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Spanking Awards 2017 – Results: Best New Female Spanker

The next results are in and this was a hard fought and at times very close contest, as you’ll see from the percentages, you found it hard to identify a runaway leader but thsi made it all the more interesting! Again, I’d like tpo say that anyone making the voting process have achieved what many others could not – be up for the vote in the first place… so congrats to ALL participants in the Spanking Awards 2017.




Runner up – Miss Bernadette


Full Results (below)

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Congratulations to all those nominated for this vote! More to come soon.


Best New Female Spanker – Results



Best New Female Spanker 2016






Well done to these ladies who placed. ALL of you who were nominated for this, you were the cream of the crop during 2016! Thank you all! Again, I would like to say that the difference between 3rd and 4th in this category was only a few more votes than yesterday’s close placing (11 votes) showing how close some placings can be so that is why I encourage you all to make your vote count! It gets that close sometimes so when I say every vote counts, it really does!

A few points to note: Congrats to Miss Elizabeth, having seen you in action I understand why you won! An outstanding professional new top! Runner Up, Adriana Evans is proving a capable switch and to Bella Bathory in 3rd place who I have heard great things about too. I would like to say commiserations to Kelley May who narrowly missed out in 4th but no mean feat – as you all secured a lot of the votes. This was a very strong line up this year, to all those nominated, thank you for making this a great category for people to vote on! This was a record number of votes for this category (such was the interest this year due in no part to yourselves!) Thank you, ladies!

Full results are listed below:

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IMPORTANT: To those voting in the Best Female Spankee category, I apologize that I have had to suspend this while I investigate some disturbing voting patterns for one individual. This is hugely unfair, especially on the other nominees. I did have an issue with the same person’s nominations and decided to let it pass at that time – so feel let down that there appears to be a pattern forming. I spend a lot of time and effort on these awards and will not allow anyone to unfairly take advantage of the process whether that person has a fan that is helping (unfairly), so I am not saying they are complicit … just that there is definitely something wrong and I am investigating it further. I know how hard it is to appear impartial and have always kept myself out of voting where possible. Anyway, if needs be I will just remove them from the process and hope they understand as I can not physically change the results or interfere with votes (unless I cancel and start it again) and this is unfair on the other girls in the process.