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Hello again!

I’m back, delayed… tired and back to my dayjob very early tomorrow, so I just wanted to say, “check out the blog later…” I’ll be updating this and with news of a forthcoming filmshoot I’m quite excited about this weekend, new girls and a fantastic location I hope will be worth the effort… but in case you wondered where I was, here’s a few pics of the lonely mountain ski villages I visited whilst with family… it’s out of season In France, the resorts don’t start taking guest for another few weeks (just as well, as there’s no snow… not even in Val Thorens, Europe’s HIGHEST ski resort,, there’s a pic with me on some man made snow and the background has some snow but that’s cos it’s so damned high! So… just a few people and their dogs… so it was nice to round off the trip to a gorgeous place called Annecy (last pics) with civilization, good coffee and a place I always miss as it’s just so nice!

Sorry to bore you with my pics, only click on them if you’re that bothered 😉




Ok… enough of that! I will just show you a very brief few images of what I just caught up on before writing this blog post and it’s from FirmHandSpanking.com who have been incredibly busy with some of my favorite models as well as a new girl that is going to go sown a storm… especially as she looked so damned hot in this rather surprisingly hard OTK spanking she received from Earl Grey! Ladies and gents, I give you intern Kelly Morgan!




Pretty Kelly Morgan was a high school gymnast in real life. Now her pert, gym-toned bottom cheeks bounce and jiggle as Earl Grey spanks her inThe Intern. Asking to leave early from work was a mistake, especially om just her SECOND day of work! Her reactions are so priceless, they’re shown in full, plus the special “slo-mo” butt-bounce at the end in this quite painful hard hand spanking movie!

See the FREE preview clips of Kelly’s spanking HERE

Any film with Miss AJR, especially this series below, deserves a full mention! (see more below)




Tall, provocative and classy, Amelia Rutherford wants to win a contract for the business she runs with Richard Anderson in Marriage Guidance. But not wearing panties to a meeting is so wrong. A hard, bare bottom 33-stroke belting is the penalty, as Amelia yells! Features some amazing “slo-mo” replays at the end of this movie!

See Amelia’s free preview HERE for a limited time

Finally, I couldn’t go without letting you see one of my fave newbies from last year in her latest film: Annabelle Vanderwood… in what I’m sure is her first caning, well, I haven’t got any other films with her caned, so it’s worth checking out… right?




Beautiful model Annabelle Vanderwood brings it big-time when she takes 12 with a cane for not keeping in touch with her parents, in Life Coach. Frank Reed pulls down her panties and stripes her perfectly rounded bare bottom to a tearful finale. Check out her interview, too!

Check out Annabelle’s great free preview HERE

(Oh, and I still haven’t shown you the new movie of Samantha Woodley AND a fantastic new girl I haven’t seen anywhere else on any other paysite… so I may try to include these films when I view them later)


Ok, it’s late here and I have to get up in around 4 hours, that’s dedication, eh? Back soon with my usual site updates as I also catch up on what I have been missing whilst away 🙂

It’s nice to be back, Chief.

Another week of relentless spankings!

Edit: I have added this as I am so utterly appalled and disgusted by the sheer criminality of what is happening in London which no doubt will spread to every major city in Britain this week (watch out for Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool very soon!) as these scum and thugs realize that the police are so stretched… if laws could be passed to make rioting and mindless violence and looting such a severe offence that it would make these freeloaders think twice… they are causing $100’s of millions of damage that the country can ill afford! There are reports of new outbreaks in London, plenty around where I am due to film next week too! FFS! I am so fed up with this whole economic meltdown – so to the greedy bankers in their flash cars that started all this a few years back… you have every right to feel scared and hide under your (rather plush) rocks!

Not sure if this live newsfeed is available from the BBC worldwide, but it’s available to view in the UK – CLICK HERE or image below:


I had a very boozy weekend away from home which was quite relaxing and a lot of fun to be around people I like and enjoying their company… of course I also had to fend off some questions from people I’d never or hardly talked to before at a busy BBQ Party about what I do… ah, that ol’ chestnut! Now, to those that wouldn’t understand… it’s the only part of my job I hate as I come up with some story to those that wouldn’t get what I do or would be shocked, angered or just plain horrified (for some reason)… however, I’ve got quite good at the “Internet Marketing” wheeze by now as well as what I’m doing in my real time job which is mundane and pays the essential bills. So, thanks to the economic turndown, my “Vanilla” job is the perfect ruse for those who haven’t paid me for my work thus forcing me to take on a 2nd job… etc etc…

& so to today’s varied and wonderful spanking updates and I’ve got some crackers for you today as I start with a brand new film starring the gorgeous Annabelle Vanderwood, I had been relentlessly petitioning the owners of FirmHandSpanking.com for more of this cute brat… and here she is! Don’t thank me all at once for Annabelle! 😀




Bottom lip quivering, eyes filled with tears, sobbing quietly, stunning Annabelle Vanderwood learns the hard way: 10 swats with a school paddle! She vandalized a girl’s car at college. Now her Life Coach marks her skin with the paddle’s brand. You will be amazed at the “Reaction Cam” and “Slow-Mo” shots included in this latest spanking production!


 You can check out more of the lovely Annabelle’s latest “Life Coach” movie Right Here


Oh, before I continue, here’s a random Daisy Duke booty popping pic I thought you’d like to view!
Credit to the perv that furtively took this shot… well done, Sir or Madam!!!


An interesting new movie has just been released at Punishedbrats.com with another relative newcomer, Pi… who is also taking a naked OTK spanking… which I most heartily applaud… over the lap of Veronica! As you can see below 🙂





New girl “Pi” stars in the new film “Excusable Excuse” – Veronica has to spank Pi for cutting classes again. She has Pi remove her uniform only to discover the girl failed to wear a bra that day! This further upsets Veronica and does not bode well for Pi’s bottom as she is given first a spanking over her panties followed by a naked OTK spanking and hard hairbrush punishment making her cute cheeks redden with a glowing shame!

Download the full movie at PunishedBrats.com

I also have a sneak preview from the amazing archives of Punishedbrats.com – remember this wonderful cheergirl punishment? It starred Pixie alongside a tearful brunette called Genesis – I regularly check out what’s stored from the past and can highly recommend this from the 1st year that this great site was started!



You can also check out a short preview clip directly below, courtesy of the Teen Spanking Tube

For MORE tearful brats – check out what is available from just $15/month (below)!


Oh more randomness from me today! Girls, I know you read my blog like this… right?


I had a little chuckle as I saw one of the latest updates at NorthernSpanking.com – Paul is a man after my own heart… seeing girls thrashed in their wet knickers… he recently helped me film Sarah Gregory (up next in my updates today) getting her bottom spanked and paddled in wet knickers… it’s very humiliating and extremely painful for the girls… so as I saw Andi Switch carrying this out with a rather dejected looking Nicole Reina… it brought it all back! Yikes, this is taken from “Bathroom Beating” – one of the many updates this week at NorthernSpanking.com




See what members are downloading today at Northern Spanking – Click Here

Oh, and if you wanted to see “Sarah’s Bathroom Spanking” (spanked and paddled in her wet knickers by Paul)… filmed by me, you can only do so EXCLUSIVE to the Clip Store featured HERE – it’s a very popular film, unsurprisingly as it’s only available at this place!


& now as promised above… something taken from Sarah’s own site HERE alongside the awesome Dana Specht who she happily talked to me about for an age when I enquired about her. Dana is a no nonsense disciplinarian, (I’m sure you will know that) and you can see this from the images below when Sarah is caught experimenting with smoking (a disgusting habit, I know) and severe disciplinary action is needed to nip this sort of thing early before Sarah gets a filthy nicotine habit!

Sarah is soooooo busted in this latest film!!!

Butt on Fire – Dana is not too happy to find Sarah experimenting with a cigarette. She gives her a long hard right to the bare bottom discipline spanking that brings real tears!






There’s a new clip store opened below with all the goodness that Naughty Bottom already has and they are excited to be bringing yet more exclusive stuff to both their sites coming very soon 🙂



I am updating the Teen-Spankings blog and The Retro Barebottom review site later today, so please feel free to check these sites out, there will be a film review and a look at what is happening with my favorite Japanese girls and probably a whole lot more 🙂

Regards, Chief.

Spanking Sunday Showstoppers!

I had just finished watching one of the latest films to come from FirmHandSpanking and was really excited as it starred Annabelle Vanderwood… this beauty, alongside the tall, lithe Adrienne Black, are my 2 outstanding newcomers at this site this past year. This fit toned, VERY bratty beauty has something of a younger Michelle Obama about her (only drop dead gorgeous… um, not that Mrs O isn’t… he said digging a hole deeper and deeper… dissing the 1st lady of 70% of his readership!)

“uh oh… those words have flagged up the CIA spanking and terrorist monitors”… as I upload this now, I imagine sirens are screeching, minions are scrabbling and running to desks filled with monitors and tracking devices to monitor my perverted outburst. Oh yes, I imagine that is what is going on right now deep in the underbelly of Langley… I know this is true – because I have seen it in a movie (so it must be!)

See for yourself as Annabelle is thrashed by coach Reed as he’s brought in to instill some discipline when she’s tempted to drink underage, going out clubbing and visiting bars but she is not yet 21 and for her drunkeness and disgraceful behavior, her parents have asked the lifestyle coach to use his powers of persuasion (in this case a rather heavy leather 2 pronged tawse or strap) that Annabelle MUST learn to behave! As usual, he has his work cut out…

This seriously sexy brat gets what is coming to her everytime… don’t miss this movie OUT HERE


Now some of you might know I have really been into seeing Jadie Reece in discipline movies, recently… and although I did hear that she may now be retired when I thought… hmm, I’d love to work with her… but I think she started filming with NorthernSpanking at least 5 years ago, maybe more – as well as appear elsewhere, of course but it’s her work at Northern that I have seen most of her at and in this outside early movie, played alongside the lovely Amy Hunter (they are squabbling sisters) who end up having a catfight over who uses the trampoline until a volatile mix of water… an angry dad, nakedness and spanking mayhem ensue as only it does at Northern Spanking – lol! The below shots are stills only but there was an actual movie (it’s a good one by the way and has Michael Stamp doing what he does best in these situations… tanning insolent rump!)

Be careful though, rummaging through the archives for Jadie and Amy could be considered hazardous… your missus might not see you for weeks! Any attempt at this should be carefully considered first, and it’s made easier with a generouly priced 3 month membership (go check it out!) Only the hardy souls should attempt such dedicated pervery to download their photo sets and films, ably assisted by thoughtful zip files and full file download links… (so it actually wasn’t a hard task at all!!!)

Dare ye get lost in the vast archives of Northern Spanking? Try it out HERE


Back soon… I have an old movie of “Sara Bergman”, (another girl I “MUST” work with again…) & I’ll try to upload and share some behind the scenes stuff with you tomorrow when I locate the movie as I want to upload a clip to my Spanking Tube (I’m able to upload there again after my hosting company upgraded the server!)

Have a good rest of the weekend everyone!

Review of movies past and present!

I have a treat for you today as I reminisce and check over some gorgeous spanking movies from the past as well as bring you some brand new updates to keep you good people interested!

The full movie of this infamous film is available HERE to download and it stars one of the sexiest snivelling models I have been privilege to review and see work in person, and that is the very lovely Miss Rebekah Jordan: To those that don’t know who she is (have you been living on Mars the last 10 years?) she was a well known fetish and hard core porn actress who started filming as soon as she was 18 until her early retirement after admitting she had pretty much done everything in the porn and fetish industry – then having a child obviously changed all that so it helped her decision to quit while she still had her looks way back in 2005!

Rebekah plays poor Barbara Watford, due to get thrashed by her drunken Uncle!

(I have not heard of her since though I guess she is still happily married and looking after at least one son)…anyhoo, this film was a few in the series she shot with Xerotics around 2003/04 and until it went to FetishFlixx it needed properly re-editing and remastering (to remove the problems of frame rates making it look jagged when Uncle (yes that was me and it was one of my earliest films!) was spanking her cute butt – I still see this now with some spanking producers who haven’t sorted out their frame rates or some such nonsense and it is so annoying!

So yes, I had the privilege of spanking and caning her smooth butt (I can still remember how smooth it was even now!!!) Please ignore the daft title of this film, I can’t remember what it was originally called but I know she was never named “Barbara Watford” – just one of the minor gripes I always had with those that used to sort out these films and their hopeless “naming” of models, but it’s a minor gripe and something I always felt they should have paid more attention to in the past –  but since I haven’t worked for them for about 3 years I guess they can do what the hell they like, right?

Barbara is consoled but told to prepare herself for a spanking & caning by Uncle!

BONUS CLIP – Click HERE to see Barbara’s nerves get the better of her!

Due to the limitations of the film & editing equipment used at that time in 2003 and the fact that when it was first produced and placed online, the internet was much slower in those days, so there was no point in putting up a movie with a high bit playback rate to make large screen viewing like watching a DVD etc as that movie file, 6-7 years ago, would have taken half a day to download! Nowadays, of course, with the increasing speeds globally, a simple short 15 minute movie like this is no problem so sit back , relax, get out a big fat cigar as I have a visual treat for you with some latest images and a good spanking clip of Rebekah playing the snivelling “Barbara Watford!”

Click on thumbnails below for the larger screen grabs



Her soft buttocks were carefully stared at in his drunken state then he aimed his hand into that soft inviting flesh and spanked her plump cheeks until he felt her squirm and cry as Barbara started to complain, making the situation worse as the cane was introduced to tell her who was boss in this punishment!


There’s a special FREE Movie clip that you can view EXCLUSIVE to this blog!

Barbara is a sneaky minx, trying to pretend that the testing tap he gave her with the cane was painful! She is only making things worse with her lies!!!

The FULL Movie is available HERE to download

Access this and 100s more specialist films at FetishFlixx.com


PunishedBrats have an amazing set of movies starring not only Amber Pixie Wells, but the gorgeous Juliet Valentina, Lily Anna and from what I see, Beverly Bacci takes a bottom role (still every now and then)… I guess from old unseen movies they hadn’t used (since she has retired from being a Bottom, or am I mistaken?) – wouldn’t that would be godd news indeed after I thought she had retired from being a submissive over a year ago!

You may remember these cracking films with Juliet (topping and of course baring her bottom as well!) Check out all the full movie reviews on the home tour pages!

This looks interesting as we see Juliet give poor Lily Anna a paddling for stealing her clothes. This brat can’t behave at school nor at home!

This movie, called “Last Day”, has Juliet truly looking the part over Veronica’s knee in a bedroom scene! OMG just look at her red rump! So do you all prefer Juliet’s brunette look or still hanker after her blonde years?

Juliet received an incredibly painful strapping from David for vandalism. Of course David wouldn’t be far away from the action!

& finally in the brunette series Juliet ends up over Pixie’s knee, you’ll see that when doing a company ordered wellness check on Juliet, Pixie determines that she is in need of a red bottom! How delightful, any excuse, and I don’t blame her one little bit, eh? Check out some cracking images taken from movies of Juliet in her classic “Blonde years” as well!!! (Trouser Arousal levels WILL be high!)



Now what has had me in a lather was seeing Beverly Bacci back over Veronica’s knee, I forgot to ask Mr Pierson if he managed to persuade her to sub again, or if it was an old movie, either way, I was really pleased to see another “Bev movie” – I know it’s a tease, but check out some of the images below, I swear Beverly’s legs and ass get better every time I look at them… oh my!

Scenes taken from the movie: “Alarming Business”


The storyline: Beverly made a careless error setting the security alarm when leaving the office. Her boss Veronica had to make an emergency visit to the building in the middle of the night and is about to show her displeasure with her employee. Imagine Beverly squirming and wriggling over your lap, OMG! I need to go get a cold shower now, and that’s without telling you about the movie I just watched again (below) – what is it about us guys and the sight of a girl in a Cheer Leader’s Uniform, For the love of God… PunishedBrats  stop getting me so aroused!

Pixie Amber Wells & Sarah Gregory raise the blood pressure of Chief!
Beverly punished pretty Pixie and Sarah in those uniforms!!!

Sarah and Pixie managed to smuggle alcohol along on a cheer team competition. When the girls are found out, Coach Beverly uses a wooden school paddle to make an impression on the law breaking girls.


Check out the home tour pages of PUNISHED BRATS for more free previews including movie clips from all the above! (& they are STILL one of the most consistently cheapest spanking sites with no gimmicks at $17 for a month, with over 4 years of regularly updated content to gawp at!!!)


One of the very latest updates now out at FirmHandSpanking.com stars the gorgeous Adrienne Black – who Firm Hand are rightly proud of her winning the best newcomer in the recent 2010 Awards held at SpankingSpot and I am also proud of that as I nominated her in the first place!

Adrienne once again defies Earl Grey in the latest installment of her College Discipline series and this is an excellent no nonsense spanking that she gets whilst her “Haze Me” panties are pulled down and she is bent over the chair and given a very hard smacking on her form cheeks for not altering her ridiculously short school uniform and chatting for far too long instead on the phone to her boyfriend! Check out some images of the College Discipline series below and I will get a clip of this spanking up later on Teen Spanking Tube!



Another gorgeous spoiled brat of a slinky girl at FirmHandSpanking is Annabelle Vanderwood, she, like Adrienne, often answer back and don’t take their discipline without moaning and complaining, making it worse for themselves, but I do love the way they answer back and Annabelle is againin no mood to take much crap off Mr Reed, her appointed Life coach that her parents have hired to sort out her applling attitude. Good news, he’s in no mood to take her crap either – “Annabelle – meet The Paddle!”



Annabelle wears a pair of jeans so well, and I can tell you the actual movie she got a right old paddling, that tight bit of denim was no protection at all – of course you can see Annabelle in many other punishments with her jeans down at FirmHandSpanking, panties removed – but I rather liked this punishment with her jeans on, (kind of made it a little more believable) – as we know damn well her next punishment will be without any Denim protection!

Check out all the very latest movies & free previews provided HERE

Newbies & Stunners Spanking Festival

It’s late here in the UK, I have basically lied to “er indoors” and told her I’d be off to bed early tonight yet here I am perusing t’Internet for some amazing stuff (there wasn’t anything on the TV worth watching tonight) and I have to get up early tomorrow and do my own Christmas shopping – I haven’t got a damned thing! Nothing… nada! Should I buy her those leather slippers or that fine looking hairbrush I saw the other day? Perhaps a bath brush, they are always useful! Decisions Decisions! 😀

Now what I hope you don’t mind me shoiwng you, as I’m well aware some of these girls might have been shown elsewhere, is some amazing video footage and also some additional images you might not have seen from this kick ass site – FirmHandSpanking.com

I have the real hots for Adrienne Black, she’s about 6 foot tall and towers over her dad’s lawyer, Earl Grey, who is entrusted with her continuing discipline program only this time she’s lied again and the “fender bender” minor accident she said happened was in fact a “Write Off” – now you know she’s been bad when she has to be punished completely in the buff, catching a sight of those oh so long legs, her perky tits and very slim trim waist as she sticks out her bottom for a heavy wooden paddling is something NO ONE should miss! Check out my free preview and images below! Needless to say – she and all the girls featured today come with the Chief’s highest “Trouser Arousal Alert” – be warned!

OK, the above clip was streaming but that was because it was a long one at over a minute, this girl is one of my favorites and I think you can see why with that trim body, her gorgeous looks, her tamed attitude and a beautiful reddening tight butt!


Another of the sassy gorgeous brats that FirmhandSpanking have been lucky enough to obtain is Annabelle vanderwood! She has the looks of a catwalk model and the manners and aloofness that cries out for some discipline and her parents know this and have entrusted life coach Mr Reed to sort out this haughty, sniffy madam! Filmed in one of daddy’s plush apartments in Vegas, you’ll get to see Annabelle cuss, swear and answer back as her tight bubble butt takes a pounding from Mr Reed’s leather paddle! Once again, as with ALL of Annabelle’s films, she is a highly addictive spankable that requires to be viewed often!

When Mr Reed overhears plans for clubbing on a college night, Annabelle is ordered to bend over for a dose of his leather paddle. “You think this is fun and games?” he asks. “Maybe,” she sasses – as her dress is raised to bare that smooth, round booty! Any excuse and as you’ll have heard, Annabelle has quite a “potty mouth” to match her arrogant attitude!

Ok, these were some very recent updates from the new breed of girl (but Firm Hand have got some BRAND NEW girls in as you probably know by now!) The first of these is teenager Carly Russell. She has such a spankable cute butt that cries out to be thrashed red raw and luckily her behavior easily justifies this excuse as she joins the Boot Camp and it’s not long before she’s got her very first OTK spanking! I love these first timers… they react so beautifully and complain that little bit more, don’t you think?

Carly Russell is sent to Boot Camp for shoplifting, truancy and vandalism. This young tearaway thinks she’s immune to rules and consequences. But Mr Strickman is about to set her straight! Carly is shocked to learn that corporal punishment is used, and she’s about to get it. Her tight jeans and then her delicate panties are pulled down in stages, and remember this is her very first spanking at just 18 years of age!


Finally today from me, another new recruit to life coach Mr Reed at Reform School. This is the very alluring and pouty Monica Bouget. She is petite at under 5 feet but what an attitude on her! Seriously, this girl has issues and it’s pretty clear within a couple of minutes of talking to Mr Reed that he has his work cut out with this brat… luckily you know that means she’s gonna be around getting her just desserts and boy, does she get them as her feisty attitude and “smart alec” replies earn her a place over his lap with her knickers down getting her bottom spanked for the first time which she finds rather humiliating!

How did she end up at Reform School? Exotic senior Monica Bouget was in so much trouble at her regular school and at home. Having driven her parents crazy, she was sent to Frank Reed at his Reform School to see if her attitude could be changed with varied corporal punishment! This little miss has a mouth she can’t control, but as you’ll see – Mr Reed will straighten her out, laid over his knee with her panties pulled down from the start!

I’m looking forward to seeing Monica’s next punishment, this is one girl I will enjoy seeing being tamed at Reform School! Check out all the girls above with yet more reviews from the home page HERE