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Spanking Stuff to start your week!

Howdy! Here are some different spanking updates for you today, they are varied and cover many websites I love to catch up with. If you like what you see, please go check out their tour pages and see the other latest content from the links I have provided for you to view! Have a good one… and here’s hoping this makes for a better start to your coming week! Enjoy!

Correctional Institute – Zoe Page & Lucy Lauren

Prison officer’s bare ass paddled as revenge: red hot punishment scene! The painful, stinging smack of a wooden paddle across prison officer Zoe Page’s bare bottom can be heard outside her office as inmate Lucy Lauren exacts revenge for months of abuse in Correctional Institute. Awesome 20 swats counted out, plus many more before and after, leave Zoe’s bottom red raw. Check out the slow-motion bouncing booty replays!

See more of this preview & series only at Firm Hand Spanking

A Friend’s Loyalty – Introducing Veda Rose

After a friend’s night out, Veda comes home alone. Refusing to rat out her friend, she is soon bent over the bed for daddy’s belt. Still refusing to talk, her pants are pulled down for a spanking across his knee. Veda whimpers as her bottom gets spanked swollen and red.

See more of this movie only at Assume the Position Studios

Jill And Britney Caught: Spanked And Penalty Swats

Jill Kassidy and Britney Light, the two prettiest women in spanking today, are caught spanking and playing with each other by Daddy who spanks those pretty naked bottoms hard and gives Penalty Swats too.

See the full-length movie of these sexy girls at Worst Behavior Productions

A Proper Whoopin’ after Getting Paddled at School

Michael receives an email that Kiki had been paddled at school, so upon her return home, he demands to see her bruised bottom. He then follows up with a bare bottom whoopin’ that she will not soon forget.

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Business studies – with Bambi Belle

Bambi is an industrious school girl who has started running a small business from her dorm room. Unfortunately, some of her stock was intercepted by a concerned mail room staff member…since one of the boxes that arrived for her was clearly labeled as coming from a sex shop. The headmaster has come to Bambi’s room to have a word with her. Bambi seemingly has no idea why her new money making scheme of selling vibrators and lingerie to the girls in her building should be a problem…but the headmaster definitely thinks it’s a problem!

Bambi is about to learn the limitations of on-campus commerce via a sore spanked bottom and a taste of the Headmaster’s strap.

See more of this film & Bambi’s other features at Northern Spanking

Midweek Spanking Updates

It’s been a while so here are some excellent recent updates and a classic (at the end) that I have for you today from these fine sites I recommend you go support. Each is different, as you’ll see… so without further waffle from me, please enjoy today’s reviews!

Spanked in Uniform starring Lucy Lauren

spanking over regulation knickers

Panties pulled down, Lucy Lauren is spanked long and hard in school uniform: Fantasizing about being spanked as a naughty schoolgirl is one of Lucy Lauren’s favorite themes. But when she’s faced with the real thing, panties pulled down by headmaster Philip Johnson, it’s a whole new world of humiliation in “Spanked in Uniform”. Lucy’s bouncing cheeks are soon turned crimson. Awesome slow-mo replays show every ripple!

spanking from Sir schoolgirl spanking lucy lauren spanking aftermath


Rude Awakeningstarring Cara Day & Alex Reynolds

cute cara day at spanked and diapered

Little Cara is on vacation with her big sister… but she has too much energy in the morning. When she won’t stop bothering her sleepy sister, Alex, and doesn’t listen to instructions, she’s in trouble. A day at the zoo is still in her future, but it will have to wait until she’s had her bottom spanked over Alex’s knee. And what happens to little girls who don’t listen? They can’t be trusted to listen when they’re out of the house, so they end up getting put in diapers, just in case. Cara looks so sweet being taped into a vintage Bambino diaper that I daresay all will be forgiven.

otk spanking panties down spanking explicit diapering of Cara Day spanked and diapered


Priceless Artifactsstarring Rachel Adams & Paul Kennedy

Rachel is a security guard at a city museum. She works very long hours for very little money and this is just one of her jobs. Overcome with tiredness one day, Rachel takes a nap. Unfortunately, the 18th Century heirloom on which she’s napping is covered by a security camera.
Rachel’s boss is a lazy but connected city employee seemingly freshly transferred from one of its correctional facilities, where no doubt his strengths were more in play. About heritage and history, he gives precisely zero fucks but he does recognize an opportunity when he sees it asleep on a screen.
Unwilling, supposedly, to go through the mountain of paperwork needed to dismiss Rachel, his alternative punishment is more immediate, painful, and extremely humiliating for poor Rachel, who soon finds herself across his desk, tights and panties down, on the receiving end of his belt. She does want to keep her job after all, doesn’t she?

spanking over pantyhose spanked and strapped leather strapping


Judicial Caning & Hand Tawsing of Chrissy Marie & Delta Hauser

hand tawsing and caning

There are 2 sets of a dozen strokes delivered to both girls with increasing velocity to each of them. The cane cuts into their tender skin. Delta takes her 1st 12 then is made to watch as Chrissy receives hers, this is then repeated again with the second set. A second camera angle captures the look of pure agony on their pretty faces with each cut of the cane. The punishment bench pushes their bottoms high in the air, spread and exposed without an ounce of humility.
Their punishment ends with a severe leather hand-tawsing for each of them before they show off their sore hands and striped bottoms.



That’s it for today… and a friendly reminder that this is the type of America we should all aspire to live in, not a divisive one we seem to be struggling in right now where neighbors and friends can not even say who they support politically without resorting to petty name-calling. We are better than this. It was never this bad… was it? I can’t vote, but I highly recommend those who can exercise their God given right and do something about it!


Latest Spanking Updates from the SG Network

Some fantastic videos are now showing across the SG Network and you will not be disappointed… check out the latest videos which are showing, a very varied collection of films.

If you love mommy daughter spanking films then you will love this latest offering from Sarah Gregory as only she knows how!

Disrespectful Daughter Disciplined

Sarah is being SUCH a disrespectful brat to Mommy! It is late in the morning and she should first of all be up and dressed, and second of all be downstairs socializing with the family. When Mommy comes into Sarah’s room to ask her to get dressed and come and spend some time with the family, Sarah is rude, defiant, and tells her no. She tells Mom, “You can’t make me!” and, of course, Mommy CAN make her naughty daughter listen and be a good girl by taking her over her lap for some good old-fashioned discipline. Sarah is spanked over her PJs, panties and then on the bare bottom with Mom’s hand before she is made to ask for the hairbrush. Asking for it is very embarrassing and Mother knows that. Sarah needs to learn some humility as well. Sarah is spanked hard with Mommy’s hairbrush until she is one sorry and contrite little girl.



If you like tears then you are in for a treat with this domestic discipline film with real crybaby, Elle Bea, spanked and strapped with daddy’s belt…


Elle knows she is in trouble and waits in her room for daddy. He comes in and there is not much talk before her spanking begins. Daddy spanks her relentlessly over her pajamas, panties, and then on the bare bottom. Her spanking ends with his thick belt to really teach his naughty daughter a lesson. It isn’t until she is crying real tears that he knows she has learned her lesson.

otk spanking


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At AAA Spanking here is something a little special, featuring famous porn starlets Jill Kassidy & Britney Light – this couple are hot as hell… check out the images below. This movie was with thanks to Worst Behavior Productions and this film is totally exclusive to Triple A!

Punished for Improper Play

This is a very special debut film made for Triple A in collaboration with Worst Behavior Productions starring two of the hottest girls in the adult industry right now, Jill Kassidy & newcomer, Britney Light. A special mention should also go out to ATP Dave for being the “Daddy” in this hot spanking video. Jill invites Britney over to her place and this video starts straight in with the girls fondling, groping and caressing each others naked bodies as they take turns to spank each other on the sofa. There’s lots of hot sexy impact play to watch before they are caught by Jill’s daddy. If they enjoy improper play like this then he will teach them both a lesson and takes each girl over his lap giving them a sensual spanking with a firm hand. Both girls are already so turned on that they can’t help but get off to this spanking as his hands soothe and sting their bare, exposed bottoms whilst gently scolding them both. Poor Daddy!

britney light spanking sensual spanking spanking jill kassidy


If you want to view this amazing video as a one time download you can do this HERE

Seeing Madame Samantha B and Violet October together – I know that you will love this extra special Vegas pairing!

Dispensing a Spanking

Violet discovers that breaking rules and missing practice during an important build up to the Cheerleading Championship has dire consequences. Her mother’s friend, Samantha, had agreed to be guardian for her on this long trip away and is really upset when she discovers that Violet has been vaping. In Nevada it is legal to smoke marijuana and Violet had been to a Dispensary. Back East this is not allowed and Samantha has strict views on this sort of behavior. Violet’s excuse is that was stressed from the upcoming championships and that is why she snuck off and got high! If she was back home, her mother would have spanked Violet hard, but in her absence, Samantha has that duty. She wastes no time reminding Violet what will happen as she “dispenses” something extra special for her – a spanking! Violet is spanked over her guardian’s lap, first on the panties then on her bare quivering bottom when her high behavior becomes really annoying. Spanking some sense into Violet at last takes place with a hairbrush that kills the buzz of Violet’s high as the painful swats grab her attention.This is a painful lesson which the other girls will see as she is sent back to practice with a sore red, throbbing bottom which can be seen underneath her tight panties and short skirt! Now that is dispensing justice!

cheerleder spanking violet october spanking


If you want to view this amazing video as a one time download you can do this HERE