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Latest Update News at AAA Spanking

I have news of the 2 most recent movie updates now showing at AAA Spanking and they both feature 2 new girls including one not seen on any spanking website until now! As well as the updates, I have a series of early show images taken from 2 recent film shoots that I had just complated in the UK. These 2 separate shoots are the first of many planned in the UK for this year so watch our for lots more amazing content that we are known for – coming soon.

But first here are the very latest films now showing at the site, with the most recent showing first! So please welcome Kali Danes in her first showing at AAA Spanking in a special 3 scene feature that has her spanked in 3 positions, by hand, Compliance Discipline strap (made by renowned Ouch UK) and a thick leather razor strop for a fitting finale. Kali can take quite a punishment and welcomed one of our favorite male tops, Johnny Lake, to turn her bottom an angry red… a challenge Johnny relished!

Introducing Kali Danes

Say “hello” to Kali Danes. Please welcome another stunning debut performance at Triple A of a real lifestyle player. Nothing entertains submissive Kali more than pleasing her male tops – showcasing an amazing tolerance level that she possesses during impact play. She chose to work with one of our favorite male performers, Johnny Lake, at a recent party. You will watch her take a hard spanking and strapping in three seperate scenes and each one is packed full of action. No long introductory dialogue or storyline, just the spanking from the start between a couple who make for wonderful viewing.

In Scene One: Kali is spanked over Johnny’s knee, her bottom is already glowing as we join them mid flow, no warm ups, no talking, just good old fashioned hard,hand spanking. For lovers of OTK this is a must see.

In Scene Two: Kali is bent over a couch, her bare bottom exposed to the hard administrations of Johnny’s leather Compliance Discipline Strap. This strap stings like hell and it is used a whopping 200 times without stop as Kali takes each and every swat given to her.

In Scene Three: Kali has her bottom stuck out and her back fully arched. The cheeks of her bottom are stretched more in this precarious position as she is given a similar relentless tempo of 70 measured, severe follow through swats with Johnny’s trusted thick double edged Leather Strop.

Watch the free preview at AAA Spanking HERE

Or download the full length film at the AAA Clip Store (click image below)

Fae’s tearful Spanking & Diapering

Fae is new to any dedicated spanking website…  she is best known for being one of the best known cover girls at ABDL Dreams – naturally, over the past few years, both Sarah & I have really loved the crossover of ageplay and especially age regression/humiliation scenarios that spanking and diapering brings during a punishment roleplay! Fae is local to Sarah and is available for custom work! Just take a look at this stunning debut performance as Fae gets a spanking and diapering from her mommy, played by Miss Bernadette, in this delightful late 1960’s style. Wetting her knickers at school to get out of schoolwork has dire consequences… as you’ll see (below).

We are proud to bring you yet another new first time performance from one of the ABDL world’s best loved performers, Fae. This is a fantastic debut as she is dressed in a cute authentic school uniform, in a believable late 1960’s setting. Naughty Fae has been wetting herself at school, and mommy finds out, believing that her daughter is using this excuse to get out of exams, tests and leave classes. She confronts her after school and gives her a chance to own up but Fae tries to cover up her obvious shame and lies to her mother. This doesn’t bode well for her as mommy explains that she knows everything, telling her what will happen next.

Fae receives a humiliating over the knee bare bottom spanking as her regulation knickers, with double cotton gusset protection, are pulled down. Soon her cheeks are burning red as the hairbrush is also used to properly tan this deceitful little madam! The final part of this punishment involves severe age regression as her private parts are powdered and she is placed into a large, old fashioned white diaper. She can not move without the embarrassing sound of the padded outer layers crinkling… she can barely look at mommy! Then Fae endures a final scolding and embarrassing spanking on all fours, still wearing her fresh diaper, to remind her not to act like a baby. She should learn to grow up when she is at school or she will endure more punishments like this at home!

aaa spanking

Watch the free preview at AAA Spanking HERE

Or download the full length film at the AAA Clip Store (click image below)

If you haven’t seen my recent tweets, then you will have missed some early preview shots (these images are taken with my phone but they are pretty good as you’ll see). many of these shots were taken as we were filming and not staged, so this is what you’ll see… some images are naturally some fun images that show you what we got up to behind the scenes!

Film shoot with Zoe Page & Lucy Lauren

What can I say? These two ladies were simply awesome! Zoe has worked with us many times but Lucy made her first appearance and they produced one of the most visually stunning spankings I’ve filmed in a while from a new uniform series called “Spanko Air” this will chart the lives of various flight attendant spankings scenarios… in believable uniforms (not costumes, which are just tacky… I hope you appreciate the effort we put into this!) – We also shot scenes outside for our other sites with yet another real soccer uniform… anyone care to guess which English professional team this was loosely based on and why? & of course, lots of other amazing stuff filmed including schoolgirl spankings and more content for our forthcoming Intimate Spanking site (coming soon!) – Enjoy!

A few days later I filmed with Lola Marie once more, she is one of my favorite ladies to work with and she did NOT disappoint… including a first time mouthsoaping and some pretty hard canings at the end with her restrained in a humiliating naked caning punishment! We also filmed a cracking outdoor/indoor two part schoolgirl discipline movie… with a great new uniform! Check it out!

So plenty to look forward to, I think you will agree!!!

We’re back… if somewhat lighter in posts!

Warning: Bad language follows!

soapbox rant blogJust a brief announcement to say after the fucker who hacked the blog has now showed up a few security issues, it’s all tightened up. The upshot is I have lost all data since August (when I changed hosting company) thanks to this absolute c*nt who used a Brazilian IP address. Piracy I can put up with, it’s what we deal with daily and so be it… and unless there’s a site rip (which really does harm any website – don’t let them say otherwise) then.. meh! Let them jerk off their tiny appendages with their small victories… But those individuals, those vandals that just go round and kill people’s work, their livelihoods… fuck them! I’d like to think that this was probably some obese teenage kid from Ohio, in his basement who got bored of jerking off to some gimp porn or Star Wars forum and decided to pick on some random sites instead to feel good about the fact he can’t get out of that comfy armchair! This blog and another I run from the same server were targeted. We are still checking stuff in case he has hidden something else which will kill the sites again.

Well, this has only made me look at things differently. I had a shit Xmas and New Year thanks to this c*nt… thinking 10 years had been wiped just like that. This was a nasty hack and a nasty shock and wake up call, anyway, all is sorted, it took a while and I thank you for your patience.

Oh, and to the British authorities who think keeping data on some third party company’s server to verify that you are over 18 with all your details, ID and browsing habits… that is going to go so well, isn’t it? Wake the fuck up… I hear of people getting server hacks all the time and had only ever experienced it once before (about 10 years ago whilst working for someone else at the time). Nothing is ever truly secure but for your information, companies that use credit card billing like CCBill for our sites, they have multiple layer security and it’s pretty well darned good… something I am sure some depeatment/Quango in the UK have not even dreamed exists yet! (sighs)

OK, soapbox rant over. I will get back to you and somehow try to get these awards going as well at some point though it may take me a week, please bear (bare?) with me, okay?

PS. It’s great to be back! Go check out the archives of the blog and give it some love… there’s been some great content and updates I’ve covered over the many years. Use that search box in the right column and have some fun!

Preparation & Behind the scenes of a typical FilmShoot

Today’s post is about the trials and tribulations behind a film shoot and some of the pitfalls you may not always be aware of, that affect us producers…

I’m not sure if some of you were aware but I had just recently returned from a few days away filming with my good friend, Paul Kennedy, as we had planned a double shoot with Aleesha Fox and Ella Hughes. It was at an English south coast location… or “God’s Waiting Room” as Paul politely put it… a sleepy village/small town by the sea where retirees far outnumbered the local youth. Anyway, preparations for me in England are always a pain since if I do produce content now in the UK for SG Group (AAA & Sarah Gregory) it’s usually a long drawn out affair of preparation and travel and it really tires me out, I need a full day to recover when I get back… maybe more – especially if it is a longer shoot. Example: even as I am writing this I am FTP-ing (sending) the raw film data to her server for editing… 17 Gigs of data just doesn’t upload easily all by itself which I had to go through and organize and describe what needed to be done… more post shoot tedium *sigh*
Anyway… Plans were for a 2 day film shoot but Paul and I were splitting the time a little and I was to do mainly the second day myself with Paul helping. That was the plan…

So… have you ever wondered what it is we have to do in advance and ensure it all goes smoothly and what it’s like on the day?

Our best laid plans can always go south, it’s a risky undertaking each and every time… still! Those that think we just find girls, point and shoot, easily edit and upload then sit back on pots of gold are seriously deluded! Of course we all need money to recoup over time and it would be nice to make something extra (a lot extra would be a bonus) as I think I would plough more back into the sites anyway… I usually do 🙂

OK… in advance, I had films and ideas planned, they usually take shape later when I see the actual location if it’s new… which this was, but I also usually have extensive model pre communication by email/text… this was a little different as I admit this time I left most of this to Paul dealing with Ella and Aleesha. I had my last minute tax returns I still hadn’t sorted out which was on my mind and I was getting stressed over those… yes, that was my own fault. It’s all sorted now, thankfully!
However, some mails were sent (if a little later than I would normally send them) re costume requirements and introductions (this would be my first time with Ella – which I was rather excited about) and I couldn’t wait to meet up with Aleesha again… before I left, I ensured my site was sufficiently updated and I had access to my mail account to answer support enquiries and keep an eye on sign ups etc… I packed my bag with what was required for the girls and myself.


Then I placed this and the camera equipment, lights, implements and other equipment needed for the shoot into the back of my car.

shoot02 shoot03

Of course, the car needed fuel… the tank was empty, so I filled up with what I thought I’d get away with (just about) on my round trip which came to a more reasonable £52 Pounds or so… the tank wasn’t full… I paid 1.04 p/litre – which I guess at the time of travelling wasn’t too bad, a lot better than the ridiculous £1.35 or more I had been paying only 6 weeks ago… still, oil prices are based in Dollars and currently the US Dollar is very strong against most currencies, incl. the Pound (it’s only about $1.50 to £1 at the moment!) So gas prices would have been under a Pound/litre by now which would be a psychological boost to us hard pressed drivers in the UK.

shoot04 shoot05

It was amusing that as I had just filled my car with gas… Sarah messaged me that her gas prices has fallen below $2/gallon. I then worked out our prices and the litre/US Gallon conversion and texted her back that mine was a whopping $5.97/gallon in comparison and I didn’t mind – even she knew it was a lot better as I had been moaning about $7.50-8.00/Gallon prices previously! OK… so at the risk of boring you senseless about gas prices… Before I drove off I remembered to stock up on cash from the ATM for the girls (I had taken out some the previous day too). The drive was a good 3-4 hours with a long afternoon lunch break in an American themed diner which just made me miss Sarah even more… the meal was terrible and fatty (see my burger pic, below) and I was back on the A and B Roads which were not all that much fun when getting stuck in heavy Friday traffic or behind a slow moving truck with no way of passing: So there was no quick route to my destination… I wanted to get there before dark but I messed that up and met Paul at the rented house for the weekend at around 6pm – meaning, yup… it was dark. And miserably cold!

shoot06 shoot07 shoot08

Out on the road, the burger stop… and unpacking the bags/lighting on arrival

shoot09 shoot10

Paul and I went out to a local pub (it ended up being the place to eat at) and did some shopping at a local CO-OP store for extra provisions, like sandwiches, refreshments etc… and a bottle of red wine for me (and a bottle of white for Paul). The following day Aleesha and Ella arrived on time and we caught up on gossip and introduced ourselves to Ella (who was every bit as lovely in person as her published pics). Paul wanted more stills in between his films so the morning was pretty relaxed with more filming in the afternoon including a couple for my site. I haven’t got preview pics for all these and might do an additional post on that in due course, but the object of this one is to give you a rough insight on what we got up to… all images here in this post were taken from my phone.

shoot11 shoot12 shoot13 shoot16

I wanted to concentrate on a few POV films, which aren’t always the easiest for models to do…. I could feel Ella wasn’t comfortable with the idea so changed it slightly with my first being a fantastic double for AAA and POV – a sort of peeping tom/spying movie for POV which split with cam angles in 2 scenes. the first POV scene was the actual spanking Aleesha was giving out to Ella on the sofa… a really long and more traditional OTK film (in fact both Paul and I were keen to make this a shoot with real spanking values…. less chat from us or the top/Aleesha and more about the spanking which I think we achieved rather well!!!) the POV aspect would be from your perspective looking on as someone spying on the punishment from a door, ajar, and opened even more to get a look at the action… until Aleesha caught the viewer peeping and the 2nd scene was the scolding and continued punishment which was given with the promise that it would be the viewer’s turn next over her lap. Then we did the OTK scene again for AAA with Aleesha spanking Ella with a hairbrush with 2 cam angles for the ending of that film.

shoot15 shoot14

I also wanted to show you just how great Ella looked in that vintage tennis outfit that Paul had her wear for his site! Isn’t she just adorable? & of course, I just *had* to do a vintage girl guide spanking film – Now don’t you think Ella looked lovely in that blue uniform too? Oh my!


There were more films and photo shoots throughout the day, I filmed a couple of excellent POV films with Aleesha and Ella did another “scolding the viewer” for trying to look up her skirt and wanting to spank her… there was a price for that which she would only be too happy to carry out – on what would be your perspective as a spankee! 🙂

More behind the scenes stuff I managed to take with my phone…

shoot17 shoot18

That was all the great stuff… now as the day was drawing to a close… Ella seemed a little worried that she might bruise and mark up as she had told us she had an “important” published shoot on Tuesday (her words) – that’s today at the time of writing. Now, Ok… I would think if 2 companies were taking time out to meet you for the 1st time and you were attending a spanking shoot over 2 days and agreed this in advance with the producers (for which there would be a fair renumeration for 2 days work, locally) then having some “important” shoot a few days later wasn’t, at best, ideal. Now hear me out, please!


I know Ella is young (only 19) and this does happen to girls who like to work a lot between various fetish work as they are keen and excited to get as much done as they can – and I fully understand that… but to say “important” about a another shoot (actually it was just a Paul Raymond mag deal… didn’t even know they still did jazz mags nowadays!) and warning us about maybe watching how it goes on a shoot? … yikes! That really is NOT what we wanted to hear. I know other producers would not be pleased or want to hold back either. Are we also not important? That made me and Paul feel “great!” (that was ironic for my American readership). As I know, this is where older girls who have worked longer in the scene know the score. I guess it is our fault… I usually ask the girls if they are planning anything else around that time. I guess it’s a reminder to do that again in future!


I loved seeing this both ways… love that stag!!!

So this is where our shoot ended after Day one. Paul received a text in the early morning apologizing but her bottom was far more bruised than she had anticipated and felt another day would be too much. Oops! … now I had filmed a few movies … and this was to be mainly my day with Ella (the reason I drove 4 hours out of my way and spent a weekend in God’s Waiting Room sleeping in a tiny box room away from my comfy double bed and planned this with Paul) so I have to admit I wasn’t best pleased… more disappointed, as I had gone though all my scenarios and was really excited to do some more traditional pajama and schoolgirl films that I wanted to film. Yes, you heard me – traditional! less chat, more spanking, nothing sexual blah blah blah…. I really wanted to get some great content together and now have to wait until my trip to America next month.

Views from God’s Waiting Roomville-on-sea

IMG_20150125_144923 IMG_20150125_185305_resized

So I will say to any girls out there… if you ARE planning on a film shoot with a spanking company, please do remember that you will need more time, usually, than a couple of days if you are concerned about a more vanilla style upcoming shoot afterwards. Don’t go accepting work after and cramming it in… it won’t work and it will not help you int he long term. I had planned on using Ella a few more times and also for Sarah Gregory (who was really excited too) but after hearing what happened… it’s hard. I rarely give second chances as life is too short. Girls – do NOT accept the job if you’re unsure, we can handle that if we know in advance. We don’t mind, let us know… In all honesty, I didn’t need to do this shoot at all: I have a MASSIVE filming schedule coming up in February and March which is gonna cost me a fortune and did this because Paul asked me and also it was a chance to meet Ella, finally… I didn’t want to procrastinate and be the last to film Ella after I got her work with Michael at Bars and Stripes previously (when he still owned it), or then find out she would have retired if I filmed her in June! – it’s happened before when I procrastinated on something and that is one thing I no longer want to do!

Ella is a lovely girl, she *can* take the spankings and I can assure you she was not getting a patty cake punishment later on by any means… but I am past caring about being mad now as I write this but this piece today was rather a journal for the weekend and am disappointed that it only contained One Day as I had been taking images and told Paul and the girls what I was planning on doing. Such was my enthusiasm…

So I leave a few words of advice for any prospective young or new spanking models out there. Watch your schedules. You cannot mix and match vanilla and fetish shoots like spanking within a day or 2 if you’re worried about marking up. Don’t impose these conditions on the spanking producers either… unless you want to be paid vanilla rates – and to be honest, that isn’t what any of the spanking sites I know are about. Anyway, what I have is quality stuff, as does Paul. Such is the beauty and enthusiasm of Ella at the shoot, I know there was no malice intended and I would work with her again… which is rare – as I usually have a rule, “let me down badly and that’s it” – I would blacklist that individual – life is far too short.
Aleesha was only booked for the one day as she had other commitments on the Sunday. So I packed all my stuff away, put away the scripts and cool pajama and cheergirl scenarios I had planned. Paul and I said our goodbyes (we’ll see each other in Los Angeles soon enough which is beyond cool and am super excited about that already).

shoot21 shoot22

Click image below, it is full size if you want to read about the Tolpuddle martyrs struggle


I decided to take a leisurely drive back and visited a couple of tourist spots, one being the old village of Tolpuddle… if you have heard of the “Tolpuddle Martyrs”, this was the place (Google it) the birthplace of trades unionism and rights for workers in the UK after a massive injustice was carried out in 1834 to those who marched against grinding poverty and starvation at the hands of the landowners (rather like today’s fat cat bankers) and I also visited the pretty market county town of Dorchester…


(I usually take the ring road if I am travelling near this area but wanted to check out the old town center once more) I spent an hour or so just walking around taking pics of the medieval and beautiful late 18th/early 19th century Georgian architecture.

Then the lonely trip back before it got dark!!! (I failed again)



& that is the fun and joys of a film shoot, even if it did get cut short a day!
I got to meet Paul, I got a few great films with Ella Hughes & Aleesha Fox

& it’s not long ’til I see Sarah – Not long now, baby! #YAY

Mandie Rae Filmshoot

Hi there… this is my brief report on my most recent adventures in the USA with some behind the scenes info on what members will be able to expect from my latest filmshoot for AAAspanking.com in some of my edgiest play yet in a long awaited filming session with the amazing Mandie Rae. I had been looking forward to filming with her, alongside Sarah Gregory, for ages! My only drawback, and I apologized to Mandie about this, was I woke in a real shitty mood and was unable to shake it off, probably due to my new found wonderful asthma which seems to be worsening… joy! So with little sleep and Sarah in the middle of her “Refresh” program… I was on edge. I got annoyed with myself over the smallest of things (that I was doing myself) and then realized that this was transferring to Mandie, who is a super girl and feeds off the vibes you give! It was the kick up the ass I needed as I had been so looking forward to working with her… perhaps I felt on edge over that? However, that was the only negative as I got my shit together to make some killer content, as well as helping Sarah make some amazing stuff too… seriously, when this content gets edited for both our sites – watch out!!!

Below are some images taken from the various films I made of naughty Mandie, none here are from Sarah’s site, but when I get a chance, I will let you know how that was too…I’m calling this the “delightfully edgy shoot” as I explored more rectal temp takings, a great schoolgirl peeing and punishment scene, another wheelbarrow membership… real tears and an awesome slut shaming film that helped tick off Mandie’s extensive and frighteningly long “bucket list” of things to do!


Robert Shore helped us out early on and I knew he and Mandie had good chemistry from their playtime recently at the BBW Party. This was my first film of the day and it featured an awesome OTK spanking and leather strapping scene as he caught his young wife stealing money from his accounts!


Then my only F/F scene of the day with Sarah and Mandie was next… Sarah played her older sister babysitting Mandie who is punished in her PJs… or were they her PJs? hmmm… you will find out soon enough!


The Wheelbarrow Club got a new member today! Welcome Girl Guide, Mandie Rae *smirk*


Another bedroom, PJ punishment film with the added twist of a humiliating temp taking! Yikes!


2 images to show you from the next film… Mandie takes a pee behind the school fence but she is caught by me and marched to the office for a very painful and tearful short sharp shock caning!


& finally the Slut Shaming film… Mandie was a real sport in this and took everything I threw at her (literally) – the tears soon flowed as this was a really dark domestic discipline film with me playing the frustrated and angry husband confronting his young wife coming home in slutty attire, worse for wear… I am waiting with a variety of implements and stinging rebukes that leaves her unable to answer back effectively! This was something that I wanted to try for sometime and Sarah admitted to me that it scared her… this is NOT a jolly film and it’s a real dark punishment – in addition to these films I did a few excellent POV ones too which I am looking forward to showing soon as well!


Please welcome Mandie to AAA! I promise you all, you will NOT be disappointed!


Check out news of my latest film being released later today in my next post… don’t go far now!

Latest Hot Spankings Updates!

Brazil-Flag-Art-Desktop-WallpaperI have been rather busy, believe it or not… so couldn’t get back to writing here sooner. Sorry about all that… I updated my site earlier today with a brand  new film which is pretty hot, with the lovely Adriana who speaks Portuguese (in fact she spent a lot of time in Brazil…) ah, poor Brazil, I still feel their pain and hurt over the World Cup. Perhaps they got a wake up call… now it’s all over, I can say that this was not a particularly great “Brasil” side of old… I’m not gloating, just look at my country’s pitiful performances by our overpaid wastrels… however, I have been there before and this is a topical film… I have a few Brazilian and Portuguese members, so I apologize in advance for Adriana’s potty mouth as she curses and swears at me in your beautiful native tongue, I could guess some of the words and phrases and I know that they were not praising me or my mother at all, lol! I remember seeing this as a fetish on Adriana’s Fetlife Profile account and so wanted to do a hard punishment film as she swore at me… we both got what we wanted as it was something neither of us had filmed before. I think you will like the results of this… I most certainly did! A huge video screen gallery of over 150 images and a 50 Image Stills set compliment the HD1080 movie release… see for yourself below:


“The Foul Mouthed Au Pair”

braz_aupair002 braz_aupair008

braz_aupair014 braz_aupair018

braz_aupair019 braz_aupair022

Hot Brazilian Au Pair, Adriana, was still mad from the humbling night she had watched her beloved Brazil get thrashed 7-1 by eventual Champions, Germany, in the World Cup Soccer Semi Final. This made her even more surly and aggressive and her work around the house that she was looking after just went from bad to worse! John could understand the shame of one’s country affecting judgement and behaviour, after all, he was English and his national team were even worse! However, this was no excuse to behave like some jumped up foul mouthed brat and he knew she needed discipline in the old fashioned way as soon as possible. He dragged her across his lap and started spanking her which turned the air blue with Portuguese expletives… her foul mouthed ranting continued as the punishments got harder across her young bare bottom when a leather paddle and a heavy wooden hairbrush were also used to teach this feisty madame that a little humility could go a long way! If you understand Portuguese, apologies in advance for the foul potty mouthed Adriana! “Vai Brasil!”


I have a few more images below, these are action shots taken from the film and unlike the images above which I got for you at the FULL size (exclusively early, of course, as I can!) – these images are reduced in size, but they’re still big enough for you to check out what actually happens!!

aupair008 aupair013 aupair022

aupair027 aupair031

aupair047 aupair061

aupair072 aupair082

aupair097 aupair105 aupair132



Just want to download the odd film? I understand… this great new addition has already been uploaded!
It’s available right now in 3 formats of your choice in HD1080 from The AAA Clips Store

click here for all the latest clips



& just in case you think that the hot films and updates don’t get any better (members will have noticed I caught up with a ton of image sets that were missing) – so there are at least 2 wheelbarrow spanking sets, a full intimate spanking set of gorgeous Casey Calvert and many more for you on top of the usual updates already this week!

& if that hasn’t helped… check out who is making her very last spanking internet appearance. After this next film, that’s it… I have saved one of her best films for last. Mishka Devlin’s final movie and image gallery will be available for members next week. I promise you this is an awesome little film, as you can see from the teaser image below – ahem! It is such a shame that she is now retired from the scene, but I am just glad I got to film with her when I did! As I know are you by all the requests that I get about her!

I haven’t decided on a title yet – she lied to me about being ill and didn’t want to go to school! This has not been the first time she has tried this trick so she got a humiliating rectal temp taking before getting spanked when it showed her temperature was normal! If you want to send me a title, please do! This film will be available to download from next Tuesday at the latest!



& in other news, you might remember that I helped Paul from Northernspanking.com in one of his last big budget shoots in the UK… we had a lot of fun and as you can see below… I got to play a dirty old man in a nursing home hassrassing Paul’s favourite uniform niche… nurses!

Corrrrrrrrrr! Leering ol’ Mr Osborne can’t keep his hands off the staff!


There’s a few more images of us larking about behind the scenes too… I think you’ll be able to see one of Jenna the maid coming very soon as Paul loved the way this one was filmed! I also got to meet up with the lovely Mistress Jessica Wood, catch up with both Amber West & Jenna Jay (apparently the last time Jenna got spanked on film was at my site and that was ages ago!) and gorgeous new girl Rosie Ann who you will no doubt be seeing much more of this coming year!

1036 1037

1038 1041 1043

1044 1045

1046 1030

Back tomorrow with a round up of lots more spanky goodness I just know you will LOVE!

Casey Calvert – Coming Soon to AAA

I only have some images from my LA filmshoots, I did some great stuff with Sarah & Alex away from what I am about to show you but I don’t have the stills images (they are with Sarah at the mo) so… here are some images taken from the day I filmed Casey Calvert for my site… these are largely unedited but still, they give you a great idea of what the full stills images and the films will end up like, and I loved putting her in PJs and cheergirl costumes… she is so adorably cute!

Casey Calvert – I played her as the cute girl next door… with a very kinky twist!


(below) My 1st film: I buy the girls cute PJs only for them to argue and bicker over who wears what so I *have* to resolve this with some old fashioned OTK spanking of them both in front of each other to humiliate them a little more… that shut them up! (I think I removed the pyjama clothes too and told them I was gonna burn them or something, lol)


I played Casey’s step uncle who is in the unfortunate position of looking after this precocious brat. I caught her out using social media on her phone to contact her deadbeat boyfriend whilst she was grounded… I thought she looked particularly cute in these stripey jim-jams I had brought over from England! I even used my own phone to add to her “social media” experience 🙂




I did 2 wheelbarrow style films, this first one I asked Sarah to do it after a long OTK spanking… this was schoolgirl Casey’s “Special Detention” by pervy teacher Miss Gregory who enjoyed humiliating her girls in this most precarious and revealing of spanking positions… both of them looked absolutely awesome in this film!



& below is one of the 3 POV films I did… this one is the wheelbarrow film… Sarah gave me this image she took on her phone whilst she had gone out to grab us all lunch… this was the last of the films we did just as she returned… don’t you love how intimate these behind the scenes POV films look? The other films included a very sexy OTT teasing film and a spanker’s perspective OTK film.


This was one of my more offbeat films as I played an eccentric English cheer coach who had been brought over to LA to help with the girls for this particular team… I had been shopping in Hollywood and brought this “Director’s megaphone” – Casey wasn’t impressed as I attempted to liven her up… so she got coach’s “Special Treatment” – the humiliating anal hook punishment he (or I) loved so much… this will be the 1st Casey film you guys will see in a week or so with any luck! The images and footage that I’ve seen are stunning… and I gave her quite a stinging hairbrush punishment too!

I also jokingly used this to announce “QUIET ON SET!”




Another double cheergirl film (and why not?) as Sarah makes out with Casey who is weary and unsure that this is right… I catch the girls at it and punish them in a long session… there’s a great twist in this film too as Casey and I play former lovers which grosses out my step daughter Sarah and although she isn’t 100% sure during her side by side punishment… Casey and I swap furtive glances at each other which makes Sarah suspicious and adds to her uncomfortable situation… it’s yet another hot film! I can’t wait to show you these on the site!



That is all I have from that day… the following day Sarah went to film for Clare’s naughty Diaper Girls site and I got to see her in some hot teasing and adult baby girl diapering and a classic Momma inspection of all her intimate areas which I of course loved watching! Clare took us out for a late lunch to her fave Chinese restaurant and she found a way to keep me quiet!!! Ah, such good memories of my trip to LA… I will definitely be back there sooner rather than later, that’s for sure!



All these films will be available to members over the coming months as they will compliment all my other recent footage… I promise you these films are just getting better and better… I loved making these… can you tell? they will also ALL be available in Bluray quality 1080HD (real HD not unlike some that just throw up footage at a lower spec). There is also the new pricing structure at the site so please do take advantage of this while you can, all prices for every membership have been lowered giving you a fantastic value for money experience! View 100% original spanking materials from as little as $12.50 a month!!!


Back from the Vomiting Dead!

It’s a nice title today! Sorry I haven’t been around for a few days… I was really quite ill, so ill, it felt like I had flu (the real one, not the infamous “man flu” which ladies never get). I had the first round of winter vomiting bug or “Norovirus” which ensured anything I had eaten got expelled rather quickly and my poor tummy cramped at the thought of anything entering it, even water, so I ended up severely dehydrated… but I seem to be over the worst and am able to blog again. To be honest, I have never caught this bug before and was a little non plussed by people complaining about it, so I guess I got what was coming to me… it’s nasty and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone! OK, Just to start with, to confirm the “Girl Guide Flasher” film with Joelle Barros and Nyssa Nevers is up at the site and available to view… I have also got you a couple of freebie galleries that I’m hoping my lovely affiliates are using too (big smile)… just click the images below to access those!


Oh, here’s a few blog exclusive images behind the scenes of the girls goofing about…and just LOOK at the mess they make!


& to let you know what is coming out over the next month or so, here’s some screen images of the movies you will get to see if you take up membership this month or of course the very special “Loyalty Offer” which is still available as a parting “thank you” to those of you who have supported the site throughout this tough year for everyone!

next up: Danielle Hunt in a very naughty & twisted schoolgirl punishment film! Whacked really hard with the cane for getting caught touching herself over the teacher’s spanking magazines that she stole from the Teacher’s Common Room… see the twisted punishment unfold!

The build up to Xmas 2012 sees the Triple A debut of stunning Carissa Montgomery followed by our naughty exploits of Uncle “Dodgy Dave” & his delightful Christmas presents thanks to Amelia & Molly! (it’s a mega movie and fun… and of course it has both girls together in a films being spanked, what more could you want?)

After that… there’s a really good film I have kept back over 2 years with a tearful Kami Robertson with her red hair in very cute pyjamas getting a severe belting on that most delightful of posteriors to ring in the New Year! This is an awesome line up for you all… believe me!



I’ll be back later with some outstanding other spanking updates after all, I don’t want you getting sick of just my stuff on here, I’m naturally biased, but there’s more out there, of course that I have to catch up on and they are worth waiting for! Have a pleasant end to the weekend 🙂

American Filmshoot – 1st images!

If you wanted a good reason to join up to my site then take a look at what will be coming soon for members as I had a fantastic… and hectic shoot filming 4 out of control young ladies…it’s taken me over 24 hours to recover, and find time to grab a few images and post them for you all! these are mostly unedited as I am in a hotel room,  on vacation with better things to do (last day tomorrow and I’m off to New York City… as the weather for the “Jersey shores” has been, well… rather British *sigh* So we’re gonna make the most of spending a whole day in a great city rather than look out onto a misty shoreline before we fly back tomorrow evening.

The mess and mayhem that 4 girls together can create at a filmshoot!!! (I was shocked, lol!)

Wanna know what’s in the Philly area apart from the iconic skyline?

Images below are behind the scenes and from some of the many films I shot. I’ll go into more detail over the coming weeks but, I shall tell you now, some of this stuff is f*cking kick ass (literally, lol!) Fans of AAA Spanking will be happy to know ALL 4 ladies took the “wheelbarrow spanking” position (this is now to become a regular feature at the site) as well as my 1st ever “4 girl” scenes, with just me and no cameramen… as David Pierson (who was there for about a third of the shoot had to attend other business, which was a shame, but a big thanks to David for helping in the 1st place… and it was great to see him again after so many years! Ok, enough of me waffling on… enjoy the rest of these images 🙂

The “useless” Girl Guide series continues… thanks to Joelle and Nyssa

Joelle in her Brazilian sports outfit…the 1st OTK film (of many) that day!


More images of Joelle Barros and Ashley Graham


Nyssa Nevers – cried real tears and had some amazing sassy outfits!!!

WARNING: Caused severe “trouser arousal” 🙂

Carissa Montgomery – easy on the eye and an incredibly smiley disposition – so cute!!!


She also spanks girls – yay!


& lovers of short shorts and daisy duke type things will be pleased too!
(Nyssa’s shorts were, ahem, practically non existant)


Manchester Utd v City? You’ll love this one when it gets edited! Original and fun to make!

Um… another gratuitous bum shot of the lovely Ashley Graham!

& finally… one of my favourite films I made with all 4 girls is this schoolgirl spankfest…

the Cheerleader, 2 Geeks & the Head Girl!

You’ll be seeing a alot more of these films over the coming months and more info on them soon both here, at the main site and the Clips store where you will find some early release previews AND exclusive films!

OK, have a good one, hope you liked what I got up to and I’ll get back to you ASAP after my little day trip to NYC!

Out at AAAspanking this week :)

Hi everyone, sorry I hadn’t been back sooner! I have been busy elsewhere as well as preparing for another filmshoot this weekend with a NEW girl that I don’t think has been spanked online before. I won’t say anything until I’ve done the filmshoot, but I also have a fantastic beautiful female domme that you will all know and I have never worked with, so I am quite excited about that as well. There’s also a kick ass apartment that I’ve managed to get too! Do I sound excited? 🙂

Well, also check out this special preview of our next film which comes out for members tomorrow and it’s a little schoolgirl cracker starring new girl Mishka. I loved making this as I got to turn her tight, pert bottom very red! Members will get a chance to view a 50 large resolution HQ stills set as well as 120 screen images taken from the movie as well as being able to choose MP4 or WMV-HD formats at both over 3000kbs playback! Cool, huh? So enough of my waffle, click on either image below and they will lead to seperate image galleries giving you an idea of what is coming!

Images below are taken from the movie and these are smaller than the actual screen size!

Then check out this HQ Image set of the film “Smoking Hurts” (below)

Anyway, I hope you like what’s coming! Here’s some behind the scenes gossip on this movie which includes news that this film was briefly filmed outdoors, it didn’t last long as we couldn’t really film outside without possibly attracting attention, but I just wanted to ensure that we did something that gave Mishka an excuse to get caught smoking as it was also mild day. I am still looking for a location later this year where we can film outdoors, I have a few girls and some locations in mind that I know will work so I shall just bide my time. I decided to punish Mishka for smoking (she smokes those horrible little rolled up cigarettes) it’s hardly original, of course, but it’s a genuine spanking offence and I love whacking a girl’s bottom for this infraction as I’m not keen on the sight of a woman smoking (I’m an old fashioned gent!) & indeed I did thrash her, I think she was genuinely shocked and hated that hairbrush as well as the slipper that she had never experienced before and didn’t care to again! I think it shows quite well and she reacted beautifully and we captured it all.

I know it sounds daft, but I loved the parquet flooring too, a real throw back to the 1970’s and this room had great light and was just perfect for a skiving gym girl’s punishment! This movie also featured my first use of authentic gym knickers with the white gussets that I find a turn on! I have to tell you members will be in for a treat over the next month or so as they will be able to see Mishka humiliated with a temperate taking (hmm, not orally, that’s for sure) and some rather intimate spankings as well as looking totally awesome in a cheer girl’s outfit in a 30 minute film that has her shove a pom-pom handle where no self respecting young lady should “hide” it! (ahem!) You should be able to see some of these from the preview I did originally HERE

Check out the front of the site tomorrow when I will update the tour page & place a short preview clip too

Have a good evening! Chief.

Tidying up & other boring chores

Hi everyone, I’m not talking about picking up after myself, I’m a hopeless basket case when it comes to keeping the place tidy and it infuriates “Er Indoors”… but what I’m referring to here is tidying up the website, both here and at AAAspanking.com – you see, both sites have grown so much, here there are Gigs of free images and such collected over the years and I have been desperately looking for a way to showcase these and the old posts that many will either ignore or miss (which is a shame). So I’m hoping as I persist with this theme that it slowly looks more presentable.

For example, all the featured posts start first, this will be a chosen one from me from at leats a year ago… I can change this anytime and will do everytime I post a new update here, so you get 2 posts, really! There’s also a neat sidebar thing where you can check out all my latest posts without having to leav eht page and it should load quicker as I am *ahen* prone to uploading tons of images per post, aren’t I?

So there are just the beginnings of the blog here, so what about Triple A (I hear you ask disinterestingly)… “Well, thanks for asking… but also let me tell you about something else first!”

I’m also starting up another long lost blog which I’m looking forward to running again, it really has the best domain name and has been massively under used and stuck out in the cold after last year’s fiasco of the sale of “You know who” to “You might not know who” (I’d “lol” but it still annoys me, sorry)  – and finally, as my own little site has developed (it’s nearly 1 year old), I have had to cut away and move content around on the tour pages so that the site loads easier and such… all tedious stuff behind the scenes which is why there’s no postings of spankings from around the web today, but as I’m waffling here, I have also been updating the site behind the scenes for tomorrow’s great new movie starring Jasmine Lau in her oh so sexy Girl Guide outfit (you’ll have seen above) getting a rather humiliating and embarrassing paddling. It’s a visual treat, the movie will come with all the usual HD screen shots as well as around 40 HQ stills images which I’m still editing. But of course, you can have a sneak preview and the blurb of the storyline that you will be able to see very soon! Enjoy!

Jasmine had been caught with a whole stack of expensive cigars she had pilfered from one of John’s trusting elderly neighbors. To make things worse for this thieving minx, she had gone round in her sexy Girl Guide uniform on the pretence of being neighborly and used this as a distraction. However, Jasmine’s sheer greed by stealing so many to sell on was her downfall as John could not fail to discover them, there were that many! Old Mr Jones was contacted and he demanded that Jasmine be taught a severe and humiliating lesson which he could no longer carry out himself as he was quite frail. So step dad, John, was only too happy to help out! She was to receive a proper red bare bottom spanking followed by a paddling that would leave her bottom burning that she would then have to return the cigars to the elderly gentleman and show him the results of this embarrassing punishment to add to her growing shame!



Check out what makes Jasmine such addictive viewing as we see her bum reddened beautifully with a spanking and a hard paddling with a specially designed composite stinger that made her yelp out loud… she didn’t like this punishment and what was to follow one little bit! But you will! Enjoy!

This movie will be out for members on Thursday 5th January! It’s a little “belter” 🙂

Also stand by for those that only want to download the odd movie – as this should be up in full to download at the Clips Store as well! (there’s about 90 clips there at the mo, something for everyone including exclusive unseen stuff too!) OK, it’s late here and I need to rest, so goodnight all. Check out the site later and there will be a free HD clip to view as well!

Filmshoot Update & what’s coming soon!

There’s something about making the films (apart from the obvious ) that I love… is it the fact there’s an adrenaline rush when you see the place you have booked for the 1st time and just know you are going to make some cracking films? I’m not sure, but I picked up one girl in my car at the agreed time at the station BEFORE seeing the place myself. This girl was new to our site and the scene in general:  she’s called Jenna and has only appeared at a couple of sites, I’m sure she’ll be popular! Her images didn’t do her justice, she was gorgeous! A radient smile, a bubbly and fun personality, I knew we were going to have fun playing with her… Of course, that buzz extended to when I got to our destination and saw the venue… OMG, so many places to film. You’ll see in the images below, I hadn’t time over the few days we were there to film everything, so I reckon I could be back, even if it is a little out of the way for me and our intrepid crew, who as always, are there to help make all the films that WE want to try out for ourselves and make our little mark on the scene which we get a big buzz out of (as do all producers, I guess). This filmshoot got us some fantastic new content I hadn’t dreamt of which I will tell you a little of as it’s one of our best by far so I’m very excited about that!

Jenna in one of her earliest films we made after her introductory film which members will hopefully get to see in full by the end of THIS week! *swoon*

Ok, I succumbed, I made a special Xmas film featuring all 4 girls, it will be a special long play and will go out as one complete update at once. There… my present to my members (Grrr!) I actually HATE Christmas, I really do, so it was a kind of “anti Xmas” film getting the girls to dress up in some tacky Santa outfits I purchased from a well known clothing discount store here in the UK some of us spankos love so much! Anyway, it was actually a good excuse for me to thrash the girls early on so we all win in the end! The added bonus is that there is a naughty special offer which another of our girls we filmed came up with… sorry to be a tease, but you’ll see soon enough and I won’t say who just yet 🙂 *tease*


Alongside Jenna on our 1st day starred a complete newbie, 18 year old Taylor, a real beautiful submissive who is used to harder BDSM play, she took a fantastic thrashing from another very new 1st timer on film (although an experienced Domme) called Emma… there are some scenes in this film I adored, apart from these images, Headmistress Emma slaps new girl Taylor across her face… not once but several times and adds to the authentic scenes, I also loved the parkuet flooring! (yes, I’m a nerd)


More films of the girls in various states of undress, positions and situations requiring hand, strap and cane! Next up, the girls so wanted to be “Girl guides” that I couldn’t resist, and in the kitchen, a large stainless steel table worked perfectly to contrast with the blue uniforms, and afforded me to spank the girls in various humiliating and revealing positions *ahem*


Bedroon scenes were wonderful  as expected and bi-sexual Taylor really had the hots for Jenna (indeed!) Alas, Jenna is strictly straight but it didn’t stop her being curious (thankfully) and we had some fun making these films, especially when the girls got caught by their jealous mistress!


Oh, and of course the girls found my dropseat PJ’s and pleaded with me to film in them (how could I resist?) *heh heh*

& this image below made me smile behind the scenes as Taylor completes her very first Model Release Form!

Can’t wait? I can hardly contain myself either… but you can sign up here and become a much esteemed & very valued member of TRIPLE A SPANKING – Your membership helps us to make films like these and we have lots more ideas and girls waiting!!! I did promise you news of something special, all I will say right now is that those who choose the full year option at $99 (cripes, why not as it works out at a measly $8.50 a month right now!) there is a naughty special offer involving a lottery to win some posted panties of this naughty lady (below) who I will be featuring in my 2nd day update tomorrow! Yup, that *is* Danielle Hunt… and she is another newbie to our site and where else would you see Dani spanked as a girl guide? (she requested to be punished in it as well when she saw how cute she looked, I quite agree!)

I’ll let you know MORE of what happens on day 2 tomorrow AND bring you some much anticipated industry updates from elsewhere too!

Regards, Chief.

Hot Tub Spankings

OK, as I promised you yesterday… here is the latest film to be released at AAAspanking.com and it’s one I’ve had in line for sometime, I was going to delay it a little longer but I’m impatient so wanted to let the members share in the fun with Pandora Blake & Leia-Ann Woods. & what’s more… the bonus is I’m not in it (“yay”, I hear you cry!) and it has Paul Kennedy & Jean Bradley dishing out the discipline instead and together they are a formidable pair… there’s a full explanation and 2 video formats to view (the HD-MP4 file is far better, a clearer resolution & members can download this full movie file) on the HOME PAGE HERE (or click on the image below)

OK, you’ll see there is a full explanation of the movie on the home page, but of course you’ll get to see some movie images here first, along with some behind the scenes memories and additional images you won’t find anywhere else! This was the last movie that Pandora filmed with us and the girls had been eyeing up this Hot Tub from the moment they had arrived earlier in the day! I had mentioned that there was a Hot Tub so hoped that they’d find it fun to do a scene in it… I wasn’t disappointed… Anyone will tell you that it’s a great way to relax and unwind… bubbles are soothing,  which was just as well because having your wet bottom spanked can be super ouchy! Thankfully I spared the girls (and yourselves) the full horror of Chief disrobing and enjoying a dip… I did that later without any cameras. So take a peek at some images and I’ll continue with a behind the scenes memories.

Leia got a tongue lashing & spanking off Jean Bradley in her own inimitable way as Pandora looked on… just as we started filming, it started to rain heavily overhead, the hot tub area was covered but it didn’t stop me and one of the cam guys getting a bit of a soaking, I had to hide nearby and direct the film as the lighting seriously changed and we were actually running out of time as the girls had trains to catch back to London later that evening. I hadn’t bargained on the skies darkening so heavily and we only had one “daylight” from one direction and couldn’t use any others unless one of us fancied a spot of electrocution in the wet… but despite the severe constraints (the actual filming area was really tight) I have to heap praise on our editor, Neil, for the MP4 version which he played around with recently and that version is so much better despite the poor lighting. What members WILL see though is Pandora getting a real stinging spanking off both Jean & then Paul… and whether she was acting or not, I don’t know as she seemed to be really wincing, either way, I think it was the latter and that must have hurt after a full day’s filming. I’d once again like to say thanks to Pandora for making those scenes look convincing, I don’t think much acting was required for that as anyone having their wet bottom thrashed will testify to the fact it hurts like hell!

I haven’t mentioned Paul or Jean’s excellent contribution to not only this film but the entire film shoot, this was our first ever time filming and after my disastrous very first day where we had a complete no show from 3 models (unbelievable… you live and learn, though) it ended on a high, thankfully… and although I am sure we’d have done many things differently now, I am still proud of the way we coped that week and this was a feel good film that had a slightly different feel to it and of course after we stopped filming the girls got back in the tub finished their wine and got themselves ready for the trip back to London!

Below are some extra images that will not be found anywhere else as they are for this blog… I took a few images of the girls enjoying themselves after we wrapped up the day’s filming 🙂

See the many exclusive films that are shown at AAAspanking.com of both Pandora & Leia!