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Stepmother Spanks Apricot

momma spankingsIf you didn’t already know from the name – Momma Spankings is a site dedicated to mother/daughter spanking scenarios. There are many female tops who play the role of mom to naughty bratty girls. the site has also been diversifying within this genre, so you’ll see everything from traditional over the knee bare bottom spankings, to mouth soaping, diapering, caning, hairbrush spanking, and strapping and so on. Sarah is in a real life relationship with both Dana Specht & Miss Elizabeth and a lot of the spankings she does with each of these women include real punishment as well as role play.

Sarah also enjoys playing “mommy” in many of the videos to some of the younger models who appear at the website. She has nurtured and discovered many females who also enjoy these roles (as top or bottom) which also includes stepmother/daughter scenarios (which I personally like and these are features a lot at AAA Spanking as well). There is nothing Sarah enjoys more than being spanked by a maternal and nurturing mommy figure, it’s one of her true passions.

& so to this week’s fantastic Momma Spankings film which has Delta Hauser play the rock chick type younger step mother to a resentful “daddy’s girl” spoilt teen Apricot Pitts. Both these young ladies are perfectly matched and I really – REALLY enjoyed filming this and helping Sarah to edit the video grabs, of which you can see some below which showcase the action! Enjoy… I know you will, this is a “Momma” film with a difference, yet still keeps to the traditional style mommy/daughter role plays. I added some GIFs for added entertainment!

Stepmother Spanks Apricot

spanking her step daughter

Apricot has been posting lies about her father’s girlfriend on Instagram. Then, when confronted about it, she has a severe attitude problem. Just because Delta dresses “young and hip” doesn’t means she deserves to be treated like this. Apricot and her dad are living under her roof, so therefore it is her rules. It is time that this naughty petulant girl is taught a lesson the old fashioned way in respecting her elders, no matter how close in age they are to her. Apricot is given a good hard spanking on her tight shorts, thin panties, and finally on the bare bottom from stepmommy dearest. Her punishment ends with the hairbrush. Poor Apricot ends up one sorry and very sore contrite little girl.

spanking over shorts panties need to be removed spanked over her panties knickers taking down her panties otk spanking hand spanking spanking spanking otk


hairbrush spanking

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Spanking Site Updates

Hello, here are some useful site updates for you to check out, each of these sites also has a fantastic preview clip, so do check them out at the links provided.

Apricot’s Self Spanking – AAAspanking.com
Debut from Apricot Pitts

Please welcome Apricot Pitts in a stunning debut with a difference. Just look at her! She has an amazing beautiful, all natural, girl next door look that we so adore! Apricot’s first film is also something we don’t make that often, asking girls if they’d do a special self spanking video. She loved the idea and is so perfect for this style, as we don’t want this to be a light impact film. We only ask girls who are confident that they can spank themselves hard in the absence of another! Like many spanko lifestylers, Apricot has done this often in the past without a partner to regularly spank them… so she was a natural choice! This video contains many great cam angles and amazing bonus footage, including an immersive POV style as she talks and looks directly at the camera telling you how she feels! It’s a smoking hot debut with Apricot using plenty of “ouchie” implements including leather paddles and a hairbrush. Watch her flawless, bare peachy cheeks end up glowing a deep red in what we consider is one of the best self spanking films we’ve ever seen online! Find out for yourselves, you will not be disappointed!

Click here for the free spanking preview

Lingerie Lies & Spankings – MommaSpankings.com
Starring Harley Havik & Samantha Baker

Mom confronts Harley after finding sexy lingerie in her bedroom while collecting clothes for the laundry. First off Harley is not allowed to wear let alone buy sexy lingerie and second she lies about it being hers and blames it on Sarah. Then, she gets a bad attitude with mom. Mom won’t have lies and attitude and plans to teach her naughty daughter a lesson she with never forget. It is right over the knee for some spanking with mom’s hand and the wooden hairbrush. After her spanking, she is made to kneel on the chair displaying her sore red bottom while mom calls Sarah’s mom to find out if indeed Sarah is allowed to buy sexy lingerie. Coming soon, Sarah and Harley Punished together by both moms!

otk spanking spanking

Click here for the free spanking preview

A Lesson in sexual obedience – SarahGregorySpanking.com
Starring Sarah Gregory & Miss Elizabeth

Sarah is Miss Elizabeth’s submissive. As a submissive there are rules and protocol to abide by. One of the rules is that here will be no masturbation or sexual play of any kind without asking for direct permission. Well, Sarah fails to do this and decides to go ahead and masturbate without calling and asking. Miss Elizabeth comes back early and finds Sarah with her hands on her pussy. Angered beyond belief, she scolds Sarah very harshly and then quickly takes her over the knee for a humiliating punishment. This entails having her bare bottom soundly spanked while her legs are spread. Then she is cuffed and placed on the bed on all fours to receive a hard strapping on her sore marked bottom. To finish her punishment, she is made to masturbate with her vibrator as Elizabeth continues to strap and spank her. She is learn to associate the pain of the punishment with this naughty behavior.

Click here for the free spanking preview

Momma Spankings & Sarah Gregory Spanking can be viewed as part of the SG Pass – for less than the combined cost of both memberships with one set of codes!

Spanking Blitz

A futile attempt, I know, but I aim to catch up as best I can in between my hectic work schedule and travels, so while I have a few moments… please do go check out these rather awesome spanking sites that I have featured below for you today in a “blitz” of spankings and lots of images to gaze at! Feel free to support the sites, as without any of our support through memberships, these sites (mine that I am associated with, included) won’t be around producing wonderful content like you see below! Thanks, and have a great day!

The Punishment Master – at English Spankers
Featuring: Emily Jane & Aegean

This is the first of a very evocative schoolgirl series with young Emily Jane back in her school uniform. The headmaster has no time for naughty girls and she has taxed his patience to the limit. He is determined that she will be taught a lesson and one she will not forget. A strict no messing spanking, over the knee, over her school knickers and then on her bare bottom. Real marks… real pain. A classic.

otk spanking


Learning About Discipline – at Northern Spanking
Featuring: Harley Havik & Apricot Pitts

Previously, Harley had been punished and was told to report back a week later. The week is up so I decided to show what happens when she returns to see Apricot… please do read on!

A week later, Harley is back in the office, proudly showing off her completed work and test scores. She has done much better this time, and she knows it, but without being told to, she takes her jean shorts down and stands to one side of the chair where Jane spanked her last time. She looks apprehensive, but not necessarily in a bad way. Jane agrees that Harley needs to be spanked again, for…um…encouragement to keep up the good work. There is chemistry and tension between the young teacher and her gorgeous student as Harley is spanked over the knee. Once again, she opens her legs to invite a more sensual touch and moans when Jane runs her hands over her luscious body.

female spanking bare bottom spanking

When the spanking is over, Jane leads Harley to the bedroom. She tells Harley that since she has been such a good girl, she will get a reward. She does so by rubbing baby oil into her sore, red bottom. Harley moans and wriggles under Janes tender touch. Hopefully, she will be getting more spankings before the year is over.

Apricott Pitts and Harley Havik - post spanking aftercare


northern spanking

Zooey’s Sorority Spanking – at Sarah Gregory Spanking
Featuring: Zooey Zara & Sarah Gregory

It was Zooey’s job to set up the catering and the hall for the social. It is their turn to host and all the sororities and fraternities will be attending. Zooey has slacked off and not done this. Her irresponsibility will earn her a very hard spanking from senior girl Sarah. Zooey is spanked and strapped for her forgetfulness and lazy behavior.

Sarah Gregory spanks Zooey a hand spanking strapping Zooey Zara after her spanking


sarah gregory spanking sarah gregory pass

Annabelle Spanked for Drinking – at Real Spankings
Featuring: Annabelle Lily & Michael Masterson

annabelle strapped at realspankings

Annabelle has taken one of Mr masterson’s beers withoput asking. She is laid out on the ottoman and is spanked hard ober her jeans with the belt then they are removed for a furious belting on her bare bottom!

leather belt punishment bare bottom belting


real spankings real spankings pass