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Friday Spanking Updates for the Weekend

This is a spanking blog so I won’t comment or rant about events in the South of France that happened on their National (Bastille) Day which was despicible, or the Military Coup that is currently happening right now in Turkey! You have news sites and outlets for that, but I will be watching these events more closely to understand what the heck is going on in our world! So let’s get on with why you’re really here, okay?


Friday already? Here we go again… time to celebrate our lives and who we are, forget life can be fraught with misery sometimes… the weekend is here which means lots more update news from me! See if you can spot the theme of today’s post from this (ahem) excellent video below!

Spankedcallgirls.com – Snow Mercy teaches Jenna Ashley a lesson!

Jenna Ashley is with a rival cat house and Snow visits her to stop her from seeing Double D. Snow spanks the curvy bottomed lady until a phonecall clarifies it is not the Double D. she thought. This update features this part of the spanking (below), but what will happen is a role reversal for Madame Snow. She will earn a trip over Jenna’s knee with taunts all during her spanking (some payback to see soon). In the meantime, feast your eyes on Jenna’s lovely spanked booty!

jenna001 jenna002 jenna003 jenna004 jenna005 jenna006 jenna007 jenna008 jenna009



From GirlSpanksGirl.comA classic featuring Clare Fonda spanking Ashley Rose

This is taken from the final installemt (day 4) of the “Strict Aunt Jessica” series:  Aunt Jessica comes out to find Ashley crashing on her sofa. Uninvited. Auntie is very upset and decides to step up the lesson teaching a bit. She first spanks Ashley on her bouncy round bottom. Ahsley has worn several pairs of underwear in anticipation of this spanking, but this only makes Aunt Jessica even more upset. Aunt Jessica has Ashley bend over and she gives her some very hard swats with a large wooden paddle, leaving Ashley sore and bruised, and standing in the corner.

GSG-133-001 GSG-133-004 GSG-133-009 GSG-133-013 GSG-133-015 GSG-133-022 GSG-133-024 GSG-133-032 GSG-133-034 GSG-133-036 GSG-133-037


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From NorthernSpanking.com An excellent & humiliating ageplay spanking film!

Dorothy Burnett is a very badly behaved high schooler, so her parents had to hire Alex Reynolds to babysit her when they go out. Alex, only a few years older, is delighted with her job, while Dorothy obviously hates this arrangement. Alex comes in to see if Dorothy has done her homework, only to find that she does not even have her books at home, so she decides that its time for bed. But Dorothy throws a fit and is very rude to her babysitter. Alex decides that if Dorothy is going to act like a little girl, she will be treated like one and pulls her over her lap for a good spanking over her skirt and grey cotton panties, then on her bare bottom.

But a spanking is not all: Alex tells Dorothy that she cannot trust her to get ready for bed herself so she is very pleased to find a babyish pair of one piece, dropseat pajamas with little penguins on them. Despite her protests that she is too old to wear that now, Alex orders Dorothy to undress. Dorothy then sits fully nude and on display while Alex dresses her in the childish pajamas, reminding her of what a naughty little girl she is and how she needs to be taken care of since she cannot seem to do anything on her own without help. She is still in trouble for her tantrum when being told to change, so its back across Alex lap, this time for a bare bottom spanking through the very convenient flap in her pajamas. Alex spanks her hard as she kicks and fights, but finally admits defeat and takes the rest of her punishment.

ageplay spanking ageplay spanking ageplay spanking ageplay spanking ageplay spanking ageplay spanking ageplay spanking ageplay spanking ageplay spanking ageplay spanking ageplay spanking ageplay spanking ageplay spanking



I’m not sure I ever showed the next film from SarahGregorySpanking.com but it deserves showing again! I know I’m biased as I was in it but Lily was (IS!) so fricking hot that I got serious #TrouserArousal watching this again. Oh man, this is a sexy OTK spanking and she struggles and brats so beautifully too! Images below accompany the HD movie. “Shake or Spank”

John invited Lily Swan over to learn more about these so called “shakes” that she has been selling his girlfriend. John thinks this is just a scam and complains that all his girlfriend is doing is farting and she blames, Lily, the girl who sold her the product. He invites her over and she keeps trying to sell it, even to him, so he spanks this sassy girl for not understanding him and continuing to try and sell even when he has had it with her.

0165_shake_or_spank_gal1-006 0165_shake_or_spank_gal1-012 0165_shake_or_spank_gal1-013 0165_shake_or_spank_gal1-015 0165_shake_or_spank_gal1-017 0165_shake_or_spank_gal1-021 0165_shake_or_spank_gal1-022 0165_shake_or_spank_gal1-024 0165_shake_or_spank_gal1-026 0165_shake_or_spank_gal1-028



Finally, if it’s fantastic bubble butts that you REALLY want to see getting spanked, then I adore Aleesha Fox’s rear. It has to be seen & spanked in person but I think these movies produced at AAAspanking.com do a pretty good job of displaying her well smacked bottom. See this this wonderful film with campy Zoe Page ensuring Aleesha got a good bedtime spanking for being “Workshy!”

Aleesha & her mistress, Zoe Page, had an unusual relationship. She was Zoe’s property to do with as she wished. Zoe had arranged several spanking session assignments for Aleesha earlier that day so was keen to find out how much she had earned for them both. So imagine Zoe’s disappointment when she handed over not very much and was asked to show off her bottom. It wasn’t particularly marked suggesting that she had gone lightly, taken less money or even taken a bit for herself! Mistress was rather disappointed with this deceitful behaviour and decided that Aleesha needed a reminder of what it was she was sent out to do. These girls had great chemistry together and it shows in this often humorous and extremely watchable spanking film which saw Zoe use the hairbrush on Aleesha’s amazing bubble butt!

aaa001 aaa003 aaa004 aaa005 aaa006 aaa007 aaa008 aaa010 aaa011 aaa012 aaa016



HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND EVERYONE! Stay safe if you’re playing Pokemon Go!
spanking pokemon_ASS

Spanking & Weekend Wedgies

time-fliesMy, this week has flown by and it’s yet another weekend already! Nowadays, it would seem that I really don’t have enough hours to do what I want anymore… if only there was a 30 hour day! & I am going to have to find time to go to gym again, as well (yikes!). I also had an issue with my right arm before which put me off getting back into gym-life, which sucked… My arm ached with a tendinitis which was especially bad for caning or heavy spanking impact play as I couldn’t use it as hard as I wanted to, but with physical therapy that is now much better and I have been practicing my strokes with some awesome new canes that I purchased with Sarah not too long ago. That was when we paid a visit to see Dave who runs quality-control.co.uk – in my opinion, the best darned canes out there! Not too long after that we got to meet Mike (again) from Ouch.uk.com – who in my opinion is one of the best leather craftsmen out there. I love his straps!!!

qualitycontrol ouch

Whilst Sarah was here in the UK, we had a couple of interesting private custom films that we were making (these won’t be shown anywhere, unless the client shares them himself). The funny thing was, it would appear there are more and more people who like to see custom films with wedgies or wet panties associated with spanking (this was one of the themes we filmed). I know these were private commissions but some of the clients do allow us to show them later (as it costs less, obviously) so I can generally spot a “custom” video nowadays – which makes me smile as I would like to thank these people who help support all the producers who make this content and of course help ensure that models get paid as much as possible for their time and effort too! I love the private custom work… for one thing, the films and photos don’t get shared by content thieves! They are intimate, often more so in private as well as hearing personally from those that order these films just how pleased they are. It’s a whole new thing and will only get more popular in time, I am sure, as more people want something tailored to their taste precisely and that is what Sarah does so well! I’m really proud of the way she has got far more directorial behind the cams as well as being a damned good videographer and editor. By the way, if you want to look at Sarah’s custom page – CLICK HERE



So… back to wedgies, watching this recent film at Spanking Sorority Girls brought a huge grin to my face – it is an enjoyable spanking romp, with school white panties (or knickers) pulled up into painful wedgies as part of the punishment! I am actually loving this type of scenario now! Check it out below! This co stars the fab Stevie Rose alongside Jenna Sativa getting spanked by Veronica Ricci! (it’s as hot as it sounds, trust me!)

wedgie spanking and bathbrush punishments

When Veronica catches Stevie Rose and Jenna Satvia acting naughty with each other, she bursts into their room and gives them each a painful spanking. She also gives each girl a hard wedgie to further teach them to behave. And since she believes that Stevie was the main instigator, she gives Stevie and extra hard spanking with a wooden bath brush.

ssg-p119-006 humiliating wedgies ssg-p119-021 ssg-p119-027 wedgie spanking punishments ssg-p119-039 bathbrush spanking ssg-p119-055 picking out her wedgie wedgies and spanking




The archives of the Fonda Site network are enormous and I don’t think I ever showcased this movie (below) from Spanked Callgirls – it’s really hot and features a double spanking of 2 lovely and sleazy ladies… and check out Ashley Rose’s full rounded bottom, what a beautiful thing to spank!

Bunny Spankfestwith Veronica Ricci & Ashley Rose

bunnyfest spanking

Call Girl Ashley Rose is waiting for clients to show who Veronica Ricci was supposed to have called. But Veronica seemingly screwed this up. So Veronica ends up over Ashley’s knee for a sound spanking. Then she is bent over the counter for even more spanking. But when Veronica calls to straighten up the mess, she learns Ashley was to blame. So Ashley ends up over Veronica’s knee.

002 pawg spanking whooty spanking pawg ass spanked 021 rounded spanked bottom bunny tail spanking 036 045 047 Bunnygirl spanking




Finally for today, be careful when you go looking for places to rent… especially places that have set rules which involve LOTS of spanking if you break the “House Rules”. The latest Roomie update in this “spanking soap opera” has precisely that when Bettie Bondage is looking for some kinky girls to house share with! This is episode 221!

Bettie breaks in new room mates

Room mate spanking

Bettie Bondage is back looking for new roommates and she introduces Kitten and Red Hot to the spanking rules of the apartment complex. She gives each lady a painful demonstration of a spanking and paddling while she has them read the rules and then she has Red Hot spank Kitten as well. Will they become Bettie’s new roommates or is the pain too much?

msr-p234-004 otk spanking msr-p234-020 msr-p234-023 kitten gets a spanking msr-p234-034 msr-p234-036 msr-p234-040 spanking and paddling msr-p234-051 paddle


My Spanking RoomMate

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Sexy Sunday Spankings!

Sorry about my earlier rant, as you can tell, I was hugely upset, I still am… since discovering one of the same individuals, who is causing me so much grief … got in – AGAIN earlier this week, all it took was a few hours before I kicked his ass out as he ripped off my most recent films… cold and calculated, all for his own profit… the fact he says he needs YOU to sign up to his affiliate links to earn money to cover memberships… WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT… if I don’t void the transactions, then I get charged back from the poor legitimate guy that he took the stolen details off… and pay MORE in fees! Anyway, enough… needless to say I and the many spanking producer friends I know all work closely together on this problem. I don’t expect those on forums to understand, some of the stuff they come up with is insane so I am glad I am not a part of that community, some of the ignorance from some of them purporting to know a great deal is laughable! Anyway, I should say that this has made some of us closer and will probably result in more cross collaborations at some point! Whoops…  there I go again… MUST … LIGHTEN … UP! (hehe!)

& lighten the mood I will with a new update from SPANKED SWEETIES


Welcome Elektra Rose – a genuine newbie to the site…

02 03

04 05

05a 06


Here is what they had to say about their latest addition: It has been a long time but we finally found another Never Been Spanked girl. Elektra Rose was never spanked growing up. She never even heard of a birthday spanking until this interview by Fiona. Elektra admits she enjoys being spanked by boyfriends, but when pressed, she means a few swats. On this day, she gets her first ever real spanking. She was shocked by how much it hurt. She left with a very, very sore bottom, but a desire to shoot with us again!

09 10

11 11a


Elektra has a beautiful tight bottom just right for spanking… watch out for her other films coming soon that she stars in, helping to fulfill her own fantasies and testing her levels with implements such as the dreaded wooden hairbrush! I’m looking forward to this, her first film already looks like a stunning debut from Spanked Sweeties




To see more of Elektra’s punishments CLICK HERE



The Strict Aunt Jessica series draws to an end – played by Clare Fonda perfectly… just wait til you see Ashley Roses’ magnificent bubble butt getting a good hard spanking from aunty!


003 007

009 012

014 015


In the final installment in this series, Aunt Jessica comes out to find Ashley crashing on her sofa. Uninvited. Auntie is very upset and decides to step up the lesson teaching a bit. She first spanks Ashley on her bouncy round bottom. Ahsley has worn several pairs of underwear in anticipation of this spanking, but this only makes Aunt Jessica even more upset. Aunt Jessica has Ashley bend over and she gives her some very hard swats with a large wooden paddle, leaving Ashley sore and bruised, and standing in the corner.


002 004

006 008


012 013

014 015


Amazing!!! Just look at Alex’s sore bubble butt… addictive viewing indeed! Watch it in full HERE

Girl Spanks Girl

This site is massive in its own right but is an important part of the CLARE FONDA PASS network



I had an email recently asking me what was my favourite PJ film from my site… that was hard to answer, I don’t think I actually have a favourite. Some are too varied, many are memorable… like this great film called “Cruel to be Kind” with Sophie Parker & Amber West. They made a great pairing, especially in this film where I caught them scoffing my beloved chocolate so I gave them that most hated and humiliating of aversion punishments, I force fed them the chocolate they stole off me and strapped their bare bottoms side by side! I can still hear Sophie’s snivelling and crying with Amber whimpering in shame next to her. This was a great little film and these promo images are examples of what members got with the film too!


002 003

004 005


007 009

011 012

It would appear my fave strap featured here has resurfaced after quite some time missing… I just hope that I can get it back soon. I shan’t say anything more on the matter, these things happen.


The official storyline to this is shown below:

The girls discovered some chocolate bars left on the Dining Room table and selfishly begun to scoff them oblivious to the fact Uncle John had caught them in the act. With chocolate still stuck to their mouths, exposing them as the greedy gluttons they were, John was forced to make a decision, he had to be “cruel to be kind” and decided to punish them both the same way that cured the girls of their nasty smoking habit previously. He would associate scoffing too much chocolate with humiliating punishment & the girls were told to get up on the table, baring their bottoms for a nasty spanking & strapping they wouldn’t forget in a hurry as he force fed them more chocolate chunks until they were disgusted by the fact they were tasting this oh so sweet treat yet were getting their bottoms thrashed red raw! A lovely film with the 1st pairing of Amber & Sophie in some beautiful PJs that we know lovers of pyjama discipline erotica will love a lot!

014 015


Check out the tour pages and you should still be able to view the free clip of this!


Wet Dream Spankings Continue!

Lots of spanking goodness to cover so I am keeping the title of Wet Dream Spankings as it reflects what is on offer again today… I have an awesome, fun but deranged F/F spanking courtesy of Zoe Page and Jenna Jay at AAAspanking.com to start with and it is brand new and comes as a full HD film update, uploaded not only in WMV and MP4 but also MOV Quicktime for the first time, it is just an experiment and by no means what I will do from now on… as I am running the poll for Mac Users and those who use iPads etc – the Poll is still online HERE


& so back to the mad and deranged Zoe Page! Would you dare cross her path not once but twice and bring an unsuspecting friend along? Well, Aleesha Fox did and when Zoe saw them trespassing on her property, she grabbed the first thing she could find, a carpet beater… and marched right out to them… but Aleesha scarpered before Zoe could deal with her. Poor Jenna… I think you know where this is going, eh?


Aleesha was the sort of friend you shouldn’t trust completely, Jenna should have known better than that. Not too long ago, Aleesha was caught trespassing on Zoe Page’s property… & she paid the price with a very sore bottom. Now she was there again, showing her friend Jenna Jay what a perfect little spot it was away from the hustle & bustle of the city. However, furious Zoe spied them both in her garden & marched out to confront the girls with a carpet beater. Before Jenna realized what was happening, Aleesha had run away, knowing full well the consequences of their actions. Poor Jenna was trapped alone with the delightfully unhinged Zoe & she really gave the bemused & shocked young girl a lesson in what happened to those who trespassed on her property. This movie features some bonkers & amusing dialog from Miss Page with some great OTK spanking scenes leading to the gorgeous finale of whacking after whacking with the painful carpet beater. Zoe took a shine to this young lady & invited her inside afterwards, is this the start of a beautiful S/M relationship?

trespasser2_015 trespasser2_021

trespasser2_027 trespasser2_029

trespasser2_044 trespasser2_047

trespasser2_059 trespasser2_063

trespasser2_068 trespasser2_071

trespasser2_074 trespasser2_076


Check out an amusing but scary clip of Zoe using the carpet beater on Jenna HERE


This film can be also downloaded in 3 full HD formats at The Clips Store


At POVspanking.com there is a great OTK and paddling clip of Adriana Evans… you’re her Daddy and she gets a spanking over your lap… all filmed from your perspective. Below are some screen shots so you see for yourself!


adriana002 adriana003

adriana004 adriana006


adriana009 adriana010


adriana013 adriana014

As Adriana’s Daddy, you’re not very pleased with her poor behaviour once again… she pleads with you one final time but it’s all a bit too late for that as she is already over your knee and your hand is resting on her bottom. A swift smack reminds her to stop trying to wriggle out of this spanking and accept what’s coming. She is close to tears and you can see that but you know it is for her own good even when you bring out a leather paddle. It has to be done. She will thank you for it later when you give her a comforting daddy’s cuddle. A harder than normal punishment for the naughtiest girls in this POV punishment from your perspective as the spanker.




Over at SarahGregorySpanking.com – there is a new film update with the adorable Lily Swan and myself. We filmed some fantastic movies together and this one is with me meeting Lily for the 1st time in an amusing storyline where the obsessive Lily is trying to promote the virtues of her Shake mix to me… since Sarah has gotten into it big time and not only bored the heck out of me with it but been farting incessantly, driving me mad with rage. I really do give Lily a damned good OTK spanking and the early scenes, even with her tight jeans on are awesome to watch. she bucks and grinds and complains and is hell to control… It’s a good film and has some excellent spanking scenes I’m really proud to have been incolved with… so it is good! Images below compliment the new film.

shake_or_spank_02 shake_or_spank_05

shake_or_spank_09 shake_or_spank_10



shake_or_spank_15 shake_or_spank_19

shake_or_spank_24 shake_or_spank_25

This the storyline behind the film: Shake or Spank – John invited Lily Swan over to learn more about these so called “shakes” that she has been selling his girlfriend. John thinks this is just a scam and complains that all his girlfriend is doing is farting and she blames, Lily, the girl who sold her the product. He invites her over and she keeps trying to sell it, even to him, so he spanks this sassy girl for not understanding him and continuing to try and sell even when he has had it with her.





Finally to end on the wet dream spankings you were promised… check out the awesome trio of girls below now appearing at SpankingSororityGirls.com – Veronica Ricci instigates a double spanking that involves the bubble butt of Ashley Rose and also innocent looking Aaliyah Love! These pictures are super hot and compliment the 56th full film episode now out called:  ASHLEY & AALIYAH LEARN ABOUT SPANKING!

ssg-p64-001 ssg-p64-002

ssg-p64-006 ssg-p64-007 ssg-p64-009

ssg-p64-011 ssg-p64-014

ssg-p64-015 ssg-p64-020 ssg-p64-023

ssg-p64-030 ssg-p64-033

ssg-p64-036 ssg-p64-038 ssg-p64-041

ssg-p64-044 ssg-p64-046

ssg-p64-048 ssg-p64-004 ssg-p64-054


Innocent Aaliyah Love and naive Ashley Rose are both beautiful blondes who are getting a tour of the sorority house from Veronica. All spanking Hell breaks loose and girls are picked up and spanked hard and often as this spankfest leaves big round bottoms red and in need of lotion, which gets rubbed in plenty. Lots of shiny hineys.

Check out MORE of this awesome new update as well as all the other sorority spanking films!

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It just remains for me to say “Adios” to Spain, the now Former World Champions as they lost again, this time to a very good Chile side… this World Cup is shaping up to be one of the best I can remember… and of course… England are playing tonight in a “winner takes all” game against Uruguay – I’m nervous!!!


Wet Dream Spankings – pt2

As a distraction from the football… yes, I know, England lost (narrowly against one of the best sides in the tournament and I wouldn’t be surprised if we met each other again in the final, we will only get better away from the oppressive heat of the Amazonian jungle which levels things somewhat as it would allow for our young quick team to counter attack far more effectively… anyway, enough of the footie talk, I am again upbeat of our chances to progress realistically!) – This next up is the stuff of spanking legend…. really hot spanking updates from across the world wide interwebs – these are among the most recent releases that I am currently enjoying personally… and I know that you will too! Today they are mainly F/F focused… but not all, and I promise that you will like what you see today!

First today I am featuring a bang on film from my baby, Sarah Gregory at MommaSpankings.com – seriously this is probably her best ever shot film at the site, as you will see from the images below, the lighting was spot on, the spanking actions and scoldings by momma Dana excellent and this also co-starred the awesome Joelle Barros at this site for the 1st time to compliment what was a great bedtime punishment film! Yup, I helped direct this but I am seriously pleased with the results of this one… Images below are actual screen grabs, not bad, eh? & actual size to just show you just how damned good this film was, I also supplied the costumes so you pajama fetishists, like me, will get off to that too! These are some early scenes you can see right now from this long play 40 minute film! Epic!!!

All Her Fault – starring Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory & Joelle Barros


momma-95-021 momma-95-027

momma-95-050 momma-96-006


Momma has taken Sarah and her friend Joelle on a weekend getaway and the girls made a stupid mistake. They hired a male stripper to come to the hotel room while Momma was out, and ordered an expensive bottle of Champagne and charged everything to her room. Momma storms into the room with bill in hand and demands an explanation. Her innocent little Sarah wouldn’t do this, would she? Did Joelle put her up to it? “It’s all her fault!” they say as Momma tries to get to the bottom of the added room expenses. And get to the bottom she does by taking each naughty girl over her lap and giving each one a hard hand spanking. Imagine the embarrassment of being spanked in front of your best friend then watching her get the very same thing

momma-96-044 momma-96-045


momma-96-048 momma-96-073



or get access to both Sarah’s sites for less (see how below)



If you have not read a preview post regarding the Strict Aunt Jessica series now showing at GirlSpanksGirl.com – then check out a FREE Gallery HERE or the image below of the punishment that Snow mercy saw of her friend Ashley Rose… and she liked what she saw a lot – it turned her on, she wanted to know and experience more of what she had just seen!


Well, Snow need not fantasize anymore as she gets her darkest wish and nervously involves herself in a double spanking session experiencing what it’s like to be spanked over a woman’s lap and also get a chance to spank an already sore well spanked bottom too! Talk about dreams becoming reality… and of course this is the stuff of a certain narrator’s “Wet Dreams”! Images below are reduced in size from originals and are totally exclusive to GirlsSpanksGirl.com

DSC_0070l-1 DSC_0075l

DSC_0078l DSC_0081l

DSC_0084l DSC_0085l


DSC_0090l DSC_0094l

DSC_0097l DSC_0098l DSC_0101l


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One of the sexiest and naughtiest spanking updates coming out this week is featured at SpankingSarah.com – this really is good, and… unless you didn’t know, Mr Stern, (Sarah’s other half featured here) has not been too well and had a spell in hospital but he is making a fine recovery and will be back to fine form like this below as a near tempted Vicar when Sophie thrusts her ample bosoms in his face! The naughty temptress! #mmm


npp5096014 npp5096022

npp5096028 npp5096029


Sometimes even the best behaved of young ladies can fall down. Sophie had been very nasty to the other girls and it had come to the attention of the gentleman in charge of the spiritual well being of the girls at Katie Didit’s house of correction. As much as it went against all that he knew to be right he felt he had to hand out a severe paddling to young Sophie. And make it hurt. She tried to persuade him that he would be much better taking advantage of her ample charms… Will he be able to resist the allure of those unctuous breasts? Find out below!

npp5096045 npp5096046

npp5096057 npp5096061


Check out MORE of Sarah’s fantastic naughty spanking site HERE


Firm Hand Spanking do it again with another of their new recent additions, gorgeous Jodi Biltmore – she looks absolutely stunning in this latest punsihment release as you will see below… #schwiiing


Right from running track, bratty teen Jodi Biltmore is found smoking at Reform Academy and sent to Mr Strickman to be punished. Shorts and panties down for a bare 60-stroke belting will light her up, viewed by Reaction Cam. Check out the high-res stills set too like some of the images shown here – they are stunning!

 academy_d004 academy_d007


academy_d010 academy_d014

academy_d017 academy_d020 academy_d024


Love this girl? She’s stunning, isn’t she? More of Jodi can be seen right here!


Finally here is some delightful spanking nonsense from Russia as SpankingThem.com has a double OTK and punishment of a naughty girl caught masturbating in the classroom… 2 teachers take it in turn to ensure she is thoroughly humiliated, stripped naked and spanked, then flogged in a variety of positions until she can bear the shame no more! here is the story of 24 year old student, Katerina!


001 001a


004 005


007 008 008a

009 011





That’s it from me right now… another amazing football match awaits, Germany v Portugal… and of course USA (yes, you guys are playing tonight!) take on Ghana (that’s in Africa! LOL) – these games look mouthwatering… as mouthwatering as my “Wet Dream Spanking” Update for today, I hope! Back soon! Chief.

Wet Dream Spankings


I have a treat for you today… I’m still buzzing after watching the Netherlands destroy Spain in last nights superb football match in the World Cup – 5-1!!! Those crazy orange Dutch were stunning (even though they played in dark blue) … I can only hope that England do the same to the Italians, but because of the oppressive heat and humidity in the middle of the Amazonian jungle in Menaus… this isn’t really going to happen. I predict a 1-1 draw, like the Spain v Netherlands game… each side dare not lose, so will it be cagey and tight, or open up if one team scores early? To be honest, I’d accept a draw right now, but I have a feeling we could do well in this tournament… time will tell and I’m just excited about tonight’s game. To celebrate early… here are some equally amazing and outstanding spanking films and updates for you all to check out! I’m starting with Clare Fonda and Zille Defeu in a double spanking film-fest you can only find at Shadowlane.com – So here starts my spanking wet dream of today. I missed filming with Zille a few years back in the UK and am still annoyed about that… as well as meeting Clare and her current restrictions, I would love to do just one eeny-weeny little film with her, even if it wasn’t entirely spanking related… you never know, eh? So for now, see these 2 in a fantastic 2 sided film, a tale of revenge and jealousy that sees both women get one over on the other!

“The Starter Wife – Trophy Revenge Match!”


When a beautiful suburban housewife (Zille Defeu) invites her husband’s first wife, Iris (played by Clare Fonda) to her home for mojitos, she harbors a diabolical hidden agenda. Having long felt cruelly snubbed by Iris, Zille informs the “starter wife” of her desire to return the humiliation by spanking her. Naturally Iris laughs at this suggestion, until Zille blackmails the somewhat shady lady into submission, threatening to close out the one credit card Iris still holds and constantly charges to, without her ex-husband’s knowledge. Iris agrees to take a spanking rather than give up the free income and Zille falls to with mad energy. She’s been secretly furious with Iris for her interior decoration choices as well as spending all of Duncan’s money so there’s none left for Zille to play with. This is the desperate housewife style spanking you won’t see on TV!

zillespanksclare002 zillespanksclare004

zillespanksclare005 zillespanksclare006


zillespanksclare009 zillespanksclare010 zillespanksclare011


But lo and behold, Iris displays a deadly efficiency in turning the tables on her obsessive-compulsive persecutor, immediately uncovering on site evidence that pharmaceutical uppers are the catalyst for Zille’s manic energy. Now it’s Iris’ turn to force the “trophy wife” into an embarrassing surrender to bare bottom spanking!

 clarespankszille001 clarespankszille004

clarespankszille002 clarespankszille006 f930fb3ef5f5aba45a5c9ad5db9b7652


After her over the knee bare bottom spanking, Clare subjects Zille to penetration by large, phallic toys in both of her dainty private places. In one of the most dramatic woman tops woman scenes ever, Zille accepts her invasive discipline with humility and shame, a willful spoiled brat undone in the most embarrassing way. Splendid spanking, wittily trenchant dialog and explicit eroticism display glowing gems Zille Defeu and Clare Fonda in a perfect punishment fantasy movie.

 clarebuutplugszille001 clarebuutplugszille003

clarebuutplugszille004 clarebuutplugszille005 clarebuutplugszille007

clarebuutplugszille006 clarebuutplugszille008

CLICK HERE to see MORE of this film and the other movies that both Clare & Zille have featured in!



There are 2 sites that might still get overlooked since both ladies have retired, however, they filmed an awful lot of content and the sites are under the stable of Michael Masterson’s multi site Real Spankings Network – so you can have confidence these are quality sites…

However, if you don’t want to pay for all those sites at once, there is a better option if you’re into Brandi & Jessica (like I am!) and there’s a secret sub group of sites which gives you access to each other that I am  showing here plus a couple MORE – all for under $25 a month if you join up at any of their respective pages AND of course you get access to all their massive archived data. If it’s a first time venture to either of the “Teen Brandi” or “Teen Jessica” sites, then you indeed are in for a pleasant spanking wet dream surprise! Check out a few recent examples from each site and decide for yourself! These are from May and June this year! #schwiiing!

Spanking Teen Brandi – I love the way she can take a spanking, with a cracking butt… her archives go back approx 15 years! there were rumours that she was to make a comeback as a young woman now around her early thirties… we can but hope this becomes a reality one day! See her timeless butt spanked for our viewing pleasure below!

Brandi spanked by Cindy in the Office

6476_011 6476_014

6476_019 6476_020

6476_032 6476_035

6476_041 6476_045

6476_077 6476_080

Brandi is given a spanking on the bare over Ms Baker’s knee after she is caught snooping through Cindy’s office. CLICK HERE to see the full remastered film and all the other recent updated of Brandi!

Jessica Caught having sex!

1717_002 1717_011

1717_021 1717_027 1717_065


Ms. Burns comes in to find Jessica having sex. She lectures her and the pulls her OTK for a hard hand spanking then places her in time out before returning to finish off the punishment with a hard heavy wooden hairbrush that brings tears to Jessica’s eyes!

1718_019 1718_029

1718_035 1718_043 1718_051

1718_095 1718_099

CLICK HERE for more info on Jessica’s site – remember that you have access to both the sites shown here plus 2 more FREE as part of the special unique 4 site package.


Here are some outstanding recent movie updates with their latest new girls is just getting better at Firm Hand Spanking – what can I say? Just take a look for yourself, these 2 young ladies are HOT!

Tara Somerville’s pert, smooth round bottom strapped red by request!

intern_cf001 intern_cf002

intern_cf004 intern_cf006

intern_cf010 intern_cf016

intern_cf021 intern_cf024

Gorgeous blonde Tara Somerville returns to college with a red, sore bottom after time as The Intern. She asks Frank Reed to punish her one last time! 30 strokes of the strap across those wobbling, athletic cheeks is hot! Slow-motion replays and an out-take too.

Sassy college freshman Amber Davies spanked bare for disrespect.

sisters_bb001 sisters_bb005

sisters_bb011 sisters_bb013

sisters_bb015 sisters_bb016

sisters_bb017 sisters_bb022

Sassing a senior costs freshman Amber Davies a sound spanking with a ping-pong paddle. Dressing in private school uniform and asking “Is that all you got?” earns her more swats, panties down – 226 in all! Watch for a butt massaging out-take too…



& finally we go full circle and to the remarkable girl/girl punishment film that Clare Fonda admitted to me she just LOVED making when she had made a brief but welcome return to help out Denn the cameraman’s sites with some much needed stern direction as only Clare could give… you will love this film if you’re into your Aunt/Niece or F/F style spankings… this is a must see at the aptly named GirlspanksGirl.com


This is part of their “Classic Discipline” series of films. In the first part, Aunt Jessica (played by Clare Fonda) lectures young Ashley Rose about the errors of her ways before giving her a long number of various and humiliating punishments which included varied and sustained hand spankings and an unwanted and terrifying mouth soaping.

002 005

007 010

011 013

015 016

017 018

…then later, Aunt Jessica spanked young Ashley Rose in the sanctity of her bedroom, with her own hairbrush, while Ashley’s friend (Snow Mercy) watched from the other room. This is where we’re at and don’t miss the altercations between Snow & Ashely as well as Aunty dishing out yet more scoldings and punishments coming very soon to GirlSpanksGirl.com

002 004

005 006

008 (1) 008

014 015


Don’t forget that this site (as massive in its own right as it is) – is part of the infamous and amazing value CLARE FONDA PASS giving you access to 5 of the sites for a fraction of the combined cost! See banner below for more details!



OK… that’s it from me, I am now preparing everything for the game tonight – England v Italy… I really hope we stuff them, one can but dream!