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Spanking Awards – Results: Best Spanking Site 2017

Here is the last of the main categories of the Spanking Awards that you have voted on. There is one more category to come (Producer’s Choice), however, as I opened this to all producers who wanted to take part, I thought it would have been better received than it had, so I will eventually get this out (so thanks to those few who had the decency to let me know they were not going to take part not wasting each other’s time any further). Thankfully some of them appreciate that this is a lot of time consuming work. Anyway, I hope to get that category out soon (for the very last time), so do please vote when I get enough producers together to make it worth your while.

spanking awards

So, while a little disappointing it has given me a great idea for next year’s awards, but you’ll have to wait for what I have in mind. Anyway, you’re here to see who is the Winner and Runner Up – please find below (with the full results shown after). For your reference, I know Real Spankings were not included this year (as they had won twice in a row) so they are eligible, with ALL websites you nominate next time as you’ll see from the new winner.

winner spanking awards best site 2017



momma spankings - winner best site 2017


northern spanking - runner up best site 2017

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The SpankingBlogg Awards will have a presentation for those present who placed at:
the Lone Star Spanking Party

Ticketing information etc HERE