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Melody gets a hard humiliating spanking

I am sorry I wasn’t back here sooner, this update was partially prepared so I will get it out as it contains news of the latest 15 minute hard spanking video to come from AAAspanking.com – it features a welcome return of Melody Nore. Sarah had just filmed with her for all the SG sites and there is some amazing content to come, as I mentioned previously… but first, this interesting video deserves its time in the limelight. The storyline was a little fun to make but that was where the joviality ended as the role play became quite serious once the filming had begun. Which was perfect… as Melody wanted to get into the headspace of this scenario quickly. She was told to imagine she was one of those old school nurses that still dressed like one from the 1950’s… doing her rounds and she was basically a “Home help” so had keys to the houses if needed. A position of trust, right? So why did she insist on trying to take temperatures of all her patients and those in her care each and everytime… rectally!


Poor unsuspecting Melody was about to meet her match when (unknown to her), John Osborne was visiting his twin brother (Jack) and after a long flight took a nap on the sofa only for nurse Melody to let herself in and this is where the film starts… with John sleeping and the nurse thinking that this is Jack… so she is preparing herself with latex gloves and wielding the thermometer and a small tub of vaseline… this isn’t going to end well is it? Melody played this role perfectly, almost too well, I hasten to add the look of concentration on her face was frightening…. when I viewed this for the first time after an edit (this was made over a year ago at the Crimson Moon Spanking party in Chicago) I laughed as she was so serious… creeping up on me… my eyes were shut and I had no idea!!! (heh heh)

mel002 mel003 mel004 mel005 mel006

There is a free preview of an early part to her spanking before a 2nd clip later with her taking a much harder hairbrush spanking!

[jwplayer mediaid=”43088″]

& so the mistaken identity, her mistake… and the revelation of what she had been doing to make John’s brother uneasy was all revealed. Time for this madam to get a taste of her own medicine. I remember at the time we had discussed temperature taking, but (believe it or not) I preferred to have it as a “threat” – it got wielded on several occasions and I much preferred that this film be about physical retribution… with a good hard no nonsense spanking and implement punishment. Melody can take a lot of punishment so the hairbrush and bathbrush, both used with thuddy and stinging force REALLY got the message across… as you’ll see! Redhead Melody’s bottom started to mark up from the hand spanking but this was just the warm up… as I said, much worse was to come and (fair play to Melody, being the pain slut that was was… took it all rather well!)


Check out more images and a free clip of what is available this week for members at the site – as well as 2 download options for immediate viewing via the 2 Clips Stores… links for all that are at the bottom of this post.

mel008 mel009 mel010 mel011 mel012 mel013 mel014 mel015 mel016 mel017 mel018 mel019 mel020 mel021 mel022

John was visiting his twin brother, Jack, whilst on a long overseas trip… Jack wasn’t too well and had said some worrying things to tell John about his new home help nurse, Melody. John was tired so took a nap on the couch but was rudely awoken a little later with the home help nurse, Melody, trying to take his temperature rectally. Now John knew what his brother was worried about, she was obsessed with this medical procedure! Melody didn’t realize her mistake, thinking it was Jack until John pulled her over his lap and gave her a damned good spanking. Jack never did that! He wasn’t happy at all and used a couple of brushes on Melody’s cute, pert bouncing bare bottom. She protested but John threatened to take her temperature “that way” too if she didn’t accept her discipline punishment… by the time it was over, Melody’s ass was an angry shameful red. This video will appeal to those that like to see a hard hand, hair & bath brush spanking of a girl in a delightful retro style nursing uniform!


Check out the FREE Clip of Melody’s punishment (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”43087″]



Or try the downloads from the AAA Clips Stores (below)




I promise to be back tomorrow with update news across a multitude of sites and updates at more of my blogs, it’s gonna be a busy day!!!

Kami Robertson & Danielle Hunt caned VERY Hard!

Every now and then, I dine out on a specific spanking model and check out her work across a whole group of sites! Anyone that knows me will know how I rate Kami… I have worked with her more than any other model and hope to continue doing so! I’m gonna have to include her at some point on the “It’s all about the ass” feature as she has that most amazing wiggle that just gets me everytime I see her react! I have just released a double feature alongside the equally awesome Danielle Hunt, these 2 made a fantastic twosome and I really loved the results of this film despite filming in a horrendous space that was almost impossible to light properly but the result is still far better than I anticipated and alongside a storyline which really meant something to me (I’ll explain in a mo) and the hard punishment the girls got in their school uniforms… this is a film that schoolgirl – caning and naked girl discipline lovers will adore… as it has the lot!

The latest film at AAAspanking.com “Disciplina Scholaris” starring Kami Robertson & Danielle Hunt.

OK, there’s a free link HERE to a short clip, this wasn’t the caning scene but the nasty warm up for the cane with the dreaded bathbrush that all the girls I’ve used this thing on HATE with a vengeance, this kept both Danielle and Kami in the zone, so to speak,as I really did give them a good hard caning, if I hadn’t warmed them up this way they’d have had severely welted asses for the remainder of the day and it would have ruined the filming… but be under no illusion, this was a HARD punishment they took! Check out some images below which are taken from the film and I’ll let you know why the storyline I came up with (which is shown in quoted text between the images) was personal for me 🙂




These girls were sent to the bottom of the Punishment Landing during their “Double Latin” period for cheating in Miss Hawkings weekly classroom exam. In class, to save time, all the girls were given the trust of marking each others papers but these 2 cheaters had taken advantage of the good nature of their Latin teacher and ticked correctly such childish examples as “Mickus Mousus & Biggus Dickus”. Danielle & Kami were full of remorse when they heard Mr Osborne tell them they were going to be caned… and caned “in extremis” but first the girls had a nasty warm up with a very stinging bath brush that just caused them more pain and pleading that they had learnt their lesson! The girls were finally stripped of their uniforms and made to perform the steps of shame, their bottoms quivering from the recent severe thrashing as they stood on the landing of the main school stairway, nude, trembling and close to tears as they knew all the girls in the school would be coming out of class anytime soon and be able to see the latest victims in this final humiliation on the Punishment Landing! This is one English style hard caning schoolgirl movie you will not want to miss!







When we make up the stories or play with model fantasies… most are related in some way to real events… in this case, this event where the girls cheated in the Latin Lesson happened to me! Our teacher at the time allowed us to mark our tests, they were quick but supposed to be a way of keeping us all up to date, well, a few of us soon took advantage of this trust and wrote down answers like “Mickus Mousus” and ” Biggus Dickus” or “Incontinentia Buttockus” as it was around the time that Monty Python’s Life of Brian was out at the cinema (ah, memories… lol!) Anyway, needless to say we got caught out and were humiliated as the teacher read out sternly our rubbish answers which had the rest of class tittering! However, I didn’t get my bare bottom thrashed as Kami and Danielle did in this film!

The first parts and a very full image file are already out in HD at the site HERE (we bring out at least 1 new film every week and this is a 17 minute spanking and caning fest!)

However, if you really can’t wait or are scared of membership sites (even though for one low non recurring price we have about 70 HD films now available!!!) – then I have uploaded the full film at our clips store HERE already and I can see that there are some downloads taken place and who can blame them? Kami and Danielle are fantastic in this film! Check out the direct link to it below!

Have a good one and I’ll be back with more Kami and other naughty girl updates elsewhere tomorrow 🙂

Happy Holiday Weekend

I’m away at the mo but instead of not posting, I thought you’d like to check out the following galleries and such from some selected sites that contains all the spanking goodness we’ve come to expect on here! So enough of my waffle, enjoy these galleries! Have a great weekend and I’ll try get back and post something myself more personal on Monday.

From Clare’s sites, to celebrate Independance Day weekend, why not a good old fashioned tustle between Brit babe Sophie Nova and Californian honey, Hollie Stevens? Bring out the Red White & Blue!

More galleries from recent films at My Spanking Room Mate (below)

The Following galleries below are all from GirlSpanksGirl.com covering the strict, sensual and erotic spanking sections contained within this site!

& from my favorite site of Clare’s – SpankedCallgirls.com – you get to see “Momma Clare” get a good “whupping” too as well as dishing it out to her sometimes deserving and nasty girls or the sweet newbies that Clare just loves to prey on, like Lindsay Meyers… who I have featured below (she just looks so cute and innocent in her glasses, but that’s the act Clare wants us punters to fall for to pay Top Dollar for her girls!) I’m sold! 🙂

Clare gets it good too from Miss Chris (ouch!)

& poor Miss Meyers gets it from Clare on her various visits…

All the above sites can be viewed as part of the infamous CLARE FONDA PASS (choose your number of sites you want to see and use one set of codes to access the sites for your convenience!)

OK, have a good one, back soon! Chief


PS. Don’t forget to check our AAA Spanking Store, later today at 1PM US East Coast time…
There’s a $4.99 movie with Leia-Ann Woods & a nasty hairbrush coming up!!! NOT to be missed!

Tom Fires Michael & other Spanking News

I could hardly believe it, I knew there was unrest with members at Girls-Boarding-School.com – comments left by disgruntled folk wanting to see more of Headmaster Tom doing what he did perfectly… but they had endured Michael for too long. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes I liked seeing Michael punishing the girls, I had featured his paddling & spanking of the very tearful (and absolutely stunning) Micaela… a fellow Swede, as I recall – he actually got some praise in this one, although there were the voices against him who didn’t care what he did, he would always be wrong… but if you have forgotten, take a look at the posts I wrote about her punishment HERE and decide for yourself if Michael did a good job!

So, back to the momentous occasion, whether it’s a publicity stunt, or what… we will see, but Tom is back! Watch out girls! (No, seriously…. watch out, he’s mean!) So to mark this occasion, my tube site at Teen Spankings has the full movie of Michael’s dismissal (or you can view it right now below), it’s both humorous and has a final bitter bath brush punishment from Michael on one smirking girl who says “Goodbye” to him as he is packing his bags! Don’t miss it… it’s a good way to spend 8-9 minutes whilst having your morning cup of coffee! I’ve included a couple of scenes of Michael taking it out on one of the gloating schoolgirls as well! 🙂

See who Headmaster Tom has punished since Michael’s firing – CLICK HERE


OK, next up is a post I was going to do yesterday but I had so many issues with a failing power supply due to excessive thunder that I cut the post short (which annoyed me somewhat) still, today it’s back to normal so here is the little homage to Sarah at SpankingSarah.com where I attempted to and am now writing about her various roles at her site: From spankee to spanker and a very naughty girl that just can’t keep her fingers away from her pussy ?(often trimmed NOT shaven, which I like), or in fact embraces all manner of sexual activity included in her spanking punishments… if you like to see sex AND spankings, then this is one site you should bookmark! Check out some varied content I found to showcase what I’m blabbering on about, these are just some of the High Quality images taken from the films (they are not screen grabs but represent what’s in the films!)

Sarah is a keen photographer and takes no crap from her models that mess her around!

Sarah caught playing with herself whilst camping by the grumpy farmer who has other ideas!!!

Sarah’s 1st ever bare bottom birching – these are HD screen images from her groundbreaking atmospheric movie!

There are some great free preview clips and I still think the one with the birch is available on Sarah’s tour pages HERE


Now I love Clare to bits… so if I get my act together and can afford to go to the Shadowlane Party in September, I shall be sure to look out for “Momma”… even if it’s just to say “hello, and spank you very much!” – Well, here’s a little taster of what Clare has been filming recently and also a wee little delve into her archives at her gorgeous GirlSpanksGirl.com website for which I am always hovering in and around for my fix! Check out these little gems and treats I have for you today!

1st up: From GirlSpanksGirl.com – a classic girl bottom spanking and temperature taking in and around the time she shot one of her Exclusive Education series of films, I think this was from the 2nd… and of course, I love temp takings mixed with the spankings! A very short clip and some images are below, enjoy!

Check out the 3 sections of Erotic, Sensual & Discipline that make up GirlSpankedGirl.com HERE

I had mentioned before that Snow Mercy had brought in one of her real life friends, Sophia Locke… who was kind of new to all the online spanking stuff, but she is a genuine looker that has that girl next door feel about her which is such a seller and of course with Snow being there, she was at ease to recall her spanking stories as she grew up and here we see Snow playing her Mom in a classic “get out of bed” spanking that so many naughty girls received! For me, it’s an excuse to show you in & out of her bed getting an OTK spanking, mmm!

I also had a little delve into the archives of SpankedCallgirls.com earlier today and since I was writing about temperature takings, I thought I’d share this little beauty of a film with you starring Clare and a hot girl I’d never seen before (how did I miss this?) called Makenzie! The californian surfer chick look and tanned , toned skin couldn’t stop Momma Clare from checking this naughty girl’s temperature… rectally and giving her a chastising spanking for her troubles! Check out the images below and then the news I have for you which I’m excited about!

IMPORTANT NEWS: Clare once again meets her match with Miss Chris making a welcome return!

This movie has just been released at Spankedcallgirls.com and is a classic role reversal as Miss Chris confronts Clare about the treatment in the past (again) of her daughter, who is now well out of Clare’s clutches… and also she knows about some of the other girls under Clare’s control so gives this Momma a real hard nasty spanking of her own… which looks awesome and I can’t wait to see more but I’m out of time to write here today, but you can view this movie now online at SpankedCallgirls.com

Two years ago Chris found out her daughter (played by Jenni Mack) was dabbling in prostituion. She spanked Jenni and her friend Sarah Gregory very hard and made Clare take a thrashing right next to them. This was very humiliating for Clare. She has never forgotten it and she is horrified to find Miss Chris waiting for her in her living room for a little catch-up visit which includes a slut spanking to die for!