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Spanked at School Strapped at Home

This is a very special daddy/daughter spanking and belt punishment film of beautiful Belle Calder which is out now for members of AAA Spanking as well as being able to download the film at the AAA Clips Store also (more on how to do all this later). This post features a ton of images, all are in lower res specs taken from the video… as well as some fabulous image stills photography! Unlike some websites that offer images, these are always in high resolution and plentiful, adding to the videos to give you an interesting collection. This is a sizeable sample below, but in comparison to the zipped folders that are very easy to download, along with the high quality HD formats of video, this site always gives you top value for money as well as providfng some really cool home discipline content, and a ton of it too this past week!

Spanked at School Strapped at Home – at AAA Spanking
Featuring: Belle Calder & John Osborne

Belle had been spanked at school for yet another serious misdemeanor and her parents were informed. Mother had sent her to bed early, grounding her in her room until Daddy arrived home from work. He had already been told by the school what had happened and so once home, he summoned her downstairs to face up to the ritual of a second punishment at home. She got spanked at school, but at home, Daddy would strap her with the thick, heavy Discipline Belt.

Sadly for Belle, her attitude was one of indifference to the predicament she found herself in. You’d think she would have realized that being sent to bed early while the sun was still shining brightly outside in the beautiful early evening was deterrent enough. However her attitude only incurred the wrath of her Daddy who gave her a thorough additional hard hand spanking across her tight bare bottom before using that mean leather belt.

This time he did not hold back, not caring that her bottom was already sore from her school spanking. He gave her the heaviest swats with that thick, unforgiving leather belt that had her gasping and crying out in obvious pain! Witness Belle, in her cute pajamas, getting a very hard hand spanking and strapping from Daddy. Those of you who love this style of authentic domestic discipline will adore this film, it really is rather good!

spanked OTK leather strapping for spanked Belle leather belt strapping leather belt punishment strapped by daddy

To download this film as a one time option to keep and playback as often as you want, go to the AAA Clips Store HERE or click on the image below:

There’s a special long play preview clip to give you an idea of what this film is about, this was uploaded to SpankingTube earlier and we have embedded it here, otherwise you can go visit and leave a rating if you wish at the webpage HERE just in case anyone would like to.

[jwplayer mediaid=”54301″]


aaa spanking

Daddy gives Belle a Spanking

“Spanked by Daddy” is the latest film just released in full at AAA Spanking and it features a debut performance at this site for Belle Calder. In fact, this was the 2nd of a special 2 part film Sarah & I had devised with a couple of sites in mind. Recently, Belle made her feature debut at Momma Spankings as the schoolgirl daughter of Sarah Gregory which you can get up to speed on the full review HERE. Needless to say, there was a continuation and we felt it would be fitting to put it onto AAA. This film features a quick recap of what happened previously, then we see Belle take the walk of shame to her bedroom. The camera follows her upstairs, as she rubs her sore red bottom over her regulation knickers. All the action in this 2nd part takes place in her bedroom when her father returns home. The motto in this household is a “Spanking by Mother means a  Spanking by Father too!” Of course, the spanking only took place because mother had heard about her punishment at school. So poor Belle got a triple whammy punishment!

Check out nervous Belle Calder (below) – about to take her spanking in her pajamas.

Belle Calder at AAA Spanking

As I said, prior to this she had been spanked by Mom downstairs and told to go up and change and wait for her Dad when he got home!

otk spanking for belle spanked otk by mommy belle_010 belle_017

Spanked by Daddystarring Belle Calder & John Osborne

This is part of the “Spanked by Mother, Spanked by Father” series. Part One can be found at Momma Spankings when Belle is spanked by her Mother at home after school where she had already been punished. In this house, a spanking from her Mom also means a spanking from Daddy. We see some introductory footage from the earlier spanking of her in traditional school uniform. Then watch Belle rubbing her sore bottom over her regulation panties as she is sent upstairs, early to bed, to wait for Dad. He is none too pleased and takes her over his lap for a long hand spanking. She is spanked first over her pajama bottoms then on her sore red bottom. He isn’t finished there, he rarely uses his belt but this time Belle’s behavior deserved it. She gets 27 licks with the heavy leather belt including a hard final 6! This is Belle Calder’s debut appearance, watch out for more memorable videos of her coming soon!

 spanking belle spanked over PJs belle009 belle_047 belle_052 daddy spanks Belle Calder PJ spanking belle015 otk spanking belle_068 belle_073 belting punishment belle_080 belle_094 leather belt discipline belle021 spanking and belting on her sore bottom belle028 belt aftermath Belle Calder spanked by daddy


Watch out for more debut performances of yet more new girls to AAA coming soon. There will be more special exclusives that members will love with some stunning girls! Check out the very reasonable membership prices for access to the site. In particular: The long term memberships which are unbeatable value for a small but busy network that rewards those who support its work!


Or you can view this film as a special one time download to keep and play back as often as you wish. There are 2 stores so whichever suits your needs best. CLIPS4SALE & SpankingLIBRARY


When wives get spanked: Volume 4,388

As I breathe a sigh of relief over America being able to put another coin into the electric meter to keep the lights on for another few months… I decided to carry on safe in the knowledge that my American friends will still be able to use Dollars without the rest of the world laughing. Now since our site is priced in US Dollars… this is indeed a most helpful thing… so to celebrate, I have got a classic British sitcom type spanking update NEW to our site today. It’s a classic Domestic Discipline movie between a man and his wife… it’s got plenty of humor in it (with some withering “put downs” by both husband and wife as well as some great OTK spanking… and the bit I liked best was when the pissed off hubby… ably played by yours truly… whips off his belt for a final bare bottom thrashing of his missus… 1950’s style!

“Woman, know thy place!”

OK, I’m only kidding… (if ‘Er Indoors saw this I would no doubt receive a long, lengthy lecture about treating womenkind better…) but it’s pretty clear this is a fun pisstake on those stuffy husbands that think they know it all, but really are on the verge of losing their wives, either because they’re lame in bed, a hot headed tyrant… or just blessed with ALFie syndrome (Angry Little F*cker) … but the reason John ends up thrashing his missus is because she wanted to help make a good impression at their boring Dinner meeting with his stuffy boss…. however, she spent so much time trying to get ready that it backfired as his boss texts him telling them “Not to bother turning up” – making it very awkward… would he keep his job? This poor man can’t handle the pressure in these present difficult times… so perhaps this helps explain the underlying reasons why John blows his top… frustrated and fed up…. of course, it’s also an excuse to see yet another OTK spanking, some witty dialog and the “put downs” between this bickering pair… until John has the final say with the help of his trusty leather belt that he whips off! You can see some images taken from the 14 minute film below!






This is out now and there’s a free movie preview HERE if you’re interested!

Incidentally, it is really hard to make Donna’s bum turn red, she can take a hell of a thrashing… but as you can see, I was determined to make sure she got the message 🙂 I really liked this film, and was such a “Klutz” that I thought this had already gone out… so was pleasantly surprised to see that it hadn’t and so it easily jumped the update list to today… hope you like it as much as I did making the film!

Oh, and if you haven’t already – Check out our most competitive membership pricings to suit just about everyone. the direct link for the pricing guide is RIGHT HERE – Which I think will remain like this for a while, so seriously… make the most of this, it covers non recurring memberships in great detail which should appeal to those who don’t want the hassle of canceling etc 🙂


Over at the Clips4sale site, I added a great movie that was also a lot of fun to make, the Spanking Twister classic – I actually had an email requesting this and they had read my mind as I was in the process of getting it made into the format required for this site, so now you can download parts… or all of this movie, according to your wishes… the exact link for this is below:

Hope you like these updates, as usual, these sort of updates and behind the scenes info are shown here first (naturally). Back soon with my usual round up of what I have been watching elsewhere and my recommendations of the day! Chief.

Friday’s Spanko Frollicking

Well, here we are again, a weekend has loomed large and as I wonder about what to write about this fine evening here in England… wishing I’d actually be outside right now but I owe it to you, my friends to provide you with some inside knowledge on a new movie and of course some damned fined spankings currently viewed by me and my square eyes!

Friday night means that there’s usually a new film uploaded at AAAspanking and lo and behold, there it is… Emma Brown makes a very welcome return to filming online and in such a tight naughty cheer girl outfit too in this F/F schoolgirl scenario punishment! I actually liked the story of this movie, you can read the full description on the home page, alongside a free hairbrush discipline clip right now. But the punishment angle was good… imagine being brought up in front of the Headmistress for spiking the other cheer teams snacks and food with “hash cakes” and chocolate laxatives… now imagine the bedlam that caused… LOL, we were having fun coming up with this story! I love the “what ifs…” what if that really had happened somehwere, imagine the shame, the tears, the near riots as the girls… ah, it doesn’t bear thinking about, does it? * heh heh *

Emma Brown as cheerleader Nicky awaits her punishment from her Headmistress

Below are the first released screen images of this 15 minute film and you will see some interesting spanking positions and use of a really stingy hairbrush, apparently, this was one of the replacement brushes (I bought 3 new ones… just in case after Irelynn destroyed my favorite last time) and Emma said it really “stung like buggery”… I was encouraged by that, as I was elsewhere doing a photoshoot… and I can confirm that the noises and “thwacks” certainly bear testament to her claims. You’ll notice that the end scenes also had her photographed as these were to be sent to the other principals of the participating schools and cheer teams that this foolish but well meaning girl had so ruined in many horrible ways!

You can only see this brand new Cheer girl Punishment Movie HERE


Seeing Emma looking rather buxom here reminded me of Maggie from Girls Boarding School and she was always one of the highest rated girls for taking some of the most severe punishments, these images of her taking a belting only prove that… the actual film her ass was welted even more as these would have been the high end glossy images taken afterwards… but you definitely get to see what I mean… anyway, admire and behold Maggie.

When Maggie cried, you knew that she had been punished properly, it’s still the site that I come to for those authentic and nasty punishments that bad girls require from time to time… Headmaster Tom – a legend! 🙂

See all the latest updates at the unique Girls Boarding School HERE


Thinking of painful and deserving punishments alongside unique and I put together a collection of captivating images from SpankingServer.com featuring one of my fave subjects… pussy strappings! There’s a pussy strapping clip out this week at SpankingServer, but you can check out some from the archives and what you may have missed recently (below) – then resolve NOT to miss any more and check out the girls or the sites (remember my review on how to watch this site? I’ll post it at the bottom again in case you missed it!)

“Pussy Strappings Ahoy!”  … “and in I go…” 😀


If you missed my review of Spanking Server before – Check it out HERE as it has proved quite useful in helping you all to choose and how to view this wonderful site properly!


Finally, how about a stunning end with another round of Japanese girl spankings and this one, ladies and gents is HOT! My favorite girl on this site switches more than an AC/DC still play concerts… this girl, called Azuki, is something else and in this movie (in that oh so cute stunning school uniform) she plays with herself with a crop imagining the sting and feel of a spanking she desperately needs… so in steps the maid and the rest is a damned hot excuse of a movie that earns another excruciating “Trouser Arousal” high rating… so be careful… images and a FREE WMV clip are below for your delectation!


I just love the heat bumps appearing either side of her panties, and of course, Azuki is stunningly beautiful, like all the images at this site, it is consistently amongst the best around, a perfect compliment to their films! Check out more of Japan’s Cutie Spankee site HERE

& with that I bid you a brief fond farewell for now… back soon, as always.

Spanking Roundup & other news…

2011 is looking to be an eventful year for many peoples of the world as they assess what their actions to self determination and that of Mother Nature can bring as they/we all cling precariously to this rock hurtling through space called planet Earth. So as we watch the Middle East political landscape starting to change (who will be next, Jordan, Syria, Iran?). Down under in what many of us Brits consider one of our closest nation buddies, the poor folk of North Eastern Australia, already recovering from the worst flooding for 30 years are now suffering with Cyclone Yasi hitting the coastal areas, and to understand how destructive it is:  it’s a 300 mile wide swathe of 200 mph winds comparable and probably more severe than Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans over 5 years ago. I feel for the residents of Queensland – and they are told more bad weather systems are inevitable for the next few months! Just how humble do we appear when the full fury of Mother Nature takes hold!

As I write this I hear there are gunshots in Cairo as it gets ugly there in the increasingly more hostile demonstrations – the things we do to each other, I sometimes despair, I get angry, “man’s inhumanity to man” – and I could ramble on, I’m sorry, I should have got out my soapbox before carrying on as this is after all a spanking blog and you have come here to escape the depressing news of the above and instead celebrate with me some of the things this wonderful kink of ours can give us back as we escape into a world of some seriously hot spanking and punishment discipline! & I have that for you as my 1st update below has to be one of the HOTTEST movies shot by Ms Law at BadTushy.com in an age and it is an absolute plesasure to introduce this very latest movie as she humiliates her girls in the most explicit and provocative F/F spanking I have seen for some time!

WARNING: The girls discovered the fury of Ms Law is comparable to a Force 5 Cyclone!

Ms Law catches her girls best friend stealing from her pocketbook but instead of calling the cops, she bends her over and spanks her over and over! Everytime she cried Ms Law just smacked her bare ass even harder then more intimately to make it more humiliating for this thieving piece of shit! You will see from some choice images below that this full spanking video is surely one of the hottest films Ms Law has made in quite a while and just look at how red and busted up the ass of this thieving piece of lowlife really got! Ms Law ensures those that cheat & steal get what they fully deserve! Top Karma spankings indeed!




This movie has all the fury and force of a Category 5 Cyclone – CLICK HERE for more!



NEWSFLASH!!! I almost forgot that in Pennsylvania it’s “Groundhog Day” today and Punxsutawney Phil (see below) predicts there will be an early Spring, yay!!! I hope so as I plan to be over that way if things go well! So thanks’s Phil 🙂


Not sure if I had shown you this full movie update from AAAspanking but it’s a cracker, literally!!! As Kami took a real hard belting and of course I will share some behind the scenes info on this movie as well as provide you a little clippet near the end of her leathering and believe you me, between takes when we changed cam angles – she told me to whack her as hard as I could, she’d cry “cut” if it was too much – so I did… she told me she REALLY felt she had to be punished and wanted me to bring her to tears – Now anyone that knows the marvellous Kami Robertson will know exactly what I am on about as she wanted to cry… no, she NEEDED to cry, she didn’t want to act this out and I rarely do so of course we got the required effect when she felt suitably humiliated and sore! Then she reached the point of no return as I continued to thrash her… it’s a great little movie and a believable story – “what would YOU do if your cleaning maid broke one of your irreplaceable family heirlooms?” Indeed!

Click HERE or the image below for my additional short HD clip of Kami’s punishment!

Images below are taken from the full length movie called “Broken Glass”






You can see another clip of Miss Robertson’s punishment…
and more of her work already shown exclusively at AAAspanking.com 

WARNING: Do NOT spank Kami OTK unless with great self control & cast iron underpants! 


Finally today as promised my focus is now on another great spanking site from Japan and the brand new film just released at Hand-Spanking follows from my last post HERE (which ended up being a review of the site) and this again features the very cute Kurumi with those big doe eyes and a very spankable soft bottom!



Click image below which leads to the current free movie clip in Wmv playback

From my last update featuring Kurumi and her Step Mother – The scene gets back to the present time. Kurumi is now given a sound spanking and an enema (members can see this!!!) that she’s been afraid of from her strict nasty step mom! I have also added a few images of the spankings below for your added perusal!



MORE movies of Kurumi & other sobbing pyjama clad girls, schoolgirls and daughters HERE