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Kami Robertson thrashed at AAA

As promised (finally) the new movie with Kami Robertson as a hapless secretary losing her boss a lot of money in a lapse of concentration over a money transfer gets its first airing and members can see the first part (part 2 comes out on Friday) of this 25 minute movie of her full length and severe punishment as he takes it out on her ass!

If you click on the image below, it takes you to a 24 image gallery, the images are not as large as the actual screen video images that members can download (all 140 of them, in fact) which accompanies the movie… but this 24 image gallery gives you a fair representation as to what the film is about!

Click on Kami’s bottom for the 24 image gallery

The official blurb on the storyline is below:

Secretary Kami Robertson was aware that something was up as her boss had left a pile of spanking implements lying on her desk when she arrived at work. She soon discovered why as he had pointed out that the bank transfer she was asked to make to a Trust had been made in error due to her carelessness in transferring out 10 times the amount by adding an extra zero. John had been contacted by his bank & had managed to sort the mess out in time but he wasted no time in telling her that she was going to get one hell of a punishment thrashing for her monster mistake! He was going to use all the implements laid out on the desk: the leather strap, a horrible bathbrush (which he promised he was going to whack very hard for her error), a horrible stinging paddle & a whippy cane which he knew would leave yet more marks on her very sore bottom. This long play movie includes gratuitous use of Kami’s favourite butter cream which was rubbed into her sore, swollen cheeks at the end after receiving one of her hardest punishments on film! John & Kami admitted afterwards that this was one of their best films they had made together & we hope that you will see why! See how much Kami could take as she entered her own private world of pain!

I have included some extra close up shots of the implements used to great effect on Kami’s ever glowing and increasingly sore red bottom as the punishment progressed through each phase. For each punishment schedule, before her boss moved onto the next item, he gave her some additonal whacks, for transferring out 50,000 Pounds instead of 5,000… and for each addional 10,000 that she put the company into the red, he gave her some extra hard whacks, so 5 nasty strokes of the strap, bathbrush, paddle and finally the cane were carried out on top of the angry strokes and swats he meted out to her for this monster mistake!

The Leather Strap:

The dreaded bath brush:

The stinging composite paddle:

A thin whippy kooboo cane:

& after her ordeal was over, some soothing butter cream was rubbed into her sore red cheeks…

If you haven’t already noticed, there is also a free HD movie Preview on the Home page of AAAspanking.com


I can not stress how severe this punishment became, it wasn’t brutal or sadistic in any way… not at all… but it was certainly really severe and she took what was given to her, whimpering occasionally but anyone that knows Kami will recognise when she is “in the zone” and once she is there, then no further amount of severe thrashing is required as it is pointless… she would take virtually anything you’d throw at her after that! The secret was to make her not peek too early and that is why I loved making this film as I think I got it just right… getting 25 minutes out of this was perfect timing and the “cool down” with the cream at the end was the icing on the cake (for me). This is definitely one of those films you will love to see again and again for your “viewing pleasure”.


Oh, and before I forget, the winner of the caption competition is below, it was a hard process but I saw this caption early on and it amused me and as I was a big fan of “Bewitched” when I was a kid… I thought this caption was appropriate for making me giggle (at least). Well done Baz… I shall be mailing you your codes after this and you’ll be able to enjoy seeing the saga of Kami’s latest punishment unfold. Thank you to everyone that entered, thanks for making my choice difficult! 🙂

Danielle Hunt becomes a naughty Girl Guide!

Our latest film is now out for members to download and I have a nice little preview of what yoiu can expect, the later part of the film has some excellent bath brush and paddling scenes of Danielle’s lovely rump! It is no surprise that all the girls LOVE to be punished in this uniform as they look so damned cute in them, don’t they? & of course I love spanking the girls in this… it’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it! *sigh*

Danielle gets her 1st spanking for being rubbish at ironing!

So here are some behind the scenes extras and a nice preview of what is out right now! Danielle, as I said, looks so cute and innocent in that girl guide uniform, trying to earn her domestic badge but she’s hopeless at ironing and has tested my patience to the extreme as I should have had my white shirt an age ago! This film shows her briefly trying to iron before I come in, give her hell and within 30 seconds her panties are pulled down and the discipline commences, so no big build up, it’s not necessary 🙂

Danielle tries to iron my shirt!

Below: check out this free clip of an early spanking scene before I really show her some discipline with a paddle and my fave implement, the dreaded bath brush!

This film was shot quite quickly and towards the end of the filmshoot, it was the 1st of 2 films I did with Danielle in this costume… the 2nd was a kitchen scene, and although I don’t have the images to hand, think it was with her on all 4’s getting paddled, I can’t wait to get that one out too… I’m sure you will all approve! So back to this film, I have some screen grabs from the film, they are reduced quality but you will get the idea of what happens and of course, the bath brush!






If you like seeing girls punished in this unform then you will no doubt know that there are many more punishment films available for downlaod right now inside the members area! CLICK HERE for the extensive tour pages so you can see for yourself. Good night! Chief.

2 Brand New Spanking Updates

Sorry I had been away, I had been so busy and getting up so early thsi week, I was told at work that this really was a one off nightmare scenario and that it couldn’t possibly keep happening, however, as I see Greece slowly drag down the economies of Europe… and my poor football club, possibly… finally being bought after 8 long awful horrendous months of Administration and all the false dawns that created… well, I don’t hold out much for having another crap week at work next week as they undepay and overwork me… promising so much etc.

Such is life nowadays in the new world order that is dictated by corporate and human greed. So enough of my ramblings… let’s get on with the updates this week, starting with my own site and the (if I say so myself) excellent film of me and Leia in an impromptu movie about her tweeting and abusing me when she “accused” me of stuffing myself full of cake (actually, talking of greed, I probably did, lol!)

However, as I am well over a stone lighter (that’s about 17-20 Pounds in American money) right now… or about 10Kg if you’re one of those Europeans or trendy folk that love metric… watching this film again was a giggle for me and I had forgotten just how mean I was to gorgeous Leia (who scrubs up well, don’t you think?)… read on and there is also a good freeview HD clip to enjoy, I’ll give you some more info on this film later.

Leia called me “Cakeboy” on Twitter and got a serving of the heaviest thickest strap and “that” bathbrush all the ladies hate with a vengeance!

Near the end of this particular film shoot, Leia was reminded by me about the previous night’s tweet on her Twitter account describing me as a “Cakeboy” with a #fatbastard tag implying thatI had been a little too eager with the “All you can eat” option around the dessert area of the restaurant we had frequented. I didn’t forget her half drunken tweet and brought it up in converstaion during the filmshoot and decided to use this as an excuse to give Leia another good OTK spanking and to test out a couple more of my newly acquired implements, especially a nasty double thick leather strap that hurt like hell and really didn’t need much of a swing to grab any foolish tweeting madam writing “filthy lies” about my eating habits… (ok, maybe not all lies!) But I wasn’t finished there as she got some additional punishing whacks with my famed dreaded bathbrush, which was not what Leia really wanted at the end of a full day’s filming! This was an impromptu movie, these are often the best and this is definitely one of my favorites, I hope you like it too!





The above images were screen shots from the film and what’s more, as I said earlier, I used a really thick nasty strap that I had never used on any girl before this film shoot, and Leia was a great sport, taking it across her bare bottom. I really didn’t have to whap this one too hard, or she’d have gone through the window, which wouldn’t have been ideal… I mean, apart from the mess, there would be all sorts or recriminations, possible jailtime and so on… so I measured just how much she could take, knowing that I wanted to use the bathbrush, a totally different sensation, but one which would give a different buzz… I think , when those of you who are members, or prospective members who want to see more of Leia’s films with us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just what a good little movie this turned out to be in the end! Yup! That’ll teach her to insinuate that I’m a greedy fat git!

* Note – the strap I used was so thick and inflexible that most girls I had come across refused to be punished with it, it really is a monster, so fair play to Leia for taking this… but remember, she has buns of steel and takes judicial style canings and cold canings… so this would probably have been a walk in the park 🙂

Check out the FREEVIEW Bathbrush Clip HERE and see for yourself


OK, I have a special free exclusive 1st show of the very latest offering from Greg, aka “The Mystery Spanker” from Bunbeatingfun.com who let me view and preview the full film of beautiful bratty Heather Monroe (below) before it is just about to go on release

He admitted to me, it was one of his finest spankings, and I have to fully concur. Heather was a little special, stunning, in fact, as are most of his models that he gets in, but Heather was a real brat in much need of his unique corrective therapy when she starts to piss him off with her diva-esque behavior…. and of course, the rest, as we all know, will not bode well for yet another tearful girl, spanked for the first time…. something she should have had done to her a “long time ago”. I fully understand why Greg was excited about this and couldn’t wait to share this before it’s release, just as I was “chuffed” with my film with Leia, I am sure you will be equally blown away by his relentless stinging spanking and the scenes of calming her down with iced water and ice cubes on her sore red bottom before her moist derriere is thrashed some more… with yelping results!






I was gonna review some more but will wait until tomorrow as I’m tired and actually the sites in question I lost my codes to, so will have to write to their customer support… oops! These things happen, right?

Hope you enjoyed these 2 movies though! Back tomorrow. Chief

Exclusive Spanking Clips

Shhh! Here’s a secret spanking update no one else will have as it’s just been released & stars Kami Robertson in a cracking role as a girl guide thrashed severely for cheating! Read on, it’s a little “belter” (literally)…

I’m posting this at my other blogs as well as here as I wanted to quickly show you just what is available outside of AAAspanking at the moment but produced by us and currently only available from the Clips Store as way of making our little store a little more interesting! There are already several exclusive clips starring Jasmine Lau, Sarah Gregory and 1st shows with Leia Ann Woods and Irelynn Logeen… (please do check out the “Cake Boy” film too which I loved making!) well… now there’s a brand new full movie or clips option – of Kami Robertson… we will eventually show this on the main site but it could be several months yet… and we are planning on showcasing more content here as well as providing the HD movies on our main site, so there’s lots of exclusively produced spanking goodness going on for those just after the odd film or 2 every now and then and some of these will not be available anywhere but this store making it a more attractive proposition to visit, I hope!

Now… I have to say seeing Kami in that British authentic blue Girl Guides uniform getting thrashed… well! *swoon*

Wait…! I *DID* see her, in fact, I did much more than that and gave her a thorough spanking, strapping and used the dreaded bath brush on her tight pert behind! Seriously, Kami has the perkiest butt… wiggling provocatively as it is punished, I hope those of you who check out this movie will agree! Sorry to tease you all, but here are a few images taken directly from this movie available in MP4 format to download HERE


Kami Robertson – possessor of one of the most spankable butts in Britain: FACT!



OK, it wouldn’t be fair of me not to give you a decent little preview, but remember that the full film is well over 15 minutes long and there’s some great strapping and bath brush punishment scenes, the below is only a taster of what you can expect! Enjoy! I most certainly did!

 The FULL Movie also comes in 2 shorter parts, the decision what to download is yours!

Spanking the Aussies!

What a way to retain the Ashes! Apologies to my American chums and European readers who don’t know what the hell I’m on about but as a red blooded Englishman it is my duty to gloat, no SHOUT OUT England’s magnificent win in Melbourne earlier today to retain our cherished Ashes! See the report on the image below:

Sadly I don’t have any new or recently updated images of Australian girls getting spanked so the title of this post is pretty meaningless, I just wanted to say “Spanking the Aussies” one more time! (There goes my remaining 15 readers from “Down Under”)…

& onto the bare bottom spankings and have I got some cracking images and clips for you to peruse over today! First from the ever improving FirmHandSpanking is one of my favaorite new girls (well, she’s been around most of the year now), the perky Goldie Rosemont who I’d love to have misbehave so I could give her a proper thrashing in private… when Firm Hand do their bathroom scenes, you know there will be plenty of embarrassing nudity and hard punishments a plenty and Goldie gets dragged to the bathroom along the floor by Reform School’s Eric Strickman and then she is mouth soaped (which she hates) then given the hard wooden bath brush across her bared and soaped up quivering sore red cheeks! Why? Because she was overheard using filthy unladylike language on the phone! See the long play clip I had made yesterday at TEEN SPANKING TUBE or click image below directly for the instant playback!

Images below are some HQ photos taken from the film!

This is the description of the movie given directly by FirmHandSpanking themselves, and I can’t argue with their proud write up of this hard sexy spanking film!

“Rarely has one girl’s bottom bounced so magnificently under a bath-brush spanking! See Goldie Rosemont’s bare cheeks quiver as they’re wetted down for 61 smacks from Reform School principal Eric Strickman. Using the ‘F’ word earns her a mouth-soaping, then a tough spanking with an unyielding wooden brush. “Those shouts were real,” said Goldie!”

I’ll be back with another update later, I got to take the grandkids to feed the birdies down the local lake! :))) Ah, the joys of Holidays, eh? (looking forward to it, actually!!!)