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Something old Something New

Triple use hairbrush for your weekend away. Drink Groom Punish!


A useful implement for your weekend away – Drink, Groom… Punish!

This week went by quickly… another weekend is upon us again! I have 4 site offerings for you today… in a New – Old – new – Old format and have tried hard to find the older archived stuff that I hope no one else has ever reported on… but should have. Oh… and the new stuff is pretty good too 🙂

Again, thanks for the mails regarding the latest films at AAA and the feedback on Fet… you can see all the latest films on the Clips Store in full as well – and I will be going through the list as I know I have missed loads of older films on there so there will also be plenty of updates appearing soon.


Something New – One of their hottest videos ever? From Firmhandspanking.com

Kylee Anders stripped, strapped & spanked to tears!

au_pair_c001 au_pair_c003 au_pair_c007 au_pair_c009 au_pair_c011 au_pair_c019 au_pair_c024 au_pair_c026 au_pair_c029 au_pair_c030 au_pair_c035 au_pair_c036

Beautiful Kylee Anders is strapped 27 strokes for ‘borrowing’ a dress, stripping topless to fetch the tawse, passing it angrily to Mr Stockton. To humiliate his Au Pair, she’s ordered to take off her thong. When she throws away the strap, he spanks her to tears.

Check out the FREE Clip of Kylee’s spanking HERE


Something Old – Classic archived nostalgia for me… from NorthernSpanking.com

Amy Hunter

How did it get to this for Amy Hunter?
Taken from “Do as I say, not as I do”

Amy is sulking after an argument with her mother about her outfit. She was going on a DATE. And if it is okay for Mum to date men and dress like a slapper, then why is it not okay for her? Andi is not going to put up with that attitude, and Amy is reminded that she is never too old to go over the knee for punishment.

spanked OTK spanking panties pulled down NSI093-XAA033 NSI093-XAA046 NSI093-XAA047NSI093-XAA057 NSI093-XAA060 NSI093-XAA071

Click here for access to MASSIVE archives of spanking data


Something NEW – Latest full 2 part intake film of Imogen at Bars-and-Stripes.com

imogen_intake3 imogen_intake4 imogen_intake_scrg9 imogen_intake_scrg10 imogen_intake8 imogen_intake9 imogen_intake10  imogen_intake11 imogen_intake12

Imogen had been sent to prison for 3 years for perverting the cause of justice. During her intake she just wouldn’t keep quiet while Miss Page finished her report with the result that she had her bottom spanked and paddled 7 times before the Governor arrived. Imogen was insolent towards him and she was soon over his knee. After Imogen learned the difference between being cheeky and insolent the hard and painful way from the Governor, she was handed over to Miss Page again. She strip searched Imogen fully, told her to put on her prison uniform, gave her one final spanking over her knickers and took her to her new cell.



Something Old – A raid through the vast pervy vaults of SpankedCallgirls.com

This film is from the WMV Archives and is called: Bubbles

001 002 002a 002c 002b 008a 003 004 005 007 008 009

It stars a young fresh looking Paris Kennedy (notice the lack of tattoo sleeves on her arms!) and she is caught making out with one of her fellow callgirl babes and to teach them both a lesson (and to stop this extra naughty behavior again) they are both spanked on their wet slippery butts in the bathroom – This is HOT!

See this and so much more only from Spankedcallgirls.com

Just one part of the 5 site Clare Fonda Pass

clare fonda pass - click here for more info


house roadhouse

“Something’s coming to Texas! Coming Soon May 28-31 

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Catching up with more Spankings!

Well, in my next post (hopefully) I will be able to give you an idea of what I have been up to… Sarah & I have been filming content… a lot of content which is so varied with some more traditional and severe discipline which both of us have not shot like this before. I promise you it’s really good stuff and with some of the best spanking models out there that can take a good hard punishment! Anyway, today is “catch up” time so let’s get on with what is out there at various other quality spanking websites which I think you will enjoy viewing!

I am starting today with a few updates from the Clare Fonda Network of sites… I spent time with both Clare & The Cameraman in Los Angeles recently, and I love the way they work (oops, more on that next time, today is all about industry update catch ups!)


Jenna Rose gets revenge on Maddy Marks

02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10

Maddy Marks had stolen a client from Jenna Rose and now she must pay for it. Jenna spanks Maddy hard, even using a bath brush, and demanding 5 clients in return. Well Maddy spanks Jenna right back to negotiate a more reasonable number. Both girls are so sore they must ice their bottoms.

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Check out the full film of Jenna & Maddy HERE



When I meet up with Clare, we joke and have fun and talk about her diapers kink and one of her longest serving models she has worked with (who I have a real spanko crush on, Kymberly Jane). Well, imagine my surprise when I see this latest update now showing (Clare told me it was coming) and it is now available as a long play movie from GirlSpanksGirl.com

The Surrogate Mother (new series with Clare Fonda)

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09

Clare Fonda is back playing a lady with a secret desire. She allows Kymberly Jane (aka Kay Richards) to live in her house rent free as long as she will allow her to be Kay’s “mommy” for 2 hours each day. (This is Clare’s core kink!!!) On this first day, Kym gets treated like a baby. Clare puts a diaper on her, tickles her, then spanks her over the diaper right there on the sofa when she protests. Don’t miss Clare diapering her little girl and smacks her freshly diapered bottom until it tingles pink and super ouchy!

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

See Kymberly & Clare (who have fantastic screen chemistry) at GirlSpanksGirl.com


lilyFinally from this group of sites… a new girl, Lily is introduced at SpankedSweeties.com – Lily wasn’t spanked for disciplinary reasons growing up, but she developed her interest early, and that lead to Lily eventually joining a dungeon. She talks about her experiences and acts out a role play with Snow Mercy playing her mom, then shows what her interview at the dungeon was like and a typical session there, too. You will be able to see all these films coming out in full very soon so check out her introduction (below) and from what “The Cameraman” told me – this is one of his most popular single sites (and I understand why)… or of course view this as part of the best value 5 site Clare Fonda Pass giving you access to up to 5 sites at a fraction of their combined cost!

Introducing New Girl Lily

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12

The philosophy of Spanked Sweeties

Spanking was part of life for so many girls and we ask them to tell us about it in our intimate spanking interviews. How did it feel to be in trouble again, getting a bare bottom spanking. Our beautiful models tell their spanking stories to Clare Fonda and then we act out a domestic spanking scene. The panties come down, the bottoms get red, and tears are cried. We also work with models who have never been spanked and are curious about what corporal punishment feels like. Spanked Sweeties has brought us many of the newest spanking models and contains 2,000 video clips so you can see them with an in depth interview followed by an old fashioned spanking.

These sites featured above are all part of the massively popular Clare Fonda Pass



I’ve seen a lot of Paul & Alex recently from NorthernSpanking.com and with all the filming and traveling recently… it’s been hard to really catch up on what is at some of my fave sites… so please check out Jenni Mack & Amy Hunter… in this update called “The Assignation”, I’m not sure, but I think both girls have now stopped filming and appearing online, which is a great pity, so enjoy these new spanking nuggets as and when they appear at sites like this, unseen images until now!

theassignation012 theassignation018 theassignation028 theassignation037 theassignation041 theassignation044 theassignation047 theassignation053 theassignation057 theassignation060

The arrangement has been made for weeks. On this day they find themselves in the same hotel in the same city. Jenni is wearing her prettiest panties. Amy has brought her favorite paddle… so what will happen? These images give you a pretty good idea!!!




Finally for today a “2 parter” is complete starring the lovely Sophie Parker… who I recommended to work for this site last year… here are the fruits of some of their labors as Sophie foolishly crosses the Guv!

Sophie’s Cleaning Lesson

1Cleansing - 031 1Cleansing - 050 1Cleansing - 084 1Cleansing - 088 1Cleansing - 022 1Cleansing - 051 1Cleansing - 061 1Cleansing - 085 1Cleansing - 089 1Cleansing - 091

Inmate Sophie Parker was ordered by the Governor to clean His office. She hates cleaning and she defied him and provoked him and when she squirted polish into his face, it was time for sterner measures. Over the desk she went and the Governor’s hard hand and strap turned Sophie’s bottom a fiery red. THEN the Governor lowers Sophie’s knickers and grabs his leather implements, he straps Sophie’s bare bottom soundly until she learns how to clean an office properly.




That’s it for now… more to come very soon, hope you all had a great weekend! 🙂


Spanking Halloween Week Pt2

As promised here is the next installment of what is essentially a cosplay spanking fest this week… I like it and it;s a good excuse. Where better to start today’s post than a site which is aptly named for the lazy of us that can’t find girls being spanked in various uniforms – of course, go check out Spanked-in-Uniform.com where they currently have 17 uniform niches though some seem to have stopped or been archived while the others continue at great pace with at least one whole film uploaded every week… one uniform niche that has been updated on a regular basis (and one of my favourites) is the Air Europe section where the naughty flight attendants are always getting into trouble and spanked by the small airline’s owner, Mr Johnson. This latest episode sees a return of Dutch flight attendant Julie… but she is wearing blue hair which clashes with the pink uniform. Of course Mr Johnson hears about this… as you will find out below!

“No Blue Hair!”


Stewardess Julie decided to change her hair colour to blue before her last flight and Mr. Johnson heard about it. When Julie was back in Holland, she was summoned to his office and after a good scolding, her bottom was soundly spanked and an appointment was made at one of the hair salons at her expense in the airport to get rid of that clashing blue colour.


europe_ep34_3 europe_ep34_5

europe_ep34_6 europe_ep34_7

europe_ep34_9 europe_ep34_8


Thsi is just 1 of 17 uniform niches that you can view… see them all HERE


It wouldn’t be a cosplay fest without some form of school uniform play, now would it? One such site that does the authentic school punishments so well over the many years is NorthernSpanking.com – I was going to find a nursing uniform film from this site, but it would mean digging across their archives and I am running out of time as it is late here in the UK… so schoolgirls it is… and I thought I’d delve deep into the archives via one particular model I knew had done a lot of schoolgirl films at Northern over the years (she had done quite a few for me too!) – check out this early film with Leia Ann Woods (& the lovely Amy Hunter with Michael Stamp as the stern Headmaster) – this film is called “On Report”… it’s something like 7-8 years old but still holds up well! A great no nonsense strapping & caning film!

 NSI047G-ALLM112 NSI047G-ALLM117





The girls have been put On Report and sent straight from the locker rooms to the Headmaster’s Office. Perfunctory, calm and firm, The Headmaster wastes no time in ensuring these miscreants are punished thoroughly.




A Halloween Special finally for today from Girl Spanks Girl – and these sites within the CLARE FONDA PASS network always have some costume or party drama when it comes to Halloween… as I had featured earlier this week with Sorority Girls – well, they don’t disappoint with new girl next door, Elektra (who I am really liking btw!) in a domestic discipline scene with her mom who refuses to let her go out and party as she is wearing a slutty outfit… I will let you be the judge of that (below)

Mom/daughter Halloween Spanking – from the “sensual spanking” section of GirlSpanksGirl.com


Elektra loves her outfit, you know what these kids say nowadays before going out!
“First…. let me take a selfie!”

02 03

04 05

06 07


Elektra went from a never been spanked model, to jumping into doing a special Halloween spanking shoot for us just in time for that scary day. Ms Fiona X plays her mom, who spanks her young daughter for wearing a slutty outfit and posting photos on social media just before going to her Halloween party. It’s a very realistic scene and beautiful teen Elektra truly passes for that innocent looking girl next door!

09 10

11 12

See the full Halloween Spanking film HERE


Or view it as part of the multi site Clare Fonda Pass – up to 5 sites for the fraction of the combined cost!



Don’t forget my contribution this week to Halloween cosplay is out later today… a teaser image is below 🙂

“Cheeky Monkey”


Updates for your Perusal

It’s funny how this damp and rainy autumnal weather is a world away from a few months ago when I had high hopes and foolish eager excitement watching the Football World cup take place in Brazil on my TV screen – they were warmer sunnier times and of course such warm memories were soured by my own nation’s woeful performances. Anyhoo,  I always loved the final montage that the BBC here in the UK did to sum up that incredible World Cup… it is below, so it you wanna skip it and move on to my updates, I understand… it was a nice distraction and if you liked the music, it is from a French rock band called “Woodkid” (performing Run Boy Run) – I hope to see them in concert at some point next year… they’re awesome! I also smiled at presenter and former England player, Gary Lineker’s begrudging admiration and resignation for Germany, the lesser of 2 evils in that final – (… “and the Germans won” – LOL)

Ah… memories… OK, and onto what is out there today! I’m showing this in order of no overall preference (I rarely do to be honest), let’s just see where this takes us!!! Let’s start at Firm Hand Spanking as there is a bit of a theme going on with sibling spanking showdowns at the moment… take this all girl affair with the beautiful and talented Stacy Stockton switching perfectly giving sassy sister, Amber Davies, a real tears OTK spanking she won’t forget in a hurry!

sisters_bf001 sisters_bf003

sisters_bf006 sisters_bf007

sisters_bf008 sisters_bf013

sisters_bf015 sisters_bf020

sisters_bf022 sisters_bf021

Sassy, disrespectful college babe Amber Davies drinks alcohol and she’s not 21! Stacy Stockton spanks her bare bottom 186 times in Sorority Sisters. When that bubble butt is bared, tears start but Stacy carries on. Slow-mo special plus Amber behind-the-scenes!


In another film preview, there is what looks like being the last of the “Brotherly Love” series of films with Kat St James and Sam Woodley playing the bratty sisters of Kyle Johnson… to be honest, as it has these girls in it, what’s there NOT to like about it? Samantha Woodley is the girl getting a spanking in this film…. as ever, it is worth the entrance fee alone to see her bared booty getting a good whacking!

brotherly_z001 brotherly_z002

brotherly_z004 brotherly_z008

brotherly_z012 brotherly_z015

brotherly_z017 brotherly_z020

brotherly_z022 brotherly_z023

Two brats fighting right after they’ve been spanked? It’s time to break out the strap! Samantha Woodley and Kat St James get in a fight, so 50 with a strap across Samantha’s bottom – 25 bare!- will sort things out in Brotherly Love with Kyle Johnson.

The FULL Film can be seen HERE




Ok, so what happens when you steal fruit in the UK? Or “Scrumping” as I call it? Why, of course you get a damned good spanking… which is why you see beautiful young Ella Hughes stripped naked and strapped HARD by Sarah Bright at English Spankers this week…. this is indeed a very exciting film to watch!

npp7073003 npp7073011

npp7073012 npp7073013

npp7073018 npp7073015

npp7073020 npp7073030

npp7073040 npp7073042

Young Ella Hughes has been caught stealing fruit from the orchard, the gardener takes her to see his mistress who is a particularly nasty individual. She berates Ella and almost has her in tears. She then sends for her father’s old razor strop and tells her she will be getting this. She then hands out a ferocious beating to Ella’s bare bottom, one of the hardest we have featured. A film not to be missed.

Want to see the full film and MORE of gorgeous Ella? CLICK HERE


A special look back at someone I have never actually met, which is a great pity. She no longer subs but is now a fearsome domme, so I better watch what I say (lol) – please take a trip back in time with me courtesy of NorthernSpanking.com as we check out the amazing Amy Hunter from over 11 years ago, the archives at this site are truly astounding!

NSI014-FA022 NSI014-FA028

NSI014-FA051 NSI014-FA074

NSI014-FA081 NSI014-FA092

NSI014-FA095 NSI014-FA101

NSI014-FA104 NSI014-FA108

Poor Amy is so poor at the moment she can’t afford to buy her partner Christopher a pressie for his birthday. Wracking her brains, she comes up with a devious plan… SHE can be his present! Dressed up as a fancy french maid, Amy offers herself as his maid for the evening…but what she be “maid” to do?

NSI014-FA161 NSI014-FA164

NSI014-FA167 NSI014-FA174

NSI014-FA179 NSI014-FA182

Amy has offered to do whatever is asked of her by her partner Christopher in honour of his birthday – and he takes her to her word! Here he strips off her dress and gives her a sensual and thorough whipping. Yummy!

NSI014-FA204 NSI014-FA205 NSI014-FA209

NSI014-FA216 NSI014-FA221

NSI014-FA223 NSI014-FA224

Amy has offered to do whatever is asked of her by her partner Christopher in honour of his birthday – and he takes her to her word! Christopher delights in removing even more of her clothing to beat his girl further finishing with some more intimate connections!


Check out the amazing archives of  NORTHERNSPANKING.COM


Finally today, since we are checking out some archives… take a look at my own at AAA Spanking – You may not have seen this, or if you have, not for a while at least… it’s a good spanking film with someone I had admired long in advance of meeting her, this was from my first ever American stateside film shoot well over 2 years ago in 2012 and this was one of many films I did with the amazing and beautiful Nyssa Nevers! #schwiing! I still have a special 4 girl film I haven’t released yet with Nyssa, Joelle Barros, Carissa Montgomery & Ashley Graham (what a fricking line up, eh?) – I really ought to do something about that, right? It’s been edited and stored away in the cyber vaults… maybe I should just release it on the CLIPS STORE – either way… check out this film and see how gorgeous Nyssa looked in this lingerie spanking film  😉


This was the 1st film I made with stunning Nyssa Nevers & I requested that she bring along some of her sexiest lingerie for the intro film. I was NOT disappointed as you’ll see, Nyssa has the most wonderful bottom to spank and whilst wearing her very sexy lingerie provided a magnificent spectacle. I am sure this will provide a nice visual treat for all you spanking voyeurs! Watch Nyssa’s flawless untouched cheeks turn red during her 1st spanking film of the day!

nyssanevers02 nyssanevers05 nyssanevers11

nyssanevers13 nyssanevers15

nyssanevers18 nyssanevers28

nyssanevers19 nyssanevers25 nyssanevers35


See many more films of Nyssa at AAA Spanking HERE – or check out this film on its own – like many others – at The AAA CLIPS Store and choose the clip you’d like to view, own & download, there are 100’s to choose from and in various formats giving you the best choice available!


Good night… who wouldn’t want to spank this office booty? #OMG! Eyes are popping! Back soon!


CLICK HERE for another blog update -I promise you will like it 🙂

A Flood of new spanking films

Well, since our wet summer just turned into an even damper Autumn (or Fall as you Americans say) we have had 90 serious flood warnings all over our tiny island in the last 24 hours which appears to be in danger of sinking at this rate! I am so fed up with this damp squid of a year, I can’t wait to get away somewhere… ANYWHERE dry and warm for a few days (must book somewhere quickly). So, as topical as the “Flood” of spanking updates is today, I feel sorry for those put through the misery of flooding to their property… the upset and hell of replacing everything and anything cherished.

London, yesterday.

OK, enough of this wet despressive nonsense… let’s check out some British spanking updates starting with my own site which features the beautiful Joelle getting her first spanking, our first spanking film ever made in America… and I seem to have upset Mr Brushstrokes of The Spanking Spot for not telling him I was filming in NYC! If I was, I think I might have told him to come along (NYC was a stop gap to fill in our last day of America before flying back from nearby Newark) – I was actually filming out in the Philly suburbs where Joelle will attest that without GPS I got horribly lost there and back! Thank God she was pretty patient… this of course didn’t stop me from tanning her lush behind a gorgeous shade of crimson in the “Introducing Joelle” film now out (see the free gallery of this below):



Whilst I have a really cool F/F new movie coming out next week (members can already see a free preview pic of who it is, so I won’t say for now – as I am a tease) it’s a really good movie and likewise, at English Spankers this week, their new full movie stars the awesome Sally getting a really hard red bottom thrashing off one lady you would NOT want to cross when she is upset… Sarah Bright! Check out the free image gallery below and see for yourselves, I love this!!!



British nurses can be amongst the most caring, of course, they are also a lust object we folk over here love to see punished in our fantasies so it comes as no surprise to find plenty of nurse discipline and medical submission films as you will see from Sound Punishment (below)

See the latest HD Spanking Movie Previews HERE


Finally,  some nice images from Northern Spanking in one of their latest films (out in full) from their recent visit to Vegas, they got to film with Jenni Mack (who I really have a thing for) so am completely jealous that Paul and Lucy got to film with her, but then again, I can console myself with my 4 girl American shoot, eh? *heh heh*
Just check out these great images that do the film every justice (images are reduced in size from the members area)

The Travelling Disciplinarian & the Naughty Nurse

Jenni has called The Travelling Disciplinarian Agency because she lacks focus and wants to be better at her job. The Agency sends Miss Hunter out, and Miss Mack turns out to be a rather naughty woman indeed…







OK, that’s all for now, back soon with some American updates which I shall be looking at next (and from what I’ve seen so far… we’re all in for a treat as usual!). Cheers! Chief. xx




The latest film with Joelle Barros will shortly be available as a one off download too!
See banner below for the latest films 🙂

Northern Spanking updates

Wanted to know what’s going on at some selected sites? Well, the images below are all taken from what is being uploaded over the last few days at NorthernSpanking.com – just to give you an idea of what is available, and of course they also star some faves of mine that I have spanked personally so I am indeed loving what is going on at this site this week! You’ll see what I mean when I mention kami Robertson, Irelynn Logeen, Zelle Defeu and new girl Xela Chaste… and these are just some samples of what’s going on, there’s so much more but I’d not find time for other sites if I continued, here is a taster of what members are downloading this week so far!




Irelynn and Zille are given a humiliating spanking punishment in their pyjamas… here I have selected the 1st few images of Zille having her wondrous bottom spanked… members can see Irelynn’s red rump HERE




Music teacher Amy Hunter is taking no crap off kami Robertson in this adorable and beautifully shot film. Amy is a great Domme and Kami is one of my fave subs, her bottom is the wiggliest, most awesome sight close up when spanked (I should know!!!) I heartily recommend ANY film with Kami in so have no hesitation in showing this today! OK, one more image of the girls?

If only all piano lessons ended up like this…



Hot newbie Xela at NorthernSpanking.com made this amazing OTK spanking film with Paul. She is a very buxom and naughty young madam… I now fully understand why Paul was raving about her and you can definitely see a very wry smile on his face as she is getting a good thrashing over his knee! Lucku git! Check out this full movie HERE





The latest film is out now and stars the legendary Niki Flynn – a blast from the past as Paul & Lucy give us a special movie kept until now and explained by them as to why this is a little different! Enjoy this and the free clip I have for you below, a fitting end to today’s update and something I’m sure you will appreciate as this was co-operation in the spanking industry in the UK at its finest! Just as we are apparently pissing off some pirates who really don’t like us poor producers trying to protect our copyrighted stuff that we have worked damned hard to bring you all… this film represents the good side of the spanking industry as well (read on…)

Novelist, Miss Flynn, persistently misses deadlines. When Mr Byron Richards, The Travelling Disciplinarian, arrives at her lush apartment she is horrified to learn he has been appointed by her editor to address her lack of commitment.

Paul wrote: This footage was written and shot by our dear friends Hywel and Amelia Jane at Restrained Elegance/Elegance Studios for a spanking project they decided not to pursue. When we at NS hit bad times which some of you may remember, our amazing friends kindly donated this raw footage to us to edit and release under the Northern Spanking banner. It has taken a few years for Lucy to edit it together as the formatting was very different from what we are used to and she found it a little bit scary so had to wait until she had more skills in the editing department to do it justice. This is the first of several unseen films from that footage, which include this, and several other films of the now-retired Niki Flynn. We are very excited to be able to share this with you, and are very grateful to our friends at Elegance Studios for their generous contribution. Proving the UK kink scene, and the people involved, are really the loveliest, most genuine people one could ever hope to know.

 Check out more of the latest updates unique to NorthernSpanking HERE

Spanking & Canings – a quick update


Hmm, just bear with me today, this is a very short post and an experiment as I’ve been incredibly busy elsewhere and I have also been trying to learn how to properly use this plugin this afternoon rather than embed code in from elsewhere as I have been doing for a while now as I am fearful that codec might just get outdated at some point. So I have been going back to school to learn how to use the Flash plugin you see below – especially if the clip is HD quality! I’d rather that you be able to view it as intended if it was uploaded in WMV or MP4 format – so here goes… I’ve finally got how to center the damned thing (which was a pain as normal html didn’t work) though I’m still not happy with the size of the player shown (I shall look to various support forums later) – but if it’s HD, then please just click on the enlarge button and you’ll see the real quality rather than some slightly dodgy version of Flash or a file uploaded and converted to .flv (which I must admit I absolutely DETEST with a vengeance!)

The lucky recipients of my experiment are NorthernSpanking.com and their latest HD movie, the model fantasy one with Leia acting out a naughty secretary that needs a thrashing off her boss, Amy! Who am I to argue? It’s leia’s fantasy after all, and all parts to this movie are now out! Check out this short HD clip below (don’t forget to click the enlarge screen button on the right) – Enjoy!

[jwplayer mediaid=”13566″ image=”https://spankingblogg.com/movies/secretary_secret.jpg”]

I of course have a few little images for you too to mull over…



Check out more  (much more) of Leia & Amy at NorthernSpanking.com

short and sweet… I know, back soon with the big update I had promised 🙂

Schhhpaankings & Tearful Punishments!

Schhhpaankings? Hmmm, that sounds suspiciously Dutch to me… I just spied a great new naughty schoolgirl punishment film at Spanked-in-Uniform.com which just happens to contain the 2nd part to the prefect Punishment film with Loni and Jolene… Headmaster has his hands full (I’d be happy to help!) and the girls get a double punishment as you’ll see below!

In part two (after Loni spanked prefect Jolene) the Headmaster put both girls over his knee and gave them both another sound spanking. Then, while Loni had her nose in the corner, red bare bottom on display, the Headmaster gave the new prefect Jolene a sound taste of the strap and then she was told to join Loni in the corner!







Staying in Holland there is Mike’s excellent domestic discipline site with an endless supply of naughty Dutch girls not seen anywhere else that take a good hard “schpaaankking” – and as well as their cute bums getting reddened, I love hearing their accents as they plead for Mike to “Sch-toppp schpaaanking me!”  The rotter from Rotterdam doesn’t listen, of course!

Where do I start? New girl, 19 year old Mandy? She’s been punished for not turning up for a job interview and of course she has also been caught web camming (the bane of every father figure and their errant girls nowadays) and given a thrashing for that too! Girls today, eh? *sigh*



& of course, one of my favorite girls from Holland, blonde Leandra has brought in her friend, brunette Britanny… and Mike really has his hands full with these 2 (I really feel I could help out here, lol) – just take a look at some of what these 2 girls have endured in some amazing double punishments! Even without the slinky new girl Mandy (who I think is worth the entrance fee alone), the additional new movies make this addictive viewing!


As well as misbehaving at a Music Festival, these 2 madams are really giving Mike a hard time trying to keep them on the straight and narrow (yes, I said I could lend a hand!!!) well, the images below will surely blow you away as I show you both girls thrashed yet again!





From girls next door type spankings to something I love seeing… and that’s real bratty uppity models who think they are above the people that pay their fee for the day… yup, I’m referring to the very good folk of BunBeatingFun.com who have had plenty of experience of real “baaaaad girls”… whether it’s Greg’s hard pressed photographer, Terry, who sometimes calls him in to deal with these brats wanting more money, bitching about the motel locations (actually, I tend to agree there as these are real dives… but that’s the point, right?) Greg is a clever soul… wanting to elicit a reaction from these prissy overpaid divas and he sure gets his excuse to spank them time and time again!

These long play films are a hoot and also contain some amazing scenes of blubbing madams taught a very painful lesson! Many of these girls have never been spanked… and it shows as they really don’t like the treatment dished out to them! Enough of me wittering on… example here today is Hillary from the archives, I watched her punishment earlier and decided to show you her tearful expressions as I don’t think I showcased this particular spanking before… and it deserves to be shown! Enjoy!


As in all the films, the girls model lingerie for the cameras but soon get fed up or bored or just bitch about the film shoot… much to the annoyance of Greg (the mystery spanker whose face you never see) … he tightens his fingers, tenses them and often just grabs the girl by the ear telling them they should have got what’s coming to them a long long time ago… and then the spanking rollercoaster mayhem begins!




You can check out more of the many free previews of the girls getting their just desserts – Click Here


Finally for today here, there has been a great model fantasy film from top film makers NorthernSpanking.com (well, it was Leia’s actually) where she wanted to play a secretary that WANTED to get punished, I’ll let the images taken from this HD film below and the explanation show you exactly what is going on…




Leia-Ann came to us with a soft spot for submitting to a women but wanted to try a scenario where the bottom manipulated the top. So in the delightful extravaganza, Leia-Ann plays a secretary who has deliberately been messing up to get the attention of her sexy boss… Yummy!

Indeed it is as you’ll have seen and any film co starring Amy and Leia is well worth a peek!!!

Check out more spanking punishments from the unique NorthernSpanking.com


OK, I ought to be updating my other blogs so that’s it for here, I’ll bring you a bumper package tomorrow including another ultimate spanking showcasing of Amber… but you’ll have to wait for that!
Regards, Chief.

Spanking Sunday Showstoppers!

I had just finished watching one of the latest films to come from FirmHandSpanking and was really excited as it starred Annabelle Vanderwood… this beauty, alongside the tall, lithe Adrienne Black, are my 2 outstanding newcomers at this site this past year. This fit toned, VERY bratty beauty has something of a younger Michelle Obama about her (only drop dead gorgeous… um, not that Mrs O isn’t… he said digging a hole deeper and deeper… dissing the 1st lady of 70% of his readership!)

“uh oh… those words have flagged up the CIA spanking and terrorist monitors”… as I upload this now, I imagine sirens are screeching, minions are scrabbling and running to desks filled with monitors and tracking devices to monitor my perverted outburst. Oh yes, I imagine that is what is going on right now deep in the underbelly of Langley… I know this is true – because I have seen it in a movie (so it must be!)

See for yourself as Annabelle is thrashed by coach Reed as he’s brought in to instill some discipline when she’s tempted to drink underage, going out clubbing and visiting bars but she is not yet 21 and for her drunkeness and disgraceful behavior, her parents have asked the lifestyle coach to use his powers of persuasion (in this case a rather heavy leather 2 pronged tawse or strap) that Annabelle MUST learn to behave! As usual, he has his work cut out…

This seriously sexy brat gets what is coming to her everytime… don’t miss this movie OUT HERE


Now some of you might know I have really been into seeing Jadie Reece in discipline movies, recently… and although I did hear that she may now be retired when I thought… hmm, I’d love to work with her… but I think she started filming with NorthernSpanking at least 5 years ago, maybe more – as well as appear elsewhere, of course but it’s her work at Northern that I have seen most of her at and in this outside early movie, played alongside the lovely Amy Hunter (they are squabbling sisters) who end up having a catfight over who uses the trampoline until a volatile mix of water… an angry dad, nakedness and spanking mayhem ensue as only it does at Northern Spanking – lol! The below shots are stills only but there was an actual movie (it’s a good one by the way and has Michael Stamp doing what he does best in these situations… tanning insolent rump!)

Be careful though, rummaging through the archives for Jadie and Amy could be considered hazardous… your missus might not see you for weeks! Any attempt at this should be carefully considered first, and it’s made easier with a generouly priced 3 month membership (go check it out!) Only the hardy souls should attempt such dedicated pervery to download their photo sets and films, ably assisted by thoughtful zip files and full file download links… (so it actually wasn’t a hard task at all!!!)

Dare ye get lost in the vast archives of Northern Spanking? Try it out HERE


Back soon… I have an old movie of “Sara Bergman”, (another girl I “MUST” work with again…) & I’ll try to upload and share some behind the scenes stuff with you tomorrow when I locate the movie as I want to upload a clip to my Spanking Tube (I’m able to upload there again after my hosting company upgraded the server!)

Have a good rest of the weekend everyone!

The Ashes – Spankings & Thanksgivings

Whenever Australia wins or retains the Ashes, people call for “the urn” to be sent home with the team, believing it to be a trophy. It’s an understandable assumption, but as most Cricket fans will know, the actual urn is tiny and the original is safely locked away …

Most cricket fans know the story – after Australia beat England in an 1882 test match at Lords, the home of Cricket, a mock obituary appeared in The Sporting Times “in Affectionate Remembrance of English Cricket”. The final line of the obituary reads, “The body will be cremated and the Ashes taken to Australia”. Thus began one of the most enduring sports legends and now the Ashes Test held every 2 years is one of the best rivalries between England and australia, yeah yeah, I don’t care that the rest of the world doesn’t get this, I just hope that when the 1st Test starts in Brisbane later today, we crush, yes… CRUSH and humiliate the Aussies, time to rub it in their noses and win the series on their soil once more, and as holders of The Ashes, I believe England have every chance of retaining them…


Oops, there goes my 30 readers from Australia… LOL! C’mon guys, only kidding, you know we’re closer to you than any of our so called pals and chums in Europe (well… apart from our Irish friends who we seem to be bailing out with a loan we can’t afford to make… but I shall stop there otherwise I’ll have to get my soapbox out… and you DO NOT want that!!!)


Now onto the spankings! There’s an awful lot of stuff to catch up on, and lots of cute bubble butts and surprisingly good stuff for you all to peruse over, especially from my American buddies who have been producing some kick ass stuff recently!!!

First up from PunishedBrats.com – Carissa is a gorgeous pretty thing that I am definitely having a hot flush over, I decided to check out more of her previous stuff I had after reviewing the latest hot movie where god only knows how Mr Pierson keeps a steely professional calm as this hot blonde babe wriggles and grinds over his lap as he spanks her, I’d surely be hopelessly explaining my sudden trouser bumpage when I should have been punishing her!!! See what I mean from this beautiful set of images taken from the movie below!

As you can see, carissa has an ass to die for, and I loved what she was wearing and the glasses made her look even more sexy, it’s something I like to see, prim and proper girls getting a thrashing! Check out MORE recent updates and all the sample clips including a couple of this movie located HERE


As I promised recently, I wanted to show you stunning blonde Adrienne Black’s latest punishment at the hands of Earl Grey from Firmhandspanking.com and this time it’s with the strap and spoilt daddy’s girl Adrienne admits that taking the car without permission was wrong and the subsequent scrape without having the car insured was going to cost her more than her Allowance for some considerable time, it was time for her to take this leathering! Well, Adrienne doesn’t brat about it, she is rather humble and accepts the punishment offering up her cute rump to earl grey for punishment without him asking!!! How this girl has changed! See who is fast becoming one of my most eagerly awaited of girls when I return to FirmHandSpanking – their girls are equally stunning… as we all know. Check out my special FREE clip and excluisve screen grabs that you will not find elsewhere – if you do then they were from here 😉

I could let you know that there is a whole new series of Samantha Woodley, Alison Miller and suchlike, but today’s update is about Adrienne Black, if you check out the Home Page of FirmHandSpanking.com then you can see sample clips of all the cutest additions, and it is of course well worth a look!


Clare Fonda’s sites, as always are just amazing and are fast filling my hard drives with great spanking content, after draining myself dry (ahem) watching the recent EE5 series come to a close, I thought it was nice of her to show some bloopers and out takes, making a production that long with that many girls, you just *know* that there’ll be the odd line fluff or 3 and tomfoolery!

As a bonus check out the bloopers clip below taken from GirlSpanksGirl.com – home of all 5 Exclusive Education long play spanking movies (and oh so much more!)

In case you missed the galleries of the girls turning the tables on Alicia, Lana and Clare – then you can check these out below, the final scenes and mayhem that is what is sure to become another classic legend of a long play movie from Clare Fonda!

You should have seen my many previews of the girls in the recent past (just click in Exclusive Education 5 or EE5 or Clare Fonda to check all the recent posts in the search box on the right hand side bar if you want to see more! >>>)


One of Clare’s favorite sites is her SpankedCallgirls.com site, and it’s hard not to see why! Maybe it’s the fact she can play the seedy madame, “Momma Clare” in charge of her hooker babes, maybe it’s the thought of treating the girls mean, I too, like the idea and it has been a real success with its sleazy themes and perfect excuses to humiliate and really punish some of these delicious tarty females… here in the latest movie, Amy Hunter is again chastised by Clare and she really takes no shit this time with our very own British Spanking babelette!

Money is missing and Clare Fonda is pissed. Amy Hunter is pulled over her knee for some fast and furious discipline from her angry madame! Warning: This is a proper nasty F/f spanking that gets right down to business! Yay!!!

You can, of course view all of Clare’s spanking sites through her top value CLAREFONDAPASS on a vastly reduced monthly rate and choose 3, 4 or 5 sites to view with one set of codes… see more on this option below:


OK, I’m just off to watch the Battle of Britain football (soccer) match as Rangers (of Scotland) take on Manchester Utd (of England) in the European Champions League… these games don’t come round too often!! I love the rivalry between anything English and Scottish! Then the cricket with the Aussies…yikes…sports overload!!!! I’ll go blind! 😀

It just goes for me to say “Happy Thanksgiving” to all my American readers, I never realized just how big this celebration was until I spent a Thanksgiving there many years ago! I’d say bigger than Xmas to some? … so have a good one y’all and may you all be with your loved ones tomorrow!

Good Hard Spankings!

Ok, I’m starting with an update fresh from FirmHandspanking that features Alison Miller, this time on the receiving end of a punishment from Allaura Shane in the continuing series of Sorority Sisters! There is something about the sight of Miss Miller’s “jiggling butt” as it was described by Allaura previously – and although I find Allaura to be a little bit annoying (sorry) when she punishes Alison in this series, it’s great when the tables are turned as she’s got an ass to die for when it’s getting thrashed as well… but as usual, I digress and this update features a bathbrush, Allaura’s damned wittering (get on with thrashing Alison, girl!) and most importantly…Alison’s bubble butt which actually, fair play to Miss Shane, gets a damned hard “th-wacking” off this brush and is the reason I have chosen this for you all as you’ll see below – VERY SATISFYING and well worth viewing, the full length movie is actually very good despite my misgivings about Allaura as there is some nice banter between the girls (but perhaps I should write in to the folks at FirmHandSpanking to see if they can have her punished with her mouth taped up, heh heh!)



Sorority Sisters know how to paddle! So when Alison Miller and Allaura Shane get together, sparks are bound to fly. Alison is told to lie over a stool, her shorts and thong pulled down. Her totally bare bubble-butt feels the full burn of 40 tough swats with a long-handled wooden bathbrush, with its distinctive bulls-eye marks as a reminder!!

Check out the latest updates including the very latest movie update with Alison dishing out the punishment back to Allaura (I’m about to download and view this myself!) CLICK HERE FOR MORE


There is currently a really good HD Movie from NorthernSpanking that is jokingly called “British Bitches” and it was taken from the Shadowlane event in Las Vegas a few months back. This stars regulars to Northern Spanking – Amy Hunter, Leia-Ann Woods & Andi Switch who pick on one of America’s biggest spanking stars… Sarah Gregory! 

Sarah Gregory cost the Northern Spanking team valuable DVD sales when she pulled customers away from their stall by flaunting herself and her bottom! Paul & Lucy were miffed and so were the girls that had travelled there but the girls plot revenge on the sassy buxom American lassie as you’ll see below in the hotel room!!!




If you liked that (it’s a really good romp!!!) then there is a new update with the grand old lady herself, Leia-Ann Woods… ha! Only kidding Leia, you’re gorgeous and these images are living proof (they weren’t taken 6 years ago, now…were they? LOL) Anyway…I fear ’tis…ahem, “Trouser Arousal” alert time again…so enjoy some early intro images of Leia-Ann in the latest NorthernSpanking update below!



Click here to see the latest review & updates at NORTHERNSPANKING.com

Hot Fuzz – Spankumentary

OK, I certainly haven’t been ignoring this wonderful long play series that is refreshing to view… far from it, I have been following the story unfold, but I thought I’d better get this update out unless I get lazy and realise that covering this epic will take too much of my time. OK, so I’m sure you’ll know that this is one of the latest long play movies from the mad folk of NORTHERNSPANKING and they really have surpassed themselves this time. Check out the intro clip, you don’t have to click on these if you may have seen these advertised elsewhere but if you haven’t seen these, then it’s a bit of fun and sets the tone for today’s fun update!

The intro of the girl band and expected worldwide adulation… (or not)

Hmm, you just know that this is going to end in tears, eh? 😀

So who are these girls plucked from obscurity? Who indeed!
“A fly-on-the-wall documentary, following the fate of three girls, plucked from obscurity, on their sometimes painful road to stardom, and becoming the biggest girl band on the planet! Former chav and graffiti artist Amy, Leia-Ann – a glamour model turned actress and Nicole – just out of school, are moulded into Hot Fuzz by their disciplinarian mentor, Andi Switch.

Publicity is what they need but it could also be their downfall – it will certainly be the cause of their most painful thrashing!!”

So, as I type this… their debut single “Shakey Ass” has ripped up through the spanking charts, pop pickers! I also have 5 conveniently cut short clips of this story so far in actual playback quality as the spankumentary follows the antics of the girls, Amy, Leia-Ann, Nicole and their band manager, Andi! (pictured with her back to us far left – no doubt ashamed of these wannabes antics and itching to thrash some sense into them!)

If you haven’t seen or heard the single (heh heh you’re in for a treat, um, I think) then click on the Flash vid below, they are better than cats screeching or the Spice Girls, I promise (kind of) 😉

OK, so now down to business, what the hell is this all about? NorthernSpanking have this “spankumentary” film following the girls around as they take on London and the world… as you’ll have seen from the promo blurb – what you will see you may find unbelievable, can these brats actually be moulded into a top girl band? Well, you’ll get to meet the girls, get to know them, especially Leia-Ann “I’m not a lesbian” Woods (hmm, what are you doing with fresh faced Nicole, eh?) and you’ll get to see Andi get a spanking and paddling too as well as Amy trying to take over the band, there’s always a gobby one… and as you’ll discover, she’s the one alright!… it’s simply a feast of the spanko senses as you’ll see from the free clips and images that I hope Paul & co don’t string me up for, but I think you’ll DEFINITELY get the idea of what this is all about! Check out the actual clips and images and enjoy the spanking ride courtesy of the good folk at NorthernSpanking.com


Yes, there be “Daisy Dukes” aplenty, and lots of girlband girlie wear as you’d expect, and my favouite – bare bottom thrashings you wouldn’t get on the BBC! *Yum!* Check out the 1st couple of clips below that show you what is going on with the girlband…



Leia senses an opportunity, Andi shows the girls the moves required in the latest choreographed session and the girls try to understand what the hell they are supposed to be doing! Clever minxes, aren’t they?


Amy discovers the joys of Jack on the Rocks! (shouldn’t you be practicing?)

Andi takes no nonsense off these girls when they bicker and are unable to do the simplest of dance routines together so it’s no surprise these 3 bright sparks are soon taking turns over Andi’s knee, much to our viewing entertainment, of course! (they should’ve read the small print in their contract that gives andi full and any use of discipline as she sees fit!!!) *note to self: must remember that little wheeze!


Just to keep you up to date check out the 2 other clips I’ve made available of the girls progress and some choice thrashing images, I wish the manager of the Spice Girls had the same idea when they hit the scene in 1997, imagine sorting out a few of those uppity girls eh? I hope you enjoyed a little trip into the mad bad world of this latest Spankumentary that is quite an epic. I particularly enjoyed Lucy’s voice overs (when the girls are “dancing” Andi asks Leia on the right to move off the rug – Lucy quips “We can’t believe she said that either!”) Ahem…anyhoo, members can view the full movie scenes, of course and not just the cliplets I had provided here – I highly recommend it, lots of girl spankings, bitching and plenty of comedy moments to make this a spanktacular!




Remember that there is a load more on offer with your membership from this fine site, check it out and see for yourself! Right, I’m off to practice my dance moves and hope that the girls have merchandise so I can blindly spend my hard earned pennies on these vacuous beauties, welcome to the world of POP! 😀