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Spanking Awards 2017 – Results: Best Female Spankee

It’s time for the next results in the Spanking Awards 2017 – 2 ladies were stand out this year, as you’ll see below. However, for all those that made the cut for the vote, you were the top nominations… well done!




Congratulations, Sarah. I know how hard it was for me not to tell you but I watched you work your ass off (literally) this past year and this is your first win in this category since 2012 (when it was run by The Spankingspot) – I know that Sarah had appeared at multiple sites and she has a big legion of fans (myself included, of course). Anyway, well done, baby… I know you were a little disappointed not to take part in the Best Female Top this year… but you excelled in this. Proud of you! xxx



Congratulations, Stevie. I know you have a lot of fans out there and also got a lot of support from producers that love your work too… you are awesome! Congratulations to both of you, you were outstanding (as you will see in the polls) this year!

Full Results for Best Female Spankee 2017

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Spanking Awards – Best Female Spankee 2017

Merry Christmas, as I said previously, I hope your turkey roasts of whatever food you prepared to celebrate at this time of year is/was perfect with friends and family. Now that you reading this, it must mean you have found time to sneak away from the party games… so here is the next category in the Spanking Awards. It’s always very popular and I have somehow managed to keep it down to 8 (I wanted no more than 6) but 3 girls were so close it seemed unfair… so that makes more work for me (sigh, it’s a hard life!)

Like before, there is a previous 3 times winner who won’t be included in this year’s voting, and that is the beautiful and talented Amelia Jane Rutherford – however, wait ’til you see the nominees, these ladies have been amazing this past year at all your favorite sites… here they all are in no order of preference – just listed alphabetically!

spanking awards

Best Female Spankee 2017

Adriana Evans

Images courtesy of Punished BratsAAA SpankingSarah Gregory Spanking

Audrey Sugarsmak

Images courtesy of Cheerleader SpankingsAAA Spanking – Punished BratsSarah Gregory Spanking

Harley Havik

Images courtesy of ShadowlaneGood SpankingClare Fonda Pass – Sarah Gregory Pass

Linny Lace

Images courtesy of Northern Spanking Good SpankingCheerleader Spankings

Mackenzie Reed

Images courtesy of Cheerleader SpankingsShadowlaneReal Spankings InstituteAAA Spanking

Miss Anna

Images courtesy of AAA Spanking

Sarah Gregory

Images courtesy of Sarah Gregory PassSpanked Callgirls

Stevie Rose

Images courtesy of Sarah Gregory PassGood SpankingReal Spankings

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Merry Christmas everyone!