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Let’s dedicate today to F/F Spanking!

Hmmm, I found this post I had started in my drafts box (just had a clean out) and I don’t think I published this from earlier this year and started writing about Sinn (below): So I have added a few other F/F spankings from Clare Fonda and some other interesting updates to make this a complete post… enjoy! ūüôā

Sexy spankings? Hard Female on female punishment spankings, some sexual tension, humiliation, maybe some embarrassment or genuine excitement? Well, this is the joy of watching girls play with each other, whether they do it for fun or whether it’s a good hard old fashioned punishment… it gets to me every single time, I love this little kink… and of course, I know there are a hell of a lot of others that love it too. let’s celebrate with some more F/F spankings that I have been getting off on recently (he said, quietly…)

Check out beautiful Sinn Sage as she gets it good and dishes it back every single time!

Bisexual Sinn loves nothing better than feeling helpless over the knees of a pretty lady, this is often over Chelsea’s lap, but Sinn has often done wrong and can’t always get to spank Chelsea in return… however, with her friends, it’s a different matter and she often mixes this up with sexual tension, foreplay and lingering kisses and caresses to the girls that she ensnares… which of course makes it highly addictive viewing as you’ll see in the switching session below!



Sinn really does have one of the sexiest butts in the business and as always, her most private parts are never far fron view with that delightful tuft of hair framing a beautiful exciteable kitty-kat “down there” that she often gets her girls to play with!

Likewise, Sinn will nearly always try to return a favor or switch for her own selfish pleasures (and why not?) This filly thought she was just spanking Sinn? WRONG!

& this is why I love F/F spanking scenes! See more evidence of Sinn’s switching HERE


Clare made no secret that she used to love working on thsi site as “Momma Clare” the corrupt and perverse brothel madame (can’t say I blame her with all those cute girls she has had over her knee!) so with yet another new girl, Stevie, alongside an old fave, Kat St James… this latest film is a winner!



Katherine St. James has brought Stevie into Momma Clare’s ring and they try to hustle more $$ due to Stevie being so cute. All it gets is a bare-bottomed spanking for both girls which they know they have coming and end up begging for.



Then there is of course some switching “fun” which I think is more of an excuse to show off these girls cute botties… it works – I’m sold! As you can see below ūüôā



Check out more callgirls getting the spankings we know they deserve HERE


I found some galleries which help showcase the very latest new movies out at some of the other sites in the CLAREFONDAPASS network

Last year’s most improved site Spanked Sweeties shows why it is a great site with new talent and beautiful girls revealing all about their spankings growing up then re enacting them courtesy of Clare or Double Dan for that “father figure” when required! Click image below for new girl Riley’s scene – punished by momma Clare…

See the latest girls spanked HERE for our viewing pleasure


The spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Room Mate had a delightful return for Kay Richards, getting a spanking off athletic Ariel X – I wouldn’t mess withthis lass! I don’t think kay would want to either!

Ashli has come to pick up Kay and take her to her company picnic. But Kay is not ready to go and furthermore has dressed very inappropriately. What else can Ashley do but turn Kay over her knee for a hard spankikng with hand and hairbush. She finds a whip that Madison left around and uses that on Kay too, leaving Kay sore and marked!

Check out all 105 episodes now showing HERE


All the above sites in this network can be viewed for less than they would cost on their own and with the same set of codes… makes ense then to check out the options of the Clare Fonda Pass

Friday already? Sheesh, here’s MORE spankings!

I can’t believe this week has flown by. I have been wrapped up in a lot of stuff recently so that might help explain how things have just run away timewise, so rather than give you shed loads of stuff, I have opted for something which you might not have seen elsewhere (well, you might have seen some images but you sure as hell won’t have seen the free clip I’ve got below unless you’re a member of the site) – and what a start to today’s update it is!

I have a thing for seeing dumb little starlets thrashed, and Ashli Orion plays one so well in the latest episode from the spanking soap opera that is MYSPANKINGROOMMATE.com – now¬†I’m sure she isn’t really that dumb and ditzy in real life, I hope to God she isn’t as she is just “sex on a stick”, isn’t she?¬†(I suppose I could just go for the sex and a stick part) – though I know many spanking models I’ve worked with in the past are definitely loopy and total airheads – which is kind of a shame, but this movie is great, it made me laugh (as well as cause my much expected¬†trouser bumpage)¬†both Chloe and Madison are superb pouncing on Ashli¬†when they’ve had enough of her bratty ridiculous airhead behaviour!

OK, so the story is that Nicole (played by Ashli, she of not very much clothing above) turns up late for some tax advice that Chloe is dishing out, madison is next but is waiting as “Nicole” arrives wearing hardly anything…a bitchy remark from Madison sets the tone “Is it laundry day?” she asks.
This airhead then annoys Chloe not bringing the required forms so she can assist her, in fact she’s so clueless, she’d make the most clueless,¬†ditzy Dodo bird asking what’s for dinner to a bunch of starving pirates on Mauritius 400 years ago seem more intelligent. Both girls have had enough of her and Chloe says she needs a good spanking but in a class comment from our porn chick, she says she “doesn’t mind things going up her ass, but NOT on it!” That made me laugh…she’s then spanked & paddled by Chloe and then Madison who becomes a little more aggressive and uses a hairbrush on Ashli’s (sorry Nicole in this film) bare bottom, making her yelp out loud, suddenly it’s not so funny anymore! By now I had some serious trouser arousal issues, Ashli is a very sexy thing and seeing her over both these girls knees was a tad too much!!! You can see what I mean from the images and the special free clip below. Another classic episode OUT NOW TO DOWNLOAD IN FULL!

This is a seriously naughty romp of a spanking movie
See ALL the episode listings HERE!

Don’t forget that this site is part of the very popular options via the Clare Fonda Pass


How do I follow that? How about this movie I saw earlier today thanks to Chelsea Pfeiffer. Another class OTK spanking from the West Coast queen of OTK spankings and thisis another interesting storyline as she spanksEast Coast fave Sarah Gregory in a tribute to the Lakers v Celtics basketball match (don’t ask me about basketball, this is where I understand how my American friends are largely ignorant of football, or soccer as they call it) I have zero interest in this sport and just don’t get it, i get that there’s rivalry and Sarah, being a Boston babe gets it from LA based Chelsea as this drunken beauty with her most delicous jiggling ass gets a very sound spanking!

Check the FREE Clip I have cut and see for yourself!
Warning: Sarah’s wobblesome buttocks WILL cause severe trouser arousal!

Mmm, so to add “Insult to Injury”, you can view the full movie of Chelsea giving it good to Sarah HERE


You may remember me praising Jasmine Lau’s naughty film recently¬†as she talks to us about her wildest spanking and punishment fantasties and what she actually does in real life. To be fair, for her, spanking really has become a part of her life and this English porn starlet has become somewhat of a painslut and, boy, does she do it well! Just watch and listen to her dirty potty mouth as she let’s us know what she enjoys having done to her – here, she’s holding the hairbrush – Go on Jasmine, talk dirty and smack your tight buns!!!

This is the latest movie at SpankingDigital.com


Before I go, don’t forget to check out my Spanking Theater and Spanking Teen Movie clips sites. There are always new movies being added at these¬†all the time! Loads of options as well from pay per second to buying time or clips which most people do after checking out what films are on offer, and you can sign up and receive free minutes to review movies advertised there like the¬†3 I have highlighted below which I recommend to you good folk today to take a look at! Have a good weekend ūüôā



SpankedCallgirls – HOT Updates!

This is, by admission, one of Clare Fonda’s fave site projects as the subject material (spanking slutty Ho’s) appeals to her and there’s a vast variety of what you can do including some very hot and very naughty scenes with the naughtier girls who are on brothel madam¬†“Momma” Clare’s books! There are also more domestic scenes and this gives a chance for other cracking Dommes like my current favourite, Snow Mercy, who switches, as I know all too well….anyway, read on and prepare yourself for some very naughty girls like Alice and then Snow spanking Ashli Orion, a dinky real life porn star who fits the bill of a spanked callgirl oh so well….I’d willingly pay up, if I was…ahem…away on business!!! ūüėÄ

In the latest updates, here you’ll see “Momma Clare” give her newbie slut a damned good thrashing as Alice is just so horny she even seduces the other girls. Clare , as you’ll see, dressed in her madame’s cougar gear…can barely hide her own excitement getting a good look and handling that expensive meat that Clare’s wealthy clients pay a premium for!




Clare orders Alice to stick her bare ass higher in the air so she can grope, gawp and abuse her slutty piece of meat as she she’s fit to teach this slut a proper lesson and show who’s boss! You’ll also find a special free clip of one such scene as this cougar gets to work on reddening Alice’s pokey-out bottom a pretty crimson!



Wow! This is only a taster of what goes on…as you’ll have seen from the above images! OK, if you’re still not convinced, perhaps the sight of tiny Ashli over the very tall and imposing Snow’s knees for her bare bottom spankings and canings featured below might persuade you to how how this site can get! WARNING: Please continue to be aware that viewing can cause severe arousal!



Ashli Orion is a well known and sought after hardcore porn starlet, you only need to “Google” her name and see what I mean…however, luckily for us, this uninhibited girl is also partial to exploring her submissive side…with often very arousing insights as this girl has the most amazing wobblesome butt I have been lucky to view. If you haven’t seen her punished before, check out this short clip I cut for you lucky folk¬†and watch those cheeks jiggle¬†as they are spanked harder and harder…the full movie is of course far too hot to show here – and Clare would be after me (I wish!)


Ok, Ashli and Snow have come to blows recently before at Spankedcallgirls…I can’t remember if I showed this so I have just chosen 4 hot images below to let you know what you could expect from another HOT movie with this pair!


SpankedcallGirls is part of Clare’s popular multi site option – CLARE FONDA PASS – giving you more sites for virtually the same price as one – which is how I view her sites as a member! OK, I WILL be posting again her later today with some new update news, so don’t forget to pop back soon! Take it easy… Chief

Clare Fonda – “Man Spanked & Mouth Soaped!”

I was perusing Clare’s member area of Spankedcallgirls.com (as you do) and spotted the latest movie updates which today I have featured Clare herself. Nothing gets me going more than seeing a proper Domme getting a good dose of her own medicine and whoring madame “Momma Clare” gets it good from handsome James, one of her best clients who ensures that Clare doesn’t “enjoy” being over his lap too much with a good old fashioned mouth soaping to cleanse her potty mouth!

Images below are the story so far (they are HQ pics of this movie so far) and then I have included a totally exclusive movie clip only available here with some nice screen shots of the mouth soaping scenes (and check out Clare’s amazing rump, all reddened and sore!!!)





OK, the below movie clip was yesterday’s update so it’s bang up to date! As I said earlier, feast your eyes on Clare’s amazing arse, which jiggles provocatively, a proper woman’s well spanked bottom that puts many girls half her age to shame!!!

Click image above to view this exclusive mouth soaping wmv clip



You can view the FULL Length Clare Fonda Spanking movie HERE

Now of course, Clare’s girls are often spanked by her own hand and the angry clients that wish to instill some discipline into these lazy but very beautiful sluts, well, this week there is also the ongoing update of Domestic “in house” Discipline carried out by one of my fave ladies, Snow Mercy, giving a good hard spanking to genuinely naughty porn starlet and gorgeous spanko (who was another outstanding¬†star of Exclusive Education 4) – I’m talking about Ashli Orion.

Recap: In this part of “Exclusive Education 4” the girls take part in a Spelling Bee contest
incl. spankings all round with the hand & hairbrush incl teacher Snow Mercy getting it!

Don’t be fooled by her puppy dog eyes, this girl is very¬†VERY naughty…does that make it even hornier to watch her getting thrashed? Mmm, I’ll let you decide from some latest images below!!!


Actually, just uploading those images has got me worked up, so much so I think Ashli and Snow deserve better coverage so I’ll update my SpankingNews blog today with an exclusive¬† clip and a few more images. (Give me time to prepare it though, eh?)

Ok, as most of you all know, Clare Fonda’s network, which includes Spankedcallgirls can also be viewed by her very popular Clare Fonda pass giving you access with one set of codes and full access for a fraction of the combined cost of all her sites (I always recommend this being a member myself and it’s THE best way to view her many and varied site updates!)