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Spanking for your weekend

Better late than never, I hope you’re having a great weekend so far… here are some updates this past week that I think you really should be checking out from some of my favorite spanking sites I love showcasing here!

Mother Always Knows – AAA Spanking

Starring real life scene mom and daughter, Tasha & Angel Lee – this film had a soft launch on Clips4Sale HERE in advance of the membership site – and… as predicted, it did really well! See why in this awesome traditional real life discipline film (below):

otk spanking hairbrush spanking spanking over mommy's knee

This is a special feature with a real mother/daughter dynamic between (Mother) Tasha Lee… and her daughter (Angel Lee). Angel has lied to her mom yet again about the time she would be getting home from school, preferring to stay out and play various games on her phone. What Angel forgets is that her mother was once her age and every parent knows exactly what their will think up when it comes to skipping school, staying out late or sneaking home later than they should. It’s a rite of passage, but Tasha has given her daughter too much leeway and feels it’s time to teach her a proper lesson in respect. She is waiting for her in her bedroom and Angel is surprised and at a loss to come up with an excuse at such short notice. Mother knows what to do, an old fashioned over the knee bare bottom spanking! Angel sobs and pleads that she’ll be good, however, this only spurs on her mother to use the wooden hairbrush forcefully on her reddening sore bottom. It ensures that her daughter really does learn her lesson and that mother always knows! Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to see a real “spanking scene mom and daughter” in an authentic, traditional discipline film made exclusively for Triple A.


Mommy’s nightie – Northern Spanking

Kassia was sent to bed for the night, but came back to get her forgotten glass of water. Her father, Paul, was shocked to see that his teen daughter was wearing her mother’s silky, and very sexy nightie instead of her own age appropriate pajamas. Kassia admitted to taking it from Mommy’s drawer, but insisted that there’s nothing wrong with her wearing it. Her father was less than impressed, and put Kassia over his lap for a hard spanking while scolding her about why this was not decent behavior and not expected in his house. Kassia brattily protested her punishment and used very bad language, so she was made to kneel up on the sofa and stick out her round little bottom for further punishment with his belt. This daddy/daughter teen ageplay film really highlights spanking scene newcomer Kassia as both a gorgeous and very naughty girl. Her bottom in her silky knickers won’t soon be forgotten!

Hmmm, there seems to be a theme developing here 🙂

spanking by daddy bare bottom spanking spanked at home by her daddy bare bottom belting


Hmmmm, most definitely a theme developing here, don’t you think?

Stevie Spanked by Mom & Dad – Momma Spankings

Featuring Stevie Rose, Miss Anna & Paul “Tubaman” Rogers.

Stevie is in BIG trouble. Not only has she been to someone’s house whom she was not allowed to go to, but she lied about it and got into a car with her friend who was drunk. So, she is in so much trouble. After a good long scolding from both mom and dad she is taken over each of their knees for a very hard hand spanking. If she would have just confessed and not lied her spanking would have been over, but she didn’t confess, she kept lying and lying which only made things worse for her. Now she gets a dose of the belt from daddy and the wooden hairbrush from mommy. She is one sorry little girl who will be following the rules from now on.

mommy spanks stevie mommy and daddy spanking stevie rose stevie gets a bare bottom strapping


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Betty Blaze dishes out a good old fashioned belting to Fawn in this recent update from Real Spankings – check out the image below:

Fawn is sent home from school for not wearing a bra. Miss Betty wastes no time and quickly spanks her with the belt over her jeans. A traditional “at home” style discipline film from “Spanking Website of the year – 2016” … check out the results of this over the jeans belting at the end!

belting for fawn at real spankings very sore bare belted bottom


Not strictly a father or mother discipline film but I liked this latest one at English Spankers – a cute girl in a new role with Mr Stern easing this young girl into spanking. Check it out!

Do I have what it takes? (Lulu’s 1st spanking on film)

Young Lulu Lamb comes to see Sarah but she is away and so has to talk to Mr. Stern. It turns out that she has told her new boyfriend that she will go to a spanking party with him and that she is well used to spanking but, she is none to sure. She wishes she had not boasted to him now and wants to know if Mr. Stern can show her just what might happen at such a party. Well, always happy to help he soon has Lulu over his knee spanking her tiny pert bottom but will this be the end of things?

spanking a shy new girl round bare bottom spanking perfect peaches to spank cheeks pulled apart for her spanking

See more spanking updates here 

The Tutor: Home Discipline with Ava Little at Punished Brats

After Dean Pierson had placed Chloe in the corner with her bare, red bottom on display, Ava was brought into the room. She was made to bend over the bed-board, her panties were lowered and her strapping began. Within seconds she was pleading for forgiveness. Dean Pierson strapped the red haired girl until the color of her bottom matched her hair. She was then placed on display in the corner.

strapped and stripped in shame tutor spanks schoolgirl on her bare bottom strapping and spanking a schoolgirl exposed schoolgirl ass

& there is also a limited SPECIAL OFFER for a 6 Month (non recurring) membership but I won’t say what it is, it is ridiculously cheap – so I will leave it to you to find out at the link below!

ava little spanked aftermath cornertime


I, and many others will be attending next week’s Lone Star Spanking Party in Houston, TX – the BIGGEST of its kind anywhere on the planet. There are still some limited spaces available at the party hotel (at the time of writing) – go check it out and you will get to meet many spanking stars and professional disciplinarians (more come here than anywhere else) – as well as some of the very best demos, and of course the awesome suite parties and other events too numerous to mention here for which all attendess are welcome! This party is also famed for those newbies who have never been to a party before, they are often overwhelmed and amazed and of course get hooked! I am really excited and please do mention this blog if you meet me, it is always nice to see new faces and meet some of this fine readership!

lone star spanking party

More Mid Week Spanking Updates

So little time, SO MUCH SPANKING to catch up on… so here’s the latest “cream of the crop” – so to speak, as I start with a wicked jodhpurs and riding crop film from Northern Spanking featuring beautiful Maddy Marks punished by Paul Kennedy! This is a delightful spanking film, check it out!

 Without Her Helmet

Maddy has just gotten back from her morning ride. When greeted at the door by her boyfriend, Paul, her heart sinks when she sees he’s holding her riding helmet. The helmet without which she is forbidden from riding, the one she has promised him before that she absolutely will not forget. Well, last time she was given a spanking and a warning of what would happen if she put her safety at risk again. So it’s not just a smacked bottom on the seat of her tight jodhpurs this time, Maddy is going to be horsewhipped, with her own riding crop to remind of her responsibility and of how much she is cared about.


See plenty more films with Maddy marks exclusive to Northern Spanking


The brand new video (with extensive image gallery & vid grabs) is available, featuring Zooey Zara in a fantastic Daddy/Daughter domestic discipline role (in pajamas!) – oh yes… now showing at AAA Spanking

 Spanked and Slippered by Daddy

Zooey has been sent to bed very early after her mother found out that she had been punished at school yet again. “Just wait until your father gets home” she told her daughter… “A spanking at school always means a spanking at home!” However, Zooey’s daddy is so disappointed that his daughter has brought shame to the family name that this time she will also get a nasty stinging, leather slippering. That is on top of the humiliation of going over daddy’s lap for her embarrassing bare bottom to be spanked red raw again! See Zooey, in her cute pajamas, take yet another punishment at home across her already sore cheeks which has her yelping, squirming and begging Daddy to stop. He stops, only to deliver that slipper that he had promised earlier. This is a good old fashioned home discipline film that will appeal to those that love this father/daughter dynamic.

otk spanking


Stunning Zooey Zara also features in more exclusive films only from AAA Spanking


A new girl called Rae is introduced in the now standard format with an interview and spanking from the expert Miss Betty Blaze! Now showing at Real Spankings

 New Model: Rae

New model, Rae, is given an introduction to the RS network via the capable hands of Betty Blaze. She interviews Rae (who is not shy and is a beautiful young lady). Just as well, as this spanking over Betty’s lap is going to be Rae’s first… naked! She strips and gets over a smiling Betty…any hint of embarrassment she might feel is soon replaced with feeling her beautiful bottom getting a resounding OTK hand spanking. Full interview with Rae’s introduction now showing for members!


See more new girls at Real Spankings – “Spanking Site of the Year, 2016” (2nd year running)

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Finally today, I was feeling a little nostalgic so please do go check out sites like this one often overlooked. Featuring the best of British spanking from the 1990’s and early 2000’s – archived for you to download and keep! Still worth checking out the previews, including this one you can find on the front tour page (one of my favorites) at Spanking TV

Dinner of Just Deserts

A dinner party for eight is in full swing when the host suddenly stands up to make an announcement. He informs the other guests that his wife has been having an affair for the last two years, which has also been covered up by one of the other guests. Humiliation, public discipline among friends and lots of spanking, with use of the strap, the cane and some very real tears at the end! This is a long play movie like they used to make them!


Spanking Updates – Again!

Finally, I have had chance to get some updates to you all. The Awards have been somewhat time consuming and I have been traveling a lot recently… in between some puerile comments about the awards from some “sad sack” who gave me a false email address (as I did write back to the one he left in the comments section) I also BCC’d every producer and others who I thought should see his comment and my reply. I feel cheated as it was a rather interesting retort I made… oh well. the joys of anonymous internet warriors, LOL! “Mark” … if you’re reading this, give me your REAL address, if you’re man enough…  and I’ll forward it to you (thanks).

But, to be honest, I’d rather this idiot not read my blog, go to any sites I’m involved in, jerking off to clips or whatever, as he sounded a cheapskate loser… so he will be most upset at the first offering from AAA Spanking – with recent New Spanker winner, Miss Elizabeth (who is awesome) spanking Adriana Evans (last year’s winner of the Spankee category who finished a very close 3rd position this year round). These are 2 excellent ladies… check out the screen grabs from this new  film with the site description (below):

Bare Bottom is Best

Starring Miss Elizabeth & Adriana Evans

Adriana never did any of the chores when she stayed at her mother’s place during the week. She had been told many times before that even just offering to do the washing up, or make some supper once in a while would be a courtesy instead of being reminded all the time. However, she was a selfish young lady, more interested in catching Pokemon or messaging her friends, preferring to interact with her phone than her mom! So when Adriana disrespected her mother one too many times, she realized all too late that this was a huge mistake. She hadn’t been given a spanking at home for a long time and had forgotten just how humiliating and embarrassing it was. Her mother always spanked on the bare bottom! The awful memories started to flood back as she was dragged over her mom’s lap and hand spanked hard with a withering scolding that she so hated. When the panties were pulled down, Adriana was reminded that a spanking in Mom’s house was always done on the bare bottom. Adriana struggled and complained so much that she earned herself the hairbrush. A hard whacking with this implement brought back all the long forgotten memories of helplessness and shame. Adriana promised to be better when staying at her mother’s house in future! Please welcome Miss Elizabeth to Triple A, she is awesome and you will be seeing more of her here in future at this site!



This new girl at Real Spankings has curves in all the right places and such a spankable booty! Betty introduces her in this fantastic profile of Fawn’s debut appearance!

Fawn Punishment Profile

Fawn appears online in her first appearance in front of a camera spanked by Miss Betty naked, bare and exposed in this interesting interview and punishment profile film.


New at Momma Spankings earlier today is a Mommy/Daughter film with Sarah Gregory & Isobel Wren. This is (ahem) rather hot!!!

Disobedient Daughter

Mommy has told Isobel 4 times that she needs to be in bed sleeping but naughty Isobel isn’t listening. Instead she is up playing with her toys. A good over the knee spanking from mommy will teach this disobedient girl to listen from now on. Isobel is taken over the knee and spanked over her Pajamas, panties, and then on the bare bottom until her bottom is burning red!



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I will be back later with many more site updates… have fun and don’t forget there are still a few categories of voting still open 🙂