) – Superbowl Sunday is also Sarah Gregory’s birthday… so happy birthday, my love, and I’ll be seeing you soon! As I promised yesterday, here are some more spanking updates for y’all. No waffle, just showing you what is out there and where you can get it! As it’s the Superbowl, why not check out one recent update from FirmHandSpanking.com starring Samantha Woodley in this current Cheerleader Challenge series (below):

Samantha Woodley feels a stinging leather tawse across her jiggling bare bottom

Richard Anderson metes out tough justice as Samantha Woodley’s uncle Guy. She’s trashed his security clearance by compromising his laptop and phone. Now he takes it out on the perfect target of her spectacularly bare bottom, cheerleader skirt raised, kneeling on a chair. “Stick it out!” he barks. This is some Cheerleader Challenge!

Real “girl next door” models getting hard, bare ass spankings!

What happens when young curiosity gets the better of you? Here’s a tale many of us remember from the past… remember porno magazines? Don’t get caught reading them after dark… as poor Kitty did by her strict aunt Bianca! This is one of the latest hot new all girl spanking films from Punishedbrats.com

Kitty was caught by her Auntie Bianca reading a pornographic magazine under the covers with a flashlight. She was then taken out of bed, had her PJ bottoms lowered, and a hard spanking ensued. Auntie Bianca spanked Kitty until she tearfully promised not to read such material again. Once her spanking was over, all Kitty wanted to do was pull up her pajama bottoms but she was instructed that she was to sleep with them down. Kitty cried herself to sleep, on her stomach.



St. Justs Academy at SpankingSarah.com opens punishments to the parents of the poorly behaved girls as posh mother, Amelia Jane Rutherford, finds out!

The new rules at St. Justs Academy are being strictly applied, no matter how posh the parents no matter what the problem rules are rules and the parents have to go along with the rather strange Headmistresses way of sorting out problems in her Academy. Amelia Jane Rutherford feels that she should not be treated in the same way as ordinary parents, but she is soon to find out the error of her ways. Her bare bottom will tell the story.


Sarah also appears at one of the other Strand Media sites over at English-Spankers.com with a new girl called Isabella. When mother (Sarah) finds out her daughter has been caught fighting at school… it won’t end well for this young lady at all!

A brand new model to English Spankers and she is a real beauty. Her name is Isabella and she has been naughty at school now she is to be punished. Sarah does like to use a slipper on a naughty bottom and that’s what she gets. Straight over her knee and she starts on her skimpy panties and then on her bare bottom. She is not a girl who likes to be spanked and punished but she does take what she deserves.


Finally, for those that like the awesome pussy strappings that SpankingServer.com are well known for, past and present. Here is one of their all time top girls, Miela (from Hungary), getting this humiliating treatment! Peter is waiting for her, looking imposing  in his white medical coat, she disrobes and places her legs in the stirrups waiting for him to strap her bare exposed pussy. There is no hiding her shame and this is what I always find exciting to watch as she catches his eye at times and feels even more embarrassed. Like there is no hiding place and you can see she feels vulnerable (who wouldn’t?). There are also more strappings like this in the archives of this website.

Miela takes a painful and embarrassing pussy strapping at SpankingServer.com


I’ll be back later with a thorough review of another spanking network you won’t want to miss! & if you started reading this blog post, I finished it AFTER the Superbowl result so I have to say… WHAT THE F*CK??? Well done to the Pats. I will be finding my Patriots tee shirt and fitting in with the rest of New England when I am over there soon enough! #bandwagonjumper “laters!”

Dressing Down for Amelia

I am so sorry that I have not been able to get you your usual updates and spanking news snippets… it’s not through a lack of trying. The awards take up a lot of my spare resources (believe it or not) and I had also been filing my Tax Returns. In the UK deadline day is Jan 31st and I got them all done with hours to spare!!! Then… when I thought I’d have a whole day to catch up on work, I swallowed a pill last night which got stuck in my throat and anyone that has had a pill get stuck there (scratching the area) will know how irritating and painful it is. So lack of sleep meant I got up late and I’m ready to snooze again but I thought I’d at least get this update out to you from AAA Spanking as it’s a damned good film starring Amelia Jane Rutherford & Johnny Lake.

Dressing Down for Amelia

Director for UK operations at Lake Industries, Amelia Jane Rutherford, had been flown into Houston for a personal meeting with CEO, Johhny Lake. Her area had suffered the worst profit margins and he held her responsible. Johhny gave her an ultimatum to toughen her up, a spanking punishment in private, or if she refused, he would fire her right there! This haughty British lady knew her high paying job was at risk and reluctantly took the punishment option. However, she didn’t know that the spanking would be on her bare bottom and she felt embarrassed and ashamed as her boss removed her panties!

Amelia’s long legs kicked and struggled as his hand spanked her cheeks hard over his lap like she was a naughty little girl. However, more humiliation was in store for her. She had been a little too defiant earlier and Mr Lake promised her a leather strapping but she thought he wasn’t serious! Amelia was bent over his desk and she was scolded and reminded of what she had to do whilst all the time a thick leather strap was marking her beautiful tight bottom.

Amelia’s cries of anguish and genuine remorse and promises to do better means he has a motivated boss for this Anglo American enterprise. This is a hot punishment video of the one and only Amelia Jane Rutherford we recommend that you do not miss!

spanking OTK   Amelia stripped panties Amelia spanking   Amelia strapped


Don’t miss the chance to see many more films of Amelia in unique and interesting scenarios exclusive to AAAspanking.com

aaa spanking

Spanking Updates to end your weekend

Hello everyone, sorry I hadn’t got back to you sooner… Sarah & I have been traveling on a short vacation… but we still have full customer support and are updating all the sites on time! It was just things like blogging and such that took a back space as I’d much rather spend my free time with her than here, I’m sure you understand. Anyway, I had a brief time to update you on a few wonderful films and here they are… no GIFs… I know how you like them but they take up too much time to prepare, sorry.

Curiosity Gets You Spanked!


Amelia is a very curious maid. She has been told the shed out back is off limits. But she finds herself taking a detour there and she is shocked at what she finds. Paddles, whips, canes, floggers, a bench of some sort, are very peculiar she notes. Her boss, John, catches her snooping where she should not be. If she is so interested in what happens out here between him and his wife and she wants to keep her job, he will just have to show her. Being such a curious maid will most definitely get Amelia spanked, cropped, strapped, and caned.

0258_curiosity_gets_you_spanked_grabs-019 0258_curiosity_gets_you_spanked_grabs-025 0258_curiosity_gets_you_spanked_grabs-037 0258_curiosity_gets_you_spanked_grabs-044 0258_curiosity_gets_you_spanked_grabs-047 0258_curiosity_gets_you_spanked_grabs-051 0258_curiosity_gets_you_spanked_grabs-063 0258_curiosity_gets_you_spanked_grabs-069 0258_curiosity_gets_you_spanked_grabs-077 0258_curiosity_gets_you_spanked_grabs-083 0258_curiosity_gets_you_spanked_grabs-086 caning 0258_curiosity_gets_you_spanked_grabs-100 0258_curiosity_gets_you_spanked_grabs-105 0258_curiosity_gets_you_spanked_grabs-117


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Sent to the Principal


Bianca & Sarah were sent to Principal Specht’s office because they had both been caught spying on the boys changing in the football locker rooms. They didn’t seem very sorry and giggled as Principal Specht scolded them & reminded the girls what happened to those who couldn’t behave properly. Spanking Punishments! They were both contrite and full of apologies but it was too late for that! Each girl was spanked in turn as the other was made to watch what happened over the knee of their school’s head teacher, still in the cheer uniforms, with their white panties pulled down. To ensure she got the message across, Ms. Specht used a leather strap & a paddle on them both bent over the desk at the same time which had both girls wailing and crying out in real pain as this punishment genuinely marked and bruised the girls much later!

sent_to_the_principal_014 sent_to_the_principal_018 sent_to_the_principal_028 momma spanking otk sent_to_the_principal_050 sent_to_the_principal_053 sent_to_the_principal_055 sent_to_the_principal_066 sent_to_the_principal_085 sent_to_the_principal_087 spanking cheerleaders sent_to_the_principal_102 sent_to_the_principal_107 sent_to_the_principal_129 sent_to_the_principal_133 sent_to_the_principal_149



Veronica Spanks Stevie and Jenna Rose


When Veronica catches Stevie Rose and Jenna Satvia acting naughty with each other, she bursts into their room and gives them each a painful spanking. She also gives each girl a hard wedgie to further teach them to behave. And since she believes that Stevie was the main instigator, she gives Stevie and extra hard spanking with a wooden bath brush.

ssg-p119-006 ssg-p119-008 ssg-p119-009 ssg-p119-016 wedgies and spanking ssg-p119-021 ssg-p119-026 ssg-p119-029 ssg-p119-039 ssg-p119-045 ssg-p119-046 ssg-p119-048 ssg-p119-057 spanking


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Naked Spanking & Cheerleader Drama

It’s that time of the week again to showcase a couple more new film updates from the SG Group of sites.First up will be a long overdue spanking film from the glorious Amelia Jane Rutherford – spanked naked outside for AAAspanking.com followed by the latest all girl film at CheerleaderSpankings.com featuring Zooey Zara humiliating and spanking Harley Havik in her custom made beautiful baby blue cheer girl uniform that she had ordered herself (they match her eyes and this is her favorite color! – she also happens to look pretty hot in her uniform as you will see!)


Amelia gets spanked for sunbathing naked

amelia_sunbathing_009 amelia_sunbathing_012

So let’s not waste any more time – there’s lots of images and GIFs including many screen grabs and stills photos that accompany the film plus links of where you can view and download this (and the cheerleader film).

amelia_sunbathing001 amelia_sunbathing019 amelia_sunbathing025 amelia_sunbathing031 spanking otk spanking am1 amelia_sunbathing053 amelia_sunbathing060 amelia_sunbathing064 amelia_sunbathing072 blistered and spanked leather strap spanking amelia_sunbathing080 am3 strapping amelia_sunbathing_027 amelia_sunbathing100 amelia_sunbathing103 amelia_sunbathing112 amelia_sunbathing115 am2 amelia_sunbathing120 amelia_sunbathing127 amelia_sunbathing130 amelia_sunbathing141

Amelia was an up and coming tennis player who was sponsored by her wealthy uncle. This was an expensive program and he was ambitious and wanting her to succeed! She stayed at his estate during the Spring Holiday Break for instensive training practice at a prestigious coaching school nearby. Amelia was fed up working so hard and Springtime felt good with the harsh winter months gone and the afternoon’s sunshine feeling too inviting for her to bother with practice that day. The sun’s warming rays felt so good that she stripped naked and enjoyed laying there, relaxed and feeling a little naughty! However, she was unaware that her Uncle John had arrived home early to find her sprawled out on the grass, naked! She had no excuses to offer, he was disappointed and reminded her what happened to her in the past. It had been a long time coming but he was going to spank her right there. She was embarrassed and humiliated but knew she was wrong and had let him and her family down… worse was to come when he went back inside the house to fetch some old fashioned straps used a long long time ago for old fashioned punishments. She soon remembered how painful these were and was told to get her sorry, sore ass back to tennis practice after her naked ordeal outside!

spanking amelia_sunbathing_030


loyalty at AAA Spanking offer

You can view this film as a full length HD Clip HERE or at the Spanking Library

amelia spanked for sunbathing



Don’t forget that you can meet Amelia in person at the LONE STAR SPANKING PARTY

It’s not long now, all online registration and hotel bookings must be made by May 15th… after that it’s pay on the door and you will have to contact the hotel directly if you wish to stay… (hotel name and location is on the website) this party looks like being so popular in advance that ALL the suites in the hotel are sold out…  ALL double bed rooms are sold out… we have multiple floors filled for party guests but only King bedrooms remain (but at the party discount rate it’s a bargain! Also all prices for entry AT THE DOOR will be $40 more across the board. Full details are on the website HERE

lonestar spanking party


Oh… and I hadn’t forgotten about the Cheerleading Update – CLICK HERE or any of the images below to find it located at my other blog with links and GIFs for your enhanced viewing experience with behind the scenes info too! 🙂

cheerleader spankings CLS-62-026 CLS-62-008

Spanking Amelia Jane Rutherford

I got asked about one of the earliest Amelia Jane Rutherford images I remembered seeing and it was the striking image below of the spanking aftermath which was from northernspanking.com

Do you remember the moment Amelia Jane arrived at this website?


This was the image I remember back then which piqued my interest at the time…

Well, I decided to check out more of this update and realized that it was from her first ever shoot with them sometime, I think, in either 2007 or 2008. And what a great intro it was as you’ll see below. This wasn’t her first site that she had worked at, of course, I do remember her Strictly English DVDs and I did have some of those but this was my first website image of her that I remember well.

Introducing Amelia Jane Rutherford – classic archives from Northern Spanking


This was what the good folk of NorthernSpanking.com had to say about this introduction!

This was shot on the evening she arrived as a kind of a warm-up for the following day and Amelia said she would like to be woken up, dragged out of bed and spanked! How could we say no? Having been so rudely awoken to be punished, as the shock wears off, Amelia Jane realizes she is over Paul’s lap having her bottom soundly spanked and she can’t quite recall why. Her indignation recedes slightly when the disaster in the Dining Hall has been explained to her.  Also explained to her is the fact that those tight white knickers will not be adorning her bottom for very much longer and a spanking is just the beginning of what she can expect…

NSI072-AP025 NSI072-AP039 otk spanking NSI072-AP048 NSI072-AP055 hand spanking NSI072-AP082 NSI072-AP100

As promised, Amelia Jane feel her knickers beng pulled down and herself being bent over her bed. That little strap is hard and stingy and always turns her pale bottom a glowing fiery red. Paul is still not finished with Amelia Jane and returns with a cane! Her only consolation is that she’s not to be caned in front of her entire House, as he has threatened – perhaps she’ll be a little more compliant now? There will be no repetition of the days antics for a very sore Amelia Jane as she nurses her caned bottom back to bed.

NSI072-AP164 spanking NSI072-AP136 caning bent over for her caning NSI072-AP191 NSI072-AP199 NSI072-AP210 NSI072-AP213


amelia jane rutherford spanking aftermath

Northern Spanking


If you want to meet Amelia in person then she is the guest of Honor at this year’s Lone Star Spanking Party – she will be there for the entire event and also running what will be a popular class for those interested in bondage/spanking for beginners! As well as Michael Masterson and of course both Paul & Alex from northernspanking.com will be there too!

lone star spanking

See how to register and book your hotel at America’s largest gathering of spankos in one place this coming May 19-23 in Houston, Texas. It’s gonna be awesome!

amelia-ariel register_now lonestar300

An Early Valentine’s Spanking

Our lovely drive today out in “The Sticks!” hardly got me in the mood for this early Valentine’s Spanking post – but when you see who it is… then you’ll understand!


The weather in New England is rather “pants” here at the mo… more snowfall earlier in the day meant a planned road trip to Rhode Island was hard going, we took turns to drive there and back on the snow covered roads and avoided those fools that didn’t have snow or all weather/all wheel drive cars that were slip sliding around in the extreme conditions (idiots!) – they really should have stayed at home. I was wishing we had too at times… but it meant we got to spend time together, which was always a bonus! With that in mind, here is the first of what I am sure will be plenty more “Valentine’s” spanking style videos you’ll be no doubt seeing soon enough! This will be hard to beat with such an incredible duo… Sarah had Amelia Jane Rutherford ask Joelle Barros for a good girl, sexy spanking…. and what you see below is the end result! It’s a visual treat (oh yes!) and of course this pairing with some of my favorite ladies really is hard to beat! Yay for Joelle and Amelia!!! xoxo

Valentine's Day Spanking

Valentine’s Day Spankings – from Sarah Gregory Spanking

0240_valentines_day_spankings_grabs-003 0240_valentines_day_spankings_grabs-008 0240_valentines_day_spankings_gal-001

This is a very light-hearted and sexy spanking film between two hot girls. It’s Valentine’s day and Amelia surprises her kinky girlfriend with a bunch of sensual spanking toys as she knows Joelle is into spanking. As Amelia has never been spanked before, this is her Valentine’s Day gift. She presents her perfect and spankable bottom to her girlfriend. Joelle takes her time going through each implement. Some sting and some feel good. Amelia is seeing that there is pain and pleasure in spankings and enjoys this very much!

0240_valentines_day_spankings_grabs-017 0240_valentines_day_spankings_grabs-028 spanking with the paddle OTK all girl spanking 0240_valentines_day_spankings_grabs-041 0240_valentines_day_spankings_gal-010 0240_valentines_day_spankings_grabs-050 0240_valentines_day_spankings_grabs-058 0240_valentines_day_spankings_gal-013 0240_valentines_day_spankings_grabs-059 0240_valentines_day_spankings_grabs-077



You can view this fantastic site in its own right (with about 250 full length spanking films) or as part of the better value Sarah Gregory Pass – giving you more content (about 1Tb currently!) for far less than the combined amount of both sites.

Sarah Gregory Pass

Spanking Industry Updates

It’s that time of the week to take an indepth look at some of the latest spanking videos and updates as well as a peek at some of our fave sites’ archives so you can see what you might be missing! However, before I continue, please DO NOMINATE for the SPANKING AWARDS. Nominations lacking are in the following categories!

  • Blogs (Creative & News)
  • Male Spanker
  • Female Spanker
  • Lifetime Awards (both categories)

& of course please do keep those nominations coming, REMEMBER, this is NOT the vote, it is to determine what we should vote on; those that stand out in the nomination process will then be put to the vote in December, got that? Okay… let’s see what wonderful stuff there is for you to view today!


From Firmhandspanking.com  – this is the latest film to feature one of my current fave ladies in the spanking scene. “I want a proper spanking,” demands top adult star Dani Daniels… bottom bare!

legal_bb002 legal_bb003 legal_bb004 legal_bb005 legal_bb008 legal_bb014 legal_bb016 legal_bb017 legal_bb018 legal_bb021 legal_bb022 legal_bb024

“I don’t really like underwear,” says stunning Dani Daniels as she lifts her skirt to go over Richard Anderson’s knee for her second Legal Penalties spanking. As her delicious curvy bare bottom turns red under his hand, the need for discipline is fulfilled. Being a high profile young lawyer means she can indulge her fantasy. Hot Reaction Cam shots!

Note: I make no secret of the fact that I rate Dani Daniels in everything she does: Stunning, talented and a very clever girl. She is exceptional and this latest video at last proves she can also take a real good hard spanking too!




Syrena is woken up & spanked by the Dean – at Real Spankings Institute

13261_002 13261_006 13261_011 13261_013 13261_019 13261_028 13261_033 13261_040 13261_042 13261_046 13261_058 13261_066

Syrena is woken up by The Dean who is not impressed with her cleaning job of the bathroom and the kitchen. He takes her into the conference room and makes her remove her panties and straddle a chair for a hard handspanking.

Note: Like Dani beforehand, I really rate Syrena as the best of the current crop of girls at Michael Masterson’s disposal… not only is she free of the usual tattoos that Denver students seems to love sporting (I’m not a fan, to be honest)… she also has the perfect “Girl Next Door” look and can  take a hard punishment! She is worth signing up to the site just to view her many videos – trust me on this!



This can be viewed as part of the better valued 8 site Real Spankings Pass


From the archives of Northern Spanking  – Kami Robertson

kami robertson NSI071-KV017 NSI071-KV046 NSI071-KV048 NSI071-KV061 NSI071-KV090 strapping on the bare bottom NSI071-KV098 NSI071-KV101 NSI071-KV107 NSI071-KV113 NSI071-KV116

Kami Robertson stars in one of her sexiest roles as she provides stephen with a “Birthday Treat” – It’s Stephen’s birthday and his lovely girlfriend has planned a suprise for him. Ever since he had his tonsils out at the age of 7, Stephen has been quite keen on nurses. So, combining this passion with another for spanking Kami’s sexy little bottom has his present all sorted!

Note: Kami was one of those rare spanking models that no one could ever tire of. In my opinion she had one of the sexiest, wigglesome bottoms in the biz as this fantastic film shows… and there are plenty more from the outstanding archives from Northern of her!




New this week from Sarah Gregory Spanking – Naughty Schoolgirl Amelia

0229_naughty_schoolgirl_amelia_gal-001 0229_naughty_schoolgirl_amelia_gal-003 0229_naughty_schoolgirl_amelia_gal-004 0229_naughty_schoolgirl_amelia_gal-005 0229_naughty_schoolgirl_amelia_gal-006 0229_naughty_schoolgirl_amelia_gal-007 0229_naughty_schoolgirl_amelia_gal-008 otk spanking 0229_naughty_schoolgirl_amelia_gal-011 0229_naughty_schoolgirl_amelia_gal-014 0229_naughty_schoolgirl_amelia_gal-015 0229_naughty_schoolgirl_amelia_gal-016

Amelia has been called to Headmaster Osborne’s office for defacing the bible. How dare she do this to such a sacred text? She is properly chastised before being taken over the knee for a hard spanking. She is then made to kneel on the bench for a traditional school caning from her very disappointed headmaster.

Note: Amelia Jane Rutherford has to be one of the currently longest serving spanking models still as sought after and as popular with producers and viewers alike… and “hoorah” she is from England in an increasingly American-centric online spanking world!



This can also be viewed as part of the better value 2 site Sarah Gregory Pass


From the archives of AAA SpankingLeandra’s Hotel Video

001 002 003 004 005 006 self spanking 008 009 010 011 012

Leandra is such a tease, she’s hot… “sch-moking” hot! She asked us if she could make a naughty teasing video for her army boyfriend in her very 1st film with us. We are now showing this after agreeing that he got 1st viewing rights… since it was with him in mind & he let us know he approved of it wholeheartedly! He is currently serving overseas & this lucky young man gets to discipline & teach his naughty Dutch girlfriend a lesson or two when he’s home, but he’s not… is he? So Leandra had us make this self spanking film… showing him what he’s missing but doesn’t reveal everything, for his memory & our sordid imagination can fill in the blanks… needless to say, she looks drop dead gorgeous dressed in her lingerie & stockings as she talks to the camera, goading her boyfriend at what he’s missing & wishes that he could give her a proper man spanking! However, she’ll just have to tease him with her own show for now! See the results in this very erotic & addictive viewing experience that sees Leandra in one of her sexiest spanking videos that she has ever made.

Note: There are still some excellent films of Leandra to come at AAA – she was the 1st of the Dutch girls to make it across the English Channel to feature for a British style website, filming her content in 2012-13. To this day, she is a popular spanking model! 




Finally… from Holland the latest double episode feature at “Mike’s Diner” is complete from the Spanked in Uniform website – this episode is called “Fighting over tips”

ep24_1  ep25_10 ep25_9 ep25_6 ep25_5 ep24_12 ep24_11 ep24_10 ep24_9 ep24_5 ep24_4 ep25_14 

Waitress Julie was in trouble again. This time with new waitress, Leona. Those two little madams had a disagreement over tips and they decided to fight over them in front of the customers. Chef Mike did not tolerate that sort of behavior and both girls were soon in his office, over his knee, getting a sound spanking. They left with Chef’s promise: “Anymore of that nonsense and it’s the cane!”
Well the nonsense continued and both girls were soon in each other’s hair again regarding the tips. Chef decided to make good on his promise and he took them back to his office, told them both to bare their bottoms and bend over for 6 of the best with his cane. Not a peep came out of them both the whole day afterwards.

Note: This is just one of 17 spanking uniform niches that you can view at this website. All movies are now uploaded in full HD1080 with a Hi Res photoset.


Spanked in Uniform

A Requested Spanking

Last week, I helped film some new content and we had the pleasure of hosting both Joelle Barros & Amelia Jane Rutherford at Sarah Gregory’s place. We had some fun times, even though Amelia was virtually on her way back to England and quite tired, it was really nice to see her and we filmed some fun and harder stuff which I am sure you’ll all like. This was one of the first edits to be completed and it was an all girl spanking from a request, or several requests asking for Amelia to be placed in the wheelbarrow position (again)! So thank you to Amelia for doing this although having Joelle spank her helped as they looked stunning together – thanks ladies for helping to make a fun and interesting wheelbarrow spanking video! Images below are taken from the film and reduced in size as the playback is in full HD1080!

A Requested Spanking – starring Amelia Jane Rutherford & Joelle Barros


This is a stunning all girl spanking film with a difference. Several members at the site had requested that if we ever worked with Amelia Jane Rutherford once more, then could we have her placed in the wheelbarrow position? Well, their wishes have been granted by way of this lovingly crafted video. Poor Amelia hadn’t forgotten how embarrassed and vulnerable she had felt the last time but Joelle was persuasive and very keen to have this 6’2″ beauty over her lap in this revealing position. See Amelia in sexy lingerie over Joelle’s knees in this most submissive of spanking positions getting the same treatment as before. This film is a sheer delight to watch for those that enjoy watching high quality all female spanking erotica!

requested001 requested003 requested007 requested011 requested014 requested019 requested023 requested031 requested047 requested051 requested059 requested063 requested076 requested092 requested098 requested103




This video is also available as a one time download at the AAA Clips Stores below

aaalibrary600 aaaclipstore